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Sony Handycam HDR-CX220 Operating Manual

Digital hd video camera recorder
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Digital HD Video
Camera Recorder
Operating Guide
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Table of contents
Getting started
Saving movies and photos
with a computer
Saving images on an external
media device
Customizing your camcorder


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 4-447-514-12(1) Digital HD Video Table of contents Camera Recorder Getting started Recording/Playback Operating Guide Saving movies and photos with a computer Saving images on an external media device Customizing your camcorder Others/Index Please also refer to : HDR-CX220/CX220E/CX230/CX230E/CX280/CX280E/CX290/CX290E/ PJ220/PJ220E/PJ230/PJ230E...
  • Page 2: Read This First

    Record the serial number a risk of electric shock to in the space provided below. Refer to these persons. numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the Model No.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. DANGER - TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, CAREFULLY FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Read these instructions.  Keep these instructions.  Heed all warnings.  Follow all instructions.  Do not use this apparatus near water. ...
  • Page 4 Representative plug of power supply cord of countries/regions around the world. A Type B Type BF Type B3 Type C Type SE Type O Type (American (British Type) (British Type) (British Type) (CEE Type) (CEE Type) (Ocean Type) Type) The representative supply voltage and plug type are described in this chart. Depend on an area, Different type of plug and supply voltage are used.
  • Page 5 Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plug type Thailand C/BF Vietnam Oceania Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plug type Australia New Zealand 230/240 North America Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plug type Canada Central America Countries/regions Voltage Frequency (Hz) Plug type Bahamas 120/240 Costa Rica Cuba 110/220 Dominican (rep)
  • Page 6 Be sure to charge the battery pack using a  genuine Sony battery charger or a device that For more information can charge the battery pack. regarding recycling of Keep the battery pack out of the reach of small ...
  • Page 7 Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: SONY UL is an internationally recognized safety Model No.: HDR-CX230 organization. Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. The UL Mark on the product means it has Address: 16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego, been UL Listed. CA 92127 U.S.A.
  • Page 8 Notice for the customers in the operation. countries applying EU Directives This product has been manufactured by or on behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 CAUTION Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. You are cautioned that any changes or Inquiries related to product compliance...
  • Page 9 The chemical symbols for mercury If you should lose the fuse cover, please (Hg) or lead (Pb) are added if the battery contact your nearest Sony service station. contains more than 0.0005% mercury or 0.004% lead. By ensuring these batteries are disposed of...
  • Page 10: Lcd Panel

    For information on your camcorder model, removing the battery pack or AC Adaptor  (models with an AC Adaptor) from the see the following page: camcorder, or applying mechanical shock Functions and equipment  p.12 or vibration to the camcorder when the Supplied items ...
  • Page 11: Learning More About The Camcorder ("Handycam" User Guide)

    Check the model name on the bottom of  your camcorder. Notes The “PlayMemories Home” software and  “PlayMemories Home Help Guide” can be Selecting items on the LCD downloaded from the Sony website (p. 32). screen Move the multi-selector towards /// to select the desired item,...
  • Page 12: How To Use This Manual

    How to use this manual In this manual, the differences in the specifications for each model are described together. If you find the description “Models with ... ” like below, confirm in this chapter whether the description applies to your camcorder. ...
  • Page 13: Differences In Equipment

    Differences in equipment Illustration used in this manual are based on HDR-PJ230E. Model name Projector HDR-CX220/CX220E/CX230/CX230E/CX280/  CX280E/CX290/CX290E HDR-PJ220/PJ220E/PJ230/PJ230E  Differences in supplied items Model name AC Adaptor Power Cord (Mains lead) HDR-CX220/CX220E/CX230/CX230E   HDR-CX280/CX280E/CX290/CX290E/   PJ220/PJ220E/PJ230/PJ230E Notes For the following items, the descriptions are explained with the model name.
  • Page 14: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Read this first..................2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 15 Saving images on an external media device Creating a standard definition image quality (STD) disc with a recorder....34 Saving images on an external media device with high definition (HD) image quality (Models with an AC Adaptor)..
  • Page 16: Parts And Controls

    Parts and controls Figures in ( ) are reference pages.  LCD screen (21) If you rotate the LCD panel 180 degrees, you can close the LCD panel with the LCD screen facing out. This is convenient during playback operations. ...
  • Page 17 To fasten the grip belt  Power zoom lever (25)  PHOTO button (24)  POWER/CHG (charge) lamp (19)  Battery pack (18)  START/STOP button (24)  DC IN jack (19)  Multi/Micro USB Terminal Supports Micro USB compatible devices. ...
  • Page 18: Getting Started

