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  • Page 1: User Guide

    KYOCERA Brio User Guide ©2011 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Get Started ... 1 Your Phone at a Glance ... 2 Set Up Your Phone... 2 Activate Your Phone ... 3 Set Up Voicemail ... 4 Sprint Account Information and Help ... 4 Sprint Account Password ... 5 Manage Your Account...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Missed Call Notification ...24 Call Emergency Numbers ...24 In-Call Options ...25 End-of-Call Options ...26 Save a Phone Number ...26 Find a Phone Number ...26 Dial and Save Phone Numbers With Pauses ...27 Dial From the Contacts List ...27 Plus (+) Code Dialing ...28 Speed Dialing ...28 Abbreviated Dialing ...28 Voicemail ...29...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Change the Backlight Settings ...37 Set the Notification Pop-up ...37 Select a Picture ID ...37 Power Save Mode ...38 Change the Clock/Calendar Display...38 Set a Custom Greeting ...38 Change the Phone’s Menu Style ...38 Change the Font Size ...38 Display Language ...39 Volume Settings ...39 Adjust the Phone’s Volume Settings ...39 Silence All ...39...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Security Settings ...46 Lock Your Phone ...47 Parental Controls ...48 Delete Phone Content ...49 Reset Your Phone and Phone Content ...50 Security Features for Data Services ...50 History ...52 View History ...52 Recent History List ...52 History Icons ...53 History Thread ...53 History Details ...53 History Options ...53 Make a Call From History ...54...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Secret Contacts Entries ...62 Dial Sprint Services ...63 Messaging ...64 Text Messaging and Multimedia Messaging ...64 Compose Messages ...64 Access Messages ...65 Threaded Messaging ...65 Email ...67 Get Started With Email ...67 Access Email ...68 Calendar & Tools ...70 Calendar ...70 Add an Event to the Calendar ...70 Add a To Do List Item to the Calendar ...71 Calendar Alerts ...72...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    World Clock ...86 Countdown Timer ...87 Stopwatch ...87 Camera ...88 Take Pictures ...88 Take a Picture ...88 Assign Pictures ...89 Camera Mode Options ...89 Camera Settings ...91 Store Pictures ...91 Storage Options ...92 In Phone Folder ...92 On Memory Card Folder ...92 In Phone and On Memory Card Folder Options ...92 Review Pictures in Assigned Media Folder ...93 Send Pictures From Your Phone ...93...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Data Connection Status and Indicators ... 102 Learn to Navigate the Web ... 102 Download Games, Ringers, and More ... 104 Browser Menu ... 106 GPS Features ... 110 Location Mode ... 110 Sprint Family Locator ... 110 Sign Up for Sprint Family Locator ... 111 Use Sprint Family Locator ...

  • Page 9: Get Started

    Get Started This section gives you all the information you need to set up your phone and Sprint service the first time. Your Phone at a Glance Set Up Your Phone Activate Your Phone Set Up Voicemail Sprint Account Information and Help Get Started...

  • Page 10: Your Phone At A Glance, Set Up Your Phone

    Your Phone at a Glance Set Up Your Phone 1. Install the battery.  Insert the battery into the battery compartment, making sure the connectors align ). Gently press down to secure the battery ( Get Started...

  • Page 11: Activate Your Phone

     Align the tabs of the battery cover with the slots ( down until it snaps into place ( 2. Press and hold  If your phone is activated, it will search for Sprint service and enter standby mode.  If your phone is not yet activated, see 3.

  • Page 12: Set Up Voicemail, Sprint Account Information And Help

     Activate on your phone: • Turn on your new phone. (Make sure the old one is turned off.) Your phone will automatically attempt Hands-Free Activation. • Press ACTIVATE (left softkey) to override auto-activation and start the manual activation wizard. •...

  • Page 13: Sprint Account Password, Manage Your Account

    Manage Your Account Sprint Support Services Sprint Account Password As a Sprint customer, you enjoy unlimited access to your personal account information, your voicemail account, and your data services account. To ensure that no one else has access to your information, you will need to create passwords to protect your privacy. Account User Name and Password If you are the account owner, you will create an account user name and password when you sign on to

  • Page 14: Sprint Support Services

    ● Learn more about data services and other products like games, ringers, screen savers, and more. From Your Sprint Phone ● Press ● Press ● Press answers to other questions. From Any Other Phone ● Sprint Customer Service: 1-888-211-4727. ● Business Customer Service: 1-888-788-4727. Sprint Support Services Sprint 411 Sprint 411 gives you access to a variety of services and information, including residential,...

  • Page 15: Phone Basics

    Phone Basics Your phone is packed with features that simplify your life and expand your ability to stay connected to the people and information that are important to you. The topics in this section will introduce the basic functions and features of your phone. Phone Software Upgrades –...

  • Page 16: Your Phone's Layout, Key Functions

    Your Phone’s Layout Key Functions Keyguard Key Functions ● Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated prompts. Phone Basics...

