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Dell Inspiron 3700 Setup Manual

Dell inspiron systems setup guide
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Summary of Contents for Dell Inspiron 3700

  • Page 1              ...
  • Page 2 Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell, the DELL logo, BE DIRECT, and Inspiron are trademarks of Dell Computer Corporation; Microsoft, Windows, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

             Information Resources ..........1-1 System Help.
  • Page 5: System Help

    Chapter 3, “Using Hardware Devices,” describes procedures for using your computer’s hardware.    In addition to this guide, Dell provides other handy reference tools to help you make the most of your computing experience. # The system Help allows you to search for information in multiple ways. You can...
  • Page 6 %&  '(# )  Your Reference and Troubleshooting Guide provides information on adding upgrades like memory, performing basic troubleshooting procedures, and reinstalling drivers. It also covers technical specifications, the system setup program, and system codes and messages. Dell Inspiron Systems Setup Guide...
  • Page 7 Edition operating system or the Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating sys- tem already installed. Perform the steps in the following section that corresponds to your operating system so that the software functions properly on your Dell computer.              Initial setup of Windows 98 Second Edition takes about 15 minutes. The setup process is customized according to which computer components you have.
  • Page 8 To complete the initial setup of Windows 98 Second Edition on your Dell computer, perform the following steps: If you have a modem installed in your computer, connect a telephone line to it as instructed in the Getting Started sheet that accompanied your computer.
  • Page 9 Windows 98 Second Edition is now completely installed on your computer. Proceed to “ Adding a Printer” for instructions on how to connect a printer and to “Information Resources” for descriptions of reference tools that are included with your Dell computer.
  • Page 10: Microsoft Windows Nt

    NOTE: The default is selected automatically after 30 seconds if no selection is made. Do not select anything other than the default operating system. 12. At the Begin Logon window, press <Ctrl><Alt><Del>. 13. When prompted, type the password you chose in step 9 and click OK. Dell Inspiron Systems Setup Guide...
  • Page 11                 This chapter provides information and tips on using your computer hardware devices (physical parts of a computer). It also includes general instructions for using a port rep- licator. For more information on using hardware, see the system Help. See Chapter 1, “Introduction,”...
  • Page 12 Shared or Not shared option. 12. Select Y es or No to indicate whether you want to print a test page. If you choose to print a test page, follow the instructions on the screen. 13. Click Finish. Dell Inspiron Systems Setup Guide...
  • Page 13: Touch Pad

      The Personal System/2 (PS/2)-compatible touch pad (see Figure 3-1) detects the posi- tion of your finger over a touch-sensitive area and provides the computer with full mouse functionality. The touch pad's two buttons correspond to the left and right but- tons on a standard mouse.
  • Page 14: Pc Cards

    To remove a PC Card from the PC Card slot, perform the following steps. Press the eject button. When the button slides out, press it again to release the card. Gently remove the card. Press the eject button once more until it is flush with the computer casing. Dell Inspiron Systems Setup Guide...
  • Page 15: Cd-Rom And Dvd-Rom Drives

     !  " !  # CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives read audio CDs and a variety of other CD formats. The DVD-ROM drive also plays DVDs. To use a disc in the drive, perform the following steps: Press the button on the front of the drive to open the disc tray and then pull the tray the rest of the way out.
  • Page 16 Disable the autoplay feature while you are using the drive. Never use damaged, broken, or deformed discs. Do not press the open/close button while the computer is accessing a disc. Keep the disc tray closed when you are not using the drive. Dell Inspiron Systems Setup Guide...

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