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LG A340 User Manual

Owners manual - english.
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Datasheet - 2 pages
Manual - 118 pages
User manual - 81 pages
All screen shots in this guide are simulated.
Actual displays and the color of the phone may vary.
Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone
depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.
P/NO: MFL67476401(1.0)

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LG A340 Manual
LG A340 Manual 118 pages

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   Summary of Contents for LG A340

  • Page 1: User Guide

    A340 User Guide All screen shots in this guide are simulated. Actual displays and the color of the phone may vary. Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.

  • Page 2

    FIFTEEN (15) MONTHS from date accident, alteration, improper installation, or of manufacture as determined by the unit’s other acts which are not the fault of LG, including manufacture date code. damage caused by shipping, blown fuses, spills of food or liquid.

  • Page 3

    3. WHAT LG WILL DO: vary from state to state. LG will, at its sole option, either repair, replace or 5. HOW TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE : refund the purchase price of any unit that does not conform to this limited warranty.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Your Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Making a Second Call .

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Outbox ......35 My Stuff ..... . .48 Voicemail .

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Other Files ......64 Backlight Timer ..... . . 70 Color Schemes .

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Messaging . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Browser .

  • Page 8: Your Phone, Phone Components

    Your Phone Phone Components Press and hold Press and hold to to acess Voice activate/deactivate Recorder. Vibrating Mode.

  • Page 9: Your Phone

    Your Phone 1. Earpiece: Lets you hear the caller during a 8. Browser/OK Key: Lets you access the call. Mobile Web in standby mode. When navigating through a menu, selects a 2. Main LCD: Displays phone status icons, highlighted choice. menu items, web items, web information, pictures and more, in full color.

  • Page 10: Rear View

    Your Phone Rear view Back Cover SIM Card Slot Camera Lens Battery...

  • Page 11: Getting Started, Installing The Sim Card And Battery

    Getting Started Installing the SIM card and 2. Remove the battery battery Hold the top edge of the phone and use the fingernail cutouts near the bottom of the battery to lift the battery from the phone. 1. Remove the battery cover Use your thumb to press on the top center of the back cover, then slide the cover downwards (as depicted below).

  • Page 12

    Getting Started 3. Install the SIM card 4. Install the battery Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot Insert the top of the battery first into the (as shown below). Make sure that the battery compartment. Ensure that the gold contact area on the card is facing battery contacts align with the terminals on downwards.

  • Page 13: Charging Your Phone, Installing A Memory Card

    A memory card is an optional accessory and phone) and then plug the other end into the must be purchased separately. wall socket. Your LG-A340 will need to be charged until the Full Battery message appears 1. Remove the back cover.

  • Page 14

    Getting Started On-Screen Icons The table below describes various display indicators or icons that appear on the phone’s display screen. ICON/ ICON/ DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION INDICATOR INDICATOR Multitasking Vibrating Mode On Network signal strength Speakerphone activated (number of bars will vary) Call in Progress No network signal Voicemail...

  • Page 15: General Functions, Making A Call

    General Functions Making a Call Making a Call with the Send Key 1. Press the Send Key to display the 1. Make sure your phone is powered on. most recent missed, dialed and received 2. Enter a phone number including the area calls.

  • Page 16: Answering A Call

    General Functions Ending a Call Answering a Call To end a call, press the End/Power Key When you receive a call, the phone displays a notification on the screen and rings and/or vibrates. If the caller can be identified, the Making a Call from the Contacts caller’s phone number (or name, if stored in your Address Book) is displayed.

  • Page 17: Adjusting The Volume, Entering Text

    General Functions Adjusting the Volume Entering Text Use the Volume Keys during a call to adjust You can enter alphanumeric characters by the earpiece volume. using the phone’s keypad. For example, storing names in the Address Book, writing a message, While in standby mode, you can adjust the or scheduling events in the calendar all require Master Volume using the Volume Keys.

  • Page 18: Symbol Mode, Using The Abc Mode

    General Functions T9 Mode Symbol Mode The T9 mode allows you to enter words easily The Symbol Mode enables you to enter various with only one keystroke per letter. Each key symbols or special characters. To enter a on the keypad has more than one letter. symbol, press .