  • Page 17

    ● Display Screen displays all the information needed to operate your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, the date and time, and the signal and battery strength. ● MENU/OK Key lets you access the phone’s menus and select the highlighted choice when navigating through a menu.

  • Page 18: Keyguard, Display Screen

    ● Charger/Accessory Jack allows you to connect a compatible charging cable or USB data cable (not included). CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the phone. ● Internal Antenna facilitates reception and transmission. To maximize performance, do not touch the bottom portion of your phone where the internal antenna is located while using the phone.

  • Page 19

    Service Description Icons Signal Strength – Your phone’s current signal strength. (More bars = stronger signal.) No Service – Your phone cannot find a usable signal. Roaming – Your phone is “roaming” off the Nationwide Sprint Network. Data Service Active – Sprint 1xRTT data service is available. When active, the icon is animated.

  • Page 20

    New Email Messages – You have one or more new email messages waiting. New Urgent Messages – You have one or more new urgent messages waiting. Multiple Alerts – You have different kinds of alerts waiting. Urgent Multiple Alerts – You have different kinds of alerts (including urgent messages) waiting.

  • Page 21

    Self-Timer (5 Seconds) – Indicates the self-timer is set to 5 seconds. Self-Timer (10 Seconds) – Indicates the self-timer is set to 10 seconds. Multiple Shots – Indicates the multiple shots function is enabled. Camera Resolution (1.3M) – Indicates the camera is set to 1.3-megapixel resolution (1280x960).

  • Page 22: Turn Your Phone On And Off, Battery And Charger

    Sprint-approved or Kyocera-approved batteries and accessories can be found at Sprint Stores or through Kyocera; or call 1-866-866-7509 to order. They’re also available at Battery Capacity Your phone is equipped with a Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery. It allows you to recharge your battery before it is fully drained.

  • Page 23: Navigate Through The Menus

    Keeping track of your battery’s charge is important. If your battery level becomes too low, your phone automatically turns off, and you will lose any information you were just working on. Always use a Sprint-approved or Kyocera-approved desktop charger, travel charger, or vehicle power adapter to charge your battery.

  • Page 24: Display Your Phone Number, Enter Text

    1. From standby mode, press 2. Select Settings by highlighting it and pressing 3. Select Phone Info by highlighting it and pressing 4. Select Icon Glossary by highlighting it and pressing For the purposes of this guide, the above steps condense into: ►...

  • Page 25: Enter Text With The Qwerty Keyboard

    ABC Mode Set Text Entry Options Enter Text With the QWERTY Keyboard Your phone features a QWERTY keyboard, specifically designed for easy and comfortable text entry. The QWERTY keyboard works in the same way as the standard keyboard on any computer.

  • Page 26: Select A Text Input Mode, Xt9 Smart Input

    Select a Text Input Mode Your phone provides convenient ways to enter letters, numbers, and symbols whenever you are prompted to enter text. 1. From a screen where you can enter text, press OPTIONS (right softkey) to change the text mode. (If you are in the message entry screen, press OPTIONS [right softkey] > Text Mode.) 2.

  • Page 27: Abc Mode, Set Text Entry Options

    2. When you enter letters, a word choice list opens and shows words starting with the letters you have entered thus far. (If you make a mistake, press character. Press and hold 3. Scroll to the correct word and press Add a Word to the XT9 Database If a word you want to enter is not displayed in an XT9 word choice list when you are using XT9 Smart Input, add it to the database.

  • Page 28: Simple Data Exchange

     Next Word Complete to automatically display the word that may follow the current text input.  Phrase Complete to set the phone to predict possible phrases after one word with a space is entered.  Word Scan to allow the predictive text input system to suggest words by searching Contacts.

  • Page 29

     Share > Message or Email. The selected messaging application will open and the email address will appear in the message body.  Save to Contacts to save the email address in Contacts.  Contact Details to display the Contacts entry if the email address is already saved in Contacts.

  • Page 30: Phone Calls & Settings, Make And Answer Phone Calls, Make Phone Calls

    Phone Calls & Settings With the Nationwide Sprint Network and your phone, you can enjoy clear calling across the country. Make and Answer Phone Calls Voicemail Phone Call Options Phone Call Settings Make and Answer Phone Calls This topic will help you learn the basics of making and answering phone calls. Make Phone Calls Dialing Options Answer Phone Calls...

  • Page 31: Dialing Options, Answer Phone Calls

    2. Press 3. Press when you are finished. Tip: To redial your last outgoing call, press You can also place calls from your phone by speed dialing (see Automatic Speech Recognition (see listings (see Make a Call From Dialing Options When you enter numbers in standby mode, you can see available dialing options by pressing OPTIONS (right softkey).

  • Page 32: Missed Call Notification, Call Emergency Numbers

     Press to answer the call in speaker mode.  Answer to answer the call.  When connecting Bluetooth, select Answer with <Bluetooth device name> or Answer with Phone to answer a call with your selected device.  Silence to mute the ringer and stop the vibration. Pressing button has the same effect.

