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JVC GZ-MS120 Manual Book

JVC GZ-MS120 Manual Book

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Dear Customer
Thank you for purchasing
this memory camera. Before
use, please read the safety
information and precautions
contained in pages 2 and 3 to
ensure safe use of this product.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for JVC GZ-MS120

  • Page 1 LYT2010-007B-M GUIDEBOOK MEMORY CAMERA GZ-MS120 AA/AG/AH/AS GZ-MS95 Dear Customer Thank you for purchasing this memory camera. Before use, please read the safety information and precautions contained in pages 2 and 3 to ensure safe use of this product.
  • Page 2 Contact your JVC dealer. Do not attempt to must be followed strictly. repair the malfunction yourself.
  • Page 3 Remember that this camcorder is intended for Do not point the lens directly into the sun. This private consumer use only. can cause eye injuries, as well as lead to the Any commercial use without proper permission malfunctioning of internal circuitry. There is also a is prohibited.
  • Page 4 To AC Outlet (110V to 240V) CAUTION • Be sure to use JVC battery packs. If you use any other battery packs besides JVC battery packs, safety and performance can not be guaranteed. Insert the SD Card Grip Adjustment Adjust the strap and fasten.
  • Page 5 Date/Time Setting Select [CLOCK SETTING] Open the LCD monitor to CLOCK ADJUST CLOCK SETTING turn on the camcorder AREA SETTING SET FOR DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Power button ( ) SET THE CITY, DATE AND TIME QUIT Select the city closest to the area where you use the camcorder LCD monitor...
  • Page 6 Video Recording CAUTION • Before recording an important scene, it is recommended to conduct a trial recording. Slide the mode switch to select (video) mode Select recording mode The mode changes when you press the button. The auto recording indicator appears. Start recording Remaining space on the SD Card...
  • Page 7 Playing Back Select playback mode The mode changes when you press the button. Select the desired file Index screen VIDEO PLAYBACK 01. 11. 2009 16:55 DIGEST Select (Touch OK)  Playback screen 0:00:42 16:55 01. 11. 2009 To perform operations such as forward search or reverse search ( p.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Contents GETTING STARTED EDITING Accessories .......... 11 Managing Files ........32 Attaching the Core Filter ......11 Capturing a Still Image from a Video ... 32 Deleting Files ..........32 Attach the Lens Cap ....11 Protecting Files ..........34 Index ............
  • Page 9 How to use the Touch Sensor After the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor: VIDEO DUBBING PLAYBACK PLAYBACK MPG FILE EDIT ON-SCREEN DISPLAY SWITCH DISPLAYED CONTENTS QUIT Slide your finger up and down on the sensor. Select [SET]. (Touch OK.) To select an on-screen button appearing on the left side, touch the portion of the sensor next to the on-screen button.
  • Page 10 Make a backup of important recorded data JVC will not be responsible for any lost data. It is recommended to copy your important recorded data to a DVD or other recording media for storage. (Z p. 41) Make a trial recording Before the actual recording of important data, make a trial recording and play back the recorded data to check that the video and sound have been recorded correctly.
  • Page 11: Accessories

    Accessories AP-V20E Power Cord AP-V20E/AP-V17E AP-V20M AC Adapter AC Adapter (For AP-V20M only) BN-VF808U AV Cable USB Cable CD-ROM Battery Pack Core Filter (x2) Lens Cap (Z p. 11) NOTE Make sure to use the provided cables for connections. Do not use any other cables. Attaching the Core Filter The core filter reduces interference caused when connecting to other devices.
  • Page 12: Index

    GETTING STARTED Index NOTE • The LCD monitor can rotate 270°. • Be careful not to cover 4, 5 and 6 during shooting.
  • Page 13 Camcorder Touch Sensor (Z p. 9) OK Button MENU Button Power Button [ ] & UPLOAD Button (Z p. 53) PLAY/REC Button (Z p. 20, 21, 24, 25) Mode Switch [ DIRECT DVD Button (Z p. 42) INFO Button (Z p. 22, 23, 35) SD Card Slot EXPORT Button (Z p.
  • Page 14: Indications On Lcd Monitor

