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Epson Zip-100M (Mac Installation & User Manual

For macintosh and ibm compatible pcs with scsi connection


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Installation/User's Guide
For Macintosh and IBM Compatible PCs
with a SCSI Connection



Summary of Contents for Epson Zip-100M (Mac

  • Page 1 ® EPSON Installation/User’s Guide For Macintosh and IBM Compatible PCs with a SCSI Connection...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ZIP D NSTALLING RIVE MAC Users PowerBook Users PC Users Installation Instructions ZIP D SING RIVE Getting the Most of Your ZIP Drive Drive Operation/Maintenance ZIP Tools Software SCSI Guidelines Troubleshooting...
  • Page 3 This guide shows how to install the SCSI model of the ZIP Drive on a Macintosh, or a PC that uses Windows, DOS or Windows 95. If you encounter any problems while installing your ZIP Drive, refer to “Troubleshooting” in the “Using Your ZIP Drive” section. SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Requirements MAC USERS...
  • Page 4 POWERBOOK USERS Many PowerBook users already have a special PowerBook cable that provides a standard Mac SCSI connector. If you do not have one, you will need an HDI-SCSI adapter for the data cable before you can connect the ZIP Drive to a PowerBook. Check with your computer dealer, or call E PSON at 1-800-922-8911 to order a...
  • Page 5 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpack your ZIP Drive and accessories. ZIP Manual and Install Floppy Disks - External Power ZIP Drive 100MB ZIP Tools Disk Turn off your computer’s power switch and pick up the ZIP data cable. B Always turn off computer power before connecting the ZIP Drive.
  • Page 6 Connect the other end of the cable to the SCSI connector on your computer. MAC USERS See illustration below. POWERBOOK USERS You need a special PowerBook cable or adapter to connect the ZIP Drive. Refer to the section for PowerBook Users at the start of this guide.
  • Page 7: Using Your Zip Drive

    Connect the external power supply (The power cord fits in the groove on the side of the ZIP Drive.) m Use only an approved EPSON ZIP power supply, Other power supplies may damage your ZIP Drive. W Tip: To make it easier to move your ZIP Drive between home and work, you may want to purchase an extra power supply and cable.
  • Page 8 Check the green power light to make sure the power supply is OK. (If the power light does not come one, refer to the “Troubleshooting " section of this manual.) Green Power Light Amber Data Light (Flashes when drive is transferring data) Turn your computer on.
  • Page 9 Insert the appropriate Install Disk (Macintosh, DOS/Windows or Windows 95) into your computer’s disk drive. MAC USERS Use the Macintosh Install Disk. PC USERS Use the Windows/DOS Install Disk. WINDOWS 95 USERS Use the Windows 95 Install Disk. Start the Setup or Install program as described below and follow the screen instructions to install your ZIP software.
  • Page 10 In the Windows Program Manager, select the File menu and choose Run. In the Command Line box, type a:setup if the Install disk is in drive a: (or b:setup if it is in drive b:), then click on OK or press the Enter key. If you do not have Windows on your system: At the DOS prompt, type a:guest if the Install disk is in drive a: (or b:guest if it is in drive b:), and press Enter.
  • Page 11 Protect - Lets you select software protection options for ZIP disks. Lets you secure a disk with a password. Make Nonremovable - Sets up a removable disk to install or run software that requires a fixed disk. Status - Gives you quick access to information about your drive and disks.
  • Page 12 Resolving Adapter Conflicts Setup95 will be unable to install Tools 95 software if there is a conflict between SCSI adapters installed in the computer. In this case, you will see a message from Guest95 telling you to reconfigure the adapter settings to resolve the conflict. The following procedure details how.
  • Page 13 Congratulations! When the software installation is complete, your ZIP Drive will be ready to use. Use your ZIP Drive just like any other drive on your system. You can store and copy files to and from your ZIP Drive using the same methods you use for your other devices.
  • Page 14: Getting The Most Of Your Zip Drive

    Getting the Most out of Your ZIP Drive A Tremendous Value Your ZIP Drive gives you unlimited, high capacity, high performance storage. It’s like having a hard disk upgrade, mobile storage, and a backup drive all in one affordable and easy solution. With your ZIP Drive you can: Expand your computer Collect stuff from on-line storage - 100MB at a time...
  • Page 15 Extend Your t-lard Disk (hard disk upgrade alternative) Are you constantly running out of hard disk space? Your ZIP Drive and disks give you unlimited storage for all your information. By placing files on ZIP disks, you have ready access to them without filling up your hard disk. ZIP Tools software will help you find any files you need, and ZIP Drive’s hard- disk-like performance will let you access information quickly.
  • Page 16: Drive Operation/Maintenance

    Drive Operation/Maintenance Use your ZIP Drive just like any other drive on your system. To access the ZIP Drive, insert a disk and select the ZIP Drive letter (Windows/DOS) or the ZIP disk icon (Macintosh). Store and copy files to and from the ZIP Drive using the same methods you use for other drives on your system.
  • Page 17: Zip Tools Software

    Disk Eject in Case of Power Loss The ZIP Drive must be powered on for normal disk insertion and removal. If you need to eject a disk during a power failure, disconnect the power supply from the ZIP Drive and push a straightened paper clip into the emergency disk eject hole on the back of the drive (see illustration).
  • Page 18: Scsi Guidelines

    ZIP Tools Disk The format of the 100MB ZIP Tools disk that came with your drive is set when you install the ZIP software package. When you install the ZIP software on a Macintosh, the ZIP Tools disk becomes a Macintosh disk. When you install the ZIP software on a PC, the ZIP Tools disk becomes a Windows/DOS disk.
  • Page 19 SCSI ID SCSI ID is an address number (0 through 7) that is assigned to each SCSI device. In a SCSI chain, each device in the chain must have a different SCSI ID number. The ZIP Drive is set at the factory to SCSI ID 5.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you encounter a problem while installing or using your ZIP Drive, check this section for help. Green power light not come on or ZIP disk cannot be does inserted. Make sure you are using an E PSON ZIP power supply and that it is connected to the ZIP Drive as shown in the installation instructions.
  • Page 21 (f) If your ZIP Drive is connected to a SCSI host adapter, make sure the adapter is correctly installed in the computer. Refer to the documentation that came with the adapter. (g) Reinstall your ZIP Tools software. (h) If the computer still doesn’t recognize the ZIP Drive, refer to the README.TXT file or the electronic Installation Guide included on your Install disk for additional problem solving information.
  • Page 22 FCC rules and regulations. AC Adapter with ferrite core must be used for RF interference suppression. Also, changes or modifications to the electronics or enclosure of this product must be expressly approved by EPSON; otherwise, the user’s authority to operate the equipment may be voided by the FCC.
  • Page 23 ® EPSON ZIP-489.SCSI 2/96...

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