  • Page 33: In-call Options

    Note: After you have placed an emergency call, your phone automatically enters Emergency mode. During an emergency call, press OPTIONS (right softkey) to display your options. Highlight an option and press  Transfer Audio to switch the call to an external device. ...

  • Page 34: End-of-call Options, Save A Phone Number, Find A Phone Number

    ● 3-Way Call to open a call with two other parties. ● Contacts to display your Contacts list. ● Voice Memo to record the other party’s voice. ● Phone Info to display information about your phone. ► Press MUTE or UNMUTE (left softkey) to mute or unmute the microphone. ►...

  • Page 35: Dial And Save Phone Numbers With Pauses, Dial From The Contacts List

    2. All Contacts entries matching the entered numbers will be displayed. Highlight an entry and press to dial the number. Dial and Save Phone Numbers With Pauses You can dial or save phone numbers with pauses for use with automated systems, such as voicemail or credit card billing numbers.

  • Page 36: Plus (+) Code Dialing, Speed Dialing, Abbreviated Dialing

    To dial another number from the same entry, select the name and press then select a number and press Plus (+) Code Dialing When placing international calls, use Plus Code Dialing to automatically enter the international access code for your location (for example, 011 for international calls made from the U.S.). 1.

  • Page 37: Voicemail, Set Up Voicemail, Voicemail Notification

    To place a call using Abbreviated Dialing: 1. Enter the four or more digits of any part of a Contacts entry’s phone number to use the Contacts Match feature. - or - Enter the last four or five digits of the number to use the Prepend feature. Note: Contacts Match will not retrieve numbers if you enter 911 or reserved three-digit service numbers such as 411 or 711.

  • Page 38: New Voicemail Message Alerts, Retrieve Your Voicemail Messages

    ● By displaying a message on the screen. ● By sounding the assigned ringer type. ● By displaying at the top of the screen. New Voicemail Message Alerts When you receive a new voicemail message, your phone alerts you and prompts you to call your voicemail.

  • Page 39: Phone Call Options, Caller Id, Call Waiting

    3. Enter your password. Tip: When you call into voicemail, you first hear the header information (date, time, and sender information) for the message. To skip directly to the message, press the header. Phone Call Options Your phone provides many useful features to help you make the most of your calling experience. Caller ID Call Waiting 3-Way Calling...

  • Page 40: Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Phone Call Settings

    3-Way Calling With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the same time. When using this feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged for each of the two calls. 1. Enter a number and press 2. Once you have established the connection, press hold.) 3.

  • Page 41: Alert Notification, Call Answer Mode, Auto-answer Mode, Headset Mode

    Auto-Answer Mode Headset Mode Airplane Mode TTY Use With Sprint Service Use the Hearing Aid Device Compatibility Function Alert Notification Set your phone to alert you with an audible tone when you change service areas, once a minute during a voice call, or when a call has been connected. 1.

  • Page 42: Airplane Mode, Tty Use With Sprint Service

    To set the audio mode: ► Press > Settings > Others > Headset Mode > Earpiece > Stereo or Mono. To set the ringer mode: ► Press > Settings > Others > Headset Mode > Ringer Sound > Normal or Headset Only.

  • Page 43: Use The Hearing Aid Device Compatibility Function

    3. Select one of the following options:  TTY Off to disable TTY mode.  TTY VCO to enable TTY mode in Voice Carry Over mode, which allows you to send voice and receive text during a call.  TTY HCO to enable TTY mode in Hearing Carry Over mode, which allows you to send text and receive voice during a call.

  • Page 44: Settings, Display Settings, Change The Screen Saver

    Settings This section provides an overview of items you can change using your phone’s Settings menus. Display Settings Volume Settings Ringer Settings Messaging Settings Roaming Security Settings Display Settings Adjusting your phone’s display settings not only helps you see what you want, it can also help increase battery life.

  • Page 45: Change The Brightness, Change The Backlight Settings, Set The Notification Pop-up, Select A Picture Id

    2. Select a screen saver option by pressing the navigation key up or down, and select a screen saver. Change the Brightness You can adjust the brightness on the display screen. 1. Press > Settings > Display > Brightness. 2. Highlight a brightness level and press Change the Backlight Settings Select how long the display screen remains backlit after any keypress is made.

  • Page 46: Power Save Mode, Change The Clock/calendar Display, Set A Custom Greeting

    1. Press > Settings > Display > Picture ID. 2. Select Contact, Unsaved Numbers, or Private / Unknown.  If you select Contact, select an entry. 3. Select a picture ID option and press 4. Select an image and press Power Save Mode This feature helps conserve your battery power by automatically adjusting the backlight setting of your phone.

  • Page 47: Display Language, Volume Settings, Adjust The Phone's Volume Settings, Silence All

    1. Press > Settings > Others > Accessibility > Font Size > Messages or Dial Digits. 2. Highlight a font size. You can see the highlighted font size in the New Size window. 3. If you are satisfied with the font size, press SAVE (left softkey). Display Language You can choose to display your phone’s onscreen menus in English or in Spanish.