    Indications on LCD Monitor During both Video and Still Image During Video Recording Only Recording 1. 11. 2009 1 6 : 5 5 Mode Indicator Export Mode Indicator ( ( Z p. 51) Selected Recording Mode Indicator Counter (Z p. 28) Upload Mode Indicator ( ( Z p.
  • Page 15 During Video Playback During Still Image Playback 1.11.2009 1 6 : 5 5 1.11.2009 1 6 : 5 5 Mode Indicator Mode Indicator Playlist Playback Indicator (Appears when Folder/File Number playing back a playlist.) (Z p. 39) Slide Show Playback Indicator Battery Indicator Video Quality: (ULTRA FINE),...
  • Page 16: Necessary Settings Before Use

    Necessary Settings before Use To detach the battery pack Charging the Battery Pack Close the LCD monitor to turn off the camcorder. Attach the battery pack, then connect battery pack, then connect the AC adapter. • With the “ ” (arrow) on the battery pack ...
  • Page 17: Language Setting

    Select [CLOCK SETTING]. Select the city closest to the area you are traveling. CLOCK ADJUST CLOCK SETTING AREA SETTING AREA SETTING SET FOR DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME SET THE CITY, DATE AND TIME QUIT 1. 11.2009 16:55 QUIT Select the city closest to the area where you use the camcorder.
  • Page 18: Other Settings

    Other Settings Grip Adjustment Tripod Mounting Adjust the strap and fasten. Align the camcorder stud hole with the tripod stud, and the mounting socket with the screw, Grip Strap and then rotate the camcorder clockwise to mount it to the tripod. Bottom of the camcorder Fasten...
  • Page 19: Using An Sd Card

    NOTE Using an SD Card • Insert and remove the SD card only while the power is turned off. Otherwise, data on If you want to record to an SD card, the the card may be corrupted. following operations need to be performed. •...
  • Page 20: Recording/Playback

    RECORDING/PLAYBACK Recording Files Video Recording Preparation: • Open the LCD monitor to turn on the camcorder. • Insert an SD card. Slide the mode switch to select Press PLAY/REC to select (video) mode. recording mode. PLAY/REC 0 : 00 : 00 SNAPSHOT Press START/STOP to start recording.
  • Page 21: Still Image Recording

    Still Image Recording Preparation: • Open the LCD monitor to turn on the camcorder. • Insert an SD card. Slide the mode switch to select Press PLAY/REC to select the (still image) mode. recording mode. FINE [9999] PLAY/REC Press and hold SNAPSHOT halfway.
  • Page 22: Zooming

    Recording Files (Continued) Checking the Remaining Battery Zooming Power Preparation: • Select mode. Preparation: • • Select the recording mode. Attach the battery pack. • Select the recording mode. Zoom out Zoom in mode: Press INFO three times or INFO and then select mode: W: Wide angle...
  • Page 23: Checking The Remaining Space On The Recording Media

    Checking the Remaining Space on Registering Files to Events the Recording Media If you select an event to register the file to event to register the file to before starting recording, you can find the file Preparation: • easily at playback. Select mode.
  • Page 24: Playing Back Files

    Playing Back Files Video Playback Preparation: • Open the LCD monitor to turn on the camcorder. • Insert an SD card. Slide the mode switch to select Press PLAY/REC to select the (video) mode. playback mode. VIDEO PLAYBACK PLAY/REC 01. 11. 2009 16:45 DIGEST The index screen appears.
  • Page 25: Still Image Playback

    Still Image Playback Preparation: • Open the LCD monitor to turn on the camcorder. • Insert an SD card. Slide the mode switch to select Press PLAY/REC to select the (still image) mode. playback mode. IMAGE PLAYBACK PLAY/REC 01. 11. 2009 16:55 The index screen appears.
  • Page 26: File Search Function

    Playing Back Files (Continued) Date Index Screen File Search Function You can search the desired file by the Preparation: recording date. • Select mode. • Select the playback mode. Select Group Index Screen In case of mode, go to step You can search the desired file by the group.
  • Page 27: To Play Back Mpg Files

