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Asus Eee Pad Slider User Manual

Asus eee pad slider: user guide
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Eee Pad User Manual

Charging Your Batteries

If you intend to use battery power, be sure to fully charge your battery pack
before going on long trips. Remember that the power adapter charges the
battery pack as long as it is plugged into the computer and an AC power source.
Be aware that it takes much longer to charge the battery pack when the Eee Pad
is in use.
Remember to fully charge the battery (8 hours or more) before first use and
whenever it is depleted to prolong battery life. The battery reaches its maximum
capacity after a few full charging and discharging cycles.

Airplane Precautions

Ask an airline personnel if you want to use your Eee Pad onboard an aircraft.
Most airlines have restrictions for using electronic devices. Most airlines allow
electronic use only between and not during takeoffs and landings.
There are three main types of airport security devices: X-ray machines (used
on items placed on conveyor belts), magnetic detectors (used on people
walking through security checks), and magnetic wands
(hand-held devices used on people or individual items). You can send your
Eee Pad through airport X-ray machines. But do not send your Eee Pad
through airport magnetic detectors or expose it to magnetic wands.



  Summary of Contents for Asus Eee Pad Slider

  • Page 1: Charging Your Batteries

    Remember that the power adapter charges the battery pack as long as it is plugged into the computer and an AC power source. Be aware that it takes much longer to charge the battery pack when the Eee Pad is in use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents......................... 2 Package.Contents....................4 Your.Eee.Pad......................5 Power.plug.installation..................8 Charging.the.Eee.Pad..................10 Using.the.Eee.Pad.keyboard.................11 Notice.on.carrying.the.Eee.Pad..............12 Notice.on.using.GPS.positioning..............12 Special.Keyboard.Functions................13 Basic........................14 Unlock.your.Eee.Pad..................14 Desktop......................14 ASUS.Launcher....................15 Touch.panel.control..................16 File.Manager......................18 Market......................21 Settings.........................22 Music........................23 Image..
  • Page 3 MyNet......................38 MyCloud......................40 Eee.Pad.PC.Suite.(on.PC).................47 MyDesktop.PC.Server..................47 ASUS.Webstorage....................47 ASUS.Sync......................48 Declarations.and.Safety.Statements............50 Federal.Communications.Commission.Statement......50 RF.Exposure.Information.(SAR)..............50 IC.Regulations....................51 IC.Radiation.Exposure.Statement..............51 CE.Mark.Warning....................52 Power.Safety.Requirement................52 ASUS.Recycling/Takeback.Services............52 Copyright.Information..................54 Limitation.of.Liability..................54 ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 4: Package.contents

    Docking connector to USB cable User Manual Warranty Card • If any of the items is damaged or missing, contact your retailer. • The power plug that comes with your Eee Pad may vary depending on your territory to fit the wall outlet.
  • Page 5: Your.eee.pad

    Your Eee Pad HDMI Backspace Enter Caps Lock Shift Shift PgUp Ctrl Ctrl PgDp Home ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 6: Power Button

    The power button turns your Eee Pad on/off. Hold the power button for 4 seconds and release the button to power on your Eee Pad. When the Eee Pad is powered on, press the power button to put the Eee Pad into sleep mode or wake it up from sleep mode.
  • Page 7 Charging via USB: If you connect your Eee Pad to the USB port on the computer, the Eee Pad will be charged only when it is in sleep mode (screen off) or powered off. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 8: Power.plug.installation

    Power plug installation ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 9 Please peel the protective film off from the plug, adaptor and USB cable before charging the Eee Pad, or it might cause danger. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 10: Charging.the.eee.pad

    • Using the provided power adapter and USB cord to connect your Eee Pad to a power outlet is the best way to charge the Eee Pad. • The input voltage range between the wall outlet and this adapter is AC 100V–240V, and the output voltage of this adapter is DC 15V, 1.2A.
  • Page 11: Using.the.eee.pad.keyboard

    Using the Eee Pad keyboard Follow the instructions below to slide open the keyboard. Follow the instruction below to fold the keyboard. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 12: Notice.on.carrying.the.eee.pad

    Notice on using GPS positioning The built-in GPS antenna is located in the position shown in the figure below. When using applications that require GPS positioning, please avoid holding the position of the GPS antenna to maintain the GPS signal strength.
  • Page 13: Special.keyboard.functions

    Special Keyboard Functions The following defines the hot keys on the Eee Pad’s keyboard. Some commands may have standalone function and some must combine with the function key <Fn>. The Hot Key locations on the function keys may vary depending on model but the functions should remain the same.
  • Page 14: Basic

