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Craftsman 247.28905 Operator's Manual

Lawn tractor 20 horsepower hydrostatic transmission 42" deck
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20 Horsepower
42" Deck
Model No. 247.28905
• Espanol,
P. 59
This product
has a low emission
which operates
built engines.
you start the engine,
read and
this Operator's
using this equipment,
read this manual
and follow
all safety
rules and operating
For answers
to your questions
this product,
Craftsman Tractor Help Line
7 am = 7 pm CT, Mort. =Sun.
Sears Brands
IL 60179 U.S.A.
Visit our website:
Form No.769-05573A
(February 12,2010)



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  • Page 1 I:RnFrSMRN° LAWN TRACTOR 20 Horsepower Hydrostatic Transmission 42" Deck Model No. 247.28905 • Espanol, P. 59 This product from previously understand Before using this equipment, read this manual and follow all safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management...
  • Page 2 Champion®RC12YC Engine: Briggs& StrattonIntek® © KCD IR LLC Off-Season Storage ... Trou bleshooting ... Labels ... Parts List ... Espafiol ... Service Numbers ... CRAFTSMAN FULL WARRANTY Model Number: Serial Number: Dateof Purchase: Recordthe modelnumber,serialnumber, Back Cover and dateof purchaseabove.
  • Page 3: California Proposition

    This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not followed,couldendangerthepersonalsafetyand/orpropertyof yourselfand others. Readand followall instructionsin this manual beforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these instructionsmay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol,HEEDITS WARNING! CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION EngineExhaust,someof its constituents,and certainvehicle componentscontainor emit chemicalsknownto Stateof California to cause cancerand birthdefects or other reproductive harm. Batteryposts,terminals,and relatedaccessoriescontainlead and leadcompounds,chemicalsknownto the Stateof California to cause cancerand reproductiveharm.Washhandsafter handling.
  • Page 4: Slope Operation

    • Slowdownbeforeturning.Operatethe machinesmoothly.Avoid erraticoperationand excessivespeed. Disengageblade(s),set parkingbrake,stopengine and wait until the blade(s)come to a completestop beforeremoving grass catcher,emptyinggrass,uncloggingchute,removinganygrass or debris,or makinganyadjustments. Neverleavea runningmachineunattended.Alwaysturnoff blade(s),set parkingbrake,stopengine and removekey before dismounting. Use extracare whenloadingor unloadingthe machineintoa traileror truck. This machineshouldnot be drivenup or down ramp(s),becausethe machinecouldtip over,causingserious personalinjury.The machinemustbe pushedmanuallyon ramp(s)to loador unloadproperly.
  • Page 5 CHILDREN Tragicaccidentscanoccur ifthe operatoris notalert to the presence of children.Childrenare often attractedto the machineand the mowing activity.They do notunderstandthe dangers.Neverassumethat childrenwill remainwhereyou last sawthem. • Keepchildrenout of the mowingareaand inwatchfulcare of a responsibleadultotherthanthe operator. • Be alert and turnmachineoff ifa childentersthe area. •...
  • Page 6: Spark Arrestor

    General Service • Never run anengine indoors orina poorly ventilated exhaust contains carbon monoxide, anodorless, • Before cleaning, repairing, orinspecting, blade(s) and allmoving parts h ave s topped. Disconnect plug wire and ground against the engine toprevent unintended starting. • Periodically check tomake s ure the blades come t ocomplete stop within a pproximately...
  • Page 7: Safety Symbols

    SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafety symbolsthat may appearon this product. Read,understand,and follow all instructions on the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, operate DANGER-- Never carry passengers. DANGER-- Always look down and behind before and while backing WARNING-- Do not put hands or feet near rotating can amputate...
  • Page 8 Sight and hold this Use this page as a guide to determine slopes where you may not operate safely. Donot operateyourlawnmoweron such slopes.Do notmow on inclineswith a slope in excessof 15degrees(a rise of approximately 2-1/2feet every 10feet). A riding mowercouldoverturnand causeseriousinjury.Operateriding mowersup and downslopes,neveracrossthe face of slopes. levelwith a vertical tree...
  • Page 9 ROTATING BLADES CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH DO NOT MOW WHEN CHILDREN OR OTHERS ARE AROUND NEVER CARRY CHILDREN EVEN WITH BLADE(S) OFF. LOOK DOWN AND BEHIND B EFORE AND WHILE BACKING. MOWING INREVERSE ISNOT RECOMMENDED. WARNING This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not followed, could endangerthe personal safety and/or property of yourself and others.
  • Page 10 IMPORTANT: Y ourtractoris shippedwith motoroil in theengine. However, y ou MUSTcheckthe oil levelbeforeoperating.Referto the Service& Maintenancesectionfor instructionson checkingtheoil level. Attaching the Battery Cables CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION Batteryposts,terminals,and relatedaccessoriescontainlead and leadcompounds,chemicalsknownto the Stateof Californiato cause cancerand reproductiveharm.Wash handsafter handling. Whenattachingbatterycables,alwaysconnectthe POSITIVE (Red) wireto its terminalfirst, followedby the NEGATIVE (Black)wire.
  • Page 11 Figure3 Placethe steeringwheelcap overthecenter of the steeringwheel and pushdownwarduntilit "clicks"intoplace. Attaching The Seat NOTE: If your seatwas shippedmountedbackwardson the seat pivot bracket,pullout the tab foundon the seat stopand hold it open while slidingtheseat off the seatpivot bracket. Line up the plasticseat spacerswith the slotsin seat pivot bracket.
  • Page 12 f----It NOTE: Any referencein this manualto the RIGHTor LEFT sideof the tractoris observedfromoperator'sseat positionfacingforward towardsthe front of tractor. Meets ANSI Safety Standards CraftsmanTractorsconformto the safetystandardof theAmerican NationalStandardsInstitute(ANSI). Figure6 ParkingBrakeLever Ammeter Throttle/ChokeControlLever IgnitionSwitchModule DeckLift Lever PTOLever(Blade Engage) Cup Holder Speed ControlLever SeatAdjustmentLever BrakePedal...
  • Page 13 PARKING BRAKE Toset the parkingbrake,fully depressthe brakepedal.Movethe parkingbrakeleverintothe ON position.Releasethebrakepedal to allowthe parkingbraketo engage. Toreleasethe parkingbrake,depressthe brakepedaland movethe parkingbrakeleverout of the ONpositionand into the OFFposition. NOTE: The parkingbrakemustbe set if the operatorleavesthe seat with the enginerunningor the enginewill automatically shut off. AMMETER Theammetermeasuresthe electricaloutput of the engine'scharging system.Undernormaloperatingconditions,with engineat full throttle,...
  • Page 14: Gas And Oil Fill-Up

