Samsung BD-C6900 User Manual
Samsung BD-C6900 User Manual

Samsung BD-C6900 User Manual

Samsung bd-c6900: user guide
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Blu-ray Disc Player
user manual
the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Samsung BD-C6900

  • Page 1 BD-C6900 Blu-ray Disc Player user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at
  • Page 2: Key Features

    Key features Subtitles Blu-ray Disc Features Depending on what is contained on the Blu-ray Blu-ray Discs support the highest quality HD video Disc, you may be able to select different font available in the industry - Large capacity means styles, sizes and colors for the subtitles. Subtitles no compromise on video quality.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Safety Information Warning TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS ARE INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC The lighting flash and Arrowhead within the The explanation point within the triangle triangle is a warning sign alerting you of...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Safety Information Note to CATV system installer Precautions This reminder is provided to call CATV system Important Safety Instructions installer’s attention to Article 820-40 of the National Electrical Code (Section 54 of Canadian Electrical Code, Part I) that provides guidelines Read these operating instructions carefully before for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies using the unit.
  • Page 5: Disc Storage & Management

    Disc Storage Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Be careful not to damage the disc because the Refer all servicing to qualified service data on these discs is highly vulnerable to the personnel.
  • Page 6: Maintenance Of Cabinet

    Please note that this is not a defect in the player. • Samsung cannot assure that this player will play every disc bearing the Blu-ray Disc, DVD or CD logo because disc formats evolve, and problems and errors may occur during the creation of Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD software and/or the manufacture of discs.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents KEy FEATURES Blu-ray Disc Features Blu-ray Disc Player Features SAFETy INFORMATION Warning Precautions Important Safety Instructions Disc Storage & Management Disc Handling GETTING STARTED Before Using the user manual Disc Types and Contents that can be played. Disc types that cannot be played Blu-ray Disc Compatibility Disc Types Region Code...
  • Page 8 Connecting to the Network Cable Network Wireless Network SETUP Before Starting (Initial Settings) Setting the Menu Display TV Aspect BD Wise (Samsung Players only) Resolution HDMI Format Movie Frame (24Fs) Progressive Mode Still Mode HDMI Deep Color Audio Digital Output...
  • Page 9 Change Password General Background Front Display Power On/Off Sound Light Effect Support Software Upgrade Contact Samsung BASIC FUNCTIONS Playing a Disc Playback Disc Structure Using the Disc menu/Title menu/Popup menu Using the Disc Menu Using the Title Menu Playing the Title List...
  • Page 10 Playing a JPEG Disc Using the TOOLS button Playing back a USB Storage Device Notes on USB connection NETWORK SERvICES Using Internet@TV Getting Started with Internet@TV Settings Samsung Apps BD-LIVE™ Software Upgrade Notification Using the AllShare Function APPENDIx Troubleshooting Index Specifications...
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting Started Before Using the user manual Disc Types and Contents that can be played. Term Logo Icon Definition BD-ROM This involves a function available on a BD-ROM. BD-RE/-R � This involves a function available on a BD-RE/-R disc recorded in the BD-RE format. DVD-VIDEO This involves a function available on a DVD-VIDEO.
  • Page 12: Blu-Ray Disc Compatibility

    Please note that this is not a defect in the player. recorded and finalized with a DVD video recorder. ▪ Samsung cannot assure that this player will play Ability to play back may depend on recording every disc bearing the Blu-ray Disc, DVD or CD logo conditions.
  • Page 13 DVD+R AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) • This player can play back a DVD+R disc recorded and finalized with a DVD Video • This player can playback AVCHD format discs. recorder. Ability to play back may depend on These discs are normally recorded and used in recording conditions.
  • Page 14: Region Code

    If the codes do not match, the disc will manual may be reproduced or copied without the not play. prior written permission of Samsung Electronics The Region Number for this player is described on Co.,Ltd. the rear panel of the player.
  • Page 15: Logos Of Discs That Can Be Played

    Logos of Discs that can be played Blu-ray Disc 3D Blu-ray Disc DTS-HD Master Audio DivX NTSC broadcast system in BD-LIVE Dolby TrueHD Java U.S.A, Canada, Korea, Japan Accessories Check for the supplied accessories below. POWER POWER BONUSVIEW SOURCE SUBTITLE AUDIO Audio/Video cable Batteries for Remote Control (AAA Size)
  • Page 16: Front Panel

