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Dell Inspiron 0F670RA00 Quick Start Manual

Dell laptop quick start guide.
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   Summary of Contents for Dell Inspiron 0F670RA00

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    Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell , the DELL logo, and YOURS IS HERE are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Ubuntu and the Ubuntu logo are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Overview ......5 Getting Started With Your Dell Desktop ......6 Getting Started With Your Classic Desktop .

  • Page 7: Overview

    Overview Overview Welcome to your Dell Inspiron Mini. ™ ™ This guide helps you to get acquainted with the Ubuntu operating system, perform basic functions, ® and set up your computer just the way you want it. If you need more information, complete documentation on Ubuntu is available from the Help Center on your computer.

  • Page 8: Dell Desktop

    Getting Started With Your Dell Desktop The Dell Desktop launches when you turn on your computer. 12 13...

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    Launcher — The Launcher organizes applications, bookmarks, folders, and documents into categories. Click a Category, and then click an item to open it. Customize the Launcher by adding your favorite items to a Category, or even add a new Category — using the Plus icons.

  • Page 10: Classic Desktop

    Getting Started With Your Classic Desktop To switch from the Dell Desktop Launcher to the → Switch Desktop Classic Desktop, click Mode→ Classic Desktop. Starting an Application Click the Applications menu. Select the appropriate category and application. Customizing Your Desktop...

  • Page 11: Getting Started With Ubuntu

    Getting Started With Ubuntu Connecting to the Internet Using a Wireless or Wired Connection Connecting to a Wireless Network To initiate a connection to a wireless network, click the Network Manager icon on the right side of the Panel. Select the network to which you would like to connect.

  • Page 12: Full Screen

    Getting Started With Ubuntu Quickly Viewing a Window in Full Screen Press <Ctrl><Alt><F> to toggle between standard view and full screen view.

  • Page 13: System Preferences And Administration

    System Preferences and Administration From the Dell Desktop, use the tools available from → System to control the appearance and operation of your computer. • Select Preferences for settings of themes, keyboard shortcuts, and power management. • Select Administration to manage computer...

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    Setting Screensaver Preferences Click → System→ Preferences→ Screensaver. The Screensaver Preferences window appears. In the Screensaver theme list, select Blank for a blank screen, select Random for a random screensaver, or select a screensaver of your choice. Adjust the slider for the length of time that you want your computer to idle before the screensaver appears.

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    Getting Started With Ubuntu...

  • Page 16: Browsing Files And Folders

    The File Manager allows you to view, create, organize, and search for your files and folders using an interface similar to a web browser. To open the file browser from the Dell Launcher, select Productivity→ Places. Using Bookmarks Bookmarks in the File Manager are similar to bookmarks in a web browser.

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    Getting Started With Ubuntu...

  • Page 18: Using The Web Browser

    To organize and edit your bookmarks, click Bookmarks→ Organize Bookmarks. Adding Bookmarks to the Launcher If you have the Dell Desktop enabled, you can add web site bookmarks to the Launcher from within the web browser. To add a bookmark to the Launcher, choose one of the following methods: –...

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    Getting Started With Ubuntu...

  • Page 20: Instant Messaging With Pidgin

    For the best multimedia experience, Dell provides PowerCinema — a media player for Music, Video, Photos, and Movies. To view DVD movies, the portable Dell CD/DVD Player and PowerDVD software are required. To use Dell Media Experience, select Entertainment→ Dell Media Experience from...

  • Page 21: Applications In Ubuntu

    Applications in Ubuntu Ubuntu comes with a wide variety of pre-installed applications. Some of the most frequently used applications include the following: Adding and Removing Applications → Applications→ Click Add/Remove. To add an application, select the required application checkbox. To remove an application, deselect the required application checkbox.

  • Page 22: Connecting Devices

    Connecting Devices Ubuntu supports a wide range of peripheral devices and lets you connect to them easily. USB Drives Connect storage devices like USB hard drives or pen drives to an available USB port on the computer The drivers are automatically installed and the File Browser window appears.

  • Page 23: Bluetooth Devices

    Bluetooth Devices From the Panel, right-click the Bluetooth icon and select Connect new device... Bluetooth Device Wizard screen appears. Click Forward. The detected Bluetooth devices are listed. Select the device you wish to use and click Forward. A PIN code may be necessary to establish connection.

  • Page 24: Restoring Your Ubuntu System

    CAUTION: Using the Ubuntu LTS DVD deletes all data on the hard drive. Turn on the computer. When the DELL logo appears, press <F12> immediately. NOTE: The next steps change the boot sequence for one time only. On the next...

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    Printed in China. Printed on recycled paper. | 0F670RA00...

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