    AND OIL FILL-UP IMPORTANT: Yourtractorisshippedwith motoroil inthe engine. However, y ou MUSTcheckthe oil levelbeforeoperating.Be careful notto overfill. Forinstructionson howto checkthe engineoil, referto CheckingThe EngineOil in the Serviceand Maintenancesectionof this manual. Gasoline Thegasolinetank is locatedunderthe hood.Do notoverfill. Use extremecarewhenhandlinggasoline.Gasolineis extremely flammableand the vaporsare explosive.Neverfuel machineindoors or whilethe engine is hotor running.Extinguishcigarettes,cigars, _p pes, and othersourcesof gn t on.
  • Page 15 REVERSE CAUTION MODE Use extremecautionwhileoperatingthetractorin the REVERSE CAUTIONMODE.Alwayslookdownand behindbeforeand while backing.Do notoperatethe tractorwhenchildrenor othersare around.Stopthe tractorimmediately if someoneentersthe area. The REVERSE CAUTIONMODEpositionof the key switchmodule allowsthe tractorto be operatedin reversewith the blades(PTO) engaged. iMPORTANT: Mowingin reverseisnot recommended. Touse the REVERSE CAUTIONMODE: iMPORTANT: The operatorMUSTbe seatedinthe tractorseat.
  • Page 16: Starting The Engine

    STARTING THE ENGINE Do notoperatethe tractorifthe interlock s ystemis malfunctioning. This systemwasdesignedfor your safetyand protection. NOTE: Referto the Gasolineand Oil fill-upinstructionsearlier in this section. Insertthe tractorkey intothe ignitionswitch. Placethe PTO(BladeEngage)leverin the disengaged(OFF) position. Engagethe tractor'sparkingbrake. Activatethe chokecontrol by movingthe throttle/chokeleverall theway up intothe chokeposition.
  • Page 17 • Avoidstoppingwhendrivingup a slope. If it is necessaryto stop whiledrivingup a slope,start up smoothlyand carefullyto reduce the possibilityof flippingthe tractoroverbackward. ENGAGING THE BLADES Engagingthe PTO(Blade Engage)transferspowerto the cuttingdeck or other (separatelyavailable)attachments.Toengagethe blades, proceedas follows: Movethe throttle/choke control leverto the FAST(rabbit)position. Graspthe PTO(BladeEngage)leverand pivot it all the way forwardintothe engaged(ON)position.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall moving partshavecometo a complete stop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainstthe enginetoprevent u nintended starting. A lways wearsafety glassesduring operation or whileperforming anyadjustments o r repairs. BeforeEachUse Engineoil level Mufflerarea and controls Fingerguard In the FirstFive Hours EngineOil Hood/Dash air vents Every 10 Hours...
  • Page 19: Engine Maintenance

    ENGINE MAINTENANCE Checking the Engine Onlyuse high qualitydetergentoil ratedwith APIserviceclassification SF,SG,SH, or SJ, Selectthe oil's SAEviscositygradeaccordingto the expectedoperatingtemperature. F ollowthe chart below. Althoughmulti-viscosity oils (5W20,10W30,etc.)improvestarting in coldweather,they will result in increasedoil consumption when usedabove32°E Checkyour engineoil levelmorefrequentlyto avoid possibleenginedamagefrom runninglowon oil. f'_older _ 32°F Oil Viscosity Chart...
  • Page 20 Fuel Filter Gasolineand itsvaporsare extremelyflammableand explosive.Fire or explosioncan causesevereburnsor death. • Keepgasolineawayfrom sparks,open flames,pilotlights,heat, and otherignition sources. • Checkfuel lines, tank,cap, and fittingsfrequentlyforcracks or leaks.Replaceif necessary. • Beforereplacingthe fuelfilter,drain the fueltank as per the instructions below. • Do notdrain fuel whenthe engine ishot. Allowthe engine adequatetime to cool.
  • Page 21 Spark Plug Cleanareaaroundthe spark plug base.Do notsandblastspark plug,Sparkplug shouldbe cleanedby scrapingor wire brushing and washingwith a commercialsolvent Removeand inspect t he spark plug.Checkgap to makesureit is set at .030".See Figure15. Electrode Porcelain _.030 (.76 mm) gap Figure15 Replacethespark plug (Champion®RC12YC) o nce a season. Muffler Temperature of mufflerand nearbyengineareasmayexceed 150 °...
  • Page 22: Cleaning The Engine And Deck