    Getting Started Front Panel d e f DISC TRAY Opens to accept a disc. DISPLAY Displays the playing status, time, etc. REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR Detects signals from the remote control. OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON Opens and closes the disc tray. STOP BUTTON Stops disc playback.
  • Page 17: Front Panel Display

    Front Panel Display IN DISC INDICATOR Lights when a disc is inserted or played back. CURRENT TIME AND Displays the play time and the current status. STATUS INDICATOR 3D DISC INDICATOR Lights when 3D disc is inserted or played back. WIFI INDICATOR Lights when the wireless network is connected.
  • Page 18: Rear Panel

    Getting Started Rear Panel DIGITAL AUDIO OUT Connects to a Receiver. (OPTICAL) Can be used for network based services (See pages 55~60), BD-LIVE and software upgrades using a network connection. Using an HDMI cable, connect this HDMI output terminal to the HDMI input terminal HDMI OUT on your TV for the best quality picture or to your Receiver for the best quality sound.
  • Page 19: Remote Control

    Remote Control Tour of the Remote Control POWER POWER Turn the player on and off. Turn the TV on and off. (To operate your TV, please refer to page 20) To open and close the disc tray. BONUSVIEW SOURCE After setup, allows you to set the input Press this to use Bonusview function.
  • Page 20: Setting The Remote Control

    Code Brand Code this remote control. NOBLEX TV POWER+66 TV POWER+01, +02, Button Function SAMSUNG +03, +04, +05, NOKIA TV POWER+74 +06, +07, +08, +09 TV POWER Used to switch the television on and off. TV POWER+72, +73, NORDMENDE AIWA...
  • Page 21: Connections

    Connections Connecting to a Tv Case 1 : Connecting to a TV with an HDMI Cable - Best Quality (Recommended) Using an HDMI cable, connect the HDMI OUT terminal on the rear of the player to the HDMI IN terminal of your TV. Turn on the player and TV.
  • Page 22: Case 2 : Connecting To A Tv With A Dvi Cable

    Connections Case 2 : Connecting to a TV with a DVI Cable - Best Quality (Recommended) Using an HDMI-DVI cable, connect the HDMI OUT terminal on the rear of the player to the DVI IN terminal of your TV. Using the audio cables, connect the AUDIO OUT (red and white) terminals on the rear of the player to the AUDIO IN (red and white) terminals of your TV.
  • Page 23: Case 3 : Connecting To A Tv (Component) - Better Quality

    Case 3 : Connecting to a TV (Component) - Better Quality Connecting to your TV using Component video cables. You will enjoy high quality images with accurate color reproduction. Component video separates the picture element into black and white (Y), blue (P ) and red (P ) signals to present clear and clean images.
  • Page 24: Case 4 : Connecting To A Tv (Video) - Good Quality

    Connections Case 4 : Connecting to a TV (Video) - Good Quality Using video/audio cables, connect the VIDEO OUT (yellow) / AUDIO OUT (red and white) terminals on the rear of the player to the VIDEO IN (yellow) / AUDIO IN (red and white) terminals of your TV.
  • Page 25: Connecting To An Audio System

    Connecting to an Audio System • Please turn the volume down when you turn on the Amplifier. A sudden loud sound may cause damage to the speakers and your ears. • Set the audio output format according to the capabilities of your amplifier. (See pages 35~37) •...
  • Page 26: Case 2 : Connecting To An Audio System

    Connections Case 2 : Connecting to an Audio System (7.1 Channel Amplifier) - Better Quality Using the 7.1CH audio cables, connect the 7.1CH ANALOG AUDIO OUT terminals on the rear of the player to the 7.1CH ANALOG AUDIO IN terminals of your amplifier. Using the video signal cable(s), connect the HDMI, COMPONENT or VIDEO OUT terminals on the rear of the player to the HDMI, COMPONENT or VIDEO IN terminal of your TV.
  • Page 27: Case 3 : Connecting To An Audio System (Dolby Digital, Dts Amplifier) - Better Quality