  • Page 19: Using The T9 Mode

    General Functions Using the T9 Mode Characters in the Order Displayed The T9 predictive text input mode allows you to Upper Case Lower Case enter words easily with a minimum number of . , ’ @ ? ! - : / 1 .

  • Page 20

    General Functions 3. Complete each word with a space by Using the Korean Mode pressing or the Right Navigation Allows you to type in Korean when you set the Key . language to Korean. To delete letters, press the Clear/Back Key .

  • Page 21

    General Functions Using the 123 (Numbers) Mode Characters in the Order Keys The 123 Mode enables you to enter numbers Displayed in a text message (a telephone number, for example) more quickly. Press the keys corresponding to the required digits before manually switching back to the appropriate text entry mode.

  • Page 22: In-call Menu, During A Call, Making A Second Call, Swapping Between Two Calls

    In-Call Menu During a Call Answering an Incoming Call To answer an incoming call when the handset Your phone provides a number of control is ringing, simply press the Send Key functions that you can use during a call. . The handset is also able to warn you To access these functions during a call, press of an incoming call while you are already on the Left Soft Key...

  • Page 23: Muting The Microphone, Using The Speakerphone, Conference Calls

    In-Call Menu Muting the Microphone Conference Calls You can mute the microphone during a call The conference call feature provides you with by pressing the Right Soft Key Mute. the ability to have a simultaneous conversation The handset can be unmuted by pressing with more than one caller.

  • Page 24: Making A Second Call, Setting Up A Conference Call, Place The Conference Call On Hold

    In-Call Menu Place the Conference Call on The maximum number of callers in a conference call is five. Once started, you are in Hold control of the conference call, and only you can To place a conference call on hold, press the add calls to the conference call.

  • Page 25: Menu Tree

    Menu Tree 1. Address Book (see page 28) 5. AppCenter (see page 42) 1.1 Contact List 6. AT&T Navigator (see page 43) 1.2 ICE - Emergency Contacts 1.3 New Contact 7. AT&T FamilyMap (see page 45) 1.4 Caller Groups 1.5 Speed Dial 8.

  • Page 26: Table Of Contents

    Menu Tree 0. Settings (see page 66) 0. Settings (continued) 0.1 Audio & Ringtones 0.3 Display 0.1.1 Shop Tones 0.3.1 Shop Wallpapers 0.1.2 Ringtone 0.3.2 Wallpapers 0.1.3 Message Tone 0.3.3 Fonts 0.1.4 Alert Tone 0.3.4 Clocks & Calendar 0.1.5 Keypad Tones 0.3.5 Brightness 0.1.6 Multimedia 0.3.6 Backlight Timer...

  • Page 27

    Menu Tree 0. Settings (continued) 0. Settings (continued) 0.5 Connection 0.8 Software Update 0.5.1 Bluetooth 0.8.1 Check for Update 0.5.2 USB Connection 0.8.2 Continue Update 0.5.3 Internet Profiles 0.9 Phone Info. 0.5.4 Access Points #. myAT&T 0.6 Memory 0.6.1 Used Space 0.6.2 Set Default Storage 0.7 Applications 0.7.1 Messaging...

  • Page 28: Address Book, Contact List, Ice - Emergency Contacts

    Address Book Contact List Note This indicator is displayed during the AAB This menu allows you to save and manage synchronization. contact address information. The Contact List’s functions allow you to add a new address or search saved contact addresses by name. ICE - Emergency Contacts To access Contact List, from the standby This menu allows you to make a contacts list...

  • Page 29: New Contact, Caller Groups, Speed Dial, Sim Management

    Address Book New Contact Speed Dial This menu allows you to add a new contact to This menu allows you to assign a frequently- the Contact List. You can enter contact address called contact to the Speed Dial List. You can information including name, phone numbers, select a number from 2 to 9 as a speed dial.

  • Page 30: Service Number, My Contact Info, About

    Address Book Service Number You can view the list of Service Dialing Numbers (SDN) assigned by your network provider. Such numbers could include the emergency services, directory assistance and voice mail numbers. To access Service Dial Numbers, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu, AT&T Address Book, and Service Number.

