Garmin nuvi 2455LMT Owner's Manual

Nüvi 2405 series; nüvi 2505 series.
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2405/2505 series
owner's manual
models: 2405, 2415, 2445, 2455, 2475, 2495, 2515, 2545, 2555, 2565, 2595
August 2011
nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner's Manual
Printed in Taiwan


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  • Page 1

    nüvi 2405/2505 series ® owner’s manual models: 2405, 2415, 2445, 2455, 2475, 2495, 2515, 2545, 2555, 2565, 2595 August 2011 nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual 190-01355-00_0A Printed in Taiwan...

  • Page 2

    Garmin. Garmin hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage medium to be viewed and to print one copy of this manual or of any revision hereto, provided that such electronic or printed copy of this manual must contain the complete text of this copyright notice and provided further that any unauthorized commercial distribution of this manual or any revision hereto is strictly prohibited.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Using Photo Navigation ........15 Setting a Simulated Location ......15 Saving Locations ..........16 Getting Started ����������������������������������������� Connecting the Device to Vehicle Power ...1 Voice Command ������������������������������������� About myDashboard ..........2 About Voice Commands ........18 About Sleep Mode ..........4 Navigation ���������������������������������������������� Adjusting the Screen Brightness .......4 Starting a Route...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Using In-Call Options ........34 Understanding Traffic Data ......49 Saving a Home Phone Number .......34 Traffic Subscriptions ........49 Using the Apps �������������������������������������� Data Management ���������������������������������� Using Help ............35 File Types ............50 About ecoRoute ..........35 About Memory Cards ........50 About Audiobooks ..........38 Transferring Files from Your Computer ...51 Planning a Trip...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Appendix ������������������������������������������������ Power Cables ..........58 Caring for Your Device ........58 Erasing User Data ...........59 Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle Power Cable ...............60 Mounting on Your Dashboard ......60 Removing the Device, Cradle, and Mount ..61 Updating Maps ..........61 Purchasing Additional Maps ......62 Custom Points of Interest ........62...

  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting Started Connecting the Device to Vehicle Power WARNING  WARNING See the Important Safety and Product  This product contains a lithium-ion battery. Information guide in the product box for product To prevent the possibility of personal injury or warnings and other important information.

  • Page 8: About Mydashboard

    If necessary, connect the external antenna ➋ ➊ to the traffic receiver and secure it to the windshield using the suction cups. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer. Go to Follow the on-screen instructions. nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 9: Updating The Software

    90 days of first acquiring satellites while ➊ you drive. Go to details and terms and conditions. NOTE: If you hold the Power key for less than 3 seconds, the device enters sleep...

  • Page 10: About Sleep Mode, Adjusting The Screen Brightness, Adjusting The Volume

    Adjusting the Screen Brightness Resetting the Device You can reset your device if it stops functioning. Select Settings > Display > Brightness. Hold the Power key for 10 seconds. Use the slider bar to adjust the brightness. About Sleep Mode Adjusting the Volume Use sleep mode to conserve battery power Select Volume.

  • Page 11: About Automatic Volume, Status Bar Icons

    About Automatic Volume Status Bar Icons NOTE: Automatic volume is not available on all The status bar is located at the top of the main models. menu. The status bar icons display information about features on the device. You can select Your device can increase or decrease the some icons to change settings or view additional volume automatically based on the level of...

  • Page 12: Satellite Signals

    Routing and navigation are calculated differently For more information about GPS, go to based on your transportation mode. For example, in Automobile mode, the estimated time of arrival is calculated using the speed Viewing GPS Signal Status limit of the roads on the route.

  • Page 13: Using The On-screen Buttons, Using The On-screen Keyboard

    Using the On-screen Keyboard Battery Information After the device is connected to power, it begins See “Language and Keyboard Settings” to to charge. change the keyboard layout (page 56). in the status bar indicates the status of the • Select a character on the keyboard to enter internal battery.

  • Page 14: About Shortcuts

    Finding Locations About Shortcuts You can add shortcuts to the Where To? menu. The device offers many methods for finding A shortcut can point to a location, a category, or locations. a search tool. • By category (page Adding a Shortcut Icon •...