    Getting started Charging the battery pack For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: Functions and equipment  p.12 Supplied items  p.13 Attaching/Removing the battery pack Close the LCD screen and attach the battery pack. Align the indentation on the camcorder and ...
  • Page 19: Charging The Battery Using The Ac Adaptor

    Charging the battery using the AC Adaptor (Models with an AC Adaptor) Connect the AC Adaptor () and the  power cord (mains lead) () to your camcorder and the wall outlet (wall  socket). The POWER/CHG (charge) lamp turns orange. To the wall outlet ...
  • Page 20: Charging Time

    You can charge the battery by connecting the Built-in USB Cable to a wall outlet (wall socket) using an AC-UD10 USB charger/AC Adaptor (sold separately). You cannot use a Sony CP- AH2R, CP-AL, or AC-UP100 portable power supply device (sold separately) to charge the camcorder.
  • Page 21: Setting

    Setting For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: Functions and equipment  p.12 Supplied items  p.13 Preparing your camcorder Open the LCD screen of your camcorder and turn the power To turn off the power, close the LCD ...
  • Page 22: Inserting A Memory Card

    Inserting a memory card Open the cover, and insert the memory card until it clicks. Access lamp To eject the memory card, lightly push the  memory card in once. Insert the card with the notched corner in the direction as illustrated. Notes To ensure stable operation of the memory card, it is recommended to format the memory card with your ...
  • Page 23 format screen appears, do not perform the format. All the data recorded will be lost. * The exFAT is a file system that is used for the “Memory Stick XC-HG Duo” media and SDXC memory cards.
  • Page 24: Recording/Playback

    Recording/Playback Recording For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: Functions and equipment  p.12 Supplied items  p.13 Open the lens cover. Open the LCD screen and select [MODE]  the desired shooting mode. Movie: Photo: Movie: Press START/STOP.
  • Page 25: Zooming

    Notes The following states will be indicated if data is still being written onto the recording media after  recording has finished. During this time, do not apply shock or vibration to the camcorder, or remove the battery or AC Adaptor. Access lamp (p.
  • Page 26: Playback

    Playback For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: Functions and equipment  p.12 Supplied items  p.13 You can search for recorded images by date and time of recording (Event View). Open the LCD screen and press button on the camcorder to enter the playback mode.
  • Page 27: To Delete Images

    during playback, movies are played as fast as about 5 times  about As you repeat selecting  10 times  about 30 times  about 60 times. Select during pause to play movies slowly.   [Slideshow Set] when To repeat Slideshow, select is selected with the Switch Image Type ...
  • Page 28: Playing Images On A Tv

    “Photo TV HD” standard. “Photo TV HD” allows for highly-detailed, photo-like depiction of subtle textures and colors. By connecting Sony’s Photo TV HD- compatible devices using an HDMI cable * , a whole new world of photos can be enjoyed in breathtaking HD quality.
  • Page 29: Using The Built-In Projector (Models With A Projector)

    Using the built-in projector (Models with a projector) Adjust the focus of the projected image using the PROJECTOR For information on your camcorder model, FOCUS lever. see the following page: Functions and equipment  p.12 Supplied items  p.13 You can use a flat surface such as a wall as a screen to view recorded images using the built-in projector.
  • Page 30 Operation of the camcorder with the LCD  screen closed Several other functions  When the projected images contain a lot of  black, faint color unevenness may appear. This is caused by light reflection in the projector lens and is not a malfunction.
  • Page 31: Saving Movies And Photos With A Computer

    Create a disc Share images in “PlayMemories Online” “PlayMemories Home” can be downloaded from the following URL. Notes An Internet connection is required to install “PlayMemories Home. ”  An Internet connection is required to use “PlayMemories Online” and other online services. The services ...
  • Page 32: Preparing A Computer (Windows)

    Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz or faster (Intel Core  [Run]. 2 Duo 2.26 GHz or faster is required when processing FX or FH movies, and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz or faster is required when Install according to the on-screen processing PS movies.)
  • Page 33: Starting The "Playmemories Home" Software

    Guide”) on the software or visit the separate files on a computer, however, the files “PlayMemories Home” support page will be handled properly by the import function ( and the playback function of the camcorder or the “PlayMemories Home” software.
  • Page 34: Saving Images On An External Media Device

    Saving images on an external media device Creating a standard definition image quality (STD) disc with a recorder For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: Functions and equipment  p.12 Supplied items  p.13 Connect your camcorder to a disc recorder with an AV Cable (sold separately).
  • Page 35: (Models With An Ac Adaptor)

    Saving images on an external media device with high Connect your camcorder and definition (HD) image the external media device using the USB Adaptor Cable (sold quality (Models with an separately). AC Adaptor) For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: Functions and equipment ...
  • Page 36: Customizing Your Camcorder