  • Page 31: Messaging, Create Message

    Messaging This menu includes functions related to SMS Using Insert (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia While entering text, press the Right Soft Key Message Service), Voicemail as well as the Insert. network’s service messages. Symbol: You can insert various symbols into your message.

  • Page 32

    Messaging After recording a new audio clip, you can Note delete it by pressing the Left Soft Key vCard, vCalendar, vNote and vTask are created by Discard. the Address Book, Calendar, Notepad, and Tasks functions, respectively. Record New Video: You can record a new video by pressing .

  • Page 33

    Messaging Save to Drafts: Saves the message to - Save to Drafts: Saves the selected Drafts. message to Drafts. Cancel Message: Allows you to exit the text - Text Entry Mode: Allows you to change input mode without saving your message. the text entry mode.

  • Page 34: Inbox, Drafts

    Messaging Inbox Copy to Phone/Copy to SIM: You can copy the message to the Phone or SIM You will be alerted when you receive a depending on where the text message is message. New messages are stored in the stored. Inbox.

  • Page 35: Outbox, Voicemail

    Messaging Select Multiple: Allows you to select Delete: Deletes the selected message. multiple messages to delete. Edit: Allows you to edit the selected Message Details: Allows you to view the message. details of the message. Select Multiple: Allows you to select multiple messages to delete.

  • Page 36: Message Settings, Message Alert, Signature, Text Message, Save To

    Messaging Message Settings The following options are available: Text Templates: Predefined messages that To access and configure your Message can quickly be sent. Press the Left Soft Settings, from the standby screen, press the Options to access the following Right Soft Key Menu, Messaging, available options:...

  • Page 37: Multimedia Message

    Messaging Multimedia Message Validity Period: This network service allows you to decide how long your Allows you to set your preferences for multimedia messages will be stored at the multimedia messages. Message Center. The following options are available: Download Options Multimedia Templates: Allows you to Download Without Ask: Allows add, edit, and delete multimedia templates.

  • Page 38: Voicemail Number, Service Message

    Messaging Voicemail Number This menu allows you to set the Voicemail Center Number if this feature is supported by AT&T. Please check with AT&T for details of their service in order to configure the handset correctly. Service Message Allows you to configure your settings to determine if you would like to receive service messages.

  • Page 39: Ypmobile

    YPmobile Unleash the power of YELLOWPAGES.COM local search on your mobile phone. Find a business, get maps and directions, and save your favorites: our mobile app gives you what you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Search for local businesses. View ratings and call businesses.

  • Page 40: Mobile Web

    Mobile Web Mobile Web is one of the services provided by Using the Browser AT&T and it gives you access to all the cool Once you are connected to the Internet, the things you can do with your wireless phone. following menu options are available when you press the Left Soft Key Options:...

  • Page 41: Menus For The Browser, Using The Navigation Keys

    Mobile Web Menus for the Browser You can surf the Internet using either the phone keys or the Browser menu. Using the Navigation Keys When surfing the Internet, the Navigation Keys function similarly from when the phone is on standby mode.

  • Page 42: Appcenter

    AppCenter To access AppCenter, from the standby screen, Bundles press the Right Soft Key Menu and This option connects you to AT&T’s Bundles then AppCenter. download site where you can download bundles that include multiple ringtones, Applications ringback tones, and wallpapers. This menu option connects to AT&T’s Application download site.

  • Page 43

    AT&T Navigator The AT&T Navigator application on your device A Search feature that allows you to find uses GPS position determination technology businesses or points of interest near your and access to your carrier’s data network to current location, an airport, a waypoint, or provide you with driving directions and a host any other entered address.

  • Page 44

    AT&T Navigator Note ► The ability to personalize your application preferences by selecting U.S. customary ► In order to improve GPS antenna sensitivity, or metric distance units, the language for do not cover the GPS antenna area of the audible guidance, and more. device.

  • Page 45

    AT&T FamilyMap Locate your family members with AT&T FamilyMap Get peace of mind by knowing where your family members are. By subscribing to AT&T FamilyMap, you can conveniently locate your family member’s wireless phone on a map using your phone or PC. To access AT&T FamilyMap, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu...