    Basic Unlock your Eee Pad Tap and drag the lock out of the circle to unlock your Eee Pad. Desktop Open Google Text search Customize desktop Open Google Voice search Open Apps menu Shortcuts Display the recent apps Notification area & Settings...
  • Page 15: Asus.launcher

    Display local date Display your email inbox. Tap to configure the email account for the first time, and tap to read the unread mail in the email inbox folder. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 16: Touch.panel.control

    Long-pressing a desired file in the File Manager allows you to Copy, Cut, • Rename or Delete the selected file. You can use the pencil tool on the top right corner to Copy, Cut, or Delete multiple files at one time. Pinching Use two fingers to pinch in the Gallery whenever you would like to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Page 17 Double tap or hold the text to cut or copy the selected text. You can move the select tab to expand or reduce the range of the selected text.
  • Page 18: File.manager

    File Manager File manager allows you to locate and manage your data either on the internal storage device or the connected external storage devices easily. To access the internal storage Tap Apps menu on the top right corner. Tap File Manager.
  • Page 19 To access the external storage device directly Tap the USB or SD card icon on the bottom right corner. Tap the folder. The content of the external storage device (/Removable/XXX/) is displayed. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 20 Tap Apps menu on the top right corner. Tap File Manager. The internal storage location (/sdcard/) is displayed. Tap the Return button to return to the Root Directory Locate and tap Removable. All the connected external storage devices are displayed as shown.
  • Page 21: Market

    Market Access all kinds of enjoyment, tools in the Android Market with your Google account. Set up your account for the first time and you can later access the market anytime you want. Tap Market on the desktop. You have to add an account to your Eee Pad to continue.
  • Page 22: Settings

    Wireless & network, Sound, Screen, Location & security, Applications, Account & sync, Privacy, Storage, Language & input, Accessibility, Date & time. Click the tabs on the left to switch screens and do the related configurations. There are two ways to enter the Settings screen.
  • Page 23: Music

    Eee Pad and the connected external storage devices. You can shuffle and play all audio files randomly or flip to select your desired album for music enjoyment. Using the button on the top to sort or to search your audio files quickly.
  • Page 24: Image

    You can play all image files in a slideshow, or tap to select your desired image or video files. Using the button on the top to sort by album, by time, by location or by tags. You can decide to view image files only, video files only or both files.
  • Page 25: Sharing, And Deleting Albums

    Sharing, and deleting albums Tap a desired album in the gallery and hold until the tool bar on the top appears. You can upload or share the selected albums through internet or delete the unwanted ones. Share the selected album through Delete the selected album.
  • Page 26 Sharing, deleting, and editing images Tap a desired image in the gallery and use the tool bar on the top right corner to share, delete or edit the selected image. Tool bar Share the selected Delete the selected Check the image image through Picasa, image.
  • Page 27: Camera

    Camera Tap Camera on the Apps menu to take pictures or record videos. You can use either the front camera or the back camera to take pictures or record videos. The image files and video files will be saved to Gallery automatically.
  • Page 28: Mail

    Mail Email Email allows you to add several Email accounts and conveniently browse and manage your Emails. To set up an Email account Tap Email and enter your Email address and Password. Tap Next. The Eee Pad automatically check the outgoing mail server settings.
  • Page 29 Tap Next to login your Email inbox directly. To add Email accounts Tap Email and login the Email that you previously set up directly. Tap Account settings button on the top right corner. All the preferences of this account are displayed.
  • Page 30: Gmail

    Tap Done to sign in your Gmail. If you have several Email accounts in addition to Gmail, use Email to save your time and access all your Email accounts at same time. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 31: Reading

    Reading MyLibrary MyLibrary is an integrated interface for your book collections. You can build up different bookshelves for different genres. Your purchased ebooks from all different publishers are also placed on the shelves. Login @Vibe to download more books. •...
  • Page 32 Menu list Zoom out Zoom in You will be led to Android Market for downloading the necessary unit if you would like to use the speaking text function. Read and flip pages as a real book. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 33 Long press on the desired word or sentence. The tool menu and the dictionary definition are displayed. You can highlight the selected word with a marker, add a note, speak the selected text, or simply copy the word. Move selection tab to extend the selected region to a whole phrase or sentence if needed.
  • Page 34: Locating

    Places offers you the information of the nearby attractions, including restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc.. Google Maps Maps helps you locate where you are. Use the tool bar on the top to get directions or create your own maps. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 35: Documenting