    Event Screen To Play Back MPG Files You can search the desired file by the event An MOD file is created in the EXTMOV folder that you registered the file to when recording. when management information is corrupted. (Z p. 23) After searching by the event, you Follow the procedure below to play back the can search by the recording date to narrow MPG files in the EXTMOV folder.
  • Page 28: Manual Recording

    Manual Recording Manual recording mode enables you to set Manual Setting in Menu the focus and screen brightness etc. manually. In the manual recording mode: Changing to Manual Recording Mode Touch MENU. Preparation: • Select mode. Select [MANUAL SETTING]. • Select the recording mode.
  • Page 29 Menus Settings: [ ] = Factory-preset [OFF]: Deactivates the function. NIGHT: Records with more sensitivity in dim locations by adjusting the shutter speed automatically. TWILIGHT: Makes evening scenes look more natural. SCENE SELECT PORTRAIT : The subject in the foreground is accentuated by Adjusts the exposure and blurring the background.
  • Page 30 Manual Recording (Continued) Menus Settings: [ ] = Factory-preset [AUTO]: White balance is adjusted automatically. MANUAL: MWB: Adjusts the white balance manually depending on the light source. 1) Hold a sheet of plain white paper in front of the camcorder so that the Adjusts the white balance to white paper fills the screen.
  • Page 31: Viewing Files On Tv

    Viewing Files on TV This camcorder is designed to be used with Playback Operation PAL-type color television signals. It cannot be used with a television of a different standard. After the connection with TV is completed Connection with TV Turn on the camcorder and the TV. You can output videos from the AV connector.
  • Page 32: Managing Files

    EDITING/PRINTING Managing Files CAUTION Deleting Files Do not remove the recording medium or perform any other operation (such as turning • Protected files cannot be deleted. To delete off the power) while accessing files. Also, them, release the protection first. be sure to use the provided AC adapter, as •...
  • Page 33 Deleting Selected Files Deleting All Files After performing steps 1-2 (Z p. 32) After performing steps 1-2 (Z p. 32) Select [FILE SELECT]. Select [DELETE ALL]. VIDEO DELETE VIDEO DELETE CURRENT CURRENT FILE SELECT FILE SELECT DELETE ALL DELETE ALL SELECT AND DELETE SCENE DELETE ALL SCENES QUIT...
  • Page 34: Protecting Files

    Managing Files (Continued) Protecting Selected Files Protecting Files After performing steps 1-3 Preparation: • Select mode. Select [FILE SELECT]. • Select the playback mode. PROTECT/CANCEL Touch MENU. CURRENT FILE SELECT PROTECT ALL CANCEL ALL Select [EDIT]. SELECT AND PROTECT SCENE QUIT VIDEO EDIT PLAYLIST...
  • Page 35: Viewing File Information

    Protecting All Files Viewing File Information File Information After performing steps 1-3 (Z p. 34) Preparation: mode: Pause the playback. Otherwise, select the file Select [PROTECT ALL]. on the index screen. mode: PROTECT/CANCEL Play back the still image. Otherwise, select CURRENT FILE SELECT the file on the index screen.
  • Page 36: Changing The Event Registration

    Managing Files (Continued) Select a new event. Changing the Event Registration To cancel the event registration, select [CANCEL]. Preparation: • Select mode. CHANGE EVENT REG. • Select the playback mode. SPORTS 1 Touch MENU. CANCEL QUIT Select [EDIT]. Changing the Event of the Selected Files VIDEO EDIT PLAYLIST...
  • Page 37: Trimming Files

    Select [SET] at the end point. Trimming Files It is recommended to select [SET] after You can select the necessary part of the the pause button is pressed. video and save it as a new video file. TRIM (UNTIL HERE) Preparation: •...
  • Page 38: Playlists

    Playlists It is a list that enables you to organize Select the file to add to playlist. recorded videos in order of preference. 01.11.2009 FROM SCENE Preparation: TOTAL • 00h10m Select mode. • Select the playback mode. SELECT CHECK QUIT Creating Playlists Playlists To preview scenes, select the file and...
  • Page 39: Playing Back Playlists