  • Page 48: Ringer Settings, Select Ringer Types For Incoming Calls, Select Ringer Types For Messages

    Ringer Settings Ringer types help you identify incoming calls and messages. You can assign ringer types to individual Contacts entries, types of calls, and messages. Select Ringer Types for Incoming Calls Select Ringer Types for Messages Select Ringer Types for Voicemail, Calendar, and Power Up/Down Get New Ringers Set Up Voice Guide Select a Vibration Pattern...

  • Page 49: Select Ringer Types For Voicemail, Calendar, And Power Up/down, Get New Ringers

    Select Ringer Types for Voicemail, Calendar, and Power Up/Down 1. Press > Settings > Ringers. 2. Select Voicemail, Calendar, or Power Up/Down. 3. Select a ringer option by pressing the navigation key up or down, and then select a ringer. Get New Ringers A wide variety of new ringers is available from the Sprint Digital Lounge, and you can access them right from your phone.

  • Page 50: Select A Vibration Pattern, Messaging Settings, Set Clear Alerts Icon, Set A Callback Number

    Note: When the incoming ringer volume is set to Silence All or Vibrate All, and when the playback volume or the tone volume is set to Volume Off, Voice Guide does not work. (See Volume Settings.) Select a Vibration Pattern You can select vibration patterns for incoming calls, messages, alarms, and scheduled events.

  • Page 51: Add A Customized Signature, Manage Preset Messages

    1. From standby mode, press MESSAGING (left softkey) > OPTIONS (right softkey) > Callback Number. 2. Select None, My Phone Number, or Other. If you select Other, enter a callback number and press Add a Customized Signature Add a customized signature to each message you send. 1.

  • Page 52: Set Repeated Tone, Set Long Message Reassembly, Roaming, Roaming Icon

    Set Repeated Tone Set your phone to notify you with an audible tone and vibration when you have an alert for messaging application. 1. From standby mode, press MESSAGING (left softkey) > OPTIONS (right softkey) > Repeated Tone. 2. Select Voicemail, Messages, or Email. 3.

  • Page 53: Roaming On Other Networks, Check For Voicemail Messages While Roaming, Set Roaming Mode, Enable Roaming

    Roaming on Other Networks When you’re roaming on other networks, your call quality and security will be similar to the quality you receive when making calls on the Nationwide Sprint Network. However, you may not be able to access certain features, such as data services, depending on the available network. Note: If you’re on a call when you leave the Nationwide Sprint Network, your call is dropped.

  • Page 54: Roaming Guards, Security Settings

    • Domestic Data to allow data communication only on domestic roaming systems. • International Voice to allow voice communication on international roaming systems. • International Data to allow data communication on international roaming systems. Roaming Guards Your phone alerts you when you are roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network by requiring an extra step before you can place or answer a call, or try to access data while roaming.

  • Page 55: Lock Your Phone, Lock/unlock Phone

    Lock Your Phone Parental Controls Delete Phone Content Reset Your Phone and Phone Content Security Features for Data Services Lock Your Phone When your phone is locked, you can only make calls to 911 and Sprint Customer Service. 1. Press >...

  • Page 56: Parental Controls

    3. Edit the hint and press - or - Delete the hint by pressing Tip: If you can’t recall your lock code, try using the last four digits of your wireless phone number or check your lock code hint. If this doesn’t work, call Sprint Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727.

  • Page 57: Delete Phone Content

     If you select Choose Contacts, select <Add Contact>, and then choose a member from the list. If you want to remove a member from the list, highlight the member and press REMOVE (left softkey). Note: If you select On in step 4, you cannot add, edit, and delete any Contacts or Group entries.

  • Page 58: Reset Your Phone And Phone Content, Security Features For Data Services

     All Stuff to delete all user-added data. 4. Read the message and press DELETE (left softkey). Reset Your Phone and Phone Content This option lets you clear different types of personal information stored on your phone, reset your phone to factory settings, or both. 1.

  • Page 59

    Net Guard When you first connect to the Web, the Net Guard will be displayed to confirm that you want to connect. The Net Guard helps you avoid accidental connections. You can disable the Net Guard in the future by selecting Auto-Connect when you see Net Guard displayed. To change your Net Guard settings: ►...

  • Page 60: History, View History, Recent History List

    History History is a list of the last 60 phone numbers (or Contacts entries) for voice calls you placed, accepted, or missed. History makes redialing fast and easy. It is continually updated as new numbers or entries are added to the beginning of the list and the oldest entries are removed from the bottom of the list.

  • Page 61: History Icons, History Thread, History Details, History Options

    History Icons You can determine if an entry was an incoming, outgoing, or a missed call from the history icons. History Description Icons Incoming Call Outgoing Call Missed Call History Thread The History thread screen shows all history for a selected entry. You can also keep track of all the messages you have sent and received for the selected entry.

