Kenwood KAC-7201 Instruction Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood KAC-7201

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    • To prevent a short circuit when replacing a fuse, first disconnect the wiring harness. NOTE • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. • If the unit does not seem to be working right, consult your Kenwood dealer. English...
  • Page 3: Installation

    Installation Self-tapping screw (ø4 × 16 mm) Cooling fan Installation board, etc. (thickness : 15 mm or more) 2CAUTION • Do not install in the below locations; (Unstable location, In a location that interferes with driving, In a location that gets wet, In a dusty location, In a place that gets hot, In a place that gets direct sunlight, In a location that gets hit by hot air) •...
  • Page 4 Controls / Indicator 1 LPF FREQUENCY control 4 OPERATION switch Sets the cutoff frequency when the FILTER This switch is used to select the operation switch is set to LPF. mode of the amplifier. • STEREO position: 2 FILTER switch The amplifier can be used as a stereo This switch allows to apply high-pass or amplifier.
  • Page 5 ■ The protection function is 6 Power indicator activated in the following When the power is turned on, the Power situations: indicator lights. This unit is equipped with a protection If the Power indicator does not light when function for protecting this unit and your the power is turned on, the protection speakers from various accidents or function may be activated.
  • Page 6 Connection ■ Terminal names 7 Fuse (30 A × 2) @ RCA cable ground lead terminal When using an RCA cable with a ground 8 Battery terminal lead attached, connect the ground lead to 9 Ground terminal this terminal. 0 Power control terminal # LINE IN terminal Controls the unit ON/OFF.
  • Page 7: Installation Procedure

    ■ Installation procedure ■ Wiring Since there are large variety of settings and • Take the battery wire for this unit directly connections possible according to applications, from the battery. If it's connected to the read the instruction manual well to select the vehicle’s wiring harness, it can cause blown proper setting and connection.
  • Page 8 Connection ■ RCA cable or Speaker level input connection (RCA cable Connections) RCA cable ground terminal RCA cable* CENTER UNIT (CD receiver, etc.) Right input Left input Power control wire (Blue/ White) (Speaker level input Connections) Cable Color of the connector Genuine-accessory car White Left...
  • Page 9 * Commercially available parts ■ Speaker wire connection (Stereo Connections) Left speaker Right Lead terminal* speaker (Bridged Connections) Speaker (Bridged) ■ Power wire connection Lead terminal* Terminal cover Extension wire* Battery wire* Ground wire* Protective Fuse* Battery English...
  • Page 10: System Examples

    System examples ■ 2-channel system Left speaker CENTER UNIT Right speaker ■ High-power 2-channel system ¡ Left speaker (Bridged) CENTER UNIT Right speaker (Bridged) ™ ¡ ™ ■ 2-channel + Subwoofer system ¡ Left speaker (High pass) CENTER UNIT Right speaker (High pass) LINE OUT Subwoofer (L + R)
  • Page 11 ■ Tri-mode Subwoofer (High pass) CENTER UNIT (L + R) (Bridged) ●Principle of Tri-mode Method of frequency band division using a coil and capacitor…in case of 6dB/oct. slope Coil (L): Passes low frequencies and blocks high Crossover Frequency frequencies. (Low pass) 0 dB Capacitor (C): Passes high frequencies and blocks low -3 dB...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide What might appear to be a malfunction in your unit may just be the result of slight misoperation or miswiring. Before calling service, first check the following table for possible problems. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION No sound. • Input (or output) cables are •...