Kenwood KMC-70, KMC-72 - Speaker Microphone Manual

Kenwood KMC-70, KMC-72 - Speaker Microphone Manual


Kenwood KMC-70, KMC-72 - Speaker Microphone Manual

This speaker microphone is equipped with PF buttons, which are used to control various functions on the transceiver.


  • Do not expose the speaker microphone to long periods of direct sunlight, nor place it close to heating appliances.
  • Do not drop the speaker microphone; strong impacts can damage the internal components.
  • Do not over stress the cable by pulling on it with excessive force.
  • Do not place the cable around your neck while near machinery that may catch the cable.


  • Attach the connector of the speaker microphone to the universal connector of the transceiver. Secure it with the attached screw.
    • Fix the connector with a screw firmly to maintain waterproof protection for the transceiver.
  • Hold the microphone approximately 3 cm to 4 cm (1.5 inches) from your mouth when speaking.
  • To hang the speaker microphone, use the clip provided on its reverse side.


  • Keep the earphone jack dust cap (located on the bottom of the speaker microphone) in place when not in use.
  • Keep the transceiver's universal connector cap in place when the speaker microphone is not connected.
  • When water gets in the microphone opening, your voice level may become reduced or distorted. Wipe the water from the speaker microphone using a dry towel.
  • While using the speaker microphone, do not block the sub microphone opening on the rear side of the unit as it has an impact on the noise cancel effect of the speaker microphone.


Operating temperature range -30°C (-22°F) to +60°C (+140°F)
Microphone impedance KMC-70 2.2 kΩ (at 1 kHz)
KMC-72 15 Ω (at 1 kHz)
Microphone impedance (ECM unit) KMC-70 2.2 kΩ (Max.)
KMC-72 2.2 kΩ (Max.)
Speaker impedance 16 Ω ± 15% (at 1 kHz)
Noise canceling KMC-70 DSP Active Noise Reduction working with NX-5000/ NX-3000 series
KMC-72 Built-in noise canceler
Dimensions (projections included/ cable excluded) W 79.8 x H 67.4 x D 43.3 mm
(W 3.14 x H 2.65 x D 1.7 inches)
Weight Approx. 260 g (9.2 oz)
Dustproof/Waterproof (when connecting to the transceiver of the same specification) KMC-70 IP54, IP55, IP67, IP68
(IPx8: submersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for 2 hours)
KMC-72 IP54, IP55, IP67
Recommended earphone 3.5 mm diameter/ 250 Ω or more

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