    CLEANING THE ENGINE AND DECK Anyfuel or oil spilledon the machineshouldbe wipedoff promptly.Do NOTallowdebristo accumulatearoundthe coolingfins of the engine or on anyother partof the machine. IMPORTANT: The useof a pressurewasherto cleanyourtractoris NOT recommended. I t maycause damageto electricalcomponents, spindles,pulleys,bearingsor the engine. A screwplug can be foundon yourtractor'sdeck surfaceas seenin Fig.
  • Page 23: Deck Removal

    Figure18 Seat Adjustment Referto the Assemblysectionof this manualfor seat adjustment instructions. Parking Brake Adjustment Neverattemptto adjustthe brakeswhiletheengine is running. AlwaysdisengagePTO,moveshift leverintoneutralposition,stop engineand removekeyto preventunintendedstarting. If thetractordoes notcome to a completestop whenthe brakepedal is completelydepressed,or if the tractor'srearwheelscan roll with the parkingbrakeapplied,the brakeis in needof adjustment.Contactthe nearest Sears Service Center to haveyourbrakesproperlyadjusted.
  • Page 24: Jump Starting

    Removethe bow-tiecotterpin securingthe deck stabilizerrod to thedeck. Slidethe deck lift rodfrom the mountingbracketon the deck asseen in Fig.21. /1;_,_ ... _,., Figure21 Carefullyremovethe PTOcablefrom the rearof the cuttingdeck by removingthe bow-tiecotterpin which securesit. Removethe springfromthe deck idler bracket.See Fig.22. PTOCable Figure22 10.
  • Page 25 If yourtractorhasnot been putinto usefor an extendedperiodof time, chargethe batteryas follows: Setyour batterychargerto delivera max of 10amperes. If yourbatterychargeris automatic,chargethe batteryuntilthe chargerindicatesthat chargingis complete.If the chargeris not automatic,chargefor no fewerthaneight hours. FUSE One 20 AMPfuse is installedin yourtractor'swiringharnessto protect the tractor'selectricalsystemfrom damagecaused byexcessive amperage.
  • Page 26: Parking Brake Adjustment

    iMPORTANT: The V-beltfoundon yourtractoris speciallydesigned to engageand disengagesafely.A substitute(non-OEM)V-beltcan be dangerousby notdisengagingcompletely.Fora properworking machine,useidentical equipmentbeltsas listedin the parts pagesof this Operator'sManual. Tochangeor replacethe deck belt on yourtractor,proceedas follows: Removethe deck as instructed e arlier inthis section. Removethe beltcoversfrom the spindlepulleysby removing the hexscrewsthat fastenthecoversto the deck.See Fig.
  • Page 27: Preparing The Engine

    Neverstorelawntractorwith fuel in tank indoorsor in poorly ventilatedareaswherefuel fumesmay reachan open flame,spark, or pilot lightas on a furnace,water heater,clothesdryer,or gas appliance. PREPARING THE ENGINE IMPORTANT: F uelleft in thefuel tank duringwarm weatherdeterio- ratesand will causeseriousstartingproblems. To preventgumdepositsfromforminginside the engine'scarburetor and causingpossiblemalfunction of theengine,thefuel systemmust be eithercompletely emptied,or the gasolinemustbe treatedwith a stabilizerto preventdeterioration.
  • Page 28: Need More Help

