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This heater has Electronic Temperature Management which automatically monitors
and selects the ideal power setting to maintain your chosen temperature.
If the selected temperature is higher than the actual room temperature, the appliance
will start automatically and rapidly heat the room until it reaches the selected tempe-
rature. The unit will automatically maintain the temperature at a constant level, by
switching between maximum, medium, minimum power and OFF.
If medium power level has been selected using the "ON MODE" button, the
appliance will cycle between medium, minimum power and OFF to maintain a selec-
ted temperature.
Press the "ON MODE" button and select the maximum power level. Set the tempera-
ture to 44°F with the "
automatically only if the room temperature falls below 44°F, to prevent freezing con-
Note: This function is not guaranteed in the event of power failures, lasting more
than 2 minutes.


The timer allows you to set two programs in a 24-hour period.
To program the timer:
Press the Timer button A (see Figure 5), this the following is displayed:
The flashing message "--:--";
The message "ON" at the bottom left (ON time setting);
The symbol "A" at the right indicating that the first program controlling is being set;
To set the "START" time press the "hour button" to set the hour and "min button" to set
the minutes, then confirm the "START" time by pressing the "Timer button A" again.
The words "OFF" and "00:00" appear on the display.
Set the time you want the appliance to go OFF using the "hour button" and "min but-
ton", then confirm the OFF time by pressing the "Timer Function A" button again.
At this point, the word "AUTO" appears at the top of the display and the "TIMER
ON" indicator light comes on to indicate that the appliance is ready to operate
at the programmed time maintaining the preset comfort temperature (fig.5).
-" button. When set in this way, the appliance will turn on
fig. 5

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