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Philips DVP3560/F7 User Manual

Philips dvd player dvp3560.
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For product support, visit
Pour en savoir plus sur l'assistance sur les produits, visitez le site
User manual
Manual del usuario
Manuel d'utilisation
EN: For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country.
ES: Para obtener mas informacion, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su pais.
FR: Pour obtenir de l'aide supplementaire, communiquez avec le centre de service a la clientele de votre pays.


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  • Page 1 For product support, visit DVP3560 Pour en savoir plus sur l’assistance sur les produits, visitez le site User manual Manual del usuario Manuel d’utilisation EN: For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country. ES: Para obtener mas informacion, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su pais.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Your DVD player Connect Get started Play Other features Adjust settings Additional information Troubleshooting 10 Glossary Warranty...
  • Page 4: Important

    1 Important the manufacturer. l Use only with the cart, stand, Safety by the manufacturer or sold with Know these safety symbols the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over. m Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
  • Page 5 Notice Disposal of your old product and batteries Notice of compliance FCC rules ® Copyright notice Warning: Canada CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT About Progressive Scan...
  • Page 6: Trademark Notice

    Trademark notice 2 Your DVD player Playable media ® ® Region codes DVD region code Countries ® ® Product overview Main Unit DVD PLAYER DVP3560 c d e f (Standby/On) b Disc compartment c Display panel (Open/Close) (Play/Pause) (USB)jack...
  • Page 7: Connect

    Remote control BACK h Numeric buttons i SUBTITLE ZOOM k REPEAT l REPEAT A-B m AUDIO/CREATE MP3 INFO q OK r SETUP 3 Connect c DISC MENU Basic connections: Optional connections:...
  • Page 8: Optional Audio Connections

    Connect audio/video cables Option 3: Connect to the video (CVBS) jack Option 1: Option 2: VIDEO IN Option 3: Option 1: Connect to the HDMI jack HDMI IN TV OUT HDMI OUT AUDIO OUT L/R HDMI OUT Optional audio connections Note DIGITAL AUDIO Option 2: Connect to the component...
  • Page 9: Connect Power

    DVD PLAYER DVP3560 Note Note Find the TV input channel Connect power Caution Select a menu display language Note Note » 4 Get started Prepare the remote control SETUP » [General Setup] [OSD Language]...
  • Page 10: Play

    Turn on progressive scan Use Philips EasyLink Note Note One-touch play » » SETUP One-touch standby [Video Setup] [Progressive] [On] » » [Ok] » Note Note 5 Play Numeric button ‘1’ Play a disc SETUP Caution Note...
  • Page 11: Play Video

    Access DVD menu Note DISC MENU Numeric [Parental Control] buttons Access VCD menu Play video Note Note [PBC] Control video play Button Action BACK Numeric buttons Preview disc contents INFO » [Preview] » AUDIO/ CREATE MP3 [Prev] [Next] SUBTITLE REPEAT INFO REPEAT A-B »...
  • Page 12: Play Music

    Display play time Play music INFO Control a track » [Time Disp.] » Button Action View DVD play from different angles INFO » [Angle] Numeric buttons » Note Quick skip play REPEAT A-B INFO REPEAT A-B » Display Action REPEAT A-B [Disc Go To] Note [Track Go To]...
  • Page 13: Play Photo

    Note Note REPEAT A-B Control photo play REPEAT A-B » REPEAT A-B Button Action Note ZOOM Play photo Play musical slideshow Play photo as slideshow Note » BACK » » » DISC MENU INFO Navigation buttons BACK...
  • Page 14: Other Features

    Option Description [Speed] Note [Bitrate] [CRT ID3] [Device] » [TRACK] [Select all] [Deselect all] [Start] » 6 Other features [Exit] Note AUDIO/CREATE MP3 » [Yes] Create MP3 OPTIONS TRACK Track01 04:14 Speed Normal Track02 04:17 Bitrate 128kbps Track03 03:58 CRT ID3 Track04 04:51 Device...
  • Page 15: Adjust Settings