  • Page 46: Social Net

    Social Net Social Net allows you to stay connected to friends, family, and coworkers via Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. It also keeps you up-to-date on the latest news, sports, and entertainment. To access Social Net, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu and then Social Net.

  • Page 47

    AT&T Radio The application allows the you to listen to dozens of channels of digital radio on your mobile phone. Get unlimited access to commercial-free music, the latest Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz , Country anywhere you go. To access AT&T Radio, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu and then...

  • Page 48: My Stuff, Audio, Pictures, Video, At&t Gps

    My Stuff Audio Video To access Audio, from the standby screen, To access Video, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu, press the Right Soft Key Menu, My Stuff, and Audio. My Stuff, and Video. Shop Tones: This menu option connects to Record Video: Launches the camcorder so AT&T’s Ringtones download site.

  • Page 49: Music Player

    My Stuff AllSport GPS Tip! Maps The music player plays formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, and WMA. AT&T Music Note You can access AT&T Music by pressing the Copyrights of music files may be protected by Right Soft Key Menu, My Stuff, copyright and intellectual property laws.

  • Page 50: Playing Music, Adding Music To Your Handset

    My Stuff Note Playing Music Files under 300kb are stored as ringtone files. To listen to music that you have transferred to your phone, follow these quick easy steps: Adding Music To Your Handset 1. Press the Right Soft Key Menu to Music files can be added to your handset by open the Main Menu.

  • Page 51

    The PC MP3, .AAC, AAC+ or WMA screen will display a pop-up message announcing the detection of the LG-A340 (supports up to 16GB cards) device. If the detection does not occur, the USB connection settings may need to be changed.

  • Page 52

    3. When the USB Connection menu is 7. Drag the songs you wish to synchronize to displayed, select Music Sync. your LG-A340 to the Sync List column on the right side of the screen. 4. Once the USB connection has been established, the handset displays “Do not...

  • Page 53

    My Stuff Drag and Drop Music Using LG-A340 As Note A Mass Storage Device If the target computer does not detect the newly connected handset as Mass Storage, skip to 1. Insert a microSD™ memory card into the Changing USB Connection Settings phone and make sure it is powered on.

  • Page 54: Tools, Voice Command

    My Stuff Deleting Music Files Tools When you have transferred files with the Music Voice Command Sync feature and you want to delete them from your phone, you should connect the phone Voice Command is the function whereby your to your PC and delete using the method with phone’s voice recognition engine identifies the which you first added the music.

  • Page 55

    My Stuff 2. Listen Voicemail: This command is Voice Command Options activated when the user says “Listen When the Voice Command option is activated, Voicemail”. The user will then be you can press the Left Soft Key Options automatically connected to voicemail. for the following options: 3.

  • Page 56: Recent Calls, Alarm Clock

    My Stuff - Low: Operation of the voice recognition Recent Calls engine is strongly affected by user’s voice This menu displays recent calls categorized by command and surrounding sound. tab as All, Missed, Dialed, and Received. To access Recent Calls, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu, - Automatic On: When this option is...

  • Page 57: Calendar

    My Stuff Alarm Options Calendar Time: Input your desired alarm time by When you enter this menu, a calendar will specifying the hour and minutes. You can be displayed. The red square cursor is used also choose a predefined amount of time to locate a particular day.

  • Page 58: Notepad, Calculator, World Clock

    My Stuff Delete: Allows you to delete the selected 1. Press the Left Soft Key New to schedule. create a new memo. Send Schedule Via: Sends the selected 2. Input the memo and press Save to schedule by Text Message, Multimedia save.

  • Page 59: Tasks, Stopwatch

    My Stuff Selective Delete: Allows you to delete All 3. Press the Right Soft Key Save to Completed/All Past Tasks selectively. save the new city. Send Task Via: Enables the selected task You will then see the new city’s time and date to be sent via Text Message, Multimedia information.

  • Page 60: Tip Calculator, Unit Converter

    My Stuff 3. You can stop or restart timing by pressing Unit Converter Stop. This function allows you to convert units of 4. To reset the stop watch, press the Right measurement. Soft Key Reset after stopping There are 7 types of units that can be the time.

