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  • Page 1

    AURA™ by Motorola User’s Guide...

  • Page 3

    H E L L O M O T O Introducing your new AURA™ R1 by Motorola. Here’s a quick anatomy lesson. Volume Key Navigation Key (on side of phone) Scroll up/down/left/right. Left Soft Key Right Soft Key OK Key Clear/Back Key...

  • Page 4

    Micro USB Port (on top of phone) Camera Lens Volume Key Rotator Gears Battery Door Release Latch (one on each side) Handsfree Speaker Charge Indicator Light Handsfree Speaker...

  • Page 5

    Note: This is the standard home screen and main menu layout. Your phone’s home screen and main menu may be different. To change your home screen shortcuts and main menu appearance, see page 36.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Your AURA ....22 Shock......9 Manage Your Phone Data.

  • Page 7

    Call Times & Costs ....42 Sync ......86 More Calling Features.

  • Page 8: Menu Map

    • Call Voicemail • Browser • File Manager • My Bookmarks • Extended • My Web Pages Memory This is the standard main • History • Music and Sounds • Go to URL • Pictures menu layout. Your phone’s • Browser Setup •...

  • Page 9: Settings Menu

    • Talking Phone • Speed Dial • Text Entry • Themes • Call Forward • Reset • In-Call Setup • Reset All Settings • Home Screen • In-Call Timer • Delete Phone Data • Navigation Keys • Answer Options • Delete Phone •...

  • Page 10: Care Guide

    C A R E G U I D E Your AURA is a highly valuable mobile device with a superior design, and should be treated with care. This section provides some basic recommendations to protect it. Proper maintenance of your phone will ensure an extended life.

  • Page 11: Shock

    We recommend you use the provided leather carrying case to protect your phone at all times. The sapphire crystal lens and stainless steel components are highly scratch-resistant, but take care not to expose the phone to hard or abrasive materials and high impact activities or sports.

  • Page 12: Use And Care

    Don’t expose your phone to dust, dirt, sand, food or other inappropriate materials. cleaning solutions To clean your phone, use only a dry soft cloth. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning solutions. the ground Don’t drop your phone.

  • Page 13: Eu Conformance

    • All other relevant EU Directives 0168 Product Approval Number The above gives an example of a typical Product Approval Number. You can view your product’s Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to Directive 1999/5/EC (to R&TTE Directive) at . To find your

  • Page 14: Get Started

    SIM card or subscription, and may not be About This Guide available in all areas. Contact your service provider for more This guide shows how to locate a menu information. feature as follows: This means a feature requires Find it: Menu >...

  • Page 15: Insert Your Sim Card

    Insert Your SIM Card Your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card stores your phone number and other information. Caution: Don’t bend or scratch your SIM card. Keep it away from static electricity, water and dirt. GET STARTED...

  • Page 16: Battery

    • Don’t disassemble, crush, malfunction. Therefore: puncture, shred or otherwise attempt to change the form of • Don't dry a wet or damp battery your battery. with an appliance or heat source, such as a hair dryer • Don’t let the phone or battery or microwave oven.

  • Page 17

    Motorola batteries. If you see a message on your display such as Invalid Battery • Do avoid dropping the battery or Unable to Charge, take the following steps: or phone. Dropping these items, especially on a hard surface, can •...

  • Page 18

    AND RECYCLING Proper battery disposal is not only important for safety, it benefits the environment. Consumers may recycle their used batteries in many retail or service provider locations. Additional information on proper disposal and recycling may be found on the Web: •...

  • Page 19

    Charge the Battery • New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time New batteries are not fully charged. Plug to charge. the battery charger into your phone and an electrical outlet. The battery charge • Motorola batteries and charging...

  • Page 20: Extend Battery Life

    Extend Battery Life Open & Close the Blade • Avoid excessive opening and Slide the blade left or right to open. Slide closing of the blade, as each the blade in the opposite direction to close. rotation activates the display.

  • Page 21: Turn Phone On & Off

    Turn Phone On & Off Store a Phone Number Open the blade, then You can store a phone number in your press and hold the Contacts. – power/end key Note: You can store a new contact in until the display turns phone memory, or store the contact both on or off.

  • Page 22: Call A Stored Number

    Press Menu > Contacts, press Options to enter the first letters of the contact name > Import Contacts > SIM Card, press Options > Select All, (one keypress per letter). The phone then press Import. shows the contact name(s) that match your keypresses.

