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  • Page 1 FULL MANUAL HW-N450 Imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at
  • Page 3 However, if there is no alternative to cutting off the 2. During thunderstorms, disconnect the AC plug, remove the fuse and then safely dispose of plug from the wall outlet. Voltage peaks due the plug. Do not connect the plug to a mains to lightning could damage the unit.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    See this manual for safety instructions, product installation, components, connections, and product specifications. FULL MANUAL You can access the Full Manual on Samsung’s on-line customer support centre by scanning the QR code. To see the manual on your PC or mobile device, download the manual in document format from Samsung’s website.
  • Page 5 Connecting a Mobile Device Connecting via Bluetooth ------------------------- Using the Samsung Audio Remote App ------------------------- – Installing the Samsung Audio Remote App ------------------------- – Launching the Samsung Audio Remote App ------------------------- Using the Remote Control How to Use the Remote Control...
  • Page 6: Checking The Components

    5. • For Soundbar wall mounting components, see page 27. • To purchase additional components or optional cables, contact a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Customer Care. • The appearance of the accessories may differ slightly from the illustrations above.
  • Page 7: Product Overview

    02 PRODUCT OVERVIEW Front Panel / Right Side Panel of the Soundbar Position the product so that the SAMSUNG logo is located on the top. Right Side of the Soundbar Display Displays the product’s status and current mode. +/- (Volume) Button Adjusts the volume.
  • Page 8: Bottom Panel Of The Soundbar

    Bottom Panel of the Soundbar DIGITAL AUDIO IN (OPTICAL) HDMI IN HDMI IN USB (5V 0.5A) HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) DC 24V AUX IN DC 24V DIGITAL AUDIO IN HDMI IN (OPTICAL) USB (5V 0.5A) HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) AUX IN DIGITAL AUDIO IN (OPTICAL) Connect to the digital (optical) output of an external device.
  • Page 9: Connecting The Soundbar

    03 CONNECTING THE SOUNDBAR Connecting Electrical Power Use the power components (1, 2, 3) to connect the Subwoofer and Soundbar to an electrical outlet in the following order: 1 Connect the power cord to the Subwoofer. 2 Connect the power output cable to the power adapter, and then to the Soundbar. 3 Connect the power cord to a wall socket.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Soundbar To The Subwoofer

    Soundbar unit is connected properly. Connect again. See the instructions for Connection failed manual connection on page 7. Red and See the contact information for the Blinking Malfunction blue Samsung Service Centre in this manual. ENG - 6...
  • Page 11: Manually Connecting The Subwoofer If Automatic Connection Fails

    Manually connecting the Subwoofer if automatic connection fails Before performing the manual connection procedure below: • Check whether the power cables for the Soundbar and subwoofer are connected properly. • Make sure that the Soundbar is turned on. 1. Press and hold ID SET on the rear of the subwoofer for at least 5 seconds. •...
  • Page 12: Connecting The Swa-8500S To A Soundbar (Sold Separately)

    Wireless Receiver Module (Sold separately) location is clear of any obstructions. Connecting the SWA-8500S to a Soundbar (Sold Separately) Expand to true wireless surround sound by connecting the Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit (SWA-8500S) to your Soundbar (Sold separately). 1. Connect the Wireless Receiver Module to 2 Surround Speakers.
  • Page 13 2. Check the standby status of the Wireless Receiver Module after plugging it into an electrical outlet. • The LINK LED indicator (blue LED) on the Wireless Receiver Module blinks. If the LED does not blink, press the ID SET button on the back of the Wireless Receiver Module with a pen tip for 5~6 seconds until the LINK LED indicator blinks (in Blue).
  • Page 14: Connecting To Your Tv

    04 CONNECTING TO YOUR TV Hear TV sound from your Soundbar through wired or wireless connections. • When the Soundbar is connected to selected Samsung TVs, the Soundbar can be controlled using the TV’s remote control. – This feature is supported by 2017 and later Samsung Smart TVs that support Bluetooth when you connect the Soundbar to the TV using an optical cable.
  • Page 15: Connecting Using An Optical Cable

    2. “TV ARC” appears in the display window of the Soundbar main unit and the Soundbar plays TV sound. • If TV sound is inaudible, press the (Source) button on the remote control or on the right side of the Soundbar to switch to “D.IN” mode. The screen displays “D.IN” and “TV ARC” in sequence, and TV sound is played.
  • Page 16: Method 2. Connecting Wirelessly

    2. Select Bluetooth mode on the TV. (For more information, see the TV’s manual.) 3. Select “[AV] Samsung Soundbar Nxxx N-Series” from the list on TV’s screen. An available Soundbar is indicated with “Need Pairing” or “Paired” on the TV’s Bluetooth device list.
  • Page 17 If the device fails to connect • If a previously connected Soundbar listing (e.g. “[AV] Samsung Soundbar Nxxx N-Series”) appears in the list, delete it. • Then repeat steps 1 through 3. NOTE • After you have connected the Soundbar to your TV the first time, use the “BT READY” mode to reconnect.
  • Page 18: Connecting An External Device

    05 CONNECTING AN EXTERNAL DEVICE Connect to an external device via a wired or wireless network to play the external device’s sound through the Soundbar. Connecting using an HDMI Cable Bottom of the Soundbar HDMI OUT HDMI IN External Device HDMI Cable (not supplied) HDMI OUT...
  • Page 19: Connecting Using An Optical Or Analogue Audio (Aux) Cable

    Connecting using an Optical or Analogue Audio (AUX) Cable Right Side of the Soundbar BD / DVD player / Set-top box / Game console DIGITAL AUDIO IN OPTICAL OUT Optical Cable (OPTICAL) (not supplied) - AUDIO - USB (5V 0.5A) AUX IN Audio (AUX) Cable (not supplied)
  • Page 20: Connecting A Usb Storage Device