  • Page 61: Take Photo, Camera & Recordings

    My Stuff Downloaded games and applications are Take Photo displayed in the list. Using the camera in your phone, you can take pictures of people or events while on the move. Note Additionally, you can send photos to other The JAR file is a compressed format of the Java people in a picture message.

  • Page 62: Record Video

    My Stuff White Balance: Set the White Balance Resolution Zoom scale as Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Illuminate, or 1280*690 Not Available Indoors. 640*480 Level 1 ~ Level 10 Night Mode: Allows you to set Night Mode 320*240 Level 1 ~ Level 10 to On or Off.

  • Page 63: Camera Album

    My Stuff Preview Tab Note In Video Record mode, you can adjust the zoom Video Size: Allows you to select a video scale by using the up/down Volume Keys. The size between 320*240 or 176*144. maximum zoom scale depends on the resolution Color Effects: Allows you to choose from as follows.

  • Page 64: Record Voice, Other Files

    My Stuff Record Voice The following options are available when you press the Left Soft Key Options: Allows you to record an audio clip to your Send Via: Send the selected file via phone. The recorded audio file is saved Message or Bluetooth.

  • Page 65: File Manager

    My Stuff File Manager This function allows you to view the content in your internal phone memory and the external memory card. To access File Manager, from the standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu, My Stuff, and File Manager.

  • Page 66: Settings, Shop Tones, Ringtone, Message Tone, Alert Tone, Audio & Ringtones

    Settings Audio & Ringtones Message Tone Sounds: Allows you to set a sound as your This menu allows you to configure the audio message tone. and ringtone settings for your phone. To access Audio & Ringtones, from the standby Volume: Allows you to control your screen, press the Right Soft Key Menu, Message Tone volume.

  • Page 67: Keypad Tone, Multimedia, Call, Phone Settings, Date & Time

    Settings Keypad Tone Phone Settings This menu option allows you to select a tone This menu allows you to configure the Phone that the phone sounds when a key is pressed Settings. To access Phone Settings, from the on the dialpad. You can select an option from standby screen, press the Right Soft Key Beep and Voice and set the volume.

  • Page 68: Languages, Set Hotkeys, Flight Mode, Security

    Settings Languages Security Allows you to change the language for the Various codes and passwords are used to display text on your phone. This change will protect the features and settings of your phone. also affect the Language Input mode. Phone Lock: You can use a security code to avoid unauthorized use of the phone.

  • Page 69: Reset Settings

    Settings Fixed Dial Number: This feature allows Reset Settings you to restrict your outgoing calls to This function allows you to restore factory selected phone numbers, if supported by settings. To do this, you need the security code. your SIM Card. The PIN2 code is required. Master Reset: Restores the phone settings FDN On/Off (e.g.: Audio, Display, Language, Date &...

  • Page 70: Display, Shop Wallpapers, Wallpapers, Fonts, Brightness, Backlight Timer, Color Schemes, Menu Styles, Call

    Settings Display Brightness You can set the brightness of the display This menu allows you to configure your Display screen and the keypad. settings. To access Display, from the standby screen, Backlight Timer press the Right Soft Key Menu, Settings, and Display.

  • Page 71: Call Forwarding, Send My Number, Auto Redial, Answer Mode, Senior Mode, Minute Minder

    Settings Call Forwarding Answer Mode This feature allows you to forward incoming This allows you to determine how to answer calls to another phone number. You can choose the phone. from All Voice Calls, If Busy, If No Answer, Any Key: Allows you to answer an or If Out of Reach.

  • Page 72: Call Waiting, Call Reject, Send Dtmf Tones, Accessability, Noise Cancelation, Connection, Time & Cost

    Settings Call Waiting Accessability This menu allows you to enable or disable call TTY: Allows you to enable TTY Mode in waiting. If enabled, you will be notified of an order to contact other TTY devices. Select incoming call while you are on another call. from TTY Full, TTY Talk, TTY Hear, or TTY Off.