  • Page 23: Shortcuts

    Shortcuts Note: The Shortcuts list on your phone may include additional shortcuts or different Your phone provides shortcuts to some shortcuts, depending on your service frequently used features. You can use the provider following shortcuts from the home screen. To...

  • Page 24: Vufone Service

    When you receive the text message on the old phone, select the link in the To complete the registration process, use message to download, and install the your computer browser to go to the vufone application on the phone.

  • Page 25: Manage Your Phone Data

    Back Up Your Phone Select Backup(usedata onphone) to upload the selected files to your vufone Web portal. To back up the contents of your phone to the Web portal: Remove the SIM card from the old phone and insert it in your new AURA.

  • Page 26: Vufone On The Web

    Some more advanced features are contacts. provided for a modest service subscription fee. Please see the vufone Web site at • Listen to your mobile music online for more details. over the Web.

  • Page 27: Basics

    Press Shortcuts to access some frequently 10:10 used phone features. Shortcuts Menu Press the navigation key up, down, left or right in the home screen to open basic Left Soft Right Soft Key Label Key Label features. To show, hide or change feature Clock icons in the home screen, see page 36.

  • Page 28

    ® Status indicators appear at the top of the Bluetooth Indicator – Shows home screen: Bluetooth status: blue = power on green = connected flashing blue = discoverable Message Indicator – Shown when you receive a new text message. Other indicators can Signal Strength Indicator –...

  • Page 29: Volume

    • change playback volume for a song is on. Indicators for dual-line-enabled or video SIM cards can include: • set your phone’s alert style to Ring or = line 1 = line 2 Silent in the blade-closed display active...

  • Page 30

    Voice Dial a Call example, say “John Smith mobile” to call the mobile number stored You can dial a contact list entry by for John Smith. speaking its name, or dial any phone number by speaking its digits. • For voice command help, press –...

  • Page 31: Talking Phone

    “Talking Phone.” “Open Web Access” “Set Normal” Handsfree Speaker “Set Vibrate” During a call, press Options > Speaker On to turn “Set Silent” the handsfree speaker on. Your display “Set Ring” shows the speakerphone indicator until you turn it off (Options > Speaker Off) or end “Set Aeroplane”...

  • Page 32: Codes & Passwords

    1234. The six-digit security You can lock your phone to keep others code is originally set to 000000. If your from using it. You will need to enter the service provider didn’t change these four-digit unlock code to lock or unlock codes, you should change them: your phone.

  • Page 33: Lock Your Sim Card Or Applications

    Lock Your SIM Card or Applications Note: You will need to enter your SIM PIN code to lock or unlock the SIM card. If you forget your PIN code, contact your service provider. Caution: If you enter an incorrect PIN code...

  • Page 34: Personalise

    P E R S O N A L I S E Alert Styles With the blade closed: You can quickly change your phone’s Press and hold the volume key to go alert style or profile to match your activity to the alert style screen.

  • Page 35: Themes

    Themes Note: You can’t set a ringtone for the Silent alert style, or change some settings for Use a phone theme to personalise some alert styles. the look and sound of your phone. Standard themes include a skin that sets Find it: Menu >...

  • Page 36

    Find it: Menu > Settings > Themes, press Options > Edit > Ringtone > Ringtones > Sounds and Ringtones Scroll to the image or sound file you > Preloaded Ringtones want, then select it. Press up/down to scroll and listen Press Save to save your selection.

  • Page 37: Time & Date

    Find it: Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Captured Pictures, scroll to the photo, press > Time & Date > Time Zone, then select a city in Options > Apply to > Wallpaper your time zone Shortcut: Press keypad keys to enter the first letters of the city you want.

  • Page 38: Screensaver

    Settings > Home Screen Find it: Menu > Multimedia > Wallpapers and Graphics > Navigation Keys > Icon Display > Show or Hide > Preloaded Wallpaper, scroll to an image, press Options > Apply to > Screensaver Note: You can press...

  • Page 39: Display Appearance

    Settings > Phone Settings language > Display Settings > Brightness Set menu language: To save battery life, the display can turn off Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Language when you’re not using your phone. To set the display timeout delay interval:...

  • Page 40

    (including photos content you have downloaded (including and sounds) stored in your phone’s photos and sounds) stored on your SIM memory. After you erase the information, card. After you erase the information, you will be unable to recover it.

