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Sony SDT 11000 - DDS Tape Drive User Manual

Dds tape drive
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DDS Tape Drive
User's Guide
SDT-10000 Series
SDT-11000 Series
1998 Sony Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Sony SDT 11000 - DDS Tape Drive

  • Page 1 3-866-090-04(1) DDS Tape Drive User’s Guide SDT-10000 Series SDT-11000 Series 1998 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    OF ANY KIND WITH REGARD TO Orientation ....... 11 THIS DOCUMENT. Operation ......... 12 Location of 3 LEDs ....12 Sony shall not be liable for error LED Indication for contained herein, indirect, special, Drive Status ......13 incidental or consequential damages in Drive Operation .......
  • Page 3 SDT-10000/SDT-11000 DDS-4 Tape Drive Congratulation on your purchase of the Sony DDS-4 drive SDT-10000/ SDT-11000. This drive is a high capacity data storage device using 4mm DAT (Digital Audio Tape) technology. The SDT-10000/SDT-11000 drive achieves high data reliability through Read-After-Write, an additional level of Error Correction Code, and other features.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Introduction Product Features SDT-10000/SDT-11000 (With Data Compression) Data Capacity 40 GB (typical)* Transfer Rate 4.7 MB/sec (typical)* (sustained) • Supported Formats: DDS-4, DDS-3, DDS-2, DDS, DDS-DC and DCLZ • High Burst Transfer Rate- 14MB/sec Asynchronous 40MB/sec Synchronous • Large 10MB Buffer •...
  • Page 5: Precautions

    Precautions Installation Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to: – high humidity – high temperature – mechanical shock and vibration – direct sunlight Operation * Do not move the drive while it is operating. Doing so may cause a malfunction.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation SCSI Connection/Setting the SCSI ID/Option Switches SCSI 68 pin connector (Non-Shielded) Power Connector Pin 34 Pin 68 GND GND 12V SCSI ID SCSI ID Jumpers Parity Enable Disable Note : = CLOSE/Jumper = OPEN/Jumper not installed Don’t care...
  • Page 7: Option Switches (Dip Switch)

    Option Switches (DIP Switch) 1 Reserved (OFF) 2 Reserved (OFF) 3 Reserved (OFF) 4 Reserved (OFF) 5 Terminator Power (ON) 6 Reserved (OFF) 7 DC Control-1 (ON) 8 DC Control-2 (OFF) ( ) . . . default setting Terminator Power Definition No provided Provided...
  • Page 8: Mounting Holes

    Mounting Holes For 3.5" Standard Height (SDT-10000, SDT-11000) 21 0.3mm 60 0.3mm 3-M3 (depth 3mm) (2.36 in) (0.83 in) (depth 0.12 in) 90 0.3mm (3.54 in) 31 0.3mm 42 0.3mm 6-M3 (depth 3mm) (1.22 in) (1.65 in) 70 0.3mm (depth 0.12 in) (2.76 in) 146 0.5mm 3.8 0.5mm...
  • Page 9 For 5.25" Half Height (SDT-10000/R, SDT-11000/R) 47.5 0.3mm 79.2 0.3mm 4-M3 (1.87 in) (3.12 in) 70 0.3mm (2.76 in) 6-M3 (depth 3mm) 31 0.3mm 42 0.3mm (1.22 in) (1.65 in) (depth 0.12 in) 4-M3 79.2 0.3mm 50.7 0.3mm (3.12 in) (2.00 in) 4-M3 47.5 0.3mm...
  • Page 10: Remodeling From 5.25" Model To 3.5" Model

    Remodeling from 5.25" Model to 3.5" Model You can remodel the SDT-10000/R and the SDT-11000/R (5.25" model) to the SDT-10000 and the SDT-11000 (3.5" model) yourself. Remove the 2 screws for each side rail. Take the side rail off. Side Rail (L) Side Rail (R)
  • Page 11: Orientation

    Orientation 10 10 10 10 10 10...
  • Page 12: Operation

    Operation Location of 3 LEDs There are three LED indicators (BUSY, TAPE and STATUS) and an EJECT button on the front panel of the unit. Front Panel (for 3.5" Standard Height) BUSY TAPE STATUS...
  • Page 13: Led Indication For Drive Status

    LED Indication for Drive Status State BUSY TAPE STATUS Activity Cartridge Other None None None SCSI None None Drive Loading/Unloading None Drive Loading/Unloading Write Protected None Loaded None SCSI Loaded None SCSI/Drive Loaded None Loaded Write Protected None Loaded Cleaning Tape at EOM Loaded Error Rate Warning Cleaning Request...
  • Page 14: Drive Operation