  • Page 73: Bluetooth, Bluetooth Menu Options

    Settings Bluetooth clip. A2DP is the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, which provides support for streaming Your phone has built-in Bluetooth wireless either mono or stereo audio using Bluetooth. technology, which makes it possible for you to connect your phone wirelessly to Hands-free + A2DP profile other Bluetooth devices such as a hands- This...

  • Page 74: Usb Connection, Internet Profiles

    Settings - Off: This option hides your phone from 3. All of the devices found are displayed. other Bluetooth devices except those 4. Select the desired device by pressing already paired with yours. Add and entering the password. Search New Device: This function allows USB Connection you to search for and add new devices.

  • Page 75: Access Points, Memory, Used Space, Set Default Storage, Applications

    Settings Memory Card Access Points If your phone has a memory card in the This menu shows the Access Points. You can card slot, you can save images, sounds, register, delete, and edit by pressing the Left and videos onto it. You can check the Soft Key Options.

  • Page 76: Browser, Messaging

    Settings Delete: Allows you to delete the account. Messaging New: Allows you to create new account. This option allows you to configure the Messaging options. For more information, see Note page 36. You cannot edit and delete pre-installed accounts. Browser In order to create a new account, please fill in This menu allows you to configure the Browser the network information.

  • Page 77: Screen Settings

    Settings Cache Security The web pages you have accessed are stored A list of the available certificates is shown . in the phone memory . This menu allows you to ► Certificates: You can see the list of manage that function . certificates and view them in detail .

  • Page 78: Voice Command, Tts (text-to Speech), Software Update, Phone Info

    Settings Before updating new software after 1 . Enter URL 2 . This Page downloading it from the AT&T server, users can 3 . View Bookmarks 4 . Page Overview decide whether they would like to postpone 5 . Full Screen 6 .

  • Page 79

    myAT&T myAT&T allows you to manage all of your AT&T accounts, including wireless, internet and home phone, and AT&T U-verse. View and pay your bill For more information, please visit http://www.

  • Page 80

    Q&A Please check to see if any problems you have encountered with the phone are described in this section before taking the phone in for a service or calling a service engineer. How do I view the list of outgoing calls, Why won’t the LCD turn on? Remove the battery, then replace it.

  • Page 81: Accessories

    Battery Standard battery is available. Note • Always use genuine LG accessories. Failure to do this may invalidate your warranty. • Accessories may be different in different regions; please check with our regional service company or agent for further enquiries.

  • Page 82: For Your Safety

    For Your Safety Important Information heat will result in malfunction, damage and/or catastrophic failure. This user guide contains important information Be careful when using your phone near on the use and operation of this phone. Please other electronic devices. RF emissions read all the information carefully for optimal from your mobile phone may affect nearby performance and to prevent any damage...

  • Page 83: Safety Information

    For Your Safety Safety Information Do not keep the phone next to credit cards or transport tickets; it can affect the Read these simple guidelines. Breaking the information on the magnetic strips. rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further Do not tap the screen with a sharp object; detailed information is given in this user guide.

  • Page 84: Fcc Rf Exposure Information

    For Your Safety FCC RF Exposure Information Body-worn Operation WARNING! Read this information before This device was tested for typical body-worn operating the phone. operations with the back of the phone kept 1.5cm (0.59 inches) between the user’s body In August 1996, the Federal Communications and the back of the phone.

  • Page 85: Fcc Part 15 Class B Compliance, Cautions For Battery

    For Your Safety FCC Part 15 Class B Compliance If this equipment does cause harmful interference or television reception, which This device and its accessories comply with can be determined by turning the equipment part 15 of FCC rules. Operation is subject to off and on, the user is encouraged to try to the following two conditions: (1) This device correct the interference by one or more of the...

  • Page 86: Battery Disposal, Avoid Damage To Your Hearing

    For Your Safety Battery Disposal Avoid damage to your hearing Please dispose of your battery properly Damage to your hearing can occur if you or bring to your local wireless carrier for are exposed to loud sound for long periods recycling.