  • Page 62: Make A Call From History, Save A Number From History

    ● Contact Details to display information about the entry if it has already been saved in your Contacts. ● Save Contact to save a phone number. (See ● Delete to delete the entry. ● Delete All to delete all History entries. (See ●...

  • Page 63: Delete History

    3. Select the check box for each member you wish to add and press CONTINUE (left softkey). Tip: Press OPTIONS (right softkey ) > Enter New Address or Contacts to enter a new address or a phone number or to select an entry from your Contacts. 4.

  • Page 64: Contacts, Display Contacts Entries

    Contacts Your phone can store up to 600 Contacts entries. Each entry can contain up to seven phone numbers, and three email addresses, IM addresses, and Web addresses. You can also add Contacts entries to a Group, allowing you to send one message to up to 40 Contacts entries at a time.

  • Page 65: Add A New Contacts Entry, Edit A Contacts Entry

    1. From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). 2. Highlight an entry and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Contact History. To view Contacts details: 1. From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). 2. Highlight an entry and press 3. Highlight any data field and press applicable.

  • Page 66: Add A Number To A Contacts Entry, Create A Group, Edit Groups

    4. Add or edit the information and press 5. Press DONE (left softkey) to save your changes. Add a Number to a Contacts Entry 1. From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). 2. Highlight an entry and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Contact > <Add Number>. 3.

  • Page 67: Change The Group Name Or Group Icon, Add Members To A Group

    Delete a Contacts Entry or Group Change the Group Name or Group Icon 1. From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). 2. Highlight the group you want to edit. 3. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Edit Group. 4. Change the group name or the group icon and press 5.

  • Page 68: Find Contacts Entries, Use Contacts Information In Other Applications

    3. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Delete Contact or Delete Group. 4. Press DELETE (left softkey). Find Contacts Entries There are a few ways to find Contacts entries. 1. From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). 2. Scroll through all the entries. - or - Enter the first few letters of an entry’s name.

  • Page 69: Assign Speed Dial Numbers, Select A Ringer Type For An Entry

    Assign Speed Dial Numbers Your phone can store up to 98 phone numbers in speed dial locations. (See To assign a speed dial number to a new phone number: 1. Add a phone number to a new or to an existing Contacts entry. (See Contacts Entry.) 2.

  • Page 70: Assign A Picture To An Entry, Secret Contacts Entries

    7. Highlight a ringer and press Tip: If you select Downloaded > Get New in step 6, you can purchase and download new ringers right from your phone. For details, see Ringers, and More. Assign a Picture to an Entry Assign a picture to display each time a certain contact calls you.

  • Page 71: Dial Sprint Services

    Dial Sprint Services Your Contacts list is preprogrammed with contact numbers for various Sprint services. To dial a service from your Contacts: 1. From standby mode, press CONTACTS (right softkey). 2. Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Settings > Services. 3. Select Hear Minutes (Account Info.), Customer Solution (Service), Directory Assistance (Sprint 411), Sprint Operator, Hear Balance, Voicemail, Community Information, Non Emergency Services, Traffic Information, Carrier Repair Service, TRS Relay for TTY, Call Before You Dig, or Emergency.

  • Page 72: Messaging, Text Messaging And Multimedia Messaging, Compose Messages

    Messaging Messaging allows you to stay connected 24 hours a day anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint Network. With your phone, you can use two types of messaging, text messaging (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS), as well as the email application. Text Messaging and Multimedia Messaging Email Text Messaging and Multimedia Messaging...

  • Page 73: Access Messages, Threaded Messaging

     Go to Contacts to select a recipient from your Contacts. (Qualifying Contacts entries must contain a phone number or an email address.)  MULTIPLE (left softkey) to select multiple recipients. Press CONTINUE (left softkey) when you have finished selecting recipients. (You may include up to 40 recipients per message.) ...

  • Page 74

    View Messages Highlight a thread and press particular contact, in reverse chronological order. Failed, pending, and draft messages are also listed. Highlight a message to see details for that message.  Me – Message you sent.  Me (Failed) – Message you did not send successfully. ...

  • Page 75: Email, Get Started With Email

     Unlock All to unlock all messages. Note: Messages are automatically deleted starting with the oldest. To save messages, lock them.  Delete to delete the selected message.  Delete All to delete all messages.  Call to dial the phone number appearing in the selected message. ...

  • Page 76: Access Email

    - or - Select More... to choose from additional options. There are many available email options listed, or you may add your own IMAP or POP email accounts. Note: Work Email Setup: Consult your company’s IT department for required information and permissions for any work email accounts.

  • Page 77

     To view a different email account, press the left and right navigational keys to change the account tab. You can also navigate to your account list screen by pressing and select an available account. Messaging...

  • Page 78: Calendar & Tools, Calendar, Add An Event To The Calendar

    Calendar & Tools Learn how to use many of your phone’s productivity-enhancing features. Calendar microSD Card Voice Services Alarm Calculator World Clock Countdown Timer Stopwatch Calendar Use Calendar to create and manage events, meetings, and appointments. Your Calendar helps organize your time and reminds you of up to 100 important events. Add an Event to the Calendar Add a To Do List Item to the Calendar Calendar Alerts...

