Samsung SCH-110 Owner's Manual

Cdma portable cellular telephone.
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Printed in Korea
'98/03 Rev. 1.1

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  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions The use of cellular phones in an aircraft: Turn your phone OFF before boarding any aircraft. Use it on the ground only with crew permission. Do not use the phone while you are in the air. To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require you to have permission from a crew...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Front View of the Phone ... 6 Rear View of the Phone ... 7 Display Icons ... 8 Preparation Installing the Battery ... 9 Removing the Battery ... 9 Charging the Battery ... 10 More on Batteries ... 14 Checking the Battery Charge Level ...

  • Page 4: Front View Of The Phone, Rear View Of The Phone

    Front View of the Phone Volume buttons ( These buttons are also used Strap hole to scroll option menu Receiving lamp Buzzer Antenna Speaker Display SEND: Places the call after the number has been entered SEND CLR: Clears messages on LCD END: Ends a call Number keypad PQRS...

  • Page 5: Display Icons, Installing The Battery, Removing The Battery

    Display Icons INUSE ROAM CDMA displays the dialed numbers and the current status Blinks while your phone selects a channel INUSE and lights up when the line is connected. NOSVC NOSVC: No service area SVC: Service area Lights up when your phone is out of the ROAM home area.

  • Page 6: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery When you purchase this phone, the battery is not fully charged. Please charge the battery fully before you operate your phone. To Use the Normal Charger 1. Plug the AC/DC adapter into the rear of the charger. 2.

  • Page 7

    See page 78 for important 'Battery Safety Precautions' related to using your Samsung Cellular phone. Using the Cigarette Lighter Adapter The cigarette lighter adapter enables you to power your phone directly from your car battery, saving the power in the battery for portable use.

  • Page 8: More On Batteries

    More on Batteries The lamp color indicates the charging status as follows. Status Charging Completed Discharging Abnormal Standby Slot Front Green Yellow Rear Yellow Green (Blink) The full charging time is different according to the battery type as follows. Standard Battery Time about 2 hours...

  • Page 9: Checking The Battery Charge Level, Turning The Phone On And Off

    Checking the Battery Charge Level The battery charge level is displayed at the left corner of the display. The number of blocks represents the battery charge level. INUSE FM CDMA S A M S U N G Example: 0 1 / 0 4 3 : 1 5 P Battery fully charged Battery low...

  • Page 10: Extending The Antenna, Making A Call

    Extending the Antenna For best performance, extend the antenna fully when you use the phone. 1. Grasp the knob on the end of the antenna and carefully pull the antenna out to its full extension. Result: Reception quality is improved. 2.

  • Page 11: Prepending A Stored Number, Receiving Calls, Caller Id Display

    6. When you have finished the call, SEND press END. PQRS WXYZ OPER Note: If your party does not answer your call, INUSE flickers and 'REDIAL' appears on the display. Your phone is automatically redialing the number. When the call is connected using automatic redialing, the phone rings once to alert you so that you may begin the conversation.

  • Page 12: Adjusting Volumes

    Adjusting Volumes You can adjust the volume of the sounds generated on your phone by using the volume buttons ( on the left side of the phone. Keytone Volume This function is only available in Standby mode. Press until you reach the desired volume level.

  • Page 13: Mute, Choosing The Alert Type

    Mute This feature allows you to mute the phone's microphone, so that the listener cannot hear you or anything happening at your end. This function is only available during a telephone conversation. SEND 1. Press MENU while you are on the phone.

  • Page 14: Choosing The Alert Tone, Last Number Redial

    Choosing the Alert Tone When you choose BELL as your alert type, you can choose from nine different alert tones. 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2. Press 2 to select 'Alert Sel'. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 3. Press 2 to select 'Alert Tone'. Press until the desired alert type is displayed.

  • Page 15

    Returning Incoming Calls (Auto-dialing) 1. Press RCL twice in Standby mode. Result: The number, date, and time PQRS WXYZ of your most recent incoming call is OPER displayed. The last 10 incoming calls MENU are numbered 'IN0' through 'IN9' with the most recent call being 'IN0'.

  • Page 16: The Phone's Internal Phone Book, Storing Numbers In Memory

    The Phone's Internal Phone Book Your phone has an 'Internal Phone Book' in which you can store up to 100 frequently called names and numbers. You can set them up for convenient, one- touch dialing and you can store them as confidential phone numbers.

  • Page 17: Finding An Empty Memory Location

    Finding an Empty Memory Location To find an empty memory location, perform this search before storing a number. Any Empty Location 1. Press RCL. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU SEND 2. Press Result: The message 'SEARCHING EMPTY MEMORY' is displayed, PQRS WXYZ then empty locations are displayed.

