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Haier HRF-356 User Manual

Household frost free refrigerator
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  Summary of Contents for Haier HRF-356

  • Page 1 HRF-356 HRF-396...
  • Page 2: Primary Features

    A semi-automatic icemaker is installed in the freezer compartment and ice cubes can be made efficiently. Unique chiller compartment design On the top of the refrigerator compartment is a chiller drawer designed for convenient access. Automatic defrosting This appliance features air-cooling system for automatic defrosting.
  • Page 3: Diagram Of Parts

    (4) Freezer air outlet (5) Freezer air backflow outlet (6) Chiller bin (7) Refrigerator air channel (8) Refrigerator fan The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible. If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid to a hazard.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Do not swing on or apply excessive pressure to the refrigerator door. This refrigerator should be used for food storage. It is not recommended to place microbiological or chemical materials, which have special requirement in temperature setting.
  • Page 7 Location The appliance should be placed on a flat and solid surface. If the refrigerator is placed on a plinth, flat, strong and fire-resistant materials must be used. The front black foot of the refrigerator can be adjusted clockwise or anti-clockwise to lift or lower the refrigerator if it is placed on an uneven surface.
  • Page 8 Connect the refrigerator to power source at least 30 minutes after the refrigerator is sited and cleaned. Caution: After unpacking, write down the model and manufacture number of the refrigerator on the Warranty Certificate which will be required if technical services are applied for. Quality Certificate...
  • Page 9: Operation

    Press the following 3 buttons to set up desired performances: C- refrigerator: setup of refrigerator performance B-freezer: setup of freezer performance A-super freeze: setup of super freeze performance Refrigerator button + Freezer button + Super freeze button (once/twice/thrice): setup test 1/test 2/exit...
  • Page 10 1Hz Initial status requirements When the appliance is initialized, both refrigerator and freezer are set at scale 3 automatically with super freeze mode inactivated. If freezer sensor temperature is between the points for turning on and off, the refrigerator will start operation when temperature rises to the point for turning on.
  • Page 11 If error alarm sounds while super freeze mode is activated, priority will be given to alarm and then super freeze exit, and error protection mode will be entered. Light Indicator will be on and off when the refrigerator door is opened or closed, respectively.
  • Page 12: Refrigerating Storage Compartment

    Refrigerator should only be used for short-term storage. Storage areas As cold air circulates inside the refrigerator, temperature differences exist inside the storage compartments. Area Different foods should be placed in different areas according to their properties.
  • Page 13: Refrigerating Storage Precautions

    Never overload shelves, as they may collapse under excessive loads. Dry any water droplets on the food before placing it in the refrigerator. Storage of sorted food Food to be stored should be sorted according to consumer requirements.
  • Page 14 Eggs should be stored vertically in the egg holder. Onions, garlic, ginger, water chestnuts and other root vegetables should not be stored in the refrigerator, as these foods are suitable for long-term storage at normal temperatures. Leaves of carrots or turnips should be removed before storage.
  • Page 16: Freezing Storage Precautions

    Freezing storage precautions Hot food should not be stored in the refrigerator until it has cooled down to room temperature. The outside of any food packing should be dried before storage in the freezer, and any packing materials should be odor-free, airtight, non-poisonous and nontoxic.
  • Page 17: Automatic Defrosting

    Dry water droplets on surfaces of the refrigerator with a piece of cloth. Caution: Do not use excessive amounts of water for cleaning the refrigerator. Use a dry cloth to clean the switch and the lamp. Regularly clean the surfaces of the external shell to improve the heat elimination efficiency.
  • Page 18: Power Interruption

    Caution: It is recommended that the refrigerator be not turned off unless it is necessary. Caution: Do not restart the refrigerator until a period of at least five minutes has elapsed.
  • Page 19: Moving The Refrigerator

    Secure the shelves in the cold storage compartment, vegetable and fruit tray and drawers in the freezer with tape. Tightly close and tape the door of the refrigerator. Do not tilt the refrigerator more than 45 degrees. Caution: Never place the refrigerator horizontally.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The evaporator and piping system of the refrigerator may produce a slight sound when the refrigerator operates due to ambient temperature changes. A slight sound may be produced by defrosting water flowing into the evaporating recipient and the compressor at the moment of operation commencement or vacation.
  • Page 21 The two sides of the external surface, bottom and the middle connection of the refrigerator will be warm due to heat radiation of the appliance.
  • Page 22 Energy efficiency specified in the technical parameters complies with government standards and is measured under the following conditions: ambient temperature 25 , refrigerator compartment temperature 5 , freezer compartment temperature -18 and 24h continuous operation with doors closed. Actual power consumption may exceed this value if more food in storage, ambient temperature higher and the door more frequently opened.
  • Page 23: After-Sales Service

    After-sales service In the event that the refrigerator does not work properly, please check out and solve problems according to the following methods. If problems persist, contact the after- sales service center. Information of model, accessory list and serial number of the refrigerator is required.
  • Page 24 Prolonged operation period of the compressor Initial operation Large quantity of food loaded Hot weather Frequent opening of the refrigerator door Door not properly closed Improper temperature setting (see the section Operation) Poor ventilation Limited Warranty 1. Warranty Certificate: If consultation or technical assistance is needed, please provide the local authorized service agent with the Warranty Certificate and the purchase invoice.
  • Page 25: Technical Information Packing List

    Crisper Egg holder Chiller bin Freezer bottle holder Refrigerator bottle holder I Refrigerator bottle holder II (Note: Layout of the refrigerator that you have just purchased may vary due to technical improvement of this company.) Volume Circuit breaker Defrosting Input...
  • Page 26: Circuit Diagram

    Circuit diagram HRF-356/396 A.Power plug B.Light switch C.Sensor 1 D.Sensor 2 E.Sensor 3 F.Sensor 4 G.Sensor 5 H.Air outlet I.Heater 1 J.Heater 2 K.Fuse L.Ligh M.Freezer fan motor N.Refrigerator fan motor O.Overload protector P.Compressor Q.PTC R.Operating capacitor S.Display screen T.Power panel...

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