  • Page 41: Calls

    ¯ Turn Off a Call Alert • To call the number, press Press the volume key on the side of your • To check if your caller left a phone to turn off the ringer for an voicemail message, see page 70.

  • Page 42: Return A Call

    ¯ Find it: Menu > Settings > Call Settings you want to return, then press > Dialling Setup > My Caller ID > All Calls > Show ID Caller ID or Hide ID Calling line identification (caller ID) Emergency Calls...

  • Page 43: Handsfree

    To make an emergency call: Turn your features phone on, exit any open application such as voice dial (headset) games, dial the emergency number, then ¯ press to call the emergency number. Enable voice dial with headset send/end key: Handsfree Menu >...

  • Page 44: Call Times & Costs

    Call Times & Costs features Network connection time is the elapsed call cost time from the moment you connect to your See call cost trackers and credit service provider's network to the moment information: – you end the call by pressing .

  • Page 45: More Calling Features

    Your phone can store nine phone numbers that you can call with a single When you are on a call, you will keypress. To store a speed dial phone hear an alert if you receive a second call. number: ¯ Press to answer the new call.

  • Page 46: Network Settings

    During a call, press Options > New Call, If you have a dual-line-enabled press Options > Browse Contacts SIM card, you can change your line to make and receive calls from your other...

  • Page 47

    > On or Off Note: You will need to enter your SIM PIN2 code to turn fixed dialling on or off. If you forget your PIN2 code, contact your service provider. Use the fixed dial list: Menu >...

  • Page 48: Text Entry

    In a text entry screen, press “abc” mode (see page 48) É Options > Text Entry > Set Text Prediction > Offer completions. numeric mode (see page 48) È Æ Your phone shows when text completion is active.

  • Page 49: Word Mode

    , your display might show: characters. You can turn text Æ Press * to enter completion on ( Edit or delete text: In a text entry screen, Ç Prog & a space. or off ( press to move the cursor to the right of text you want to edit.

  • Page 50: Abc Mode

    ABC Mode When text completion is activated, your phone tries to guess the rest of the word: To switch to “abc” text entry mode, press É in a text entry screen until you see • Press to select the suggested in the display.

  • Page 51: Symbol Mode

    Ã . The display shows the symbol associated with each keypad key. Press up/down repeatedly to see different symbols. To insert a symbol, press its key, or scroll to it and press TEXT ENTRY...

  • Page 52: Entertainment

    E N T E R T A I N M E N T Camera Note: Because of your phone’s round display, the viewfinder doesn’t show the Take a Photo edges of the rectangular image that is Find it: Menu >...

  • Page 53

    Multimedia > Pictures message, press Send > Captured Pictures, scroll to the photo, press (see page 70). Options > Apply to > Existing Contact > contact, press Save • To discard the photo, press Auto-Send • To select other photo options, You can set up your phone to automatically press Options.

  • Page 54: Camera Settings

    Select a predefined text tag to apply to up or down to scroll to a setting, then the photo(s) you take. (To create a tag, press left or right to change it: press Options > Camera Settings > Tag > Create New Tag). ENTERTAINMENT...

  • Page 55

    Video Mode • Picture Settings • Resolution Switch to the video camera. • Shutter Tone Auto-Timer • Quality Set a timer for the camera to take a • Video Settings photo. • Resolution • Capture Tone Multi-Shot • Quality Set the camera to take multiple photos •...

  • Page 56: Videos

    > Captured Pictures > photo Audio Note: Because of your phone’s round (on or off) Resolution display, you won’t see the edges of the 1:48:00 rectangular photo when you view the photo in full screen mode. Zoom To rotate the photo clockwise/anticlockwise, press up/down.

  • Page 57

    If the auto-save feature is activated, your phone automatically saves the videos Go to My Media you record. In this case, you will need to See, edit and delete stored videos. manually navigate to the stored video to Picture Mode view, use and/or delete it.

  • Page 58

    Upload Video to a Blog Play a Video Upload a recorded video to a video blog Find it: Menu > Multimedia > Video > video site. Press S left/right Press r to to skip to Note: You will need to have browser pause/play video.

  • Page 59

    This option appears only when the video to fit the viewing area. Bluetooth power is turned on. Send to Setup Send the video in a message or email, or Adjust video settings. send it to another device over a ® Bluetooth connection.