    Enginefails to start PTO/BladeEngageleverengaged. Parkingbrakenotengaged. Sparkplugwire(s) disconnected. Throttlecontrollevernot in correctstarting position. Chokenotactivated Fueltank empty,or stale fuel. Blockedfuel line. Faultyspark plug(s). Engineflooded. Enginerunserratically Unit runningwith CHOKEactivated. Sparkplugwire(s) loose. Blockedfuel line or stalefuel. Ventin gas cap plugged. Wateror dirt in fuel system. Dirtyair cleaner.
  • Page 29 777X44366 LEFT If BJ label Has important Em- misions Infor ... REF: 751 B278857 marion Place Label Here (Supplied By Manufacturer) Place On Engine 777D14479 On Back Of Seat 777123364 Place On Fender With The PTO Side Next To The Pto And The Deck Height Next ToThe Deck Height 777122494...
  • Page 30 Craftsman IViodel 247.28905 ®...
  • Page 31 Craftsman IViodel 247.28905 Part No, Ref, 925-1649 Bulb Socket 683-04619-4043 Hood Assembly 710-04484 Screw, 5/16-18 x .750 710-0599 Hex Washer 712-0292 Tin Clip Nut, 1/4-20 710-0751 Hex Screw, 710-05108 Screw, 1/4 x .750 712-04064 Nut, Hex Flange 731-07668 Grill 731-07458...
  • Page 32 Craftsman IViodel 247.28905...
  • Page 33 Craftsman Model 247.28905 Part No. Ref. I 683-04155A-0637 Shaft,Lift 712-04065 Nut, HexFlangeinsert Lock,3/8-16 714-04040 Bow-TiePin,91,RH 716-0106A E-ring,.625Shaft 720-0311 Grip,Handle 732-04225 Spring,Lift HandleTorsion 738-04130 Bolt, Shoulder,.625x .175:3/8-16 941-0225 Bearing,Hex Flange, 747-05296 Handle,Lift 747-04393 Lift Rod, 13.68 783-04494C-0637 Arm, DeckLift RH 783-04711C-0637...
  • Page 35 Craftsman Model 247.28905 Part No. Ref, 617-04024 Gear Assembly, 710-0376 Screw, 5/16-18, 1.00, Gr5 710-0643 Screw, 5/16-18, 1.00, Gr5, Lock 710-1309 Screw, Mach, 5/16-18, 0.750 710-3180 Screw, 5/16-18, 1.75, Gr5 912-0240 Nut, Jam, 7/16-20, Gr2 912-0214 Nut, Jam Lock, 3/8-24...
  • Page 36 Craftsman Model 247.28905 28.. 31 30...
  • Page 37 Craftsman Model 247.28905 Ref, Part No, Description 710-1268 Screw, #10-16 x .375 712-04063 Flange Lock Nut, 5/16-18 712-04064 Flange Lock Nut, 1/4-20 720-0309A Seat Adjustment 726-0201 Speed Nut 731-04074 Seat Adjustment 732-0499 Compression Spring, .41 x 1.50 732-1184 Extension Spring 736-0204 Flat Washer, .344 x .62 x .033...
  • Page 38 Craftsman IViodel 247.28905...
  • Page 39 Craftsman Model 247.28905 Ref, Description Part No. 683-04549-0637 Muffler Shield Assembly 710-0227 Screw, AB #8-18 0.500 710-04683 Tap Screw, 3/8-16 h000 710-0642 Tap Screw, 1/4-20 0.750 710-1314A Screw, Socket Head, 5/16-18 712-0271 Sems Nut, 1/4-20 BS-692236 Exhaust Gasket 725-0157 Cable Tie, 3/16 X .05 X Z4 726-0205 Hose Clamp, .490 Dia.
  • Page 40 Craftsman Model 247.28905...
  • Page 41 Craftsman Model 247.28905 Part No, Ref, 918-04925 Transmission 647-04200 Handle Control 647-04202-0637 Drive Pedal Assembly 710-0227 Screw, 8-I 8:0.500 710-0347 Hex Screw, 3/8-16 x 1.75 710-04484 Screw, 5/16-18 x .750 710-0514 Screw, 3/8-16 x 1.00 710-0604A Screw, 5/16-18 x 0.625 710-0809 Screw, I/4-20 x 1.250...
  • Page 42 Craftsman IViodel 247.28905...
  • Page 43 Craftsman Model 247.28905 Part No. Ref, 918-04822A Spindle Pulley Assembly 683-0254B-0637 Deck Hanger Bracket Assembly Wash, Flat, .385 x 1.0 x .030 936-0344 983-04511 Brake Assembly 983-04525 Brake Assembly 983-04572-0637 Deck 710-04484 Screw, 5/16-18 x .750 710-0514 Screw, 3/8-16 x 1.00 710-0528 Hex Screw, 5/16-18 x 1.25...
  • Page 44 Craftsman Engine IViodel 331777=1372=B2 46 S.ORT BLOCK ] I 1056 OPERATOR'S 24 ¢ For IViodel 247.28905 MANUAL I [1329 REPLAOEMENT 718 d_-_%_ 616 _ 1o27 750 6 ENGINEI 1330 REPAIR MANUAL _.._ 584 ... _ _._ _ 1264 684 _-_ _"...
  • Page 45 Craftsman Engine IViodel 331777=1372=B2 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 1022 ¸1023111111 1022 For IViodel 247.28905 868 @ 1022 238 Q 1026 ._ 1095 VALVE GASKET SET 1022 868f_ 654 ,_)_...
  • Page 46 Craftsman Engine IViodel 331777-1372-B2 For IViodel 247.28905 127c_ 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL 105 _ 617 _' 987 (o) 1266 _...
  • Page 47 Craftsman Engine Model 331777=1372=B2 1265 For Model 247.28905 1036 EMiSSiONS LABEL 1040 _<: ..._d::_ 1139 d?_ 601 _.._ 324 ... 1070 1005 1o44 _-_ "-/)Z_:-_%,_ lO51 _,. _:,/ ... V_./A _-_'T 305A ...;7> 305B _,;'_ ¢-:4 _,__...
  • Page 48 Craftsman Engine Model 331777-1372-B2 For Model 247.28905 1119 G>...
  • Page 49 Gasket-Intake 6921371_A Gasket-Intake 7943121"A 690227 Stud (Carburetor) 691148 Screw (Intake Manifold) 691003 Screw (Flywheel 793610 Kit-Idle Mixture 690718 Screw (Throttle For Model 247.28905 Ref, Description Kit (Magneto Side) Side) Head Head) (Standard) (020" Oversize) 187A 187B Rod) (Intake) (Exhaust) Guard)
  • Page 50 697109t Passage Gasket and Liquid Sealant are interchangeable) 791850 Hose-Clamp 691620 Pin-Cotter 692012 Crank-Governor 692138tA SeaI-O Ring (Intake Manifold) 699813A Seal-Choke/Throttle For Niodel 247.28905 Description Ref, I (Blower Assembly Armature) Crank) Control Lever) Tube (See Reference Crank Control Lever) Passage (Use with...
  • Page 51 1059 I070 I090 1091 I095 Ill9 I127 1263 1264 1265 1266 1270 1329 1330 For Model 247.28905 Part No. Description 796981 Screen-Oil Pump Gasket-Rocker Cover (Rocker Cover 272475st _ Gasket and Liquid Sealant are inter- changeable) 797421 Cover-Rocker 794644 Pump-Oil...
  • Page 52 This page intentionally left blank. Use this page to make any notes regarding your tractor.
  • Page 53 This page intentionally left blank. Use this page to make any notes regarding your tractor.
  • Page 54 250 hours of actual engine running time. to be emission compliant for 500 hours of actual engine running time. lawn mower is used 20 to 25 hours per year. Therefore, rating would equate to 10 to 12 years. the relative level of emissions...
  • Page 55 Sears Brands Management and the United States Environmental Emission Control System Warranty EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGEISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- FIEDENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIAIN 1995ANDTHEREAF- TER,WHICHARE USEDINCALIFORNIA,ANDTO CERTIFIEDMODEL California and United The CaliforniaAir ResourcesBoard(CARD),U.S.EPAand Searsare pleased to explainthe EmissionControlSystemWarrantyon your modelyear2000and latersmalloff-roadengine(SORE).In California,newsmall off-roadengines mustbe designed,builtand equippedto meetthe State'sstringentanti-smog standards.Elsewherein the UnitedStates, newnon-road,spark-ignition enginescertifiedfor modelyear 1997and latermustmeetsimilar standardsset forth bythe U.S.EPA.Sears mustwarrantthe emissioncontrol systemon your...
  • Page 56 FEDERAL and/or CALIFORNIA MTDConsumerGroupInc,the United StatesEnvironmental P rotectionAgency (EPA),and, forthose productscertifiedfor sale in the stateof California,the CaliforniaAir ResourcesBoard(CARB)are pleasedto explainthe emission(evaporativeand/or exhaust)controlsystem(ECS) warrantyon youroutdoor 2006 andlater smalloff-roadspark-ignitedengine andequipment(outdoorequipmentengine)In California,new outdoorequipmentengines mustbe designed,built and equippedto meetthe State'sstringentanti-smog standards(in otherstates, 1997andlater modelyear equipmentmustbe designed,built, and equippedto meet the U.S.
  • Page 57: Warranted Parts

