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Haier HSU-12HM03 Operation Manual

Haier hsu-12hm03: user manual
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Please read this operation manual
before using the air conditioner.



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  Summary of Contents for Haier HSU-12HM03

  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    OPERATION MANUAL Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner. No.0010544529...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions And Warnings

    Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier. Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    Cautions Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation grille of the air conditioner. Do not put fingers or any other things into the inlet/outlet and swing louver. Do not allow children to play with the air conditioner. In no case should children be allowed to sit on the outdoor unit.
  • Page 4: Safety Instruction

    Installation Please call Sales/Service Shop for the Installation. Do not attempt to install the air conditioner by yourself because improper works may cause electric shock, fire, water leakage. Installation in a inadequate place may cause accidents. Do not install in the following place.
  • Page 5 Cautions When abnormality such as burnt-small found, immediately stop the operation button and contact sales shop. M O S W FA Connect power supply cord to the outlet completely. STRICT ENFORCEMENT Do not use power supply cord in a bundle. PROHIBITION Do not start or stop the operation by disconnecting the power supply...
  • Page 6: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions Indoor unit Signal receiving window Inlet grille Multi photic catalyst air filter (inside) Vertical louver (Use remote controller to adjust up and down air flow. Don’t adjust it manually) Control panel Timed operation indicator Operation indicator Light sensing receiver Human sensing indicator Outdoor unit Horizontal louver...
  • Page 7: Remote Controller

    Parts and Functions Remote Controller TEMP HEALTH MODE SLEEP SWING CLOCK TIMER POWER/SOFT LIGHT LOCK RESET button (light sensing) It is to set light sensing function, which enables normal operation for strong indoor light (day) or sleep running mode for weak indoor light (night).
  • Page 8 Parts and Functions Clock Set When unit is started for the first time and after replacing batteries in remote controller, clock should be adjusted as follows: 1. Press CLOCK button,"AM" or "PM" flashes. 2. Press to set correct time. Each press will increase or decrease 1 min.
  • Page 9: Health Operation

    RESET BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH OPERATION The anion generator in the air conditioner can generate a lot of anion to effectively balance the quantity of position and anion in the air and also to kill bacteria and speed up the dust sediment in the room and finally clean the air in the room.
  • Page 10: Auto Operation

    Remote controller: AUTO Then Select AUTO operation 3. Unit stop Press ON/OFF button, the unit stops. About AUTO mode In AUTO run mode, the air conditioner will automatically select cooling or heating operation mode according to room temperature. COOL HEAT...
  • Page 11: Cool Operation

    4. Fan speed selection Press FAN button. For each press, fan speed changes as follows: Remote controller: When FAN is set to AUTO, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the fan speed according to room temperature. 5. Unit stop Press ON/OFF button, the unit stops.
  • Page 12: Dry Operation

    Operation DRY Operation Remote Controller TEMP HEALTH MODE SLEEP SWING CLOCK TIMER POWER/SOFT LIGHT LOCK RESET COOL operation starts when room temp. is higher than temp. setting. Ultra-low air flow Temp. setting On reaching temp. setting +2 °C, unit will run in mild DRY mode. 1.
  • Page 13: Fan Operation

    Operation FAN Operation Remote Controller TEMP HEALTH MODE SLEEP SWING CLOCK TIMER POWER/SOFT LOCK LIGHT RESET 1. Unit start Press ON/OFF button on the indoor unit or press ON/OFF on the remote controller, unit starts. Previous operation status appears on LCD display ( no timer and sleep).
  • Page 14: Heat Operation

    Operation HEAT Operation Remote Controller TEMP HEALTH MODE SLEEP SWING CLOCK TIMER POWER/SOFT LIGHT LOCK RESET Regar ding the ambie nt tempe rature displa y durin g heatin g opera tion In defros ting,th e indoor tempe rature value display ed may be reduce d due to the droppi ng of cooling air of the evapo rator of indoor unit under cooling mode.
  • Page 15: Air Flow Direction Adjustment

    Air Flow Direction Adjustment 1. Status display of air sending direction TEMP HEALTH MODE SLEEP SWING CLOCK TIMER POWER/SOFT LOCK LIGHT RESET 2. Up and down air flow direction For each press of button, air flow direction on remote controller or on the control panel displays as follows according to different operation modes: CCOL/DRY/FAN: remote controller:...
  • Page 16: Sleep Operation

    Operation SLEEP Operation Before going to bed, you can simply press the SLEEP button and unit will operate in SLEEP mode and bring you a sound sleep. Use of SLEEP function After the unit starts, set the operation status, then press SLEEP button before which the clock must be adjusted and time being set.
  • Page 17: Timer On/Off Operation

  • Page 19: Power Operation

    Operation POWER/SOFT Operation TEMP HEALTH MODE SWING SLEEP CLOCK TIMER POWER/SOFT LOCK LIGHT RESET POWER Operation When you need rapid heating or cooling, you can use this function. Selecting of POWER operation Press POWER/SOFT button. Every time the button is pressed,display changes as follows: POWER Stop the display at "...
  • Page 21 3.If light sensing and human sensing are both selected, when the photosensor detects “dark”, the air conditioner won’t change its running mode even the human sensor detects human activity. 4.The human sensor could detect animals such as dogs and cats as well as heat sources...
  • Page 22 : If intelligent operation doesn’t meet your desire, e.g. slight human activity couldn’t be sensed, it shall be cancelled. About installing position of air conditioner (indoor unit) and sensible zone of human sensor: The dashed area shown in the figure is the sensible zone and the blank area is the dead zone.
  • Page 23: Emergency And Test Operation