  • Page 18: Entering Names In Memory, Correcting A Name Or Number

    Entering Names in Memory A name of up to 12 letters can be stored in memory with each phone number. 1. After entering a phone number, the display prompts you to enter a name. INUSE FM CDMA S t o : 0 1 Press the key marked with the N a m e ? desired letter.

  • Page 19: Storing Numbers Into Numeric Groups, One-touch Dialing, Two-touch Dialing

    Storing Numbers into Numeric Groups You can develop a system of grouping numbers that you frequently call for easy reference. Example: You could store personal phone numbers in the twenties (20~29), business associates in the thirties (30~39), and clients in the forties (40~49).

  • Page 20: Dialing Confidential Numbers, Searching For Numbers In Memory

    Dialing Confidential Numbers Numbers you have stored in memory locations 90~99 are confidential numbers. This means that when you enter the two digits for two-touch dialing, only the name (if stored) is displayed; the number does not appear on the phone's display. If you want to see the phone number stored in a confidential memory location, follow these steps: 1.

  • Page 21

    By Name 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2. Press 7 on the keypad. SEND PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 3. Enter all or part of the name by pressing the keys marked with the desired letters. PQRS WXYZ OPER Example: Enter A to find all names MENU beginning with the letter A.

  • Page 22: Erasing A Number In Memory

    By Partial Phone Number 1. Press CLR and hold. SEND Result: The number on the display is erased. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2. Enter part of the phone number you remember. 3. Press RCL. PQRS WXYZ OPER Result: The first number matching MENU the request is displayed with: memory location number...

  • Page 23: Silent Scratchpad

    To Erase All Numbers in Memory 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER 2. Press 0 on the keypad. MENU 3. Enter the lock code. Note: The lock code is present to PQRS WXYZ 0000. To change the Lock Code, OPER see page 64.

  • Page 24: Sending Your Own Phone Number, Displaying Your Own Phone Number, Analog Force Call

    Sending Your Own Phone Number When leaving a message on someone else's pager, you may be asked to enter your phone number. You can conveniently transmit your number to the pager by pressing two keys instead of the entire number. This function is only available during a telephone conversation.

  • Page 25: Key Lock, Dual Tone Multi-frequency (dtmf) Dialing

    Key Lock Key Lock is a feature that will prevent you from accidentally pressing a key. If you activate this feature, the keys on the phone are locked and cannot be operated. 1. Press and hold down for at least one second.

  • Page 26: Tracking Time

    Using Pause You can insert one or more pauses between the DTMF tones. You can enter up to 36 digits including the pause. 1. Enter the phone number of the service that you wish to access. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2.

  • Page 27

    Checking the Last Call or the Cumulative Air Time This feature allows you to check the duration of the last call or the cumulative air time. 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2. To check... SEND Last call time Cumulative PQRS WXYZ...

  • Page 28: Call Reminder Alert

    Call Reminder Alert This feature allows you to place a call at a specified time. The phone will beep and the phone number will be displayed. To Turn On the Feature 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER 2. Press 4 on the keypad. MENU SEND 3.

  • Page 29: Customizing Your Phone

    You phone is loaded with many features, some automatic, that make communication easier and more efficient. Get familiar with them and use them to save time and to make your new Samsung phone even more fun to use! Features Automatic Redial: When you dial a number and the call does not successfully connect, the phone will continue to redial the number automatically.

  • Page 30

    Call Time Display: The call time counter is automatically displayed when the phone is connected to the system and you can check the call time during a conversation. Current Time Display: Activate this feature to keep the current time displayed. Automatic Hyphen: Your phone inserts a hyphen between numbers on the display when you enter a phone number to make it easier to read.

  • Page 31: Changing Greeting Message, Restricting The Use Of The Phone, Locking The Phone

    Changing Greeting Message This feature allows you to change the greeting message displayed when you turn on the phone. 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2. Press 0 on the keypad. 3. Enter the lock code. Note: The lock code is preset to PQRS WXYZ 0000 at the factory.

  • Page 32: Locking The Phone

    4. Press 4 to select 'Restrict' function. Result: The restriction modes are PQRS WXYZ displayed. They are: OPER 1. Memory dial MENU 2. Incoming call 3. Special call INUSE FM CDMA R e s t r i c t 1 : M e m o r y 2 : I n c o m i n g 5.

