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Connecting Cables And Devices - Asus My Cinema-EHD2-100 User Manual

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Connecting cables and devices

There are various types of cable TV (CATV) and antenna connections. Consult
your dealer for the type of adapter, splitter, A/B switch, or combiner that may be
required when connecting the ASUS TV Tuner Card/Box/Stick to devices.
The ASUS TV Tuner Card/Box/Stick can receive up to 100 channels. If you do not
have a CATV system, you may use an indoor or outdoor antenna that carries only
VHF channels, UHF channels, or both VHF and UHF channels to connect to the
ASUS TV Tuner Card/Box.
Click here for more information on connecting cables and devices.
Chapter 1: Hardware information



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