Motorola CD900 Manual

Motorola CD900 Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 : 900.fm5 Page 2 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM...
  • Page 3 : qkref.fm5 Page 3 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Options Menu Quick Access Menu ‡ English...
  • Page 4 ) and then use the volume keys Ending a Call to scroll to the stored number, or press the appropriate digit key to skip to a particular letter. To make the call, Press or close the flip (models with flip only).
  • Page 5 Welcome to the 900 Series Congratulations on your purchase of a 900 Series phone from Motorola, the world leader in cellular technology. The 900 Series phones are packed with features that put you in control and give you unrivalled power, whilst remaining discrete.
  • Page 6: Understanding This Manual

    Prompts and simultaneously. messages are represented in this manual in LCD style, for Note that on models without a flip, the menu key is a rocker key example: and can be pressed on either the right or left. Therefore in this Enter PIN or Completed.
  • Page 7: Menu Navigation

    A large number of your phone's options are accessed by using menus which use a common approach for selection, change and A menu is a simple list of options. Some of these options provide cancellation. access to a further list of options called a sub-menu. When...
  • Page 8 If the z character is next to Off, press ) and then O to switch on the Extended Menus. If the z character is next to On, press C to leave the setting as it is. # If your service provider has added their own menu, the Phone Book menu will not be the first item in the Options menu.
  • Page 9 Extended Menus, and therefore personalise the menus, to suit your requirements. If you want to move a feature from the Short Menu to the Extended Menu (or from the Extended Menu to the Short Menu), go to the feature and then hold down the O key until a prompt appears offering the following choices: •...
  • Page 10: Total Customer Satisfaction

    08 445 1210 Please contact the Motorola Cellular Response Centre by fax on: Switzerland 0800 553 109 +44 (0)131 458 6732, or use one of the local phone numbers in Turkey 0212 2729090 the following countries: 0500 55 55 55...
  • Page 11 Introduces your phone, explains how to charge and maintain batteries, explains about your SIM Card.......13 Making and Receiving Phone Calls Explains how to make single or conference calls, how to redial, how to transfer a call, and how to end a call....21 Using VoiceNotes™...
  • Page 12 : toc.fm5 Page 8 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM English Contents...
  • Page 13: Safety Information For Wireless Handheld Phones

    Your wireless hand-held portable telephone is a low power radio transmitter with the antenna affects call quality and may cause the phone to operate and receiver. When it is ON, it receives and also sends out radio frequency (RF) at a higher power level than otherwise needed.
  • Page 14 An air bag inflates with great force. DO NOT place objects, including both installed or portable wireless equipment, in the area over the air bag or in the Turn your phone OFF in health care facilities when any regulations posted in air bag deployment area.
  • Page 15: European Union Directives Conformance Statement

    : safety.fm5 Page 11 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM European Union Directives Conformance Statement This product is in conformance with the requirements of the applicable EU Council Directives. Declarations of Conformance with the requirements are located at: Motorola Ltd.
  • Page 16 : safety.fm5 Page 12 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM English Safety Information For Wireless Handheld Phones...
  • Page 17: About Your Phone, Battery And Sim Card

    Turns the phone on and off. • To answer a call, press = for 1.5 seconds. Accept call, setting, option. • To end a call, press = for 1.5 seconds and then quickly press Reject call, setting, option. = again.
  • Page 18 Real Time Clock The real time clock can display the time in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format. In addition, when you are expected to press the O key, a ABC123 Characters are used to display messages and prompt will appear in the display, for example Entry telephone numbers.
  • Page 19: Your Battery

    A new battery will require several full charge/discharge cycles in order to achieve its optimum performance. A new battery, or a battery that has not been used for several The Status Indicator months, may cause a premature fully charged indication.
  • Page 20: Battery Performance And Maintenance

    Low Battery Warning When the battery level is low and only a few minutes of talk time remain, a warning signal (two double beeps) will sound, the border of the battery symbol will begin to flash, and Low Battery will be displayed.
  • Page 21: Fitting Your Battery

    : abtphone.fm5 Page 17 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Fitting Your Battery 2 Connect the travel charger to the phone. 1 Remove the battery compartment cover. The connector is keyed and can only be inserted one way. 2 Align the connections on the battery with the connections on the phone.
  • Page 22: Battery Indicators

    : abtphone.fm5 Page 18 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Desktop Charging Your Battery A spare battery can be charged on its own or at the same time as your phone. Insert the battery into the desktop charger as The Desktop Charger is an optional accessory that allows you shown.
  • Page 23: Your Sim Card