  • Page 15: About Locations

    About Locations ➊ The detailed maps loaded in your device contain locations, such as restaurants, hotels, and auto services. You can use the Categories function to Enter all or part of the name. browse for nearby businesses and attractions. Select Finding a Location by Category Finding a Location Using the Search Bar Select Where To?.

  • Page 16: Reporting A Closed Or Missing Location

    If your search results include an outdated or • To search for coordinates, enter latitude incorrect location, you can report the error to and longitude coordinates. Garmin and remove the location from future Select an option: searches. • To search using a suggested search...

  • Page 17: About Search Tools

    This information is sent to Garmin when you The star rating updates on your device. connect your device to myGarmin™ using your About Search Tools computer. Search tools allow you to search for cities, Editing Location Information addresses, intersections, or coordinates. By...

  • Page 18: Finding A Location Using Coordinates, Finding An Intersection

    If necessary, select the address. Enter the second street name, and select Next. Finding a City If necessary, select the street. Before you can find a city, you must add the city search tool to the Where To? menu (page If necessary, select the intersection.

  • Page 19

    Finding a Location by Browsing the Map If necessary, select the location description to view additional information. Before you can find places included in the map data, such as restaurants, hospitals, and fuel Finding a Location Using Quick Search stations, you must enable the map layer for After you have performed a search for a point places along the road (page...

  • Page 20: Saving A Home Location, Finding Recently Found Places, Finding Parking, Nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner's Manual

    Saving a Home Location Finding Recently Found Places You can set your home location for the location Your device stores the last 50 locations you you return to most often. have found. Select Where To? > > Set Home Select Where To? > Recent. Location.

  • Page 21: Setting A Simulated Location

    Connect your device to your computer (page Select Settings > Navigation. 51). Select GPS Simulator. Go to Select View Map. Follow the instructions on the Web site to Select an area on the map. select and load pictures. The address of the location appears at the Disconnect the device from the computer.

  • Page 22: Saving Locations

    Saving Locations Saving Your Current Location From the map, select the vehicle icon. You can save locations so you can quickly find them and create routes to them. Select Save. Enter a name, and select Done. Saving a Location Select OK. Find a location (page Select a location from the list.

  • Page 23

    Editing a Saved Location Assigning Categories to a Saved Location Select Where To? > Saved. You can add custom categories to organize your If necessary, select a category. saved locations. Select a location. NOTE: Categories appear in the saved locations Select menu after you have saved more than 12 >...

  • Page 24: Voice Command, About Voice Commands, Activating Voice Command

    Deleting a Saved Location Setting your Wakeup Phrase NOTE: Deleted locations cannot be recovered. The wakeup phrase is a word or phrase you can say to activate Voice Command. The default Select Where To? > Saved. wakeup phrase is Voice Command. >...

  • Page 25

    Voice Command Tips • Speak in a normal voice directed at the device. • Reduce background noise, such as voices or the radio, to increase the accuracy of the voice recognition. Listen for the voice prompt, and speak the • Speak commands as they appear on the name of the location.

  • Page 26: Disabling Voice Command, Finding An Address

    Muting Instructions You can disable the voice prompts for Voice Command without muting the device. Select Apps > Voice Command > Select Mute Instructions > Enabled. Say Navigate. Disabling Voice Command You can disable Voice Command, which Finding an Address prevents you from accidentally activating Voice Say Voice Command.

  • Page 27: Starting A Route

    Navigation Starting a Route to a Saved Location Select Where To? > Saved. Starting a Route If necessary, select a category, or select All Categories. Search for a location (page Select a location. Select a location. Select Go!. Select Go!. Using Multiple Route Preview If necessary, select an option.

  • Page 28: Following An Automobile Route

    Following an Automobile Route Using the Automobile Navigation Map While navigating in Automobile mode, you can The route is marked with a magenta line. A select map features. checkered flag marks your destination. Select the map. As you travel, the device guides you to the destination with voice prompts, arrows on the Map icons appear.

  • Page 29: About Exit Services

    Adding a Point to a Route Stopping the Route Before you can add a stop to a route, you must From the map, select > be navigating a route in Automobile mode. About Exit Services While navigating a route, select to return to the main menu.

