Miele DA 220-4 Operating And Installation Instructions

Ventilation system
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Operating and Installation
Ventilation System
DA 220-4
en - US, CA
To prevent accidents
and appliance damage,
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 07 837 930



  Summary of Contents for Miele DA 220-4

  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Ventilation System DA 220-4 en - US, CA To prevent accidents and appliance damage, read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 07 837 930...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 3 Functional description ..........7 Guide to the Ventilation System .
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Use this appliance only in the manner intended by the manufacturer. Read these instructions carefully If you have questions, contact Miele. before installing or using the b) Before servicing or cleaning the Ventilation System. appliance, switch power off at the...
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS d) Before connecting the appliance to the power supply make sure that the ,WARNING voltage and frequency listed on the data plate correspond with the TO REDUCE THE RISK OF A household electrical supply. COOKTOP GREASE FIRE: This data must correspond to prevent appliance damage.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ,WARNING Do not allow children to play with or operate the appliance or its controls. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF Supervise its use by the elderly or INJURY TO PERSONS IN THE infirm. EVENT OF A COOKTOP Always turn on the hood when using GREASE FIRE, OBSERVE THE the cooktop to prevent damage from...
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Installation g) Do not install this hood over cooktops that burn solid fuel. ,WARNING h) Provided a larger distance is not TO REDUCE THE RISK OF given by the manufacturer of the FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR cooktop, follow the minimum safety distances between a cooktop and the INJURY TO PERSONS, bottom of the hood given in the...
  • Page 7: Functional Description

    Functional description The ventilation hood works by air extraction. The air is drawn in and cleaned by the grease filter and directed outside. The hood comes equipped with a non-return flap. This flap automatically closes when the hood is turned off so that no exchange of outside air and room air can occur.
  • Page 8: Guide To The Ventilation System

    Guide to the Ventilation System...
  • Page 9: Guide To The Ventilation System

    Guide to the Ventilation System Cover plate Delayed Shut Down This button activates the Delayed Shut Chimney Down feature. The fan can be set to turn off automatically after either 5 or 15 Canopy minutes. Grease filters Grease filter button The grease filter indicator lights when Control panel the grease filters need to be cleaned.
  • Page 10: Operation

    Operation Turning on the fan Automatically switching back the Intensive power level The intensive level "4" can be programmed to automatically switch back to level "3" after 10 minutes. ^ Press the On/Off button. ^ Turn the fan and the lights off. Selecting the power level ^ Press and hold the "Delay Shut down"...
  • Page 11 Operation If the power level indicators flash the Fan performance automatic switch back is not activated. The maximum air flow capacity is 625 cfm. Factors such as narrow duct diameter and bends will affect this value. Level 1 operates at 40% capacity ^ To activate the automatic switch Level 2 operates at 60% capacity press the "+"...
  • Page 12: Delayed Shut Down

    Operation Delayed Shut Down Turning off the fan If odors or smoke remain in the kitchen after cooking has been completed, the Delayed Shut Down feature can be selected to allow the hood to continue ^ Press the On/Off button to turn the running for either 5 or 15 minutes.
  • Page 13: Turning The Lighting On/Off

    Operation Turning the lighting on/off Dimming the lighting The overhead lighting can be turned on The brightness of the lighting can be and off independently from the fan. adjusted. ^ While the lighting is turned on, press the light button. The lighting will dim until the button is released.
  • Page 14: Filter Timers

    Operation Filter timers Checking the filter timers A timer monitors the hours of fan To check the percentage of time operation. The indicator for the grease already used: filter will light after 30 hours of ^ Press the On/Off button to turn the operation.
  • Page 15: Reprogramming The Timers

    Operation Reprogramming the timers The lit indicator shows the programmed time: The grease filter timer is preset to 30 hours. This time can be lengthened or 1st indicator from the left = 20 hours shortened to 20, 30, 40, or 50 hours. 2nd indicator from the left = 30 hours 3rd indicator from the left = 40 hours...
  • Page 16: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care ,WARNING Avoid: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF – cleaning agents containing soda, FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR acids or chlorides, INJURY TO PERSONS, – abrasive cleaning agents, OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING: e.g. powder or cream cleansers, – abrasive sponges, e.g. pot scourers Before cleaning or servicing the or sponges which have been hood, disconnect it from the power...
  • Page 17: Grease Filters

    Cleaning and care Grease filters The reusable metal grease filters remove solid particles from the vented kitchen air (grease, dust, etc). The grease filters should be cleaned every 3 - 4 weeks, when the grease filter indicator lights, or when they are ^ To remove the grease filters pull the visibly dirty, whichever comes first.
  • Page 18 Use a wash program with a max. temperature of 150°F (65°C). In a press and hold the grease filter button for 3 seconds to reset the Miele dishwasher use the "Normal" program. timer. The indicator light will go out. Use the recommended amount of ^ If the grease filters are cleaned dishwasher detergent.
  • Page 19: Changing The Light Bulb

