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System Set-Up; Auto Run Application; System Initialization - Acer Altos EasyStore Quick Installation Manual

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1.3 System Set-up

1. Insert the Installation CD into your CD-ROM drive. If the auto run application shown in Figure 1-3
opens when the CD is inserted, choose the options you want
2. To access the device, your computer will need to be configured to be on the same subnet as the
unit. The unit's default IP address is with a subnet mask of
3. Open your web browser and type "" in the address bar and press "ENTER".
4. When you access Altos easyStore first time, system will display below interface for system
configuration. However, if your Altos easyStore comes with pre-installed and configured HDDs,
you can skip these steps.
Note: If you plug-in HDD in system but do not display at this page. Reinstall HDD then click SCAN to
Figure 1-3: Auto Run Application
Figure 1-4: System Initialization
Altos easyStore Quick Installation Guide

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