  • Page 30: Avoiding Road Features

    Navigating Off Road • To view nearby restaurants, select . If you are not following roadways as you • To view nearby lodging, select navigate, you can use Off Road mode. • To view nearby restrooms, select Select Settings > Navigation. Select a point of interest.

  • Page 31: Customizing The Map

    Map Pages Changing the Map Data Field From the map, select the data field in the lower left-hand corner. Customizing the Map Select a type of data to display. Customizing the Map Layers Select Save. You can customize which data appear on the Changing the Map Perspective map, such as icons for points of interest and road conditions.

  • Page 32: Viewing Turns

    Changing the Tools on the Map Changing the Map Dashboard Select Settings > Map and Vehicle > Map tools appear as buttons on the map, which Dashboards. provide quick access to device functions. For example, you can add a button to take a detour, Use the arrows to select a dashboard.

  • Page 33: Viewing Junctions

    The details for the turn appear. If available, an image of the junction appears for junctions on major roadways. Viewing the Entire Route on the Map While navigating an automobile route, select the navigation bar at the top of the map. Viewing Junctions >...

  • Page 34: Viewing Trip Information

    Viewing Traffic Alerts Resetting Trip Information While you navigate an automobile route, a traffic From the map, select Speed > alert may appear in the navigation bar. Select an option: Select the alert to view more information. • When not navigating a route, select Reset All to reset every data field, Viewing Trip Information except the speedometer, on the page.

  • Page 35: Pedestrian Routes

    • Select to switch between sections of the ➊ route. NOTE: cityXplorer maps are not included with the device. See • Select to view the route itinerary. ➋ purchase cityXplorer maps. • Select to center the map on your current ➌...

  • Page 36: Viewing Current Location Information

    Viewing Current Location The black dots on the map are public transit stops along your route. Information NOTE: You can change the types of public Use the Where Am I? page to view information transit and limit the distance spent walking about your current location.

  • Page 37: About Hands-free Calling

    Bluetooth 33 ft. (10 m) of each other. technology is compatible with your device, go to On your device, enable Bluetooth wireless technology (page 31). Your phone may not support all of the hands- Select an option: free phone features your device provides.

  • Page 38: Placing A Call

    • When you turn on the device, it tries to Select your phone from the list, and select connect to the last phone to which it was connected. If necessary, on your phone, confirm that the • You might have to set your mobile phone to device is allowed to connect.

  • Page 39

    Calling a Contact in Your in your Phone Using the Call History Book Your call history is loaded from your phone to the device each time your phone and the device Your phone book is loaded from your phone to connect.

  • Page 40: Saving A Home Phone Number

    Using In-Call Options Saving a Home Phone Number TIP: After you save a home number, you can While on a call, select edit the home number by editing “Home” in Select an option: Saved (page 16). • To transfer audio to your phone, select Select Phone >...

  • Page 41: Using Help, About Ecoroute

    HD accessory when calculating ecoRoute data. Searching Help Topics Go to Select Apps > Help > compatibility and purchasing information. About ecoRoute Setting up the Vehicle Profile The ecoRoute feature calculates the fuel ™...

  • Page 42: Calibrating The Fuel Economy

    About the ecoChallenge Select Yes. ecoChallenge helps you maximize the vehicle Calibrating the Fuel Economy fuel economy by scoring your driving habits. The You can calibrate the fuel economy to receive higher your ecoChallenge scores, the more fuel more-accurate fuel reports for your specific you have saved.

  • Page 43: Mileage Reports

    Viewing Fuel Economy Information • Acceleration—displays your score for smooth and gradual acceleration. You lose You can view your fuel consumption, your total points for rapid acceleration. fuel cost, and your average fuel economy. • Braking—displays your score for smooth Select Apps >...

  • Page 44: About Audiobooks

    The device can play audiobooks from Audible. device. com. This feature requires a subscription to Go to TIP: You can access mileage reports in the activate a free 30-day trial subscription. Reports folder on the device drive or volume (page 51).

  • Page 45

    Playing an Audiobook • To fast forward, hold Select Apps > Audible. • To rewind, hold Select Browse. Adding a Bookmark Select an option: When you play an audiobook, the player • Select Titles. automatically resumes the audiobook from • Select Authors. the point where you last stopped.

