DOD VGS50 Owner's Manual

Dod owner's manual valve guitar system vgs50.
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The Sound of Your Imagination
A Harman International Company

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  • Page 1

    OWNER’S MANUAL The Sound of Your Imagination A Harman International Company...

  • Page 2

    EMC Directive 89/336/EEC as amended by directive 93/68/EEC. DOD Electronics President 8760 S. Sandy Parkway Sandy, Utah 84070, USA Effective (9/28/98) European Contact: Your local DOD Sales and Service or International Sales Office 8760 S. Sandy Parkway Sandy, Utah, USA Tel: (801) 568-7642 Fax: (801) 568-7638...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Selecting Effects... 9 Editing Parameters... 9 Creating a Preset... 9 Storing/Copying... 12 Section Four About the Effects... 13 Effect Definitions... 13 Parameters... 15 Resetting the VGS50... 16 Pedal Calibration... 16 Maintenance... 16 Preset List... 17 Warranty... 18 Specifications... 18 Page II...

  • Page 5: Congratulations, Included Items, Features

    Learn-a-Lick function and a built in expression pedal capable of controlling effects in real time. This Owner’s manual is your guide to getting the most out of your VGS50. Please read it carefully, to get familiar with the controls of the VGS50. This will ensure years of audio enjoyment.

  • Page 6: A Guided Tour, Front Panel

    1. Program and Bank Selector Footswitches - These switches provide access to the VGS50 user presets and the 10 user banks. They are also used to bypass the VGS50, access the tuner, and perform various functions for the Learn-a-Lick feature.

  • Page 7

    9. Valve Active - This icon will light when the tube is being used in a preset. 10. Output Knob - This knob adjusts the overall volume for all presets in the VGS50. 11. Expression Pedal - This pedal can be assigned to control one of 9 different parameters in real time for each preset.

  • Page 8: Rear Panel

    D. Headphone - This jack is used for connecting a pair of stereo headphones to the VGS50. The output level knob (10) will control the volume level in the headphones. E. Jam-a-long/Learn-a-Lick - Connect from the headphone output of your CD player to this jack.

  • Page 9: Getting Started, Making Connections

    Getting Started The VGS50 is ready for you to plug in and play. It already has a variety of sounds programmed into both the 30 factory and 30 user presets. You will find that the user presets are exact duplicates of the factory presets. This was done so that you can experiment with the user presets and not be at risk of losing any of the sounds that the VGS50 came with.

  • Page 10: About The Vgs50, Performance Mode, Selecting A Preset, Data Wheel, Footswitches

    The Bank Footswitch (1) located on the far right side of the VGS50, next to the expression pedal (11). Each successive press of the Bank switch will advance you to the next bank of presets.

  • Page 11: Accessing The Tuner, Learn-a-lick

    The red and yellow LEDs below the green LED indicate that you are flat and need to tune up. The tuning reference on the VGS50 has been set to A=440 (concert pitch) from the factory. You may change the tuning reference for drop tunings by rotating the Data Wheel at any time while in the tuner mode.

  • Page 12

    The Parameter Edit LEDs will light one at a time as your record time is used. 6. Once recording is finished the VGS50 will start playback automatically. The Parameter Edit LEDs will light one at a time to show where you are in the recording.

  • Page 13: Editing A Preset, Selecting Effects, Editing Parameters, Creating A Preset

    SECTION THREE Editing a Preset The VGS50 allows you to edit the user presets to your liking. You can change the effects that are stored in the preset, alter the amount of the effects, bypass an effect, or vary several other aspects of the way the preset sounds. This is a very simple process and gives you the ability to create custom sounds to suit your application or taste.

  • Page 14

    1. Press the effect select button under the Compression group. The display will show the current status of the compressor. If the compressor is bypassed (indicated by two dashes “--”), press the Compression button again, or rotate the Data Wheel to activate the compressor.

  • Page 15

    5. We also wanted to have the Chorus as an effect in our example preset. Press the Effect button. If the effects in this group are bypassed (indicated by two dashes “-- ” in the display), press the Effect button again, or rotate the Data Wheel to activate this group.

  • Page 16: Storing/copying

    With all of this accomplished, we will now need to store our new preset, otherwise the VGS50 will forget the changes that we have made to this new preset. Storing/Copying a Preset Once you have edited a preset to your liking, you must store the preset in order for the VGS50 to remember you settings.

  • Page 17: About The Effects, Effect Definitions

    The gate on the VGS50 is also used for volume swells. When you have selected the gate to act as a volume swell, you can strum your guitar, and the sound will fade in.

  • Page 18

    Flanger - A Flanger is similar to a chorus as far as what it is technically doing, but it sounds very different. It adds a “whooshing up, and down” sound to your guitar. Phaser - A Phaser is an effect that splits the incoming signal, and then changes the phase of half of the signal.

  • Page 19: Parameters

    You can have it repeat the passage several times just like an echo would do. The VGS50 offers three different types of delay, they are Tape delay, Mono delay, and Pong delay. The Tape delay is typical of older delays that were actually using a tape to record, and repeat.

  • Page 20: Resetting The Vgs50, Maintenance

    Resetting the VGS50 This function erases all of the user presets and restores the VGS50 to the original factory presets. Caution! This procedure will destroy and reset ALL user presets in the VGS50 memory. Be sure you want to erase the memory and start fresh before continuing with this procedure.

  • Page 21: Preset List

    Preset List Showcase 01 - Solo Time 02 - Clean Chorus 03 - Crunch Rhythm Heavy 11 - Crusher 12 - Phase Monster 13 - Octo Bass Modern 21 - Whammy 22 - Ottowah 23 - Dyna Phase Retro 31 - Surficide 32 - Wahs Up? 33 - Rockabilly Country...

  • Page 22: Warranty, Specifications

    DOD neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product. In no event shall DOD or its dealers be liable special or consequential damages or from any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.

  • Page 24

    8760 S. Sandy Parkway Sandy, Utah 84070 USA PH (801) 568-7642 FAX (801) 568-7638 DOD and VGS50 are registered trade marks of the Harman Music Group Inc. Copyright the Harman Music Group Printed in the USA 01/99 Manufactured in the USA...

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