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Hi-lite Scan - Pioneer XW-NAC1-K Operating Instructions Manual

Digital speaker system for ipod.
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iPod/iPhone playback


Each track is played back for a few seconds at
a certain time from the track beginning, thus
allowing desired tracks to be found quickly.
Connect two iPod/iPhone units to the
iPod/iPhone connector ports (iPod a, iPod b),
then press iPod a or iPod b.
Press MENU to access the iPod/iPhone
Select the track area that you want to
play back, then press ENTER.
Press HI-LITE.
HI-LITE scan function will begin from the first
track on the selected iPod/iPhone.
If playback was already underway, the HI-LITE
scan will begin from the currently playing
After a track is played for a few seconds, the
next track will be found and a certain time
from the track beginning will be played for a
few seconds.
When two iPod/iPhone units are connected
simultaneously, the first track on the alternate
iPod/iPhone will be found and a certain time
from the track beginning will be played for a
few seconds.
Thereafter, the same process will be repeated
until all tracks have been found and played for
a few seconds each.
• To cancel the HI-LITE Scan operation,
press HI-LITE once more.
• The HI-LITE Scan mode will also be
canceled if the function is switched to any
another input (including iPod a or iPod b).
If the power indicator and iPod/iPhone
indicator flash simultaneously, a connection
fault is indicated. Perform the following
troubleshooting checks:
1 If a track
s total length is too short, the track will be played back from the track beginning for a few seconds.
• Check whether the iPod/iPhone was
supported by this unit.
• Reconnect the iPod/iPhone to the unit. If
this doesn't seem to work, try resetting
your iPod/iPhone.
• Update the iPod/iPhone software to the
latest version.
If the iPod/iPhone cannot be operated, check
the following items:
• Is the iPod/iPhone connected correctly?
Reconnect the iPod/iPhone to the unit.
• Is the iPod/iPhone experiencing a
hangup? Try resetting the iPod/iPhone,
and reconnect it to the unit.
• iPod/iPhone recharging occurs whenever
an iPod/iPhone is connected to this unit.
(This function is supported in standby
mode as well.)
• If an iPod/iPhone unit is connected to this
unit when it is already in play mode,
turning the unit's power ON or switching
input to iPod will cause iPod/iPhone
playback to automatically begin.
• When this unit's power is turned ON with
another function is selected, even if an
iPod/iPhone in play mode is connected,
playback will not automatically begin.
• When input is switched from iPod to
another function, the iPod/iPhone's power
will be turned OFF automatically.
• If the unit is set to standby when an iPod/
iPhone is connected, the iPod/iPhone's
power will be turned OFF automatically.



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