  • Page 46: Planning A Trip

    Planning a Trip Renaming a Bookmark By default, the device names a bookmark You can use the trip planner to create and save using the time stamp of the bookmark. You can a trip with multiple destinations. rename a bookmark. Select Apps >...

  • Page 47

    Navigating to a Saved Trip ➋ Select Apps > Trip Planner. ➊ Select a saved trip. Select Go!. If prompted, select a route (page 21). Select an option: Editing a Saved Trip • Select to change the arrival or ➊ Select Apps >...

  • Page 48: Viewing Pictures

    Viewing Pictures Use the on-screen buttons to adjust the wallpaper. View pictures that you have stored in the device Select Save. or on a memory card. See (page 50) for more information about loading pictures on the device. Deleting Pictures Select Apps >...

  • Page 49: Finding Your Last Parking Spot, Converting Units

    Using the World Clock Converting Units Select Apps > World Clock. Select Apps > Unit Converter. If necessary, select a city, enter a city name, If necessary, select the button next to and select Done. Convert, select a measurement category, and select Save.

  • Page 50: About Offers

    Disabling Traffic and Offers See our privacy statement at To disable offers, you must disable traffic. to view our privacy Select Settings > Traffic. information. Select the Live Traffic check box.

  • Page 51: Using The Language Guide

    Using the Language Guide Translating Words and Phrases Select Apps > Language Guide > Words Use the Language Guide to look up and and Phrases. translate words or phrases. Select a category and subcategories. Select Apps > Language Guide. If necessary, select , enter a keyword, Selecting Languages in a Language and select Done.

  • Page 52: Disabling Live Traffic, Traffic Data

    Disabling Live Traffic Select Settings. NOTICE Clear the Live Traffic check box. Garmin is not responsible for the accuracy or The device no longer receives live traffic data, timeliness of the traffic information. but automobile routes still avoid potentially Traffic information may not be available in all congested areas using trafficTrends, if enabled areas or countries.

  • Page 53: Traffic Receiver

    About the Traffic Icon NOTE: Heated (metallized) windshields could degrade the performance of the traffic receiver. When you are receiving traffic information, a traffic icon appears on the map. The traffic icon Traffic Receiver changes color to indicate the severity of traffic conditions.

  • Page 54: Traffic On Your Route

    Traffic on Your Route Select an event. When calculating your route, the device Manually Avoiding Traffic on Your Route examines the current traffic and automatically From the map, select optimizes the route for the shortest time. If a Select Traffic On Route. severe traffic delay occurs on your route while you are navigating, your device automatically If necessary, use the arrows to view other...

  • Page 55: Traffic In Your Area, Traffic Subscriptions

    Traffic in Your Area Traffic Subscriptions Searching for Traffic Delays Subscription Activation From the map page, select You do not need to activate the subscription included with your FM traffic receiver. The Select Traffic Conditions > subscription activates automatically after your Select an item in the list.

  • Page 56: File Types, About Memory Cards

    • Maps and GPX waypoint files from multiple FM traffic receivers, you must obtain MapSource (page ® a new code for each receiver. • GPI custom POI files from Garmin POI Select Next on the device. Loader (page Enter the code. About Memory Cards Select Done.

  • Page 57: Transferring Files From Your Computer

    Select the file. The device supports microSD™ and microSDHC Select Edit > Copy. memory or data cards. Open the Garmin or memory card drive or Insert a memory card into the slot on the device. volume. Select Edit > Paste.

  • Page 58: Deleting Files, Map And Vehicle Settings

    • Pedestrian Map View—sets the perspective Open the Garmin drive or volume. on the map. If necessary, open a folder or volume. • Map Detail—sets the level of detail on the Select a file.

  • Page 59: Navigation Settings

    • Public Transit—enables or disables transit Enabling Maps types. TIP: To purchase additional map products, go to • Safe Mode—disables all functions that require significant operator attention and Select Settings > Map and Vehicle > could become a distraction while driving. myMaps.

  • Page 60: Display Settings, Bluetooth Settings

    • Shorter Distance—calculates routes that • Display Timeout—sets the amount of idle are shorter in distance but can take more time before your device enters sleep mode. time to drive. • Screenshot—allows you to take a picture of • Less Fuel—calculates routes that could use the device screen.