    The repairor replacementof any warrantedpart otherwiseeligiblefor warrantycoveragemay be excludedfrom such warrantycoverageif MTDConsumerGroup Inc demonstratesthatthe outdoor equipmentengine has beenabused,neglected,or improperlymaintained,and thatsuch abuse, neglect,or impropermainte- nancewasthe direct causeof the needfor repairor replacementof the part. That notwithstanding, a ny adjustmentof a component t hat hasa factory installed, andproperlyoperating,adjustmentlimitingdevice is still eligible for warrantycoverage.
  • Page 58 Congratulations on makinga smartpurchase.YournewCraftsman@ productis designedand manufactured for yearsof dependableopera- tion. But likeall products,it may requirerepairfrom time to time.That's whenhavinga RepairProtectionAgreementcansave youmoneyand aggravation. Here'swhat the RepairProtectionAgreement*includes: * Expert service byour 10,000professional r epairspecialists o Unlimitedserviceand no chargefor partsand laboron all coveredrepairs o Product replacement up to $1500if yourcoveredproductcan't be fixed...
  • Page 59 Operaci6n segura Practicas Etiquetas De Seguridad ... Asamblea ... Operacion de ... De Servicio y Mantenimiento de ... Cuandose explotany mantienende acuerdocon todas lasinstruccionessuministradas, e n caso de cualquierparte no fungiblesde este equipo de montarfalla debidoa un defectode materialo manode obradurantedosa_osa partirde la fechao la compra,Ilameal 1-800-659-5917 para organizarde formagratuitareparaci6nen el hogar.
  • Page 60 La presenciade este sirnboloindicaque setrata de instrucciones irnportantes de seguridadque se deben respetarpara evitar poneren peligrosu seguridadpersonaly/o materialy la de otras personas.Lea y sigatodas lasinstruccionesde este manualantes de poneren funcionarniento esta rn_.quina. Si no respetaestas instrucciones podria provocarlesionespersonales.Cuandoveaeste sirnbolo,i presteatenci6na la advertencia! PROPOSICION 65 DE CALIFORNIA El escapedel motorde este producto,algunosde sus cornponentes...
  • Page 61 • Nuncadeje la rn_.quina e n funcionarniento sinvigilancia. A pague siernprelascuchillas, c oloqueel frenode rnano,detengael motory retirela Ilaveantesde bajarsedel vehiculo. • Tengasurnocuidadoal cargaro descargar la rn_.quina e n un rernolque o carni6n.Estaunidadno debeconducirse en ascensoo descensode rarnpas, p orquepodrialadearsey provocar lesiones personales graves.En las rarnpas la rn_.quina s e debeernpujar rnanualrnente p aracargarlao descargarla correctarnente.
  • Page 62 • Paraevitaraccidentes al operaren rnarcha atr_.s, s iernpre desengan- chelascuchillas antesde colocarrnarcha atr_.s. Si est,.instalado, el "ModoPrecauci6n Marcha Atr_.s" ( hojasde operarla rn_.quina, rnientras que lospaseos a la inversa) n o debeutilizarse cuandohay ni_osu otraspersonas presentes. • Mantenga a losni_osalejadosde losrnotores en rnarcha o calientes. Pueden sufrirquernaduras c onun silenciador c aliente.
  • Page 63 • Reviselos pernosde rnontajede la(s)cuchilla(s)y del motor a intervalosfrecuentes para verificarque est_n bienapretados. Adern_.s, inspeccionevisualrnente la(s) cuchilla(s)en buscade da_os(por ejernplo,desgasteexcesivo,abolladuras,rajaduras, etc.). Reernplace la(s) cuchilla(s)Onicarnente conlas cuchillas de fabricantesde equiposoriginales(O.E.M.)listadasen este manual.El usode piezasque no curnplencon lasespecifi- cacionesdel equipooriginal podriatenercornoresultadoun rendirniento incorrectoy adern_.s poneren riesgola seguridad. Lascuchillasde las podadorassonrnuyafiladas.Envuelvala cuchillao utiliceguantesy extremelas precaucionescuando efectOe rnantenirniento.
  • Page 64 S[IVIBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD Esta p&ginarepresenta y describela seguridadlos simbolosque puedenpareceren este producto.Lea,comprenda,y sigatodas instrucciones en la m_quinaantesprocurarpara reuniry operar. LEA EL MANUAL(S) DEL OPERADOR leido, entienda, PELIGRO-- DE EL CORTE DE PIE Nunca transporte ® PELIGRO-- DE EL CORTE DE PIE Retroceda lentamente.
  • Page 65 Use esta pagina como guia para determinar en qu_ pendientes no puede operar el tractor de manera segura. Noopere la cortadorade cespeden dichaspendientes.Nocorte en inclinaciones mayoresde 15grados(elevaci6naproximada de 2 1/2pies por cada 10 pies). El tractor corta cesped podriavoltearsey causar lesionesgraves.En las pendientesoperecon los tractorescorta-cespedhaciaarribay abajo,nuncade forma transversal. o [aesqu[na d eunedifido...
  • Page 66 ROTATING BLADES CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH DO NOT MOW WHEN CHILDREN OR OTHERS ARE AROUND NEVER CARRY CHILDREN EVEN WITH BLADE(S) OFF. LOOK DOWN AND BEHIND B EFORE AND WHILE BACKING. MOWING INREVERSE ISNOT RECOMMENDED. ADVERTENCIA Este simbolo seRalaa cabo las instrucciones de segu- ridad importantesque, si no se siguen, podria poner en peligro la seguridad personal y / o la propiedad de si mismo y los dem,_s.Lea y siga las instrucciones en...
  • Page 67 IMPORTANTE: Su tractorse entregaconaceite de motoren el motor.Sin embargo,debe cornprobarel nivelde aceiteantes de operar.Consultela secci6nde ServMoy Mantenirniento para obtener instrucciones sobrela cornprobaci6n del nivelde aceite. CONEXION DE LOS CABLES PROPOSlCION 65 DE CALiFORNiA Postesde la bateria,terrninales y accesoriosreladonados,con- fienen plornoy cornpuestos de pJorno, s ustanciasque en el Estado de Californiapor causarc_.ncer y daSosreproducfivos.
  • Page 68 Coloquela arandela(con la parteahuecadahaciaabajo) sobreel volantey seguracon el tornillohexagonal. W ase la figura.3. Figura3 Coloquela tapadel volantesobreel centrodel volantey empuje haciaabajo hastaque "clics"en su lugar. COLOCACI6N DE LA SEDE NOTA: Si se ha enviadosu instaladasen el asientohaciaatr_.s en el asientodel eje soporte,tire de la pestafiase encuentraen la sedede paraday mantenerlaabiertamientrasdeslizael asientodel asientodel pivotesoporte.
  • Page 69 NOTA:Cualquierreferenciahechaen este manualal lado DERECHO o IZQUlERDO del tractordebe entenderse tal como se observa desdela posici6ndel operador. Cumple con los est_ndares Lasm_.quinas quitanievede Craftsman cumplen conlosest_.ndares de seguridad del instituto estadounidense d e est_.ndares nacionales (ANSI). Figure6 de seguridad de ANSI...
  • Page 70: Freno De Estacionamiento