  • Page 87: Safety Guidelines

    Safety Guidelines TIA Safety Information ANSI C95.1 (1992) * NCRP Report 86 (1986) Provided herein is the complete TIA Safety Information for Wireless Handheld phones. ICNIRP (1996) Inclusion of the text covering Pacemakers, Those standards were based on Hearing Aids, and Other Medical Devices comprehensive and periodic evaluations of is required in the owner’s manual for CTIA the relevant scientific literature.

  • Page 88: Antenna Care, Phone Operation, Tips On Efficient Operation, Electronic Devices

    Safety Guidelines Antenna Care Driving Use only the supplied or an approved Check the laws and regulations on the use of replacement antenna. Unauthorized antennas, wireless phones in the areas where you drive. modifications, or attachments could damage Always obey them. Also, if using your phone the phone and may violate FCC regulations.

  • Page 89: Hearing Aids, Other Medical Devices, Health Care Facilities

    Safety Guidelines Pacemakers Hearing Aids The Health Industry Manufacturers Association Some digital wireless phones may interfere recommends that a minimum separation of with some hearing aids. In the event of such 15cm (6 inches) be maintained between a interference, you may want to consult AT&T. handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker Other Medical Devices to avoid potential interference with the...

  • Page 90: Potentially Explosive Atmosphere, Posted Facilities, Blasting Areas

    Safety Guidelines Vehicles Potentially Explosive Atmosphere RF signals may affect improperly installed or Turn your phone OFF when in any area with a inadequately shielded electronic systems in potentially explosive atmosphere and obey all motor vehicles. Check with the manufacturer or signs and instructions.

  • Page 91

    Safety Guidelines For Vehicles Equipped with an Safety Information Air Bag Please read and observe the following information for safe and proper use of your An air bag inflates with great force. DO NOT phone and to prevent damage. Also, keep the place objects, including either installed or user guide in an accessible place at all the portable wireless equipment, in the area over...

  • Page 92: Charger And Adapter Safety, Battery Information And Care

    Avoid dropping the phone or battery. If the discharged before recharging. phone or battery is dropped, especially Use only LG-approved chargers specific to on a hard surface, and the user suspects your phone model since they are designed damage, take it to a service center for to maximize battery life.

  • Page 93

    Safety Guidelines Replace the battery when it no longer Explosion, Shock, and Fire provides acceptable performance. The Hazards battery can be recharged several hundred Do not put your phone in a place subject times before replacement. to excessive dust and keep the minimum Recharge the battery after long periods of required distance between the power cord non-use to maximize battery life.

  • Page 94: General Notice

    Please cause an explosion. contact an LG Authorized Service Centre to replace the damaged antenna. General Notice Do not immerse your phone in water. If this...

  • Page 95: Fda Consumer Update

    Safety Guidelines FDA Consumer Update 2. What is the FDA’s role concerning the safety of wireless phones? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Centre Under the law, the FDA does not review for Devices and Radiological Health Consumer the safety of radiation-emitting consumer Update on Mobile Phones.

  • Page 96

    Safety Guidelines Design wireless phones in a way that The National Institutes of Health participates minimizes any RF exposure to the user in some interagency working group activities, that is not necessary for device function; as well. The FDA shares regulatory responsibilities Cooperate in providing users of for wireless phones with the Federal wireless phones with the best possible...

  • Page 97

    Safety Guidelines 3. What kinds of phones are the subject of 4. What are the results of the research this update? done already? The term ‘wireless phone’ refers here to The research done thus far has produced handheld wireless phones with built-in conflicting results, and many studies antennas, often called ‘cell’, ‘mobile’, or have suffered from flaws in their research...

  • Page 98

    Safety Guidelines These conditions are not similar to the 5. What research is needed to decide conditions under which people use wireless whether RF exposure from wireless phones, so we don’t know with certainty phones poses a health risk? what the results of such studies mean for A combination of laboratory studies and human health.

  • Page 99

    Safety Guidelines 6. What is the FDA doing to find out more research is conducted through contracts about the possible health effects of with independent investigators. The initial wireless phone RF? research will include both laboratory studies and studies of wireless phone users. The The FDA is working with the U.S.