  • Page 61: Traffic Settings

    You can purchase additional subscriptions or a connect with. renewal if your subscription expires. Go to • Select to add a phone to the menu. • Select to delete a phone from the Viewing Traffic Subscriptions device memory. Select Settings > Traffic > Subscriptions.

  • Page 62: Units And Time Settings

    • Current Time—sets the device time. that data to calculate more-efficient routes. This • Units—sets the unit of measure used for information is sent to Garmin when your device distances. when you connect your device to myGarmin ™...

  • Page 63: Proximity Alerts Settings, Device Settings, Restoring Settings

    • Keyboard Layout—sets the keyboard • Keep Travel History—allows the device to layout. record information for the, Where I’ve Been (page 42), and Trip Log (page 25) features. Proximity Alerts Settings • Clear Travel History Select Settings > Proximity Alerts. Restoring Settings •...

  • Page 64: Power Cables, Caring For Your Device

    Appendix Never use a hard or sharp object to operate the touchscreen, or damage may result. Power Cables Cleaning the Outer Casing Your device can be powered three ways. NOTICE • Vehicle power cable Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents that can damage plastic components.

  • Page 65: Erasing User Data

    • Do not keep your unit in the glove • Decrease the screen brightness (page compartment. • Do not leave your device in direct sunlight. • Register your device at http://my.garmin • Decrease the volume (page .com. • Disable offers and traffic (page 44).

  • Page 66: Changing The Fuse In The Vehicle Power Cable, Mounting On Your Dashboard

    Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle NOTE: The required fuse for your cable is listed after "output" on the back of the Power Cable vehicle power adapter. NOTICE Place the silver tip in the end piece. When replacing the fuse, do not lose any of the Screw the end piece back into the vehicle small pieces and make sure they are put back in power cable.

  • Page 67: Removing The Device, Cradle, And Mount, Updating Maps

    Updating Maps Mount You can update the maps on your device. For more information, go to Removing the Device from the Cradle /mapupdates, and select Map Update User Press up on the tab on the top of the cradle.

  • Page 68: Purchasing Additional Maps, Custom Points Of Interest, Purchasing Accessories

    Install the POI Loader onto your computer. Purchasing Additional Maps Using the POI Loader Help Files Go to your device product page on the Garmin Web site ( For more information on the POI Loader, refer to the help file. Click the Maps tab.

  • Page 69: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Solution My device is not acquiring • Verify the GPS simulator is turned off (page 53). satellite signals • From the main menu, select Settings > System > GPS Simulator. • Take your device out of parking garages and away from tall buildings and trees. •...

  • Page 70

    • From the main menu, select Settings > Bluetooth. The Bluetooth field must be set to Enabled. to the device. • Turn on your phone and bring it within 33 feet of the device. • Go to for more help. nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 71

    Index converting currency 43 battery 63 units 43 Bluetooth technology 31–70 Symbols coordinates 12 friendly name 55 current location, saving 16 2-D, 3-D map view 25 pairing with phone 31 customizing the device 52–59 settings 54 custom POIs 62 brightness 54 accessories 62 adding a stop 23 dashboard disk 60...

  • Page 72

    finding locations by address 11 ecoRoute 35–38 JPEG image files 50 by coordinates 12 calibrate fuel economy 36 junction view 27 recent selections 14 ecoChallenge score 36 saved locations 16 fuel economy information 37 using photos 15 mileage report 37 keyboard 7 using search bar 9 vehicle profile 35...

  • Page 73

    memory card 50 public transit mileage report 37 avoidances 24, 30 offers 44 city maps 29 mounting the device disabling 44 on dashboard 60 viewing 44 on windshield 63 off-road navigation 24, 54 removing from mount 61 recalculating routes 23 on-screen buttons 7 mute recently found locations 14...

  • Page 74

    school zone database 62 transportation mode 6 voice language 56 trip computer 28 voice mail 34 screen brightness 54 trip log 25 volume screenshots 54 enabling 57 adjusting 4 settings 52–70 trip planner 40 audio mixer 4 troubleshooting 63 automatic 5 software version 57 turn-by-turn directions 26...

  • Page 76

    The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, ® Inc., and any use of such name by Garmin is under license. Windows ® Garmin Corporation a registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/ No.

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