    FRENO DE ESTACIONAMIENTO Paraajustarel frenode estacionarniento, sueltetotalrnenteel pedalde freno. Moverla palancadel frenode estacionarniento en la posici6n ON. Suelteel pedal del frenopara que el freno de estacionarniento a participar. Paraliberarel frenode rnano,presioneel pedalde freno y moverla palancadel freno de estacionarniento fuera de la posici6nONyen la posici6nOFE NOTA: El frenode estacionarniento sedebe establecersi el operador deja el asientocon el motoren rnarchao el motorse apagar_.
  • Page 71: Pedal De Freno

    equipadas conun r_.pido ajustedelasiento,deslice la palancade ajuste delasiento a la izquierda y la posici6n del asiento a la posici6n deseada. Unavezque seencuentre una posici6n c6rnoda, s ueltela palancade ajustedelasientoparabloquear e l asiento en su lugar.Refi_rase a la Asarnblea de estemanual p arainstrucciones r n_.s detalladas sobrelos ajustesdelasiento.
  • Page 72: Reverse Caution Mode

    Figura7 rnente,no opere el tractor,contacteinrnediatarnente Parts & RepairServiceCenter. • El sisternade bloqueode seguridadirnpide el arranquedel vehiculoa rnenosque el frenode estacionarniento y se dedica a la tornade fuerza (Blade Engage)palancaest,. en la posici6n OFFdesconectadoposici6n0. • El sisternade bloqueode seguridadseapagar_, a utorn_.ticarnente el motorsi el operadordeja el asientoantes de iniciar e l frenode estacionarniento.
  • Page 73: Setting The Cutting Height