  • Page 33: Setting Warning Beeps

    Changing the Lock Code When you purchase your phone, the lock code is preset to 0000. You can change the lock code to the 4-digit code of your choice. You can also change the code any time you wish. To change the lock code, follow these steps: 1.

  • Page 34: To Choose Nam, System Selection

    To Choose NAM The NAM (Number Assignment Module) allows you to subscribe to one or more service networks. Your phone has a manual and an Automatic mode for selecting the network . In the Manual mode , you set the phone to the network you want to use.

  • Page 35: System Reset, Call Waiting

    System Reset If you want to reset all of your phone's features back to the manufacturer's defaults, you can do so with the following steps: 1. Press MENU. PQRS WXYZ OPER 2. Press 0 on the keypad. MENU 3. Enter the lock code. (For more on lock codes, see page 63, 'Locking the Phone' and page 64, 'Changing the PQRS...

  • Page 36: Setting Up Three-way Calling, Call Forwarding

    Setting Up Three-Way Calling Three-way calling is a feature on your phone that enables you to set up a three-way conversation with two other numbers. Contact your service provider to activate Three-Way Calling. 1. Dial the first number and press SEND SEND.

  • Page 37: Message Service

    Message Service Message Service is a feature on your phone that allows the phone to receive alpha-numeric messages or voicemail. (Voicemail is available in the digital mode only.) Contact your service provider to activate Message Service. Notes: Your phone can receive up to 21 messages (voice+text). Each message can contain a maximum of 255 alpha-numeric characters.

  • Page 38

    Reading Text Messages 1. Press Result: Your phone displays the message PQRS WXYZ options you can choose; OPER 1:Voice, 2:Text, MENU 3:Erase All, 4:SMS Alert. Use option hidden in the display. The total number of new messages is also displayed. INUSE FM CDMA N E W 2...

  • Page 39: Cleaning Your Cellular Phone

    Choosing Alert Type for Message Receiving The phone alerts you when a message is received. You can choose how frequently this happens. The three options are: OFF, ONCE, or EVERY 2 MINUTES. To set the frequeney. 1. Press PQRS WXYZ OPER MENU 2.

  • Page 40: Battery Safety Precautions

    DO NOT charge a battery for more than 24 hours continuously. Use only Samsung approved batteries with your phone (SCH-110). Used batteries should not be disposed of in a fire or waste bin. Dispose of them in accordance with local legislation.

  • Page 41: Accessories

    Accessories Hands-free Kit The hands-free kit provides you hands-free operation in your vehicle with unlimited talk time. The hands-free kit built-in charger allows battery charging in your vehicle. The hands-free kit includes the following. For more information about hands-free kit, see hands-free kit manual. Mounting bracket Cradle screws included...

  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before contacting an authorized service center, perform the following simple checks. They may save you the time and expense of an unnecessary service call. NOSVC is displayed in the display. Make sure you are in the service area. If you have changed the service system, wait for about 2 minutes.

  • Page 43: Display Messages

    The model and serial numbers of your phone Your warranty details A clear description of the problem Then contact your local dealer or SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center. Display Messages The phone number is not MAINTENANCE registered in the base station.

  • Page 44: Summary

    Summary BASIC OPERATION Turning on and off PWR (press and hold) Making a call Phone number + SEND Receiving a call Any button (except for PWR) Adjusting volume Keytone (in Standby mode ) Speaker (while on the phone ) Alert volume MENU + 2 + 3 + Mute/Unmute (while on the phone ) MENU + 2...

  • Page 45

    USEFUL FEATURES Silent Scratchpad (while on the phone ) MENU + 3 Sending own number (while on the phone ) MENU + 9 Own number display RCL + Analog Force Call MENU + 6 + Key lock (hold) Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Dialing Using memory dial (while on the phone ) RCL + location (00-99) + MENU + SEND...

  • Page 46: Menu Tree

    One-minute beep MENU + 0 + lock code + during conversation + STO Service area change MENU + 0 + lock code + alert + STO NAM Mode MENU + 0 + lock code + 8 + 1:Manual NAM/2:Auto NAM + STO System selection MENU + 0 + lock code + 9 +...

  • Page 47

    7:NAME Srch. (p.40) 0:Setup 1:Greeting (p.60) (Lock code is 2:Auto Lock - NO/YES (p.63) required to 3:Lock Code (p.64) setup features.) 4:Restrict (p.61) - 1:Memory/2:Incoming/ 3:Special 5:1min Alert - NO/YES (p.65) 6:SVC Alert - NO/YES (p.65) (p.44) 7:Clr Memory - NO/YES (p.66) 8:NAM Mode - 1:Manual NAM...

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