  • Page 60: Music

    + AMR-WB, H.263 + AAC/AAC+/ Set Up Music Enhanced AAC+, Real Audio + Video, To load song files from a music CD onto H.264 + AMR-NB, H.264 + AMR-WB, H264 your computer: + AAC/AAC+/Enhanced AAC+. WMV 9 + Insert the music CD in your WMA v9 L2 (also WMA v3, v7, v8).

  • Page 61

    Select the Rip tab in Windows Media application and choose Help > iTunes Player 11. Help > Saving a copy of a file in a new Click the Rip tab down arrow, then file format. choose Format > Windows Media...

  • Page 62

    Note: Windows Media Player 11 requires On Your Computer Windows XP™ or later to run. If you are Open Windows Media Player 11. Your using an earlier version of Windows OS on phone appears in the upper right corner your computer, see the section “Manually of the Windows Media Player 11 screen.

  • Page 63

    Tip: Use the phone’s built-in speaker to If you receive a call during a song, the play your music out loud. Use wireless song pauses until the call is over. stereo headphones or a wired headset to When a song is playing, press Options to enjoy your music in private.

  • Page 64

    Connect your phone with optional Apply to Bluetooth stereo headphones to Add the song to a playlist or make it a listen to music stored on your phone. ringtone. To connect your phone to a set of Use Bluetooth/Use Handset...

  • Page 65

    Camera Multimedia > Video Camera. To set stereo separation, press Options > Setup > Stereo Effects > Spatial Audio > separation level. Press Capture to take a photo or record a video. To set bass boost, press Options > Setup >...

  • Page 66

    When your phone is connected to the Before you copy audio files to your phone, computer in extended memory mode, the make sure the files are in a format the phone’s basic memory and extended phone recognizes: AMR-NB, AMR-WB, memory appear as two separate AAC (MPEG4 AAC-LC), AAC+, Enhanced removable disks on the computer.

  • Page 67

    Find it: Menu > Multimedia > Media Finder “Safely Remove USB Mass > Music Library > Playlists, press Options > Create New Playlist Storage Device.” Enter a name for the playlist, and • If you are using a Mac, select press Save.

  • Page 68

    Replay the song or playlist when the last Find it: Menu > Multimedia > Media Finder file finishes playing. > Music Library > Playlists, scroll to the playlist, Spatial Audio press Options > Play Set separation level for a stereo headset Personalise Your Music Player or headphones.

  • Page 69: Browser

    When you scroll to a song in a list and Some Web pages may contain a text entry press Options, you may see additional options window for exchanging information with for the song and list, such as Delete, Share via, a Web site.

  • Page 70

    Go to the Web page you want to use, Note: You will need to have browser service then press Options > Active Page > Use as Homepage. activated on your phone to use this feature. download a media file, theme, game or Find it: Menu >...

  • Page 71: Fun & Games

    Gmail or Yahoo!). start a game or application Note: You will need to have browser Start a Java™ game or application: service activated on your phone to use Menu > Multimedia > Games > game or this feature. application Find it: Menu >...

  • Page 72: Messages

    Your service provider may store media object on the page, press Options your voicemail phone number in speed > Insert. Select the file type and the file. dial location 1. If so, you can press and (Note: file size restrictions may apply to...

  • Page 73

    Press Share via to select message New message. The text message indicator recipients. You can: appears at the top of the home screen. • Select one or more entries from To read the message, press View. If the your contact list (press...

  • Page 74: More Messaging Features

    Messages > Templates > < if it is read , unread , urgent > Text Templates > quick note, press Options or has an attachment . Press Options > Send to perform various operations on a To create a new quick note: message.

  • Page 75

    Create a personal folder to store Read subscription-based your messages. information services messages: Menu > Messages > My Folders, press Options When your display shows New message, > Create folder press View. browser messages...

  • Page 76: Tools

    Contacts, press Options > Settings Note: The default save location determines > Default Save Location > Phone & SIM Card or SIM Card Only your contact list view. When save location is set to Phone & SIM Card, the contact list shows only the contacts stored in phone memory.

  • Page 77

    Contacts, press Options > Create Contact Press Menu > Contacts, press Options For a contact stored in phone memory, > Settings > Default Save Location > Phone & SIM Card, press left/right to select the details press Back, press Options > Import Contacts <...

  • Page 78

    Menu > Contacts, scroll to the contact, select the details tab , press press Options > Edit, press left/right to down to scroll to an empty Number or Email < select the ID tab , press up/down field, press to select it...