  • Page 79: Add A To Do List Item To The Calendar

    6. Select a start and end time for the event by highlighting the start and end time fields and pressing 7. Enter a location for the event by highlighting the location field and pressing EDIT (left softkey). Press 8. Select a ringer type for the alarm by highlighting the ringer field and pressing ...

  • Page 80: Calendar Alerts, View Events, Delete Events

    6. Select a priority for the item by highlighting the priority field and pressing 7. Select a time and date for the item by highlighting the time and date field and pressing 8. Select a status for the item by highlighting the status field and pressing you add an item, set it to Needs Action.

  • Page 81: Microsd Card

    2. Highlight the day from which you would like to delete an event and press - or - Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Schedule List or To Do List. 3. Highlight an event and press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Delete. 4.

  • Page 82: Insert A Microsd Card

    Back Up Your Contacts Data to the microSD Card Display Your microSD Card Folders File Manager Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) Connect Your Phone to Your Computer Insert a microSD Card 1. Insert a flat object into the slot at the bottom of the battery compartment cover and lift up gently to remove.

  • Page 83: Remove The Microsd Card, Create Folders In The Microsd Card

    Remove the microSD Card 1. Insert a flat object into the slot at the bottom of the battery compartment cover and lift up gently to remove. 2. Push the card inward slightly and release, causing it to come about halfway out of the slot.

  • Page 84: View Memory In The Microsd Card, Format The Microsd Card

    ► Press > Tools > Memory Storage > Create Folders. (The phone will create the default folders of microSD: DCIM, VIDEO, MUSIC, VOICE, SD_PIM, BLUETOOTH, EMAIL, and OTHER.) View Memory in the microSD Card Your phone allows you to review the memory allocation of both your internal storage area and that of the microSD card.

  • Page 85: File Manager

    3. To view or play a file, highlight it and press File Manager File Manager allows you to view, copy, move, and perform other housekeeping operations on files such as pictures, voice data, and applications stored in your phone or on the microSD card. Note: Playback/recording of video (except animation files with the extension .cmx) and music (except musical files with the extension .mid or .midi) is not supported in your phone.

  • Page 86: Digital Print Order Format (dpof)

    ● Sort by to sort folder contents by name, date, or size. ● Properties to view the properties of the selected file. ● Rename to change the name of the selected file. Note: You may not be able to use the file if you change the file name extension. ●...

  • Page 87: Connect Your Phone To Your Computer

    4. Press SAVE (left softkey) to save your settings. (If prompted, select whether to print the date on your pictures.) Review DPOF Print Order Settings ► Press > Tools > Memory Storage > DPOF Print Order > Order Summary. (The selected print options will be displayed.) Clear a DPOF Print Order ►...

  • Page 88: Voice Services, Automatic Speech Recognition (asr), Automatic Speech Recognition (asr), Automatic Speech Recognition (asr)

    ● While you are connected to the computer, your phone’s screen will display “Phone Off.” You cannot make or receive calls. ● If you connect a mass storage device to a peripheral device, your device may not work properly. Voice Services Your phone comes with a built-in automatic speech recognition (ASR) and voice memo software.

  • Page 89

    Make a Voice Call Using ASR 1. Press and hold 2. When you hear “Say a command,” say “Call.” 3. When you hear “Say the name or number,” say a name or a phone number. 4. When you hear “Which location?,” say a number type (for example, “Mobile”). You can skip steps 3 and 4 by saying a name and location after “Call”...

  • Page 90

    4. The phone opens the selected menu. Say “More options” to display additional application names. Tip: Check Phone Status Using ASR You can use ASR to obtain information about your phone: ● Status (all of the following except My Phone Number) ●...

  • Page 91: Manage Voice Memos

    To reset the adaptation: 1. Press and hold 2. Press SETTINGS (right softkey) > Adaptation > Reset Voice > YES (left softkey). To change the ASR mode: 1. Press and hold 2. Press SETTINGS (right softkey) > Audio Modes. 3. Highlight an option and press ...

  • Page 92

    Record Voice Memos To record an audio memo: 1. Press > Tools > Voice Services > Voice Memo > Record. 2. Start recording after the beep. 3. To end the recording, press To record the other party’s voice during a phone call: 1.

  • Page 93: Alarm

    2. Select In Phone or Memory Card. 3. Highlight a memo and press OPTIONS (right softkey) to display available voice memo options:  Play to play either selected memos or all memos. Select from This, Multiple, or All.  Speaker On or Speaker Off to activate or deactivate the speakerphone mode. ...

  • Page 94: Calculator, World Clock

    4. Enter a description for the alarm by highlighting the description field and pressing 5. Select a time for the alarm by highlighting the time field and pressing 6. Select a repeat status for the alarm by highlighting the repeat field and pressing 7.