    7 Adjust settings [DivX(R) VOD Code] ® [Registration] Note [Deregistration] General setup Note ® Audio setup Audio Setup Analogue Output Digital Audio SETUP HDMI Audio » [General Setup] Audio Sync Volume Sound Mode CD Upsampling Night Mode BACK SETUP SETUP [Disc Lock] »...
  • Page 16: Video Setup

    [LPCM Output] [Night Mode] [48kHZ] [96kHZ] [On] [Off] Note Note [LPCM Output] [Digital Output] [PCM Only] [HDMI Audio] Video setup [On] [Off] [Audio Sync] SETUP » [General Setup] [Video Setup] [Volume] BACK SETUP [TV System] [Sound Mode] [PAL] [3D] [Multi] [NTSC] [Movie Mode] [TV Display]...
  • Page 17 [4:3 Pan Scan] [HD JPEG] [4:3 Letter Box] [On] [16:9] [Off] [Progressive] [HDMI Setup] [On] [Off] [Resolution] [Auto] Note [480i] [480p] [576i] [576p] [720p] [1080i] [1080p] [Picture Setting] [HDMI Deep Color] [Standard] [Bright] [Soft] [Auto] [Personal] [Off] [Wide Screen Format] [My Wallpaper] [Super Wide] [Default picture]...
  • Page 18 [One Touch Standby] Note » [Others] Language Code Note [Parental Control] Preferences numeric buttons Note [Preferences] Note [Parental Control] Preferences Audio Subtitle Disc Menu [PBC] Parental Control Mp3/Jpeg Nav [On] Password DivX Subtitle [Off] SETUP [Mp3/Jpeg Nav] » [General Setup] [View Files] [Preferences] [View Folders]...
  • Page 19: Additional Information

    Numeric buttons Caution [Old Password] [New Password] SETUP [Preferences] [Version Info] Note SETUP [DivX Subtitle] [Standard] Note [Greek] Note Care Caution [Version Info] Clean discs Note [Default] Note [Disc Lock] [Parental Control] [Password] 8 Additional information Video Update software...
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Audio Picture No picture. Numeric button ‘1’ Numeric Main unit button’3’ No picture on HDMI connection. Power Accessories supplied numeric button Sound No audio output from the TV. No audio output from the loudspeakers of the 9 Troubleshooting Warning No sound on HDMI connection. [HDMI Audio] No sound during DivX video playback Main unit...
  • Page 21: Glossary

    The aspect ratio of the screen is not aligned with JPEG the TV display setting. DivX subtitles are not displayed correctly. SETUP [Preferences] [DivX Subtitle] 10 Glossary Aspect ratio Progressive scan DivX Video-On-Demand ® HDMI...
  • Page 22: Warranty

    TAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF to it. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any non-Philips ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY ON THIS PROD- hardware product or any software, even if packaged or sold UCT.
  • Page 23 GARANTIE LIMITÉE DE QUATRE-VINGT-DIX (90) JOURS COUVERTURE DE GARANTIE : application ou à un produit non-Philips ; (b) aux dommages causés par Les obligations de cette garantie se limitent aux dispositions figurant un service réalisé par quiconque qu'un Centre de service agréé ; (c) à un ci-dessous.
  • Page 24 Inupiaq 7375 Pushto 8083 Abkhazian 6566 Afar 6565 Irish 7165 Russian 8285 Afrikaans 6570 Íslenska 7383 Quechua 8185 Amharic 6577 Italiano 7384 Raeto-Romance 8277 Arabic 6582 Ivrit 7269 Romanian 8279 Japanese 7465 Rundi 8278 Armenian 7289 Assamese 6583 Javanese 7486 Samoan 8377 Avestan...
  • Page 25 P&F USA, Inc. PO Box 430 Daleville, IN 47334-0430 ©2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Printed in China DVP3560_F7_UM_V3.0_1110...

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