    Case 3 : Connecting to an Audio Case 4 : Connecting to an Audio System (Dolby Digital, DTS System (2 Channel Amplifier) Amplifier) - Better Quality - Good Quality Using an optical cable, connect the DIGITAL Using audio cables, connect the AUDIO AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) terminal on the OUT (red and white) terminals on the rear of rear of the player to the DIGITAL AUDIO IN...
  • Page 28: Connecting To The Network

    (See pages 59~60) NOTE ▪ Internet access to Samsung’s software update server may not be allowed, depending on the router you use or the ISP’s policy. For more information, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). ▪ For DSL users, please use a router to make a network connection.
  • Page 29: Wireless Network

    Wireless Network You can connect your player to your network with a Wireless IP sharer. A wireless AP/IP router is required to make a wireless network connection. To set the network options, see pages 39~43. Broadband service Wireless IP sharer Networking with PC for AllShare function (See pages 59~60)
  • Page 30: Before Starting (Initial Settings)

    Setup Before Starting (Initial Settings) Press the ◄► buttons to select the desired Network Settings : Wired, Wireless or PBC (WPS), and then press the ENTER button. Turn on your TV after connecting the player. If you do not know your Network Settings, (When the player is connected to TV for the press the BLUE (D) button on your remote first time, the player will turn on automatically...
  • Page 31: Setting The Menu

    EXIT Button : Press this to exit the menu. NOTE ▪ When the player is connected to the network, select Internet@TV from the Home menu. Download desired content from Samsung Apps. (See page 58) ▪ The access steps may differ depending on the selected menu.
  • Page 32: Display

    Setup TV Screen Size Display Lets you enter the actual screen size of your TV so that You can configure various display options such as the player can adjust the image according to the screen the TV Aspect, Resolution, etc. size and display an optimal 3D image.
  • Page 33: Tv Aspect

    When you connect Samsung players with BD 16:9 Normal • Wise to a Samsung TV via HDMI, the optimum resolution is set automatically. Certain movies (4:3 source) are On : The original resolution of the BD/DVD disc •...
  • Page 34: Resolution According To The Output Mode

    Setup Resolution according to the output mode Blu-ray Disc playback • HDMI connected HDMI not connected Output Setup HDMI Mode Component/VIDEO Mode Component Mode VIDEO Mode Auto Optimal Resolution 480i 1080p, Movie Frame(24Fs) off 1080p@60F 480i 1080p/1080i, 1080p@24F 480i Movie Frame(24Fs) on 1080i, Movie Frame(24Fs) off 1080i 480i...
  • Page 35: Hdmi Format

    HDMI Format HDMI Deep Color You can optimize the color setting from the HDMI Set to output the picture from the HDMI OUT jack output by selecting a connected device Type. with Deep Color or without. Deep Color allows TV : Select if connected to a TV via HDMI. more accurate color reproduction with deeper •...
  • Page 36: Pcm Downsampling

    Setup Digital Output Selection Bitstream Bitstream Setup (Re-encode) (Audiophile) Connection HDMI Receiver Optical HDMI Receiver or Optical HDMI Receiver Optical Up to 7.1ch PCM 2ch DTS re-encoded PCM 2ch Dolby Digital Up to 5.1ch PCM 2ch DTS re-encoded Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital...
  • Page 37: Dynamic Range Control

    HDMI Cinema : Outputs 2-channel movie sound over • multi-channels. • If your TV is not compatible with compressed Music : Outputs 2-channel music over multi- • multi-channel formats (Dolby Digital, DTS), the channels. player may output PCM 2ch downmixed audio NOTE even though you set Bitstream (either Re- encode or Audiophile) on your setup menu.
  • Page 38: System

    USB devices that support the not support CEC. USB 2.0 protocol with 4 MB/sec or faster read/write ▪ If your Samsung TV has an n logo, then it speed. supports the Anynet+ function. ▪ The Resume Play function may not work after you ▪...
  • Page 39: Clock

    Clock DivX(R) Deactivation Set time-related functions. Select this to get a new registration code. Settings Settings Display On-Screen Menu Clock Display Initial Settings Audio Disc Menu Clock Mode : Auto Audio System Audio Clock Set System Network Subtitle Time Zone : GMT + 0:00 Network Do you want to deactivate your device?
  • Page 40: Wired Network