    SETTING THE CUTTING HEIGHT Seleccionela posici6nde alturade la plataforrna de corte rnediantela colocaci6nde la palancade levantarla cubierta en cualquierade los seisdiferentesrnuescasalturade corte en el lado derechode la defensa. Ajustede las ruedasde cubierta paraque se entre 1A pulgadasy 1/2 pulgadapor encirnadel suelocuandoel tractorse encuentra en una superficielisa, planacornounaentrada.
  • Page 74 NO intente cambiar ladirecci6n delamarcha cuando eltractor est_ e nmovimiento. Siempre Ileve e ltractor auna parada completa antes demover lapalanca decontrol develocidad atr_.s oviceversa. El n ohacerlo podria r esultar enserios daSos ala transmisi6n desutractor. IMPORTANTE" En primerlugar tiempo,los operadoresdeben utilizar velocidadesm_.slentas.Convi_rtetetotalmente familiarizadocon el funcionamiento del tractory loscontrolesantes de operarel tractoren una mayorvelocidad.
  • Page 75 • Mantengalascuchillasafiladasy sustituirlascuchillasen caso de desgaste.ConsulteHojasde corte en el servicioy la secci6n Mantenimiento de este manualde instruccionesde afilarla hoja adecuada. MOVER EL TRACTOR MANUAL La transmisi6nde sutractorestAequipadocon una vAIvulade alivio hidrost_.tica paralas ocasionescuandoes necesarioparamoverel tractorde forma manual.La activaci6nde esta fuerzaa la v_.lvula de liquidoen la transmisi6nde eludirsu ruta normal,permitiendo que las Ilantastraserasa la "ruedalibre'.
  • Page 76 Antesde realizarcualquiertipodel rnantenirniento/servicio, suelte todoslos rnandosy pareel motor.Esperehasta que todaslas partes de rnovirniento hayanvenidoa una paradacornpleta.Desconecteel alarnbrede bujiay b_.selo contra el motor para prevenirel cornienzo involuntario. SiernpreIlevepuestoscristalesinastillables durantela operaci6no realizandocualquierajusteo reparaciones. Antesde cadauso Niveldel aceite de motor Silenciadorzonay los controles Dedode la rnanode guardia Elaceitedel motor Losprirneroscinco horas...
  • Page 77: Mantenimiento

    MANTENIMIENTO DEL MOTOR Comprobar el aceite del motor $61oel uso de aceite de alta detergenteseevalu6la calidadcon la clasificaci6nde servicioAPI SF,SG,SH, o SJ. Seleccione el aceitede gradode viscosidadSAEde acuerdocon de la ternperatura de funcionarniento. S iga la tabla de abajo. Aunquevarios de los aceitesde viscosidad(5W20,10W30,etc) rnejorarla partida en c_ue se traducir_, e n el consurno de petr61eo aurnenta...
  • Page 78 Fuel Filter • Mantengala gasolinalejosde chispas,llamas,lucespiloto,el calor,y otras fuentesde ignici6n. • Cornpruebelaslineasde combustible,el tanque,la tapay los accesoriosconfrecuenciapara detectarrajaduraso escapes. Reernplazar si es necesario. • Antesde reernplazar e l filtro de combustible,vaciarel tanquede combustiblesegQn las instruccionesde abajo. • Nofuga de combustiblecuandoel motorest,. caliente.Dejeque el motorde tiernpoadecuadopara enfriar.Evacuar el combustible en un recipienteaprobadoal aire libre,lejosde llamasabiertas.
  • Page 79: Limpieza Del Motor

