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IBM ThinkPad 310D Reference Manual Page 106

Ibm thinkpad 310d: reference guide.
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Availability: All offers subject to
availability. Lenovo reserves the right to
alter product offerings and specifi cations
at any time, without notice. Lenovo is
not responsible for photographic or
typographic errors.
Warranty: For a copy of applicable
product warranties, write to: Warranty
Information, P .O. Box 12195, RTP , NC,
27709, Attn: Dept ZPYA/B676. Lenovo
makes no representation or warranty
regarding third party products or services.
Power management, including Intel
Technology, reduces
processor speed when in battery mode.
Weight includes battery and standard
optical drive; weight may vary due to
vendor components, manufacturing
process and options.
Thinness may vary at certain points on
the system.
Wireless capability: Requires com-
patible wireless-enabled options sold
TAA: ThinkPad notebook is compliant
with the U.S. Federal Government's coun-
try-of-origin requirements prescribed in
48 C.F.R. Subpart 25.4; Trade Act Agree-
ment (TAA) model.
Public network download modem
speeds are limited to 53Kbps. Upload
speeds are limited to 48Kbps for V.92
modems. Actual speeds depend on
many factors and are often less than the
maximum possible. V.92 functions and
speeds require compatible phone line
and server equipment. Check with your
telephone and ISP service providers for
Maximum memory capacity may
require the replacement of standard
component with largest supported
component available. On ThinkPad
systems, even though it is possible to
physically install 4GB of memory, the ac-
tual amount of memory addressable by
a 32-bit operating system will be limited
to 3GB. This limitation does not exist with
64-bit operating systems.
Hard drive: GB = billion bytes,
TB = trillion bytes. Accessible capacity is
less; up to 4GB is service partition.
CD/DVD drive speeds list maximum
rates; rates are variable and are often
less than the maximum.
Battery: These model numbers achieved
the battery life based on MobileMark
2007 during testing. For the ThinkPad
X300, battery life is based on Business
Winstone Battery Mark 2002. Battery life
(and recharge times) will vary based on
many factors including screen bright-
ness, applications, features, power
management, battery conditioning, and
other customer preferences.
External monitor: This system supports
a maximum of two external monitors. The
integrated display(s) must be disabled to
support two external monitors.
Limited warranty: Support unrelated to
a warranty issue may be subject to
additional charges.
Internet access not included.
Included software may differ from its
retail version (if available), and may not
include user manuals or all program
functionality. Software license agree-
ments may apply.
Activating Verizon Wireless Service:
Lenovo customers will be contacted after
purchase to activate service; requires
separate agreement with Verizon Wireless
and is subject to the Customer Agree-
ment, Calling Plan, and credit approval.
Service, airtime, and early termination
charges may apply. Verizon Wireless,
not Lenovo, is solely responsible for
service. Service not available in all areas;
purchaser is responsible for verifying
that service is available for the intended
location before purchasing a computer
equipped with WAN card. Network
details, coverage limitations, and maps at
International Warranty Service is avail-
able in any country in which this product
is sold and serviced. Service delivery
methods and parts availability vary by
country, may be different from that in the
country of purchase, and are subject to
change without notice. Fees and restric-
tions may apply in some countries.
Telephone support may be subject
to additional charges, even during the
limited warranty period. Response times
may vary. May exclude some holidays.
If a machine is listed as having "On-site
service for select repairs" , this means
that onsite service is available only for
the replacement of select parts. For
all other warranty repairs, Lenovo will
provide the customer a replacement part
for customer installation. The parts for
which onsite service is available varies by
machine, but may include the processor,
power supply, heat sink, system board,
or base cover. For ThinkPad notebooks
with EasyServ or Courier service, Lenovo
will attempt to diagnose and resolve
the problem remotely before sending a
EasyServ depot repair service: In the
United States call 1-800-426-7378. The
customer may be asked certain diag-
nostic questions before a courier is sent.
Your ThinkPad purchase includes this
depot repair service, available in the U.S.
during the limited warranty period.
Operating System: Level of support var-
ies by operating system. Operating sys-
tems not preloaded on the system may
not provide full feature functionality. Refer
to and enter your
machine type and model number for
more information.
For combination drives, maximum
possible speeds only are given in the
following order: CD write, CD rewrite, CD
read, DVD read.


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