  • Page 95: Countdown Timer, Stopwatch

    Note: Press OPTIONS (right softkey) > Standard or Summer to change between standard and daylight saving time. Countdown Timer This feature allows you to use your phone as a countdown timer to alert you when a specified period of time has elapsed. You can set up to five timers. 1.

  • Page 96: Camera, Take Pictures, Take A Picture

    Camera Your phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera. Take Pictures Store Pictures Send Pictures From Your Phone Print Pictures From Your Phone Take Pictures Taking pictures with your phone’s built-in camera is as simple as choosing a subject, aiming the lens, and pressing a button.

  • Page 97: Assign Pictures, Camera Mode Options

     Print to print the picture. You can choose whether to print using a PictBridge- or Bluetooth-enabled printer.  Review Media to go to the In Phone folder or memory card folder to review your saved pictures.  Details/Edit to edit your picture or display details relating to your pictures. Assign Pictures Assign a picture as a screen saver or as a picture ID.

  • Page 98

     Fun Frames to select your favorite fun picture frame to decorate your picture (displayed only when the resolution setting is 0.3M or 0.1M).  Color Tone to select from a wide variety of color tones for the picture. ● Image Controls to adjust settings for Brightness, White Balance, Sharpness, or Contrast.

  • Page 99: Camera Settings, Store Pictures

    4. Press , or CAPTURE (left softkey) to take the pictures. (The screen will display up to eight thumbnail pictures.) Zoom This feature allows you to zoom in on an object when you take a picture. You can adjust the zoom from 1x to 12x.

  • Page 100: Storage Options, In Phone Folder, On Memory Card Folder

    Storage Options 1. Press > Photos > Other Settings > Auto Save to. 2. Select In Phone, On Memory Card or Switch w/Card. (Switch w/Card stores pictures to the memory card when the card is installed.) In Phone Folder Your phone’s internal storage area is called the In Phone folder. From the In Phone folder, you can view all the pictures you have stored there, delete files, and access additional options.

  • Page 101: Review Pictures In Assigned Media Folder, Send Pictures From Your Phone

    ● Details/Edit to edit or display details relating to your pictures.  Text Caption to edit the selected picture’s caption.  Special Effects to select from Fun Frames, Color Tone, Fun Stamps, or Rotate.  Resize to resize the selected picture. Select 0.3M (640x480) or 0.1M (320x240). (Some options may not be available depending on the size of picture you have.) ...

  • Page 102: Send Pictures Using The Bluetooth Feature, Print Pictures From Your Phone

     MULTIPLE (left softkey) to select multiple recipients. Press CONTINUE (left softkey) when you have finished selecting and entering recipients. (You may include up to 40 recipients per message.)  NEW ADDRESS (right softkey) to enter a recipient’s wireless phone number or email address directly.

  • Page 103

    Note: You may not be able to print pictures that you cannot display on your phone. Note: While you are connected to the printer, your phone’s screen will display “Phone Off.” You cannot make or receive calls during this time. 4.

  • Page 104: Bluetooth, Turn Bluetooth On And Off, Make Your Phone Discoverable

    Bluetooth ® Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car kits, and Bluetooth- enabled handhelds, computers, printers, and wireless phones. The Bluetooth communication range is usually up to approximately 30 feet. Turn Bluetooth On and Off Make Your Phone Discoverable Bluetooth Menu...

  • Page 105: Bluetooth Menu, Pair Bluetooth Devices

    Bluetooth Description Icons Your phone’s Bluetooth service is on. Your phone is visible to other Bluetooth devices. Your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device. The above icons will blink while your phone is communicating with a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth Menu The Bluetooth menu allows you to set up many of the characteristics of your phone’s Bluetooth service, including: ●...

  • Page 106: Trusted Devices List, View The Trusted Devices List, Trusted Devices List Menu

    3. Enter the passkey and press 4. (Optional) Edit the device name and press SAVE (left softkey). Note: Due to different specifications and features of other Bluetooth compatible devices, display and operations may be different, and functions such as transfer or exchange may not be possible with all Bluetooth compatible devices.

  • Page 107: Send Items Via Bluetooth, Print Pictures Via Bluetooth

     Delete All to delete all devices from the list.  Auto-Accept to configure your phone’s accessibility to other Bluetooth devices.  View/Edit Info to view or edit the information of the selected device.  Help to display the Trusted Devices list help. Send Items via Bluetooth Depending on your paired devices’...

  • Page 108

     Type: You can select the print mode from Prints or Index.  Copies: You can set the number of copies from Single, Doubles, or Manual (up to 99 per picture).  Size: You can set the print size from 4"x6", 5"x7", or Letter. (Print sizes may vary according to the type of printer you have.) ...

  • Page 109: Web And Data Services, Get Started With Data Services, Your User Name

    Web and Data Services Your phone’s data capabilities let you wirelessly access the Internet. Get Started With Data Services Download Games, Ringers, and More Browser Menu Get Started With Data Services With your Sprint service, you are ready to start enjoying the advantages of data services. This section will help you learn the basics of using your data services, including managing your user name, launching a data connection, and navigating the Web with your phone.