    Documenting Polaris® Office Polaris® Office is an office software that supports Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation. To start using Polaris® Office Tap Apps menu on the top right corner. Tap Polaris® Office. The main control panel of Polaris® Office is displayed.
  • Page 36 Tap My Folders. Tap New File on the top right corner. Tap Document to start the word processor to edit documents. Tap Spreadsheet to start the spreadsheet to perform calculation and manage information. Tap Presentation to start the application to create, and share presentations.
  • Page 37 Adding Accounts You are allowed to edit your files with Polaris® Office from other accounts, including Google docs and Tap settings button on the top right corner and select Add account. Select a desired service to add. Enter the email account and password and tap OK to add the account.
  • Page 38: Sharing

    PC, DLNA TV or DLNA speakers. You can play music, watch videos, or view pictures stored in your Eee Pad on your PC and vice versa. Ensure that your Eee Pad and another PC have connected to the same wireless access point (AP).
  • Page 39 MyNet only works with Microsoft Media Player 11 or later version. • All the devices, including PC, DLNA TV or DLNA speakers, must be connected to the same wireless access point (AP) while connecting via MyNet; otherwise MyNet will not function. Accordingly, MyNet will not be able to function when connecting through 3G network.
  • Page 40: Mycloud

    To use MyCloud Click Next to continue. MyCloud needs to work with Eee Pad PC Suite to avail the full function. Download and install the Eee Pad PC Suite from ASUS support site at to your PC. Click Next to continue.
  • Page 41 Create a new account before starting using MyContent. Sign in directly if you already have your ASUS Webstorage account. After signing in, you will see all your data stored in ASUS Webstorage. Locate your data according to its category. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 42 MyDesktop MyDesktop allows you to remotely control your another PC from your Eee Pad. To install and set up Eee Pad PC Suite (on PC) Ensure that your PC has connected to the Internet. Double-click the executable file you download from ASUS support site.
  • Page 43 Read the license agreement and click Accept to continue. Create a password and click Next. Click Enjoy Now to continue. Copy the IP address of your PC for later use on your Eee Pad. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 44 Ensure that your Eee Pad and the PC have connected to the same wireless access point (AP). Tap the screen to scan the available devices. Tap the plus sign (+) on the top right corner to add your client PC. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 45 Tap OK to continue. Manually enter all the information of your client PC, including the IP address and the password you previously copied and tap Done to add the client. The devices must be connected to the same wireless access point (AP) while enabling MyDesktop.
  • Page 46 Asus@vibe is a one-stop entertainment platform that serves as a value-added service for all ASUS products. With the asus@vibe platform, users can access or download a wealth of exciting and engaging digital content such as music, videos, games, magazines, e-books, as well as tune into their favorite radio stations and stream live TV anytime and anywhere while the content supplied may vary with countries.
  • Page 47: Eee.pad.pc.suite.(On.pc)

    Eee Pad PC Suite (on PC) Eee Pad PC Suite consists of My Desktop PC Server, ASUS Webstorage and ASUS Sync. It is a package tool on your PC to co-work with your Eee Pad. MyDesktop PC Server It is a remote desktop tool that must work with MyDesktop on your Eee Pad.
  • Page 48: Asus.sync

    Outlook on PC with the ones on your Eee Pad. To synchronize your Eee Pad with your PC Connect your Eee Pad to the PC, which you have installed Eee Pad PC Suite. Click the ASUS Sync on the bottom right corner to build the connection between your Eee Pad and the PC.
  • Page 49 Click the item you would like to synchronize and click Sync Selected, or you can click Select All to sync both items. Click Calendar or Contacts on the left for detailed configurations. ASUS Eee Pad Manual...
  • Page 50:

    (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 51: Ic.regulations

    The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this device with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance with the FCC RF exposure guidelines. SAR information on this device is on file with the FCC and can be found under the Display Grant section of after searching on FCC ID: MSQSL101.
  • Page 52: Ce.mark.warning

    CE Mark Warning CE marking for devices without wireless LAN/Bluetooth The shipped version of this device complies with the requirements of the EEC directives 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic compatibility” and 2006/95/EC “Low voltage directive”. CE marking for devices with wireless LAN/ Bluetooth...
  • Page 53 Tuxera software provides support for NTFS format. SRS SOUND is a trademark of SRS Labs, Inc. SOUND technology is incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc. The weather information is provided by®. The iFont font format adopted in this product is developed by Arphic.
  • Page 54: Copyright.information

    ASUS will only be responsible for or indemnify you for loss, damages or claims based in contract, tort or infringement under this Warranty Statement. This limit also applies to ASUS’ suppliers and its reseller. It is the maximum for which ASUS, its suppliers, and your reseller are collectively responsible.

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