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    Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Residential Riding Mower Turf Equipment MODEL 20HP Z-Force 44 23HP Z-Force 50 OPERATOR’S AND SERVICE MANUAL...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword............. . . 3 General Safety Operations .

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    FORWARD The Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower provides superb maneuverability and mid-mount cut- ting. The machine incorporates many safety features that should be studied by all operators before use. The list of safety precautions should receive particular attention. This manual presents all of the operating and maintenance instructions necessary to keep your mower at peak efficiency.

  • Page 4: General Safety Operations, A. General Operation

    PE RS ON AL IN JU RY. W H EN YO U SE E TH IS S YM B OL- Your lawn mower was built to be operated according to the rules for safe operation in this manual. As with any type of power equipment, carelessness or error on the DANGER part of the operator can result in injury.

  • Page 5: B. Slope Operation, C. Children

    Debris may build up on the mower deck or contact the engine exhaust presenting a potential fire hazard. 22. Use only accessories approved for this machine by Cub Cadet. Read, understand and follow all instructions provided with the approved accessory. B. SLOPE OPERATION...

  • Page 6: D. Service

    Remove the key when the machine is left unattended to prevent unauthorized opera- tion. D. SERVICE Use extreme care in handling gasoline and other fuels. They are extremely flammable and the vapors are explosive. Use only an approved con- tainer. Never remove fuel cap or add fuel with the engine running.

  • Page 7: Safety Decals

    SAFETY DECALS AND LABELS Belt Routing Part Number: 777I22421 (for 44” Deck) To unlock, pull part of handle inward. Lift unlocked handle to increase cutting height. To lock, release upper part of handle to move outward. Part Number: 777I22093 Part Number: 777I22094 Part Number: 777I22290 Part Number: 777I22291 KEEP HANDS AND FEET AWAY.

  • Page 8: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 20HP & Type: Vertical air cooled V-Twin Air Cleaner: Paper element Lube System: Pressurized with oil filter, drain valve with hose Starter: 12-volt electric Traction Drive: Engine to two variable-speed integrated hydraulic pump and wheel motors on each drive wheel Cutter Deck;Drive: 44"...

  • Page 9: Operating Instructions, A. General

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Figure. 1 Electric Blade Hour Meter Clutch Switch A. General 1. When Mowing: a. Keep adults, children, and pets away from the area to be mowed. b. When operating this mower, in the forward direction, do not allow the steering levers to return to neutral on their own.

  • Page 10: B. Controls

    2. Safety Awareness when Mowing a. Do not operate on steep slopes, those above 15 degrees (27% slope). b. Avoid turning downhill if possible, use extra care and go slowly. c. Avoid turning when going downhill, traction is at a minimum going downhill. d.

  • Page 11

    Steering Levers Brake Figure. 3 Deck Lift Handle 4. Electric Blade Clutch Switch: (See Figure 1.) Located on the right side of the mower beside the ignition switch. This is an “on/off” push-pull switch that controls the electric blade clutch which supplies power to the cut- ting blades through the PTO.

  • Page 12: C. Initial Adjustments

    C. Initial Adjustments 1. Check the fluid levels and tires: Note: These checks should be made daily, before starting the engine. a. Fuel: Using a good grade of unleaded, regular gasoline, fill the fuel tank (beside the engine on the left side of the mower). When the fuel reaches one inch from the top of the tank, stop.

  • Page 13: D. Zero Turn Break-in And Operating Procedures

    have been attained. If the dimensions are not correct, repeat steps “c.” through “f.” above. 5. Lubricate all fittings listed in the mainte- nance section. D. Zero Turn Break-In And Operating Procedures DANGER: Reread the “When Mowing” Safety Precautions. The following procedures are suggested for opera- tors of ride-on machines which have zero turn capabilities.

  • Page 14

    (toward center of machine). Slowly, move both lap bars toward the front of the machine until the machine begins to move forward — release the lap bars and the machine should stop. The more that the lap bars are moved toward the front of the machine, the faster the machine will move in the forward direc- tion.

  • Page 15: Maintenance And Service, A. Cleaning Your Deck

    h. Gasoline Engine: Once the engine starts, move the choke/throttle to the detent as the engine warms. 4. Operating the Mower: Operating a zero-turn- ing-radius mower is not like operating a trac- tor-type riding mower. The zero-turning-radius mower is much more maneuverable and much less fatiguing to operate.

