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  • Page 1 Tall freezer Tall Larder Fridge TZ6051W SOM 9650...
  • Page 2 Please read this manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been produced in modern plants and checked under the most meticulous quality control procedures, will provide you with years of good service. For this, we recommend you to carefully read the entire manual of your product before using it and keep it at hand for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1 Your refrigerator 5 Using your refrigerator 13 Setting the operating temperature 13 Indicator lights ......14 2 Warnings Making ice cubes ......15 Electrical Requirements ....5 Defrosting of the appliance ..15 Warning! This Appliance Must Be Earthed .........
  • Page 4: Your Refrigerator

    Your refrigerator MAX. 1. Control Panel 2. Flap (Fast-Freeze compartment) 3. Ice cube tray & Ice bank 4. Drawers 5. Adjustable front feet C Figures that take place in this instruction manual are schematic and may not correspond exactly with your product. If the subject parts are not included in the product you have purchased, then it is valid for other models.
  • Page 5: Warnings

    • Do not dispose of the appliance on a • Keep ventilation openings, in the fire. At BEKO, the care and protection appliance enclosure or in the built-in of our environment is an ongoing structure, clear of obstruction.
  • Page 6: Electrical Requirements

    3. Connect the brown (Live) wire to mains lead which can only be obtained the terminal in the plug marked ‘L’ or from a BEKO Authorised Service coloured red. Agent. With alternative plugs a 13 A fuse must...
  • Page 7: Energy Saving Tips

    Energy Saving Tips 1- Ensure your appliance is installed in a well ventilated area. 2- Ensure the time between buying chilled/frozen food and placing them in your appliance is kept at minimum, particularly in summer. We recommend you use a cool bag or a special carrier bag to carry perishable food.
  • Page 8: Installation

    3. Failure to comply with the the controls. above instructions could result in BEKO declines to accept any liability damage occuring to the appliance. should the instructions not be The manufacturer will not be held followed.
  • Page 9 3. Fit the two plastic wall spacers 7. A special receptacle is supplied to store the mains plug during transit. supplied onto the condenser at the The receptacle is fixed at the back of back of the appliance by rotating them the cabinet, on the right hand side of 1/4 turn.
  • Page 10: Reversing The Doors

    REVERSING THE DOORS 3.Gently prise off plastic hinge covers on both sides of front top panel using a small flat-headed screwdriver. (1-2) We recommend that you reverse the 4-Unscrew the bolts of the top hinge door before switching on for the first and remove top hinge.
  • Page 11 15-Locate and re-fit door to bottom hinge pin. (14) 16-Re-fit the upper hinge on the opposite side by using a flat headed screwdriver. (15) 17.Fit front top panel plastic hinge covers on the opposite sides. (16) 18.Remove the handle cover gently taking care not to damage the appliance.(17) 19.Unscrew and remove the handle...
  • Page 12 45 ° 180°...
  • Page 13: Before Operating Starting

    Before operating STARTING warm. This is normal. These areas are Final Check designed to be warm to avoid Before you start using the refrigerator condensation. check that: 9.We recommend that you set the 1.The front feet have been adjusted thermostat knob at MIN setting and so the appliance is level.
  • Page 14: Using Your Refrigerator

    Using your refrigerator We recommend checking the temperature with a thermometer to Setting the operating ensure that the storage compartments temperature are kept to the desired temperature. Remember to take the reading The operating temperature is regulated immediately since the thermometer by the temperature control.
  • Page 15: Indicator Lights

    MAX. Indicator lights Important: There are three coloured indicator When you lower the set temperature, there may be a short delay before the lights located inside the appliance which show the operating mode of the compressor starts to operate. This is freezer.
  • Page 16: Making Ice Cubes

    Making ice cubes • Attention Keep the already deep-frozen food always separated with freshly placed Fill the ice-cube tray 3/4 full with water food. and place it in the freezer. As soon as the water has turned into When deep-freezing fresh food, the ice, you can take out the ice cubes.
  • Page 17: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning ** We recommend that you switch ** Any dust that gathers on the off the appliance at the socket outlet condenser, which is located at the and pull out the mains plug before back of the freezer, should be removed cleaning.
  • Page 18: Do's And Don'ts

    Do's and Don'ts Do-Check contents of the freezer at Don’t- Exceed the maximum freezing regular intervals. capacity (16 kg in any 24 hours) when Do- Clean your freezer regularly. freezing fresh food. Do- Keep food for as short a time as Don’t- Consume ice-cream and water possible and adhere to “Best Before”, ices direct from the freezer.
  • Page 19: Problem Solving

    PROBLEM SOLVING If the appliance does not operate when switched on, check: • The plug is inserted properly in the socket and that the power supply is on. (To check the power supply to the socket, plug in another appliance) •...
  • Page 20 • The cost of functional replacement parts, but excluding consumable items. • The labour costs of a Beko approved repairer to carry out the repair. What is not covered? • Transit, delivery or accidental damage or misuse and abuse.
  • Page 21 Otherwise please call the appropriate number above where service can be obtained at a charge. Should you experience any difficulty in obtaining service please contact the Beko Customer Help-Line. Tel: 0845 6004911 e-mail:
  • Page 22 BEKO plc Beko House Caxton Way Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8UF Tel: 0845 6004911 Fax: 0845 6004922 Printed in Turkey e-mail: 57 0899 0000 Part no: website: Revision no:...

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