    Cellular Service Provider when you bought your phone. You will should be inserted with the notch at the top and facing not be able to make or receive calls if you do not have a SIM card towards the base of the phone.
  • Page 24 : abtphone.fm5 Page 20 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM English About Your Phone, Battery and SIM Card...
  • Page 25: Switching The Phone On And Off

    To enter the PIN code, enter PIN Code O. display the ‘Change Unlock Code’ option. Enter O Security As you type in each digit of the PIN code a * character will be Code, enter a new unlock code, and press O.
  • Page 26: Making A Phone Call

    O. It will not be possible to make a phone call unless you are in an If you make a mistake, press and release the C key to remove the last digit. Holding the C key down will remove area where there is a GSM900 or GSM1800 service.
  • Page 27: Dialling Phone Book Numbers

    To obtain a three second 'pause' character in a phone number, j Dialling Phone Book Numbers press and hold the < key for a couple of seconds, the pause symbol Ü will appear. i Press the Smart button (=) and use the volume buttons to...
  • Page 28: Receiving A Phone Call

    If your phone rings and you do not answer it, the message Unanswered Call will be displayed to show you that a call attempt was received. Ending a Phone Call To end a phone call, press O or close the flip (models with flip only). English Making and Receiving Phone Calls...
  • Page 29: In-Call Menu

    Handsfree On/Off This option is used to switch between Handsfree and normal operation if the phone is installed in a car kit that does not have an automatic presence detector. Hold Call This option will put the active call on hold.
  • Page 30: Call Holding And Call Waiting

    To reconnect the call, press O. This option will reject a waiting call. • To put an active call on hold and make another call, first put Reconnect the active call on hold, then press M and select the Make This option will make the call on hold the active call.
  • Page 31: Call Holding And Call Waiting Messages

    Call Waiting option (or simply press the C key). The request for Conference Call has been unsuccessful. If you have an active call, a call on hold and a call waiting, you Transferring Call cannot accept the waiting call until you end either the active A request to transfer a call has been made.
  • Page 32: Making A Conference Call

    Making a Conference Call This option joins the active call with a held call. With Conference No matter which method is chosen to add a new call, the original Call, you can have a conference with up to five other telephones.
  • Page 33: Transfer Call

    Initiating Transfer Call After the Third Party is Connected If you already have an active call and a call on hold, press the M key and select Transfer Call from the “In-Call” menu. Your phone will then attempt to transfer the active call to the call on hold.
  • Page 34 : usephone.fm5 Page 30 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM English Making and Receiving Phone Calls...
  • Page 35: Using Voicenotes

    The VoiceNotes™ feature allows you to record up to 3 minutes VoiceNote™ Storage Capacity of personal voice messages or to record part of a phone call. This The ‘Show Time Available' option in the Messages, VoiceNotes is useful when you don't have a pen and paper to hand for menu displays the amount of recording time available, see taking directions or a message.
  • Page 36 : voice.fm5 Page 32 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM To play a VoiceNote™ stored at a specific location, press the appropriate digit key 1 to 9. It is not possible to playback VoiceNotes™ during a call. Erasing VoiceNotes™...
  • Page 37: Using The Options Menu

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 33 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Using the Options Menu English Using the Options Menu...
  • Page 38: The Phone Book Menu

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 34 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM The Phone Book Menu If your service provider has added their own menu, the Phone Book menu will not be the first item in the Options menu. English Using the Options Menu...
  • Page 39: What Is The Phone Book

    Cellular Service Provider. number from the Phone Book, delete the relevant digits and then You can also store up to 40 entries in a Fixed Dialling list if you enter the new number. have this feature. Fixed Dialling allows you to limit use of your...
  • Page 40: Available Characters

    The 0, 1,..,8 and 9 keys are used to enter alphabetic characters, for example when storing names in the Space . 1 ? ! , Ÿ Ä & : " ( ) ' ` @ % ¡ ¢ Phone Book or when creating messages.
  • Page 41: Personal Numbers

    Find Entry By Name This option is used to select a telephone number from a list of numerically sorted Phone Book locations. i Press the Smart button (=) and use the volume buttons to...
  • Page 42 This option is used to add (store) entries to the Phone Book. You Once a Phone Book entry has been selected, it can be called, can choose to add the new entry to either the phone or SIM card modified or deleted.
  • Page 43: Show Services

    Check Phone Capacity, Check SIM Capacity Once an option has been selected, use the ( and ) keys to scroll through the list of phone numbers. Press the O key to Once selected, a timed message XX Unused Locations displays the requested information.
  • Page 44: My Phone Number(S)