  • Page 16: B. Mower Deck, Mower Deck

    Figure. 6 “J” Pin allow the underside of the cutting deck to thoroughly rinse. Move the PTO control to the “OFF” posi- tion. k. Turn the engine off. Turn the water off, and detach the hose coupler from the water port on your mower deck.

  • Page 17: C. Hydrostatic Drive System, Sharpening The Blade

    WARNING: Never mow with dull blades! Blades that are bent should be replaced! The cutting blades are sharp and can cause severe injury. Wrap the cutting surface of the blade with a rag to avoid injury. Sharpening the Blade: a. Set the parking brake. b.

  • Page 18: D. Electrical Circuit

    Hydrostatic Transaxles Figure 9 D.Electrical Circuit Danger: Read General Safety Precautions Nos. 9 and 10. 1. Battery: The battery is located beneath the operator’s seat. If so equipped, remove the fill- caps and check the level of the liquid electro- lyte in the battery every 50 operating hours.

  • Page 19

    must be off, the parking brake must be engaged, and both steering levers must be opened-out to the side in the neutral position. Once the engine is started, the seat must be occupied and the parking brake must be released before either of the steering levers is folded up to the operating position or the engine’s electronic ignition will be grounded out and the engine will stop.

  • Page 20: E. Tires, F. Brakes

    stop when you dismount from the opera- tor’s seat, the seat switch must be replaced. e. Electric PTO Clutch: This clutch operates when the engine is running, the operator is in the operator’s seat and the blade clutch switch is turned on. This electric clutch is a fairly trouble free device.

  • Page 21: G.hydraulic System, H. Storage

    Note: The pumps and motors are not owner-repairable. If a pump fails, contact your Cub Cadet dealer. Do not disassemble the pump/motors. Steering Lever Adjustments: Place the mower on level ground with the engine run- ning, parking brake off and steering levers opened out to the neutral position.

  • Page 22: Maintenance Schedule

    deposits from forming. Replace the fuel fil- ter. g. Gasoline Engine Only: Remove the spark plugs and pour approximately one ounce of oil into each cylinder. Crank the engine one or two turns to spread the oil evenly on the cylinder walls. Replace the spark plugs.

  • Page 23: Lubrication Chart, Oil Chart, Lubrication Chart

    OIL CHART Apply a few drops of SAE 20W-50 engine oil, grease, or use a spray lubricant. Apply the oil to both sides of pivot points. Wipe off any excess. Start engine and operate mower briefly to insure that oil spreads evenly. Number of Oil Points Description DAILY...

  • Page 24: Performance Adjustments, A. High Speed Tracking Adjustment, B. Engine Rpm Check And Adjustment

    Performance Adjustments A. High Speed Tracking Adjustment If mower tracks to one side with both lap bars in fully forward position: Check air pressure in all four tires: a. Pressure should be within specified ranges and balanced side-to-side. b. Rear tires 8-10 psi recommended (20 psi MAX.) c.

  • Page 25: C. Deck Corner Ball Wheel Roller Settings, E. Lap Bar Adjustment, F. Deck Leveling Procedure

    g. Verify proper throttle adjustment by check- ing RPM readings as outlined above. C. Deck Corner Ball Wheel Roller Settings Matching the set heights of the ball rollers on the four corners of the mower deck to the desired cut height will prevent edge scalping and minimize any side-to-side variance in cut height.

  • Page 26

    Check the right and left rear Drive tire pressure. Adjust as necessary to 8-10 psi. Measure blade-to-ground height at the front tip of the right blade. To obtain an accurate mea- sure, align blades in parallel with mower center- line, (i.e. front to back). Measure blade-to-ground height at the front tip of the left blade.

  • Page 27: Wiring Diagram

    WIRING DIAGRAM GD: 02000461...

  • Page 28

    USE THIS PAGE AS A GUIDE TO DETERMINE SLOPES WHERE YOU MAY NOT OPERATE SAFELY. SIGHT AND HOLD THIS LEVEL WITH A VERTICAL TREE A POWER POLE A CORNER OF A BUILDING OR A FENCE POST 15° WARNING Do not mow on inclines with a slope in excess of 15 degrees (a rise of approximately 2-1/2 feet every 10 feet). A riding mower could overturn and cause serious injury.

  • Page 29: Maintenance Record


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    There is no other express warranty. Contact your authorized Cub Cadet servicing dealer who sold you your Cub Cadet equipment. If this dealer is not available, see the Consumer Yellow Pages under “lawn mowers” for the name of a dealer near you.

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