    2.0 USB jack (Type A) on the other end to the micro USB jack on your Soundbar. • The Micro USB to USB adapter cable is sold separately. To purchase, contact a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Customer Care.
  • Page 21 File Format Type Compatibility list Extension Codec Sampling Rate Bitrate *.mp3 MPEG 1 Layer2 16KHz ~ 48KHz 80kbps~320kbps MPEG 1 Layer3 16KHz ~ 48KHz 80kbps~320kbps MPEG 2 Layer3 16KHz ~ 48KHz 80kbps~320kbps MPEG 2.5 Layer3 16KHz ~ 48KHz 80kbps~320kbps *.wma Wave_Format_MSAudio1 16KHz ~ 48KHz 56kbps~128kbps...
  • Page 22: Connecting A Mobile Device

    Soundbar for more than 5 seconds to display “BT PAIRING”. 2. On your device, select “[AV] Samsung Soundbar Nxxx N-Series” from the list that appears. • When the Soundbar is connected to the Bluetooth device, [Bluetooth Device Name] → “BT”...
  • Page 23 • You cannot connect the Soundbar to a Bluetooth device that supports only the HF (Hands Free) function. • Once you have paired the Soundbar to a Bluetooth device, selecting “[AV] Samsung Soundbar Nxxx N-Series” from the device’s scanned devices list will automatically change the Soundbar to “BT”...
  • Page 24 Disconnecting the Bluetooth device from a Soundbar You can disconnect a Bluetooth device from the Soundbar. For instructions, see the Bluetooth device’s user manual. • The Soundbar will be disconnected. • When the Soundbar is disconnected from the Bluetooth device, the Soundbar will display “BT DISCONNECTED”...
  • Page 25: Using The Samsung Audio Remote App

    Market search : Samsung Audio Remote Launching the Samsung Audio Remote App To launch and use the Samsung Audio Remote app, touch the Audio Remote icon on your smart device, and then follow the directions on the screen. Audio Remote •...
  • Page 26: Using The Remote Control

    08 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL How to Use the Remote Control Turns the Soundbar on and off. Power Press to select a source connected to the Soundbar. PAIR • BT PAIRING mode Source To turn on “BT PAIRING” mode, press and hold the (Source) button for more than 5 seconds.
  • Page 27 Anynet+ and Auto Power Link are turned on and turned off by the Right and Left buttons respectively. – Anynet+ : If the Soundbar is connected to a Samsung TV through an HDMI cable, you can control your Soundbar with a Samsung TV remote control.
  • Page 28 • Volume restriction function Because it may damage hearing when the power is turned on at high volumes, it adjusts the volume to 20 when the set volume is higher than 20. – The default value for Volume restriction is off. The set volume is maintained even when the power is turned off.
  • Page 29: Adjusting The Soundbar Volume With A Tv Remote Control

    The default mode for this function is – Each time you push the WOOFER button control by a Samsung TV remote. If your TV is not up and hold it for 5 seconds, the mode a Samsung TV, follow the directions below to switches in the following order: change the settings of this function.
  • Page 30: Using The Hidden Buttons (Buttons With More Than One Function)

    2.0 ch 2.1 ch 4.1 ch SOUND MODE SURROUND 5.1 ch 2.1 ch 4.1 ch • Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit can be purchased separately. To purchase a Kit, contact the vendor you purchased the Soundbar from. WOOFER ENG - 26...
  • Page 31: Installing The Wall Mount

    09 INSTALLING THE Wallmount Components WALL MOUNT Installation Precautions Wall Mount Guide • Install on a vertical wall only. • Do not install in a place with high temperature or humidity. • Verify whether the wall is strong enough to Holder-Screw (2 EA) Screw (2 EA) support the product’s weight.
  • Page 32 2. Align the Wall Mount Guide’s Centre Line 5. Push a screw (not supplied) through each with the centre of your TV (if you are Holder-Screw, and then screw each screw mounting the Soundbar below your TV), and firmly into a support screw hole. then fix the Wall Mount Guide to the wall using tape.
  • Page 33: Software Update

    USB device with the Holder-Screws. firmware update stored on it to the USB port on your Soundbar. For more information about how to download update files, go to the Samsung Electronics website atSupport. Then, enter or select the model number of your Soundbar, select the Software &...
  • Page 34: Updating Procedure

    2. Follow the steps below to download the device. product software: • Do not disconnect the power or remove Go to the Samsung website at the USB device while updates are being ( search for the model name applied. The main unit will turn off ...
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    11 TROUBLESHOOTING Before seeking assistance, check the following. The unit will not turn on. Is the power cord plugged into the outlet? ; Connect the power plug to the outlet. A function does not work when the button is pressed. Is there static electricity in the air? ;...
  • Page 36: Licence

    12 LICENCE 13 OPEN SOURCE LICENCE NOTICE To send inquiries and requests regarding open sources, contact Samsung via Email Manufactured under license from Dolby ( Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Audio, Pro Logic, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby 14 IMPORTANT Laboratories.
  • Page 37: Specifications And Guide

    Press and hold the SOUND MODE button for Bluetooth more than 5 seconds to turn off Bluetooth Power Port deactivation method function. NOTES • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. • Weight and dimensions are approximate. ENG - 33...
  • Page 38 • Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that this equipment is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: go to Support > Search Product Support and enter the model name.
  • Page 39 EIRE UNITED KINGDOM EIRE his Samsung product is warranted for the period of twelve (12) months from the origi- s Samsung product is warranted for the period of twelve (12) months from the origi- beyond the control of Samsung. beyond the control of Samsung.
  • Page 40 © 2018 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care Centre. Country Contact Centre  Web Site Country Contact Centre ...

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