    You may not be able to change these predefined entries. Up to 40 entries can be stored in the Fixed Dial list. The list is stored on your SIM card. ! This option may be affected by the Call Barring setting.
  • Page 45: One-Touch Dial Setting

    Touch Dial. See also ‘One-Touch Dial Setting’. Erase Entry Erases a phone number and name from the Fixed Dial list. The first entry in the Fixed Dial list will be displayed. Scroll to the entry you wish to delete and press O. English...
  • Page 46: Call Related Features Menu

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 42 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Call Related Features Menu Show Battery Meter This option displays the approximate amount of battery capacity remaining, for example: Number of Approximate Charge Level Segments less than 5% (recharging needed)
  • Page 47: Restrict My Phone Number

    Restrict ID On Next Call Your phone number will not be sent with the next attempted call, after this your phone number will be sent with calls until you re-select this option. Call diverting is a network feature. If your phone is unavailable, or you do not wish to receive calls, incoming calls can be diverted to other phone numbers.
  • Page 48 Each option has two settings, On or Off. Divert When Unavailable If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter a This option will enable you to divert all incoming Voice calls to a diversion phone number using the digit keys.
  • Page 49: Talk And Fax

    • Your phone is not fax-ready - you can only talk. If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter a • Your phone is fax-ready but Talk and Fax mode is off - the call diversion phone number using the digit keys.
  • Page 50: Call Waiting

    All Calls If Call Waiting is On, you will be notified of a waiting call by an When selected, this option will bar all outgoing calls, except audible alert and by the message Call Waiting - Answer? .
  • Page 51: Change Bar Password

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 47 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Cancel All Barring This option can be used to set all Call Barring options to Off. Change Bar Password This option can be used to change the call barring password.
  • Page 52: Messages Menu

    Vibrate’ setting). 2 Displays the o (messages) icon. 3 Stores the message for later viewing, if there is space. If there is not enough space, the o icon will flash. One or more messages must be removed before the message can be stored.
  • Page 53: Call Voicemail

    O to send the message. When the message has scrolled across the display, the beginning of the message will be shown until you either remove it or a new Store Message - Select this option to store your edited message arrives.
  • Page 54: Outgoing Messages

    O to send the Return Call message. This option can be used to call the person who sent you the message, if their number has been included by the network, or a Edit Message number that has been included in quotes “”...
  • Page 55: Message Editor

    On or Off. Outgoing Messages list. See ‘How to Create and Edit SMS If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter the Messages’ for more information on using the Message Editor. channel you wish to receive information from.
  • Page 56: Message Settings

    This option is network dependent and can be used to specify the Voicemail Number format of your outgoing messages. You can select from the This option is used to enter a phone number which will be used following message types: Text (default), Fax, X400, Paging, by the ‘Call Voicemail’ option.
  • Page 57: Phone Setup Menu

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 53 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Phone Setup Menu Select Phone Line This option allows you to switch between Line 1 and Line 2. Availability depends on the type and settings of the SIM card, and/or your subscription to this feature.
  • Page 58: Ring Or Vibrate

    The options are: incoming call is received on Line 2. • Ring Only - the phone will ring with the tone specified by This option will not appear if you do not subscribe to Line 2. the Set Ringer Tone option.
  • Page 59: Require Sim Card Pin

    If the SIM card does not support PIN code disabling, these code before you can proceed. items will not appear. You will be asked to enter a new, four to eight digit code to replace the old PIN2 security code. The new PIN2 security code Change SIM PIN Code must be entered again as confirmation.
  • Page 60 This option is used to set the clock to either 12-hour or 24-hour code before you can proceed. format. You will then be asked to enter a new, six digit code to replace j Language Selection the old security code.
  • Page 61: Phone Status

    ! This option should be used with extreme caution, for Status Review example it will clear all the Phone Book entries from This option can be used to view the current setting of menu your phone memory. options. This option is used to restore certain phone options to their When selected, your phone will display a list of menu items original settings.
  • Page 62: Network Selection Menu

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 58 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Network Selection Menu Network Selection In order for the phone to make and receive phone calls, it must register with one of the available networks. These can be either GSM900, GSM1800 or combined GSM900/1800 types of network, depending on the appropriate version of the 900 Series product.
  • Page 63: Available Networks

    When the scan is complete, beginning of the list after a preset period. The preset period is press the M key to scroll through the list. When you see a determined by the 'Frequency Of Search' option.
  • Page 64: Preferred Networks

    M key to scroll through the When selected, 'Delete Selection' will remove the selected list. When you see a network you wish to store in your preferred network from the preferred list. list, press the O key. You will be asked where the selected network is to be located in the preferred list.
  • Page 65: Call Meters Menu

