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Suggested Tools; Changing Strings - Yamaha A1M User Manual

Yamaha a1m: user guide
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Suggested tools:

Needle nose pliers
Pegwinder with
pin remover slot
Changing Strings on a Steel-string Acoustic
Step 1:
Loosen the string to be
replaced. Carefully pull the pin out
of the bridge using the pin remover
slot on the peg winder. You can
make this easier by pushing down
on the end of the string prior to
pulling out the pin.
You can also use a set of pliers or
wire cutters if necessary. Do this
with care, as the pliers can scratch
the guitar or mark the pin.

Changing Strings

Note: change one string at a
time to keep the tension even on
the neck, unless you have a specific
reason to remove all of the strings.
It will also keep the bridge saddle,
which is not glued in place, from
sliding out of its slot. Do not cut the
strings off—this will jolt the neck.
If necessary they can be cut once the
string has been loosened.


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