  • Page 100

    Safety Guidelines energy from the wireless phone and is set head. Standardized SAR test methodology is well below levels known to have effects. expected to greatly improve the consistency Manufacturers of wireless phones must of measurements made at different report the RF exposure level for each model laboratories on the same phone.

  • Page 101

    Safety Guidelines level drops off dramatically with distance. containing such a recommendation in For example, you could use a headset and December 2000. They noted that no carry the wireless phone away from your evidence exists that using a wireless body or use a wireless phone connected to phone causes brain tumors or other ill a remote antenna.

  • Page 102

    Safety Guidelines handheld wireless phones and helped 12. Where can I find additional develop a voluntary standard sponsored information? by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic For additional information, please refer to the Engineers (IEEE). This standard specifies test following resources: methods and performance requirements FDA web page on wireless phones for hearing aids and wireless phones...

  • Page 103: Driver Safety Tips

    Safety Guidelines 10 Driver Safety Tips 2. When available, use a hands-free device. A number of hands-free wireless phone Your wireless phone gives you the powerful accessories are readily available today. ability to communicate by voice almost Whether you choose an installed mounted anywhere, anytime.

  • Page 104

    Safety Guidelines 5. Do not take notes or look up phone 7. Do not engage in stressful or emotional numbers while driving. If you arereading an conversations that may be distracting. address book or business card, or writing a Stressful or emotional conversations and “to-do”...

  • Page 105: Consumer Information On Sar

    Safety Guidelines 9. Use your wireless phone to help others in Consumer Information on SAR emergencies. Your wireless phone provides (Specific Absorption Rate) you a perfect opportunity to be a “Good This Model Phone Meets the Samaritan” in your community. If you see Government’s Requirements for Exposure an auto accident, crime in progress or to Radio Waves.

  • Page 106

    Safety Guidelines The exposure standard for wireless mobile Before a phone model is available for sale phones employs a unit of measurement known to the public, it must be tested and certified as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The to the FCC that it does not exceed the limit SAR limit set by the FCC is 1.6W/kg.

  • Page 107

    Safety Guidelines The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this model phone with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance with the FCC RF emission guidelines. SAR information on this model phone is on file with the FCC and can be found under the Display Grant section of after searching on FCC ID ZNFA340.

  • Page 108: Glossary

    Glossary To help you understand the main technical terms and abbreviations used in this booklet and to take full advantage of the features on your mobile phone, here are a few definitions. Call Forwarding GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) The ability to reroute calls to another number.

  • Page 109: Sim Card, Phone Password

    Glossary Line Identification Services SIM Card (Caller ID) Card containing a chip with all the information required to operate the phone (network Service allowing subscribers to view or block and memory information, as well as the the telephone numbers of callers. subscriber’s personal data).

  • Page 110: Index

    Index AT&T GPS ............48 Calculator.............58 About..............30 Calendar ..............57 Access Points............75 Call ..............67 Alarm Clock............56 Call Forwarding ............71 Alert Tone.............66 Call Reject............72 Answer Mode............71 Call Waiting ............72 Applications............75 Caller Groups ............29 AT&T Address Book Native Sync (AAB) ....28 Camera & Recordings...........61 AT&T Music............49 Camera Album............63 Audio ..............48...

  • Page 111

    Index File Manager ............65 Menu Styles ............70 Flight Mode............68 Message Alert ............36 Fonts ..............70 Message Settings ..........36 Message Tone ............66 Messaging ............31 Games ..............61 Minute Minder............71 Mobile Web ............40 Multimedia Message..........37 Inbox..............34 Music Player............49 Internet Profiles ............74 My Stuff ...............48 Keypad Tone............67 New Contact............29 Notepad ...............58...

  • Page 112: Table Of Contents

    Index Software Update ...........78 Speed Dial............29 Phone Info............78 Stopwatch ............59 Phone Settings .............67 Pictures ..............48 Take Photo ............61 Tasks ..............59 Recent Calls ............56 Text Message ............36 Record Video ............62 Time & Cost ............72 Record Voice ............64 Tip Calculator ............60 Reset Settings ............69 Tools ..............54 Ringtone...............66...

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    Index Wallpapers ............70 World Clock............58 YPmobile..............39...

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