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Sony CLIE PEG-UX40 User Manual

For sony cliÉ.
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: : a d e m o c r a c y o f a c c e s s : :
Picsel Viewer
for Sony CLIÉ
User Guide


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  • Page 1 : : a d e m o c r a c y o f a c c e s s : : Picsel Viewer for Sony CLIÉ User Guide...
  • Page 2 No such uses are intended to convey endorsement of or other affiliations with the document. This document is proprietary to Picsel. Document number PICSEL-EUG-0020B for landscape format PalmOS 5.2 Sony CLIÉs. June 2003 Picsel EMEA Office...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Contents Introduction Getting Started Panning and Zooming a document Opening Documents Using Picsel Viewer Document View Folder View Document Format Restrictions History View Bookmark View Other Options Configuring Picsel Viewer Acknowledgements Questions and Answers Page 3...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Introduction Picsel Viewer is a revolutionary product for document browsing on thin- client computing platforms. Its leading edge technology allows you to view documents on your CLIÉ without any file-conversion or loss of content. Powerful real-time zooming and panning of documents using intuitive gestures allows close examination and broad overviews with equal ease.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Now that you have a Sony CLIÉ handheld powered by Picsel Viewer, you’re ready to see it in action! It is available from the CLIÉ Application Launcher screen, so to begin, tap the Home icon at the bottom of your CLIÉ’s screen.
  • Page 6 CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual pen off the screen. You can do this repeatedly so that you can view any size of document. Further, you can ‘throw’ the document across the screen, and it will continue moving after you have released the pen. This gives you time to start another stroke.
  • Page 7: Opening Documents

    Picsel Viewer for Opening Documents You can create documents on your desktop PC and copy them to Memory Stick media. Picsel Viewer can read your favourite document formats such as HTML, PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint without any re-processing. To look at files on your Memory Stick media or internal media, tap the Picsel Viewer carousel icon and then tap the Folder View icon, from where you can select documents to view.
  • Page 8: Using Picsel Viewer

    Picsel Viewer for Using Picsel Viewer The main place for controlling Viewer is the carousel, which you can open by tapping the Picsel logo in the bottom right corner of the screen or by pressing the ‘Back’ button on your CLIÉ twice (the table on page 10 lists keys to press).
  • Page 9 CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual While you are zooming or panning, the document will appear less clearly and will then ‘sharpen up’ when you release the pen. This is perfectly normal, and the clarity and speed with which the document moves are part of the unique power of Picsel’s ePAGE technology.
  • Page 10: Folder View

    Picsel Viewer for Keys As well as tapping icons on the screen to perform actions in Picsel Viewer, you can also press certain physical buttons, as follows: Context All views including Document, History, Bookmark and Folder Views Document View History, Bookmarks, Folder Views Folder View You can look at documents stored on Memory Stick media or internal...
  • Page 11 Icon list Name list Sort by Type Sort by icon Name icon CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual colours, depending on their type. You can tap a folder icon to see its contents, or tap a document icon to open it with Picsel Viewer. The following document formats are supported: Document Type HTML...
  • Page 12: Document Format Restrictions

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Document Format Restrictions Picsel Viewer can display documents with a high level of accuracy, however, some features may not be displayed in certain document formats. Overall restrictions • Bold, italic font and font changes are not supported in Japanese text because there is only one Japanese font installed.
  • Page 13 CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual • Dashed lines, dotted lines and borders may not be displayed as specified. • Formulas are not supported. • Some cell formats, including some date and accounting formats, are not supported. • Text boxes do not support formatted or vertical text. Microsoft PowerPoint restrictions •...
  • Page 14: History View

    History View icon Sort by URL Sort by Date Bookmark View icon CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual History View If you’ve looked at a lot of documents, you may want to return to one you saw earlier. The ‘History View’ shows your previously visited documents.
  • Page 15: Other Options

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual The first time you look at the bookmarks, the page will probably be empty. To add the current page (from the Document View) to the bookmarks, you can use the ‘Add Bookmark’ icon, shown here. If you wish to delete one of your bookmarks, tap the small icon image of the page, then tap on the dustbin icon in the corner.
  • Page 16: Configuring Picsel Viewer

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Configuring Picsel Viewer There are a number of choices you can make about the way Picsel Viewer works, to make your viewing experience more pleasant. First among these is the screen orientation. Your may prefer to read lines of text across the screen more clearly, or you may wish to view a whole page at one time.
  • Page 17 CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual other tasks. If it is hidden, the entire screen is dedicated to viewing your document, but you can still tap in the corner to see the carousel. ‘Page Flick gesture’ allows you to move between pages in a document by flicking your pen across the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 18: Acknowledgements

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Encoding Preferences Text documents that you open may contain writing in a range of possible ‘character encodings’ which your CLIÉ must identify. This can be controlled in the third page of preferences. ‘Home’ section of the preferences Picsel Viewer can attempt to ‘Auto-select’...
  • Page 19: Questions And Answers

    CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Questions Answers We hope that your experience with Picsel Viewer is painless and pleasant. However, a number of questions may arise that have simple solutions, such as the following. Why is there no document on screen? Picsel Viewer may have failed to open a document (perhaps because the file had been corrupted), and left you with a blank screen.
  • Page 20 CLIÉ Picsel Viewer for User Manual Why do the fonts look different from my PC? Picsel Viewer includes a range of fonts, but not all of those you have on your PC, so it has to substitute them for the nearest it has. How can I get the most out of using Picsel Viewer? Practice the gestures for panning and zooming, as well as the page flick to other pages, in order to get where you want quickly and accurately.

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