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Acer ACBS001N User Manual

Acer ACBS001N User Manual

Bathroom scale


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  • Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Thank you for choosing this Acer branded bathroom scale! This scale is your personal health assistant. We sincerely hope that you enjoy using your new product. This unit is intended to be operated by adults. The product is designed for domestic use only.
  • Page 3: Before Using The Unit

    Before using the unit Notes on safety Danger: Never use this unit in combination with medical electronic devices such as: • Medical electronic implants such as pacemakers. • Electronic life support systems such as an artificial heart/lung. • Portable electronic medical devices such as an electrocardiograph. This unit could cause these devices to malfunction, posing a considerable health risk to users of these devices.
  • Page 4 • Always wash and dry your feet before using the unit. If you are suffering from a foot infection or other skin disease, you may cause infection to other people. • When the unit is used by several people, wipe the unit with a damp cloth moistened with mild detergent post using it.
  • Page 5: Know Your Unit

    Know your unit Product specifications Product size 310x283x12.5 mm Power 2xAAA Batteries LCD Display Display 150 kg/330 lbs Max capacity 0.1 kg/ 0.2 lbs Division kg/lbs Unit 1.2 kg Product weight Product features * Auto ON/Auto OFF * Auto zero resetting * Low battery/Over-load indication Product structure LCD Display...
  • Page 6: Battery Life And Replacement

    Insert and replace the batteries Battery Life and Replacement Battery life is approximately 6 months, with standard alkaline AAA batteries. • The supplied batteries are for trial use only, they may have a shorter life. We recommend standard AAA alkaline batteries for a longer life. When the low battery symbol appears on the display, replace all batteries with new ones.
  • Page 7: Things To Keep In Mind

    Operating instructions Things to keep in mind 1. The bathroom scale is a high-precision measuring device. Never jump or stamp on the scale or disassemble it. Please handle the scale carefully to avoid breakage. 2. Place the scale on a hard, flat surface during use. Using it on a soft surface like carpet or linoleum may affect the accuracy of the scale readings.
  • Page 8 For body fat and other body composition analysis: Stand straight on the scale and place the arches of your feet onto the center of the unit. Operations 1. Place the scale on a solid, level surface. 2. Gently step onto the scale and the unit will automatically turn on. 3.
  • Page 9: Maintenance And Care

    Maintenance and care Recalibrating the scale If the scale has been moved or flipped upside down, it must be recalibrated to ensure accurate results. 1. Place the scale on a hard, flat surface. 2. Step on the scale with one foot until the digits appear on the display, then, step off. 3.
  • Page 10 The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. Images provided herein are for reference only and may contain infor- mation or features that do not apply to your product. Acer Incorporated shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained in this...

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