ABB DWA1, DWA2 - Astronomical Digital Time Switch Manual

ABB DWA1, DWA2 - Astronomical Digital Time Switch Manual

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ABB DWA1, DWA2 - Astronomical Digital Time Switch Manual

Packaging Content

  • Astronomical digital time switch DWA
  • Installation manual


Dimensions (mm)

Mounting - Dimensions



Wiring diagram

DWA1: 1 channel

Wiring diagram - DWA1: 1 channel

DWA2: 2 channels

Wiring diagram - DWA2: 2 channels

Access to device

Access to device

Button Function
Turn on the display
Access the menu
ESC (one level back)
Decrease datum
Previous menu
Switching channel 1
Lock channel 1
Increase datum
Next menu
Switching channel 2
Lock channel 2
Confirm selection
Hardware reset

3 sec
Random switching channel 1

3 sec
Random switching channel 2

3 sec
Active cycle switching on channel 1

3 sec
Active cycle switching on channel 2

Display description

Display description


1 General indications
2 Time indication
3 Channel 1 / Channel 2 status indication
Active manual program
+ Blocked switchings
+ Active random switchings
+ (flashing): active cycle switchings
Active holiday program
Active pulse program
4 Day of the week (DAY) indication

First commissioning

Access the menu

Access the menu

Setting language

Setting language - Step 1 Setting language - Step 2

Standard settings

Setting Description

Format: DD/MM/YY

1st day of the week: Monday

Astronomical coordinates

Country: Italy

City: Agrigento

Latitude: North (37° 19' 12'')

Longitude: East (13° 34' 12")

Daylight saving time (DST) change: active

Start of daylight saving time (DST): last Sunday of March at 02:00 o'clock

End of daylight saving time (DST): last Sunday of October at 03:00 o'clock

Time correction:

Sunrise: +0:00

Sunset: + 0:00

Time zone: +1:00 UTC
Random switchings:

Minimum: 1 minute

Maximum: 5 minutes

Cycle switching

-ON duration: 1 minute

-OFF duration: 1 minute

PIN protection: Disabled (---)
Password Bluetooth Disable (Password: 000000)
To activate Bluetooth interface, password must be set different from 000000 in the Bluetooth menu.

Initial page

Initial page description

1 information Information messages information: day of the week, or product identification code and serial number, or battery status.
2 Date
3 Relay 2 status (ON/OFF)
4 Hour
5 Day of the week
6 Relay 1 status (ON/OFF)
If the DWA switch is not powered from the mains, the information messages will show the text:

Menu description

Menu Description
Settings Allows to view and eventually modify the general operation settings as indicated in point 8.Settings.
Program Allows to create a new program, check created programs, change or delete a created program, copy all created programs of channel 1 on channel 2 and vice versa.
Bluetooth Allows to enable or disable the Bluetooth interface and to change the password used to associate devices
Hour counter Allows to display the hours of usage (relay on) of connected load(s).
Reset Allows to restore the initial state of the device
Firmware menu Shows the firmware installed in the device



Setting Description
Language Language setting.
Date Date settings.
Time Hour, minute and time zone setting.
Daylight saving time Daylight saving time (DST) and winter time (CET) automatic setting.
Astronomical coordinates Setting of geographical coordinates of the installation place.
Random switchings setting It allows to set the minimum and maximum random switching duration of the channel where it is activated.
Cyclic function setting It allows to set the minimum and maximum switching cycle of the channel where it is activated
Protection PIN The protection code is used to lock the keyboard and prevent changes by unauthorized persons

"DBT Timer" app download

Connect the Smartphone to a time switch:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on the digital time switch;
  2. Activate Bluetooth on the Smartphone;
  3. To associate a new device, press the symbol in the upper right corner on the App;
  4. Select the device from the list;
  5. Insert the password to pair the device (default password must be changed).

With the APP it is possible to:

  • Create new program
  • Change settings
  • View parameters and create give a name to the device
  • Manually control the relay output(s) and activate the random and cyclic function

Priority list on/off

In case in which, on the same channel, on/off programs are provided with different period (daily or weekly) to carry out in the same day, only the program with the highest priority is executed.

Priority list on/off - Daily hrogram Priority list on/off - Weekly program Priority list on/off - Carried out program

From this example it's possible to see that the daily event on Monday is not carried out because in the same day it is provided the beginning of the week program (even if the daily program of Monday begins and ends before the beginning of the weekly program). Instead, the daily program of Sunday is carried out because it's the only one running for that day.

Holiday program

The holiday program just begins and ends exactly at the specified times.

Holiday program - Holiday program Holiday program - Weekly program Holiday program - Carried out program

Programs priority

The priority programs defines how DWA manages the case in which programs with different period are running at the same time (1 indicates higher priority).

Programs priority

* Date: s elect day, month, year (program carried "only once in the life of the product"). If the month is not specified, the program is carried out all days xx of all months of the specified year.

Technical data

Power supply [V] 230 Vac (-15% ÷ +10%)
Frequency [Hz] 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

DWA1 2W (6 VA)
DWA2 2W (6 VA)
Back up battery Lithium battery 3V, CR2032 (replaceable)


DWA1 1 monostable changeover relay with maximum switchable load of 16A / 250 V
DWA2 2 monostable changeover relays with maximum switchable load of 16A / 250 V
Max cable section of terminal block 2,5 mm 2
Display LCD with backligthing (active with AC power supply)
Communication interface Bluetooth BLE 4.2 (active with main power supply)

Storable programs

DWA1 120 events
DWA2 120 events (divisible on two channels))
Actions type: 1 B
Operating temperature -20 ÷ 50°C
Operating humidity 20 ÷ 90% non condensing
Storage temperature -25 ÷ +70°C
Operating frequency bend 2400-2483,5 MHz
Maximum transmitted radio frequency power 4 dBm
Modules 2 DIN modules
Protection degree IP20
Insulation Reinforced between accessible parts (front) and all the other terminals.


The information in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by ABB. ABB assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document.

In no event shall ABB be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature or kind arising from the use of this document, nor shall ABB be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from use of any software or hardware described in this document.

Working with high voltage is potentially lethal. Persons subjected to high voltage may suffer cardiac arrest, burn injuries, or other severe injuries. To avoid such injuries, make sure to disconnect the power supply before you start the installation. Electrical equipment should only be installed, accessed, serviced and maintained by qualified electrical personnel.

For safety reasons it is recommended that the equipment is installed in a way that makes it impossible to reach or touch the terminal blocks by accident. The best way to make a safe installation is to install the unit in an enclosure. Further, access to the equipment should be limited through use of lock and key, controlled by qualified electrical personnel.

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