    Your phone can handle values up to 21 digits long, although during calls it can only display the last 12 digits. If the value exceeds 21 digits, then Too Large is displayed.
  • Page 66: Show Call Timers

    Your phone provides two programmable audible call timers: meters were reset to zero using the ‘Reset Call Charges’ option. • The 'Single Alert Timer' will sound a beep just once during a Credit Remaining call, after a preset time has elapsed.
  • Page 67: Call Charge Settings

    Lifetime Timer If you switch the charge limit On, you will be prompted to enter a new limit. Enter the amount as either units or currency This option is used to display the total time of all calls made on depending on the setting of the Set Charge Type option.
  • Page 68: Accessory Setup Menu

    Mute Car Radio This option can be used to mute your car radio when you make, or receive, a call when your phone is attached to the car kit. It must be enabled by your local dealer. This option has two settings, On or Off.
  • Page 69: Safety Timer

    : opt_menu.fm5 Page 65 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Safety Timer This option can be used to keep the phone on for a set period after the vehicle ignition has been turned off. This prevents the vehicle's battery from becoming drained and saves you from having to re-enter PIN and Unlock codes after every short stop.
  • Page 70 : opt_menu.fm5 Page 66 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM English Using the Options Menu...
  • Page 71: Using The Quick Access Menu

    1 to 9. To use a Quick Access feature, press the quick access key (E) followed by the number of the feature, or press ( or ) to scroll through the menu and then press O.
  • Page 72 Adjust Ring? The number will be stored in the next available phone memory This option is used to display and to set the incoming call ring location. See ‘Add Entry’ for more information. tone volume.
  • Page 73 Talk and Fax? Divert On/Off? Switches Talk and Fax on for the next call only. See ‘Talk and Fax’ Unconditional voice call diversion will be switched either on or off for more information. depending on the current setting. This will allow Fax and Data...
  • Page 74 • Message Editor To customise the menu: • Last Calls Received 1 Press E and scroll to the menu item you wish to change. • Last Call Charge 2 Press and hold O to access the list of features available. The •...
  • Page 75 The charging status Bangladesh. for each battery is indicated by LEDs at the front of the charger. Cigarette Lighter Adapter (SYN4241) The Desktop Charger must be used with the Power Adapter The Cigarette Lighter Adapter connects to your phone and allows (SPN4278).
  • Page 76 (CD1310) There are two types of Vehicle Handsfree System for the 900 series: Allows you to send and receive data and fax calls using your phone and a computer with a simple RS232 connection. • Standard Vehicle Handsfree System (S8142) The supplied software allows you to manage your phone book •...
  • Page 77 Information’. You can’t make calls Check the signal strength meter in the display. If the signal is weak, move to an open space or, if you are in a building, move closer to a window. Check the Network Selection settings. Try Manual Selection, or try another network. See ‘Network Search’.
  • Page 78 Is it a battery that hasn’t been completely discharged? Allow the battery to fully discharge (until the phone turns itself off) and then charge the battery overnight. Check that the Frequency Of Search feature in the Network Selection menu has not been set to Fast or Continuous. See ‘Network Search’.
  • Page 79 : zap.IX Page 75 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Index Buttons Conference Call ........26 Smart button ........13 Call Waiting ........29 Accessories ..........71 Start/Stop Record ......14 End Active And Held ......26 Accessory setup menu ......64 Volume ...........13 Hold Call .........25 Add entry Make a New Call ......25...
  • Page 80 : zap.IX Page 76 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Messages Call holding/call waiting messages ...27 Editing messages ......... 49 Key Answer Only ........47 Cell broadcast messages ....49 Emergency calls ........24 Creating and editing ......49 Ending a phone call ......24 Reading SMS messages ....49...
  • Page 81 : zap.IX Page 77 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Short message service symbol ....14 Show battery meter ...... 42 Pauses Quick access menu .......67 Show call charges ......61 Inserting into phone numbers ..23 Customising ........70 Show call timers ......62 Personal numbers .........37...
  • Page 82 : zap.IX Page 78 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM Unblocking your phone ....... 55 Unconditional call diversion ....69 Unlock code Setting and changing ...... 54 VibraCall ........54 Voicemail Number .......... 52 VoiceNotes ........31 Recording .........14 Volume Adjusting the earpiece and keypad volume .........
  • Page 83 : bcover.fm5 Page 65 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM...
  • Page 84 : bcover.fm5 Page 66 Wednesday, May 6, 1998 11:12 AM 68P09402A74...

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