    Operation Emergency and Test Operation Emergency operation: Use this operation only when the remote controller is defective or lost. When the emergency operation switch is pressed,the" Pi "sound is heard once, which means the start of this operation. In this operation , the system automatically selects the operation modes, cooling or heating , according to the room temperature , as follows .
  • Page 24: Maintenance

    Maintenance For Smart Use of The Air Conditioner Setting of proper room temperature Close doors and windows during operation If the unit is not to be used for a long time, turn off the power supply main switch. Do not block the air inlet...
  • Page 25: Air Filter Cleaning

    Close the inlet grille. Indoor Body Wipe the air conditioner by using a soft and dry cloth. For serious stains, use a neutral detergent diluted with water. Wring the water out of the cloth before wiping, then wipe off the detergent completely.
  • Page 26: Replacement Of Air Purifying Filter

    Maintenance Replacement of Air purifying Filter 1.Open the Inlet Grille Open the inlet grille by pushing each ends of the inlet grille upward. ( use thumbs to push up). 2.Detach the standard air filter Slide the knob slightly upward to release the filter, then withdraw it.
  • Page 27: Cleaning The Body

    Maintenance To Keep You Air conditioner in Good Condition after Season. Operate in cooling mode for 2-3 hours. To prevent breeding mold or bad smell, be sure to operate at the designated temperature of 30°C, cooling mode and High speed fan mode for 2-3 hours.
  • Page 28: Cleaning The Standard Air Filter

    Maintenance Before Setting in High Season Cleaning the standard air filter. Operation without filter may cause troubles. Be sure to attach both right and left filters prior to the operation. Each of them are of different shapes. Connecting the earthing cable. Incomplete earthing may cause an electric shock.
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    When the electric plug is pulled out and reinserted, the protection circuit will work for 3 minutes to protect the air conditioner. During unit operation or at stop, a swishing or gurgling noise may be heard. At first 2-3 minutes after unit start, this noise is more noticeable.
  • Page 30: Installation Manual Of Room Air Conditioner

    Installation Manual of Room Air Conditioner Read this manual before installtion. Explain sufficiently the operating means to user according to this manual. Drawing for the installation of indoor and outdoor unit The appearance is different by models. Arrangement of piping directions...
  • Page 31: Accessory Parts

    Accessory parts Accessory parts Remote controller R-03 dry battery Mounting plate Drain hose 4x50 Steel nail,cement Main pipes 4x25 Plastic cap Screw Drain-elbow Hexagon wrench Cover Cushion Plastic clamp Connecting cable Putty Necessary Tools for Installation Driver Number articles Hacksaw Hole core drill Hexagon wrench (5mm)
  • Page 32: Power Source

    Selection of Installation Place Indoor unit Place, robust not causing vibration, where the body can be supported sufficiently. Place,not affected by heat or steam generated in the vicinity,where inlet and outlet of the unit are not disturbed. Place,possible to drain easily,where piping can be connected with the outdoor unit.
  • Page 33: Indoor Unit

    1 Fitting of the Mounting Plate and Positioning of the Wall Hole When the mounting plate is first fixed 1 Carry out, based on the neighboring pillars or lintels, a proper leveling for the plate to be fixed against the wall, then temporarily fasten the plate with one steel nail. 2 Make sure once more the proper level of the plate, by hanging a thread with a weight from the central top of the plate, then fasten securely the plate with the attachment steel nail.
  • Page 34: Removing The Wiring Cover

    3 Installation of the Indoor Unit Drawing of pipe [ Rear piping ] Draw pipes and the drain hose, then fasten them with the adhesive tape. [ Left, Left-rear piping ] In case of left side piping, cut away, with a nipper, the lid for left piping. In case of left-rear piping, bend the pipes according to the piping direction to the mark of hole for left-rear piping which is marked on heat insulation materials.
  • Page 35 When connecting the cable after installing the indoor unit 1. Insert from outside the room cable into left side of the wall hole, in which the pipe has already existed. 2. Pull out the cable on the front side, and connect the cable making a loop. When connecting the cable before installing the indoor unit Insert the cord from the back side of the unit, then pull it out on the front side.
  • Page 36: Installation Of Outdoor Unit

    1 Installation of Outdoor Unit Drawing for the installation of indoor and outdoor units Install according to 2 Connection of Pipes Apply refrigerant oil on half union and flare nut. To bend a pipe, give the roundness as large as possible not to crush the pipe. Connecting the pipe of gas side first makes working easier.
  • Page 37 5.Purgeing Method Push the air out indoor unit and piping as following: (1) Remove the valve cap on 2-way valve in outdoor unit. (2) Loosen by 1/2 turn the flare nut of gas pipe,which is connected to 3-way valve. (3) Loosen 2-way valve by 90° using hexagon wrench, and after approx.10 sec tighten it up.
  • Page 38 The power source must be exclusively used for air conditioner. (Over 10A) In the case of installing an air conditioner in a moist place. please install an earth leakage breaker. For installation in other places, use a circuit breaker as far as possible.

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