  • Page 79

    Delete contacts stored on your SIM set contact list sort order card, or import contact to the SIM card Menu > Contacts, press Options from phone memory or from another > Default Sort Order > First Name or Last Name location. TOOLS...

  • Page 80: Personal Organiser

    Select to select it When the display shows an alarm: To send multiple contacts, press Options – To turn off the alarm, press Dismiss or > Share > Multiple Contacts (instead of the To set an eight-minute delay, press Snooze. current contact).

  • Page 81: World Clock

    Send a calendar event to another phone, start time, press , enter event details computer or device: You can set a sound file, voice note or Menu > Calendar > event, press Options video as a calendar event reminder. > Share via > Bluetooth or Message...

  • Page 82

    Create a checklist of tasks you need to Menu > Office Tools > File Manager > Voice Note perform and set your phone to notify > voice note you when task deadlines arrive: calculator Menu >...

  • Page 83: Connections

    C O N N E C T I O N S ® Bluetooth Wireless device until you use a Bluetooth feature again, or set Bluetooth power back to On. Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless connections with other Use a Bluetooth Headset or Handsfree Bluetooth devices.

  • Page 84

    If necessary, enter a mutually agreed passkey (such as 0000) on your phone Before you try to copy a file to another and the device, then press OK device, make sure the receiving device is to connect to the device.

  • Page 85

    Note: If you see Service not allowed. when not previously paired, place your phone in you try to print, select Share via > Bluetooth discoverable mode so the sending device instead (the Share via option does not can locate it. Press Menu >...

  • Page 86: Cable Connections

    You can’t remove a device from and a computer, insert the micro the list while your phone is connected USB connector plug from a USB cable into to the device. your phone’s micro USB port. Connect the other end of the cable to the computer.

  • Page 87

    Note: A Motorola Original USB To use your phone as a modem: Press Menu cable and supporting software > Settings > Connections > USB Settings > Modem, may be included with your then connect your phone to the computer. phone. These tools are also To transfer contact lists and calendar sold separately.

  • Page 88: Sync

    Sync then connect your phone to a PictBridge- compatible printer. Select the image(s) you You can use several different want to print, then press Options > Print via over-the-air connection methods to > USB. synchronise information between your phone and a remote server.

  • Page 89

    Contact your IT system > Exchange ActiveSync, press Options > Edit > Auto Sync administrator to obtain the information > On, press OK to enter the time and days you you need to set up a profile. want to synchronise Note: If your phone can’t connect to the...

  • Page 90: File Manager

    Select a folder to see its contents. at: To play a song file or voice note, or view Your service provider can send updated a photo or video, just scroll to the file and phone software over-the-air to your phone.

  • Page 91: Sar Data

    The guidelines use a unit of measurement They note that if you want to reduce your known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or exposure, then you can do so by limiting SAR.

  • Page 92: Oss Information

    OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE INFORMATION OSS Information For instructions on how to obtain a copy of To view additional information regarding any source code being made publicly licenses, acknowledgments and required available by Motorola related to software copyright notices for open source...

  • Page 93: Index

    I N D E X blog 56 call waiting 43 Bluetooth indicator 26 caller ID 40, 76 abc mode 48 Bluetooth wireless 62, 81 camera 2, 50, 54 accessories 41, 62, 81 bonding. See Bluetooth car kit 41 active line indicator 27...

  • Page 94

    36 20, 45 file manager 88 dialed calls 39 language 37 filter contacts 76 display 3, 25, 37 line 1 and line 2 27 fixed dial 45 download files 68 linking. See Bluetooth forward calls 44 download manager 79 wireless...

  • Page 95

    21 profiles 26 signal strength indicator 26 navigation key 1, 12 silent alert style 32 network settings 44 SIM Blocked message 31 notes 80 quick note 72 SIM card 13, 30, 31, 38, 45 numeric entry mode 48 INDEX...

  • Page 96

    33, 35 software update 88 applications 31 Web pages 67 speakerphone 41 phone 30 word text entry mode 47 speed dial 43 SIM card 31 world clock 79 stereo headphones 62 unlock code 30 store phone numbers 19,...

  • Page 97

    Motorola and third-party based upon the latest available information software providers certain exclusive rights and are believed to be accurate at the time for copyrighted software, such as the of printing. Motorola reserves the right to exclusive rights to distribute or reproduce change or modify any information or the copyrighted software.

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