    Setup Wired Network Setting Up a Wired Connection - Manual If the Auto Setting does not work, you’ll need to In the Network Settings menu, press the ▲▼ set the Network Setting values manually. buttons to select Network Setting, and then To get the Network setting values from most press the ENTER button.
  • Page 41 Press the RETURN button on your remote. Setting Up the Wireless Network Connection - Auto Network Search Run a Network Test to ensure the player has connected to your network (See page 43). Most wireless networks have an optional security system that requires devices that access the Wireless Network network to transmit an encrypted security code...
  • Page 42 Setup In the list of networks, press the ▲▼ buttons Wait until the connection confirmation to select a network, and then press the message is displayed, and then press the ENTER button. ENTER button. The Network Settings screen reappears. If the PIN/Security pop-up appears, go to Step 7.
  • Page 43: Network Test

    Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and NOTE Gateway values. What is a valid certificate? ▪ Press the ▼ to go to DNS. When the player uses BD-LIVE to send the disc data and a request to the server to certify the disc, the Press the ▼...
  • Page 44: General

    Setup Front Display Settings Display Parental Rating Change the brightness of the front panel.  Off Audio Change Password Auto : Dim during playback. 8 (Adult) • System Dim : Dim the display window. • Network Language Bright : Brighten the display window. •...
  • Page 45: Support

    Never turn the player off or on manually during the update process. ▪ Samsung Electronics shall take no legal responsibility for player malfunction caused an unstable internet connection or consumer negligence during software upgrade.
  • Page 46: Basic Functions

    Basic Functions Playing a Disc Using the Disc menu/Title menu/ Popup menu Playback Using the Disc Menu Press the OPEN/CLOSE ( ) button to open the disc tray. Place a disc gently into the tray with the disc’s During playback, press the DISC MENU label facing up.
  • Page 47: Using The Popup Menu

    Using the Popup Menu Skipping Chapters h�Z�� During playback, press the SKIP ( • During playback, press the POPUP button. MENU button on the remote control. If you press the SKIP ( ) button, the disc Press the ▲▼◄► buttons or ENTER moves to the next chapter.
  • Page 48: Repeat Playback

    Basic Functions Repeat Playback Press the ENTER button at the point where you want repeat play to stop (B). To return to normal play, press the REPEAT Repeat the Title or Chapter button again. Press the ENTER button. h�Z� NOTE Repeat the disc title or chapter.
  • Page 49: Selecting The Audio Language

    Selecting the Audio Language NOTE ▪ Depending on the Blu-ray Disc / DVD, you may be able to change the desired subtitle in the Disc Menu. h�Z� Press the DISC MENU button. You can also operate this function by ▪ This function depends on which subtitles are pressing the AUDIO button on the encoded on the disc and may not be available on all...
  • Page 50: Setting Bonusview

    Basic Functions Listening to Music Dynamic : Choose this setting to increase • Sharpness. Normal : Choose this setting for most o� • viewing applications. Buttons on the Remote Control Movie : This is the best setting for watching • used for Music Playback POWER POWER...
  • Page 51: Playing An Audio Cd (Cd-Da)/Mp3

    SKIP button : During playback, moves to the Shows the current play time/total play time. previous page in the Music List or moves to the Displays the current playback status previous track in the Playlist. If you press this button after three seconds of Displays the repeated playback status.
  • Page 52: Playing Back A Picture

    Basic Functions Playing back a Picture Press the ▲▼◄► buttons to move desired track, then press the YELLOW (C) button to check desired tracks. Repeat this procedure to select additional Playing a JPEG Disc tracks. Music TRACK 003 3 files selected 1/2 Page Insert a JPEG disc into the disc tray.
  • Page 53: Playing Back A Usb Storage Device

    Zoom : Select if you want to enlarge the current Press the ▲▼ buttons to select USB, then • press the ENTER button. picture. (Enlarged up to 4 times) Rotate : Select if you want to rotate the picture. • Press the ◄►...
  • Page 54: Notes On Usb Connection

    Basic Functions Notes on USB connection • Supported devices: USB storage media, MP3 player, digital camera, USB card reader • Does not support if a folder or file name is longer than 128 characters. • A certain USB/digital camera device may not be compatible with the product. •...
  • Page 55: Network Services