    Cleaning and care Changing the light bulb ,WARNING TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY TO PERSONS, OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING: Before changing the light bulbs, disconnect the hood from the power supply, see "Important Safety Instructions". ^ Remove the outer ring, When in use halogen bulbs become ^ Support the glass, , while...
  • Page 20: After Sales Service

    Miele’s Service department, Extended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele. Our goal is to prevent unauthorized (and untrained) service personnel from working on your Miele products, possibly doing further damage to them, you and/or your home.
  • Page 21: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Read these instructions and the "Important Safety Instructions" before installing this ventilation system. The installation steps are described in the enclosed "Installation Diagram". Leave these instructions with the appliance for the consumer/user. Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical &...
  • Page 23: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of packing material Disposal of an old appliance The cardboard box and packing Old appliances may contain materials materials protect the appliance during that can be recycled. Please contact shipping. They have been designed to your local recycling center about the be biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Page 24: Appliance Dimensions

    Appliance dimensions Mounting bolt holes Alternative positions to feed through the power cord Exhaust connection 6" (150 mm) diameter...
  • Page 25 Do not install this exhaust hood over cooktops burning solid fuel. Provided a larger distance is not given by the manufacturer of the cooktop, follow the minimum safety distances between a cooktop and the bottom of the hood: Miele Cooktops Non-Miele Cooktops Electric Cooktops 24"...
  • Page 26: Structural Support

    Structural support The ceiling mounting plate will CAUTION support the weight of the hood. This When cutting or drilling into the wall ceiling plate must be attached to or ceiling, do not damage electrical rigid structural framing that is wiring and other hidden utilities. supported in its entirety by the ceiling joists, or to the ceiling joists directly.
  • Page 27: Installation

    Installation ^ Please read the "Important Safety Installation accessories Instructions" and Installation instructions before installing this hood. Protective film The casing is covered with a protective film to prevent scratching during 4 Screws 8 x 60 mm with transport. 4 Washers ^ Peel off the film before installing the (S10 wall anchors included in the casing parts.
  • Page 28 Installation ^ Hold the mounting plate up to the ceiling so that the orange arrow faces the front of the hood and aligns with the line drawn on the ceiling. ^ Cut a 7 " (190 mm) hole in the ^ Mark the position of the four ceiling centered over the cooktop for the exhaust duct to pass through.
  • Page 29 Installation If 6" (150 mm) ductwork is not possible then 5" (125 mm) ductwork can be used in conjunction with a reducing collar available from Miele (see "Installation / Air extraction" for further details). ^ Drill four " (5 mm) holes in the ^ Secure the ducting to the mounting ceiling.
  • Page 30 Installation ^ Screw the mounting plate through the ceiling and into the structural framing using 8 x 60 screws and washers. Once tight, make sure that the mounting plate can safely support ^ Insert the short edge of the two the weight of the hood.
  • Page 31 Installation ^ Bolt the flange firmly to the ceiling using the four M 6 locking nuts. ^ Using at least two people, lift the ^ Shorten the power cable as much as hood and guide the spring clips possible and attach it to the terminal through their respective slots in the block inside the chimney.
  • Page 32 Installation ^ Before using the appliance take out the grease filter and remove the protective foil from the filter frame. ^ Finally, being careful not to scratch Return filter. the chimney, push the cover plate upwards until the spring fixing clips click into place.
  • Page 33: Air Extraction

    Air extraction Exhaust ducting and connections WARNING Use smooth or flexible pipework made from approved non-flammable Danger of toxic fumes. materials for exhaust ducting. Gas cooking appliances release To achieve the most efficient air extraction and quietest noise levels, carbon monoxide that can be consider the following: harmful or fatal if inhaled.
  • Page 34: Condensate Trap

    Air extraction Condensate trap optional accessory – If the exhaust is ducted into an inactive flue, the air must be expelled parallel to the flow direction of the flue. Never connect an exhaust hood to an active chimney, dryer vent, flue, or room venting ductwork.
  • Page 35: Electrical Connection

    White wire: ..connect to N (neutral) to your power supply, please consult a Green wire: . . connect to GND (ground) licensed electrician or contact Miele’s Technical Service Department. See back cover for contact information.
  • Page 36: Technical Data

    Technical data Maximum load DA 220-4 ....430 W Lighting ....4 x 20 W Voltage .

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