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Xerox 5500DT - Phaser B/W Laser Printer Evaluator Manual

Tabloid laser printer
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tabloid laser printer

Phaser 5500



Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Xerox 5500DT - Phaser B/W Laser Printer

  • Page 1: Phaser 5500

    Phaser ® 5500 tabloid laser printer Phaser 5500 Evaluator Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Supplies and accessories ....... 9 Xerox Phaser Branded Media ......10 Total Satisfaction Services .
  • Page 3: Product Overview

    You can be assured that this is a product that can go the distance for a very long time. The Phaser 5500 boasts a life of 3 Million impressions, and Xerox is the only manufacturer to publish engine life specifications. The Phaser 5500 comes with a One Year On-site Warranty plus the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Page 4 • Simple Phaser Installation • PhaserSMART ® • N-Up printing • Intelligent trays • Watermarks • Separation Pages • Cover Sheets • RAM collation • Toner Tracking • One-year on-site warranty • Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee PHASER 5500 EVALUATOR GUIDE...
  • Page 5 PHASER 5500DT FEATURE SET PHASER 5500DX FEATURE SET The Phaser 5500DX comes The Phaser 5500DT comes with all the features of the with all the features of the Phaser 5500DN plus: Phaser 5500DT plus: • 1000-sheet feeder – consisting of •...
  • Page 6: Evaluating Laser Printers

    SECTION 2 Evaluating Laser Printers The high-end of monochrome network printing demands exceptional productivity and reliability. This is often referred to as the "departmental segment", where users require high-performance printers with support for the broadest array of paper sizes, including A3 (11 x 17"). The Phaser 5500 addresses the most important Customer Requirements in this segment: •...
  • Page 7 EVALUATE PRODUCTIVITY To handle departmental levels of activity a printer has to be fast, not just in print engine specs but in real world use. Consider first-page-out-time, engine speed including high- resolution printing speed and duplex printing speed to get a true picture of real-world throughput capabilities.
  • Page 8 For more involved situations, the PhaserSMART remote diagnostic tool is an automated, Internet-based support system. It uses your web browser to send diagnostic information from your printer to the Xerox web site for analysis. You can access PhaserSMART directly from a PrintingScout alert or from the printer driver.
  • Page 9 HOW THE PHASER 5500 EXCEEDS THE COST-OF-OWNERSHIP REQUIREMENT: In addition to the breakthrough price for a printer of this class, Xerox has re-engineered the consumables design to ensure that you get maximum value from your operating expenses. By separating the toner cartridge from the imaging drum, each can be used to their maximum capacity.
  • Page 10: Section 3 - Configurations, Specifications, Part Numbers, Etc

    Options 3,500 Sheet Finisher** 3,000 Sheet 8-Bin Mailbox Stacker 1,000 Sheet Finisher** Stacker/Stapler 3000 Sheet 1,000 Sheet • Xerox Total Stacker/Stapler Saddle Stitcher Satisfaction 7-Bin Mailbox Stacker Guarantee Media Sizes (inches) 3.5 x 5.5 to 11.7 x 17.7 3.9 x 7.5 to 11.7 x 17.7 3.9 x 7.5 to 11.7 x 17.7 3.5 x 5.8 to 11.7 x 17.7...
  • Page 11: Configuration Summary

    PhaserHD, Extended Font/Form storage Connectivity USB 2.0,Parallel Optional 10/100BaseTX Ethernet Warranty 1 Year On Site, Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee *Requires the Duplexing option and the 1000-sheet Feeder be added first. TOTAL SATISFACTION SERVICES™ DESCRIPTION U.S. PART CANADIAN NUMBER PART NUMBER...
  • Page 12 XEROX PHASER PRINTING MEDIA DESCRIPTION DETAILS PART NUMBER Xerox Weatherproof Paper A/Letter (8.5 x 11 in) 103R01020 150 sheets, 27 lb/100 gsm A4 (210 x 297 mm) 103R01021 Xerox Postcards A/Letter (8.5 x 11 in) 103R01016 100 sheets, 4/sheet, 65 lb/176 gsm...
  • Page 13: Specifications

    Knowledge Base, the PhaserSMART remote diagnostic tool, Technical Support via email, driver downloads, and much more. A set of Xerox links is installed in your web browser’s Favorites folder when you install the printer drivers on your computer. The Troubleshooting tab in your Windows printer driver also includes useful links.
  • Page 14 Notes PHASER 5500 EVALUATOR GUIDE...
  • Page 15 Notes PHASER 5500 EVALUATOR GUIDE...
  • Page 16 U.S. AND CANADA 1-877-362-6567. Or visit us on the web at: ©2006 XEROX CORPORATION. All rights reserved. Contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission of XEROX CORPORATION. Xerox ® is a registered trademark of XEROX CORPORATION. Total Satisfaction Services is a service mark of XEROX CORPORATION.