    Enter " accounts, etc. Press the ◄► buttons to select Internet@TV Samsung Apps : You can download various for a and press the ENTER button. fee or free-of-charge application services. In the start screen of the Internet@TV service, you will see the service agreement screen. You must agree to the service terms and conditions before you can use the Internet@TV service.
  • Page 56 Press the AUDIO button on the remote control to delete the character. NOTE ▪ Samsung Electronics shall take no legal responsibility for any interruption of the Internet@TV service caused by the service provider for any reasons. ▪ The Internet@TV service is to download and process data via the Internet so that you can enjoy the contents on the TV screen.
  • Page 57: Settings

    User account : You can control your account including contents Password : site’s account information. Create [0~9] Enter PIN ' Cancel This account is only for Internet@TV. Samsung Apps Settings Create a Login b Mark as Favorite d Sort by...
  • Page 58: Samsung Apps

    Network Services Service Manager Using the color buttons with the Samsung Apps Delete and lock applications installed to Internet@ RED (A) (Login) : To log in to the internet • service. GREEN (B) (Thumbnail View) : To change the •...
  • Page 59: Bd-Live

    PC via the network (See pages 28~29) and Check the size of the remaining memory. install the SAMSUNG PC Share Manager on the The memory device must have at least 1GB PC. To install and use Share Manager, follow of free space to accommodate the BD-LIVE these steps.
  • Page 60 AllShare Program at a Glance To select a device, use the RED (A) or BLUE (D) button to select a file to play. (For playing back Video, Music or Photos files, see pages 50~53.) SAMSUNG PC Share Manager File Share Server Help...
  • Page 61: Appendix

    Appendix Troubleshooting Before requesting service, please check the following. PROBLEM SOLUTION No operation can be performed with the • Check the batteries in the remote control. They may need replacing. remote control. • Operate the remote control at a distance of no more than 20 feet. •...
  • Page 62 Go to the contents and find the section of the user manual that contains the explanations regarding the current problem, and follow the procedure once again. • If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact your nearest Samsung authorized service center. The picture is noisy or distorted •...
  • Page 63: Viewing Using 3D Function

    PROBLEM SOLUTION BD-LIVE I cannot connect to the BD-LIVE server. • Check whether the network connection is successful or not by using Network Test menu. (See page 43) • Check whether a USB memory device is connected to player or not. •...
  • Page 64: Index

    Disc Menu Software Upgrade 45, 59 Disc Structure Search and Skip Slow and Step Subtitle Language HDMI 21, 37 Slide Show HDMI Supported Amplifier SAMSUNG PC Share HDMI Deep Color Manager 59~60 Internet@TV 38, 55~58 Initial Settings 30, 38 English...
  • Page 65: Specifications

    Specifications Power Requirements AC 120V, 60Hz Power Consumption Weight 4 Ibs General Dimensions 17 (W) × 7.9 (D) × 1.7 (H) inches Operating Temperature Range +41°F to +95°F Operating Humidity Range 10 % to 75 % BD (Blu-ray Disc) Reading Speed : 4.917m/sec Reading Speed : 3.49 ~ 4.06 m/sec.
  • Page 66: Compliance And Compatibility Notice

    • Samsung cannot assure that this player will play every disc bearing the BD-ROM, BD-RE/-R, DVD-VIDEO, DVD-RW/-R, DVD+RW/+ R and CD-RW/-R logos, and this player may not respond to all operating commands or operate all features of every disc.
  • Page 67: Network Service Disclaimer

    CONTENT OR SERVICE BY YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time. Content and services are transmitted by third parties by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Samsung has no control.
  • Page 68: License

    Appendix License Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby” and the double-D symbol • are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #’s : 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380; • 5,978,762; 6,226,616; 6,487,535; 7,212,872; 7,333,929; 7,392,195; 7,272,567 & other U.S. and worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS and the Symbol are registered trademarks, &...
  • Page 69 SAMSUNG will repair or replace this product, at our option and at no charge with new or reconditioned parts, if found to be defective during the limited warranty period specified above. The product must be returned during the warranty period with transportation charges prepaid to SAMSUNG’s designated service center.
  • Page 70 Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center. Area Contact Center  Web Site Area Contact Center  Web Site ` North America 0700 Samsung (0700 726 Serbia
  • Page 71 QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COUNTRY CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE AT WRITE Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 1-800-SAMSUNG IN THE US 85 Challenger Road Ridgefield Park, (7267864) NJ 07660-2112 AK68-01945A-00...

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