  • Page 110: Launch A Web Connection, Data Connection Status And Indicators, Learn To Navigate The Web

    ► Press > Settings > Others > Data Settings > Update Data Profile. (To cancel, press before completing the update.) Launch a Web Connection ► Press > Web. (Your data connection starts and you see the SprintWeb™ home page.) Note: If Net Guard is enabled and displayed (see continue and launch the Web.

  • Page 111

    Tip: Depending on which websites you visit, the labels on the softkeys may change to indicate their function. To use softkeys: ► Press a softkey. (If an additional pop-up menu is displayed when you press the softkey, select the menu items using your keyboard [if they’re numbered], or by highlighting the option and pressing Scrolling As with other parts of your phone’s menu, you’ll have to scroll up and down to see everything on...

  • Page 112: Download Games, Ringers, And More

    Go Home To return to the home page from any other page: ► Press and hold - or - Press TOOLBAR (right softkey) > MY HOMEPAGE. Download Games, Ringers, and More You have access to a dynamic variety of downloadable content, such as Games, Screen Savers, and other applications.

  • Page 113

    Download an Item Once you’ve selected an item you wish to download, highlight it and press a summary page for the item including its title, the vendor, the download details, and the cost. Links allow you to view the License Info page, which outlines the price, license type, and length of license for the download, and the Terms of Use page, which details the Premium Services Terms of Use and your responsibility for payment.

  • Page 114: Browser Menu

    1. From the SprintWeb™ home page, select Downloads > Sprint Downloads > My Content Manager. (You will see a list of download categories.) 2. Highlight a category and press To download purchased content from My Content Manager: 1. From the My Content Manager display, highlight the item you wish to download, and press .

  • Page 115

    Open the Browser Menu You may open the browser menu anytime you have an active data session, from any page you are viewing. To open the browser menu: ► Press TOOLBAR (right softkey). (You will see the browser menu.) Options available under the browser menu include: ●...

  • Page 116

    • Send referrer to send HTTP URL referrer information. • Turn on error logging / Turn off error logging to set whether to save error logs (text files useful for debugging browser errors). To display the error log, select the View error log option from the submenu (available only when the error log is enabled).

  • Page 117

    Delete a Favorite 1. Press TOOLBAR (right softkey) to open the browser menu. 2. Select MY PAGES. 3. Highlight a favorite and press OPTIONS (right softkey). 4. Select Delete this Favorite. (A confirmation will be displayed.) Tip: Select Delete All Items to delete all favorites. 5.

  • Page 118: Gps Features, Location Mode, Sprint Family Locator

    GPS Features Your phone’s built-in GPS capability gives you access to a number of location-based services. Location Mode Sprint Family Locator Location Mode Before using any of the location-based services, you must turn on your phone’s location mode. To enable your phone’s Location feature: 1.

  • Page 119: Sign Up For Sprint Family Locator, Use Sprint Family Locator

    Use Sprint Family Locator Sign Up for Sprint Family Locator 1. Press > Sprint Family Locator. 2. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter and submit the required information. Note: You can also sign up for Sprint Family Locator online at Use Sprint Family Locator 1.

  • Page 120: Copyrights

    Copyrights ● ©2011 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. ● This product contains NetFront Browser of ACCESS CO., LTD.. ACCESS and NetFront are trademarks or registered trademarks of ACCESS CO., LTD.

  • Page 121: Index

    3-Way Calling, 32 Abbreviated Dialing, 28 Activation, 3 Airplane Mode, 34 Alarm, 85 Answer Phone Calls, 23 Applications Download, 104 Auto-Answer, 33 Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), 80 Backlight, 37 Battery Capacity, 14 Charge, 15 Install, 2 Bluetooth Pair Bluetooth Devices, 97 Print Pictures, 99 Send Items, 99 Turn Bluetooth On and Off, 96...

  • Page 122

    Store Pictures, 91 Take Pictures, 88 Clock Display, 38 World Clock, 86 Contacts Add an Entry, 57 Assign a Picture, 62 Assign a Speed Dial Number, 61 Delete an Entry, 59 Dial From, 27 Edit an Entry, 57 Find Entries, 60 Secret Entries, 62 Countdown Timer, 87 Data Services...

  • Page 123

    Headset, 33 Hearing Aid Device Compatibility, 35 History Make a Call From, 54 Make a New Group Entry, 54 Options, 53 Save a Number From, 54 View, 52 Icon indication, 10, 53, 96, 102 Key Functions, 8 Keyguard, 10 Language Display, 39 Preset Messages, 43 Location, 110...

  • Page 124

    Power Save Mode, 38 Preset Messages, 43 QWERTY Keyboard, 17 Reset, 50 Ringers Download, 41, 104 Roaming, 44 Save Number From History, 54 Security, 46 Self-timer, 90 Signature, 43 Speed Dialing, 28 Assign Numbers, 61 Sprint Family Locator, 110 Sprint Service Account Passwords, 5 Dial, 63 Operator Services, 6...

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