    Bujia Lirnpieel _rea alrededorde la basede la bujia.No chorrode arenade la bujfa.La bujfadebe lirnpiarsepot raspadoo cepillo de alarnbrey el lavadocon un disolventecornercialde Retirare inspeccionarla bujfa.BrechaAseg0resede que se ha fijadoen .030". Vet Figura15. Electrode Porcelain .030 (.76 mm) gap Figura 15 Carnbiarla bujia (Champion®...
  • Page 80 LIMPIEZA DE LAS MAQUINAS ERTA Cualquiercombustibleo aceitederrarnado en la rn_.quina d ebe ser borradode inrnediato. NOperrnitaque los desechosque se acurnulan alrededorde lasaletas de refrigeraci6n del motoro en cualquierotra partede la rn_.quina. IMPORTANTE: El usode una lavadorade presi6nparalirnpiarsu tractorno se recornienda. P uedecausardafios a loscornponentes el_ctricos,ejes, poleas,rodarnientos o el motor.
  • Page 81 Figura18 la cubiertade colgar.Wase la figura. 18. Balancede la cubiertacon una Ilavepara encenderel equipode ajuste(que se encuentrainrnediatarnente detr_sdel tornillo hexagonal s 61o aflojar)haciala derecha/ arribao haciala izquierdao haciaabajo.La cubierta est_ bienequilibradocuando las rnediciones de arnbashoja puntaadoptadaanteriorrnente son iguales. Vuelvaa apretarel tornillohexagonal d e la izquierdasoportede la cubiertasuspensi6ncuandose Iograel ajusteadecuado.
  • Page 82 apoyode cubierta,y refirarcon cuidadoel apoyode la cubierta de losbrazosde elevad6nde la cubierta, Repitalos pasosanterioresen el lado derechodel tractor, NOTA: El arcode peloalfilerde corbataclips debe serinstalado desdearribahaciaabajo, Moverla palancade elevacbn en la cubierta de prirneraclase en el guardabarrosderechoa plantearla cubiertade levantarlos brazoshada arribay fueradel carnino.
  • Page 83 CARGA Bateriasemiten un gasexplosivodurantela carga. Cargade la bateriaen un _.reabien ventiladay mantenerse lejos de una llama abiertao pilotocomo en un calentadorde agua,estufa,homo, secadorade ropao de otrosaparatosde gas. AIcargarla bateriade su tractor,utilices61oun cargadorde 12V dise_adopara bateriasde plomo-_.cido. Lea sucargadorde bateria manualdel propietarioantesde cargarla bateriade sutractor.Siga siemprelas instrucciones y presteatenci6na su ADVERTENCIAS.
  • Page 84 NOTA: Cuandotengaque reernplazar l a hoja,aseg[3rese de instalar la hojacon la carade la hoja rnarcada"fondo"(o con un nQrnero estarnpado en _1)frentea la tierracuandoel cortacespedse encuen- tra en la posici6nde funcionarniento. Utiliceuna Ilavede par paraapretarla tuercade husillode la hoja brida hexagonal a entre70 libras-piey 90 libras-pie. DE CAIVIBIAR LA CORREA Aseg_rese de que apagueel motor,quitarla Ilavede encendido,...
  • Page 85 Nuncaalmacenetractorde cespedconcombustibleen el tanque en un espaciocerradoo en _.reas conpoca venfilaci6n, d onde los gases del combustiblepuedanalcanzarel fuego,chispaso una luz pilotocomo la que tienenalgunoshornos,calentadores de agua, secadoresde ropao algQn otto disposifivoa gas. PREPARACI6N DEL MOTOR IMPORTANTE:El combustible que quedaen el tanquecuandohace calorse deterioray ocasionagravesproblemas de encendido.
  • Page 86 El motorno arranca Perillade potenciade arranque(PTO)conectada. Noest&colocado elfreno de mano. Se ha desconectadoel cable de lasbuj[as. La palancade controldel reguladorno est_ en la posici6nde arranquecorrecta. Nose ha activadoel cebador El dep6sitode combustibleest_ vac[o o el combustiblese ha echadoa perder. La I[neadel combustibleest&bloqueada. Las buj[asnofuncionan correctamente.
  • Page 87 Busque el periodo de duraci6n Los motores cuyo cumpiimiento con los estAndares de emisi6n Tier 2 de la Comisi6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certificado deben exhibir la informaci6n relacionada con el periodo de duraci6n de ias emisiones y la clasificaci6n Brands Management Corporation ponen esta informaci6n a disposici6n...
  • Page 88 Sears Brands Management y la Agencia de Protecci6n Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones LA COBERTURA DE LA GARANTJA DE CONTROLDE EMISIONESES APLIOABLE A LOS MOTORES CERTIFICADOS COMPRADOSEN CALIFOR- NIA EN 1995Y POSTERIORMENTE, QUESE UTILIZANENCALIFORNIA, Declaraci6n de garanfia sobre defectos en el control de emJsiones El Consejode RecursosAmbientalesde California(CARB),la EPA(Agencia de Protecci6n Ambientalde los EE.UU.)y Searstienenel gusto de explicarla...
  • Page 89 DECLARACION FEDERAL y/oDECALIFORNIA SUS DERECHOS Y OBLIGACIONES MTDConsumerGroupInc, laAgencia de Protecci6nMedioambiental d e los EstadosUnidos(EPA),y para aquellosproductoscertificadosparasu ventaen el es- tadode California,el Departamento de los Recursosdel Aire de California(CARB)secomplacenen explicarla garanfiaque cubre al sistemade control (ECS)de emisiones(evaporativasy/o de escape)de su equipoy motor(motor de equipos de exteriores)de encendidopot chispa paratodo terreno,peque_o,de exteriores del a_o2006 y a_osposterioresEn California,losnuevosmotoresde equipos de exterioresdebenestar dise_ados,construidosy equipadospara cumplircon las estrictasnormasantipoluci6ndel Estado(en otrosestados,losequipos del a_o 1997y modelosposterioresdebenser estar dise_ados,construidosy equipados para cumplircon las regulacionesde motoresde encendidopor chispa para todoterrenopeque_osde laAgencia de Protecci6nMedioambiental d e los Estados...
  • Page 90: Piezas Garantizadas

    8. Durante latotalidad del periodo de garantia de piezas bajo g arantia suficiente para satisfacer 9. Cualquier pieza de reemplazo se podr_ usar para e lcumplimiento elpropietario. Dicho uso no reducir_ las obligaciones 10. No sepodr_n usar piezas adicionales nimodificadas El u so d ecualquier pieza adicional omodificada...
  • Page 91 Felicitaciones por haberrealizadouna adquisici6ninteligente.El productoCraftsman@ que ha adquiridoest_ dise_adoy fabricado para brindarrnuchosa_osde funcionarniento confiable.Perocorno todoslos productosa vecespuederequerirde reparaciones.Esen esernornentocuandoel disponerde un Acuerdode protecci6npara reparaciones le puedeahorrardineroy problernas. A continuaci6nsedetallanlos puntosincluidosen el Acuerdo: • Servicio experto prestadopor nuestros10,000especialistas en reparaciones profesionales •...
  • Page 92 Ilame el nt_mero abajo. 1-800-659-5917 Craftsman Help Line ® Registered Trademark / Trademark of KCD IP, LLC in the United States, or Sears Brands, LLC in other countries...

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