Sony VAIO VPCL2 Series Quick Start Guide

Sony VAIO VPCL2 Series Quick Start Guide

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Sony VAIO VPCL2 Series Quick Start Guide

Let's get started

Check supplied items

* Insert the supplied AA alkaline battery before use.

warning The illustrations in this document may appear different from your model.

Connect AC adapter

 Connect AC adapter

  1. Plug the power cord into the AC adapter and an AC outlet .
  2. Adjust the angle of the computer screen so that you can easily plug the AC adapter cable into the DC IN port.
  3. Route the AC adapter cable through the hole of the foot stand and plug it into the DC IN port .

warningThe DC IN port is located behind the foot stand. Be sure to locate the port and adjust the angle of the computer screen before plugging the AC adapter cable into the port.

Power on

Press the power button until the power indicator light turns on.

Power on

Your computer will take a few minutes during the initial startup. No action is required until the setup window appears.

Locate VAIO Manual

Your VAIO® computer comes with the following documentation.
On-screen manuals:

  1. Click Start and Help and Support.
  2. Click Use my VAIO.
  3. Select your desired manual.

Printed manuals:

  • Quick Start Guide (this sheet)
  • Recovery, Backup and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Safety Regulations

Help and Support is easy to access, and provides important documents and helpful support resources such as setup tools, tutorials, and FAQs.

What to do next

Update your computer

Keep your computer updated with Windows Update and VAIO Update.

Click Start , All Programs, and Windows Update.

Click Start , All Programs, VAIO Care, VAIO Software, and VAIO Update.

warningYour computer must be connected to the Internet to download the updates.

Create your Recovery Media

Create your own Recovery Media immediately, so that you can restore your computer to factory-installed settings in case of a system failure.

For details, refer to the supplied Recovery, Backup and Troubleshooting Guide.

warning Recovery Media are not provided with your computer.

Start wireless communications

Use the VAIO Smart Network software to manage wireless communications.

Click Start , All Programs, and VAIO Smart Network.

See the on-screen User Guide for more information.

Activate the Quick Web Access function

With the Quick Web Access function, you can access the Internet without launching the Windows operating system.

  1. Press the WEB button while your computer is off.
  2. Follow the instructions in the initial setup wizard.

For more information, click the icon located at the lower right corner of the screen displayed when using the Quick Web Access function.

Care & Handling Tips

To protect your investment and maximize its lifespan, we encourage you to follow these guidelines.

LCD Screen/Touch Screen Handling
Do not exert pressure on the computer while cleaning. Otherwise, you may make scratches on the LCD screen/touch screen.

HDD Care
If your computer is equipped with a built-in hard disk drive, avoid moving your computer while it is turned on or in the process of powering on or shutting down.

Liquid Damage
Prevent liquids from coming into contact with your computer, keyboard, or mouse.

Place your computer on hard surfaces, such as a desk or table. Proper air circulation around vents is important to reduce heat.

AC Adapter
Do not put stress on the AC adapter cable connected to your computer.

With the VAIO Care software, you can prevent or solve troubles on your computer. Turn on your computer, and then press the ASSIST button to launch the software.

VAIO Support Homepage (USA) (Canada: English) (Canada: French) (Latin American area) (Brazil)

Features and specifications may vary and are subject to change without notice.

Documents / Resources

Download manual

Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

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