    Customizing your camcorder Using menus The camcorder has various menu items To find a menu item quickly under each of 6 menu categories. The [Camera/Mic] and [Setup] menus have Shooting Mode sub-categories. Select the sub-category icon so that the LCD screen displays the list of Camera/Mic menus in the sub-category selected.
  • Page 37: Menu Lists

    Menu lists Shooting Mode Movie .......... Records movies. Photo ........... Shoots photos. Camera/Mic Manual Settings White Balance ....Adjusts the color balance to the recording environment. Exposure ......Adjusts the brightness of movies and photos. If you select [Manual], adjust the brightness (exposure) using Focus........
  • Page 38: Playback Function

    x.v.Color ......Records a wider range of colors. Set this item when you watch images with a TV which is compliant with x.v.Color. Image Size ......Sets the photo size. Playback Function Event View ......... Starts playing images from the Event View display. Highlight Movie ......
  • Page 39 General Settings Beep ........Sets whether the camcorder sounds operation beeps or not. LCD Brightness ....Adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen. Language Setting ..Sets the display language (p. 10). Battery Info ...... Displays the approximate remaining battery time. Power Save ......
  • Page 40: Others/Index

    Photo]. in order to investigate the problem. However, Your camcorder is recording the image you  your Sony dealer will neither copy nor retain have just shot on the recording media. You your data. cannot make new recording during this See the “Handycam”...
  • Page 41: Self-Diagnosis Display/Warning Indicators

    “PlayMemories Home. ” have tried to fix a couple of times, contact “PlayMemories Home” does not work your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony correctly. service facility. In this case, when you contact them, give them all the numbers of Quit “PlayMemories Home”...
  • Page 42: About Handling Of Your Camcorder

    About handling of your camcorder For information on your camcorder model, see the following page: The battery pack temperature is high. Change  Functions and equipment  p.12 the battery pack or place it in a cool place. Supplied items  p.13 No memory card is inserted (p.
  • Page 43 Sony dealer before operating it protection features of the camcorder being any further.
  • Page 44: Lcd Screen

    We recommend using genuine Sony accessories. a soft cloth lightly moistened with water, and  Genuine Sony accessories may not be available then wipe the casing and the projector lens with  in some countries/regions.
  • Page 45 On charging the pre-installed Note on disposal/transfer the rechargeable battery ownership of the camcorder (Models with internal memory) Your camcorder has a pre-installed rechargeable battery to retain the date, Even if you delete all movies and still time, and other settings even when the images, or perform [Format] (p.
  • Page 46: Specifications

    1 GB equals 1 billion bytes, a portion of PJ220E/PJ230E)) which is used for system management The unique image processing system and/or application files. Only pre- of Sony’s BIONZ allows still image installed demonstration movie may be resolution equivalent to the sizes deleted. described.
  • Page 47 USB connection is only for output (HDR- 58 mm  57 mm  125 mm (2 3/8 in.  CX220E/CX230E/CX280E/CX290E/PJ220E/  2 1/4 in.  5 in.) (w/h/d) including the projecting parts, and the supplied PJ230E). rechargeable battery pack attached LCD screen Mass (approx.) Picture: 6.7 cm (2.7 type, aspect ratio 16:9)
  • Page 48 Internal memory Memory card “x.v.Color” and “x.v.Colour” are trademarks of  Continuous Sony Corporation. recording time “BIONZ” is a trademark of Sony Corporation.  Typical “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony Corporation.  recording time Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray are trademarks ...
  • Page 49: Screen Indicators

    Screen indicators “ ” and “PlayStation” are registered The following indicators appear when you  trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment change the settings. Inc. SDXC logo is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC.  Center MultiMediaCard is a trademark of ...
  • Page 50 Right Indicator Meaning Recording image quality (HD/MP4/STD), frame rate (60p/50p/60i/50i), recording mode (PS/FX/ FH/HQ/LP) and movie size (37) 60min Remaining battery Recording/playback/ editing media (21) 0:00:00 Counter (hour:minute: second) 00min Estimated remaining recording time Approximate number of 9999 recordable photos and 8.9M photo size (38) Playback folder...
  • Page 51: Index

    Index Install ..........32 Intelligent Auto ......25 Attaching/Removing the battery Tripod...........17 pack ..........18 Troubleshooting ......40 AVCHD recording disc ....11 TV ..........28 Language ........10 LCD screen ........24 Battery pack .........18 USB ..........19 Beep ..........21 USB Adaptor Cable ....35 Mac ..........31 Built-in USB Cable .....19 USB connection support Media select .........21 cable ..........11...
  • Page 52 Additional information on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our Customer Support Website. 2013 Sony Corporation Printed in China ...