    Drive Operation Loading a Cassette Insert a cassette into the slot on the front panel with the arrow on the cassette pointing towards the drive. When the cassette is inserted, the drive takes it and automatically loads it into drive mechanism. Unloading a Cassette The cassette can be removed from the SDT-10000/SDT-11000 either in response to a SCSI Unload Command, or by pressing the eject...
  • Page 15: Emergency Cassette Removal Procedure

    Using a Cleaning Tape The SDT-10000/SDT-11000 has a built-in super head cleaner designed to last for the life of the drive. In addition, a cleaning tape should be used periodically to clean the entire tape path. The drive will automatically request you to perform a cleaning operation. The need for a cleaning tape is determined by the drum rotating hours since the last cleaning was performed.
  • Page 16 Continue the procedure until the tape is lifted out of the drive mechanism and ejected. Return the drive to a service station for repair.
  • Page 17: Interface Implementation

    Interface Implementation Supported SCSI Messages Ignore Wide Residue Abort Initiator Detected Error Bus Device Reset Message Parity Error Command Complete Message Reject Disconnect No Operation Extended Message Restore Pointers - Synchronous Data Transfer Request Save Data Pointer Identify (w/&w/o Disconnect) Supported SCSI Commands Receive Diagnostic Results Erase...
  • Page 18: Specification

    Specification Product Specifications Dimensions 3.5" Standard Height 5.25" Half Height Height 41.2 mm (1.62 in) 41.2 mm (1.62 in) Width 101.6 mm (4.0 in) 146.0 mm (5.75 in) Depth 146.0 mm (5.75 in) 146.0 mm (5.75 in) Altitude Operating 0 to 7000 feet Vibration Operating Swept Sine 5 to 500 Hz...
  • Page 19: Temperature And Humidity Range

    Temperature and Humidity Range Temperature Operating 5 ˚C to 40 ˚C ( T<10 ˚C/h) Non-Operating (mech) – 40 ˚C to 70 ˚C ( T<20 ˚C/h) Non-Operating (tape) – 40 ˚C to 45 ˚C ( T<20 ˚C/h) Humidity Operating 20 to 80% RH, non-condensing Maximum wet bulb temperature = 26 ˚C Non-Operating (mech) 5 to 95% RH ( RH<30%/h)
  • Page 20: Third Party Support Contacts (In The Usa)

    Third Party Support Contacts (In the USA) Host Adapter Vendors Phone Numbers Adaptec 408-945-8600 ATTO 716-691-1999 Bus Logic 408-492-9090 407-830-5522 Future Domain 714-253-0400 Initio 408-988-1919 Qlogic 714-438-2200 Ultera Systems Inc. 714-367-8800 Operating Systems Backup Software Vendors Phone Numbers Arcada 407-333-7500 Cheyenne 516-484-5110 Columbia Data Products...
  • Page 21 Operating Systems Backup Software Vendors Phone Numbers Windows 95 NovaStor 805-579-6700 DEC Unix Cheyenne 516-484-5110 NovaStor 612-933-8790 Software Moguls 612-933-8790 Work Station Solutions 603-880-0080 SUN Unix Legato 415-812-6000 NovaStor 818-707-9900 Software Moguls 612-933-8790 Sun Soft 310-348-8649 Work Station Solutions 603-880-0080 Solaris Unix Cheyenne 516-484-3150...
  • Page 22: Sony Contacts

    FAX: (416) 499-8541 Sony Computer Peripherals & Compornents Europe URL: Electronics Devices Marketing (Singapore) (A division company of Sony Electronics (S) Pte. Ltd.) Enterprise Storage Solutions Dept. 2 International Business Park, #01-10 Tower One, The Strategy, Singapore 609930 TEL:65-6544-8000 FAX:65-6544-7390 Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Page 23 Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd. Shanghai Rep. Office 44F., HSBC Tower, 101 Yin Cheng East Road, Pudong, New Area, Shanghai, P.R.C. Postcode 200120 TEL: 86-21-6841-3222 FAX: 86-21-6841-0280 Sony Comércio e Indústria Ltda. Rua Inocéncio Tobias, 125-Parte-Parque Industrial Thomas Edson-Barra Funda, CEP01144-000, São Paulo -SP-Brasil...
  • Page 24 Printed in Japan...

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