    Playing Back Playlists Other Operations of Playlists You can perform additional editing and delete files in a created playlist. Touch MENU. Adding/Deleting Files in Playlist Select [PLAYBACK PLAYLIST]. After performing steps 1-2 (Z p. 38) VIDEO DELETE UPLOAD SETTINGS SEARCH Select [EDIT].
  • Page 40: Copying Files

    MOVE PLAYBACK MPG FILE PLAYBACK MPG FILE ADJUST BRIGHTNESS PROTECT/CANCEL EDIT TRIMMING It is recommended to use the JVC COPY FILES BETWEEN DVD burner (CU-VD50/CU-VD3). When using QUIT CU-VD20 or CU-VD40, the recording time • [COPY]: may take approx. 2 times longer than the time...
  • Page 41: Using A Dvd Burner

    Select the direction. Using a DVD Burner [SLOT A  SLOT B] or [SLOT B  SLOT A] Supported discs: 12cm DVD-R, DVD-RW COPY VIDEO • SELECT COPY DIRECTION Regarding DVD-R discs, only unused DVD-R SLOT A SLOT B discs can be used. Regarding DVD-RW SLOT B SLOT A discs, used DVD-RW discs can also be...
  • Page 42 Copying Files (Continued) Select [EXECUTE]. Backup All Files • The files are copied on the disc. When Preparation: [COMPLETED] appears, touch OK. • • Connect the camcorder to the DVD burner. When [INSERT NEXT DISC PRESS • Select mode. [STOP] TO EXIT CREATE] appears, change the disc.
  • Page 43 Select the desired disc number. Selecting Files for Backup DVD CREATION LIST Preparation: • ALL(TOTAL:3) Connect the camcorder to the DVD burner. • Select mode. DVD1 DVD2 DVD3 CHECK QUIT Select [SELECT AND CREATE]. • If you select [ALL], all discs in the list are CREATE DVD created.
  • Page 44 Copying Files (Continued) To play back the created disc using the camcorder 1) Connect the camcorder to the DVD burner. 2) Turn on the camcorder first, then turn on the DVD burner. 3) Select [PLAYBACK]. 4) Select the desired folder. 5) Select the creation date of the disc.
  • Page 45: Creating A Dvd Using A Pc

    Preparation: Creating a DVD using a PC Load the provided CD-ROM into the PC. In Windows Vista, the auto play dialog box You can copy the data from the camcorder and appears. create a DVD using a PC. Click [Easy Installation]. Installing the software to the PC System Requirements Windows Vista...
  • Page 46 Copying Files (Continued) Open the LCD monitor to turn on the Making Backup on the PC camcorder. Preparation: • Install the software to the PC. Select [BACK UP]. • Make sure that enough free space is left in the PC’s hardisk. USB MENU •...
  • Page 47 Double-click the recording date. Making User Lists to Arrange the Files You can make a user list of a certain subject (such as Travel, Athletic meet) and put the files related to the subject into the user list. Preparation: Make backup on the PC. The files recorded on the day are displayed.
  • Page 48 Copying Files (Continued) Click [Start]. Copying Files to a DVD Preparation: Use a recordable DVD disc. (It is recommended to use a DVD-R disc.) Select the user list and click [Create Disc]. NOTE • For detail on operating Everio MediaBrowser, click [Help] and refer to “MediaBrowser Help”.
  • Page 49 Customer Support Information Use of this software is authorized according to the terms of the software licence. When contacting the nearest JVC office or agency in your country (refer to the JVC Worldwide Service Network at about this software, please have the following information ready.
  • Page 50: Dubbing Files To Vcr/Dvd Recorder

    Copying Files (Continued) At the point you want to start To connect using the AV connectors dubbing, start recording on the VCR/ (analog dubbing) DVD recorder. Refer to the VCR/DVD recorder’s AV Connector instruction manual. DC Connector L To stop dubbing Stop recording on the VCR/DVD recorder, then press START/STOP again.
  • Page 51: Using With A Portable Media Player

    Using with a Portable Media Player Turning on the Export Mode Changing the Export Setting You can easily transfer videos recorded in You can set the recorded videos to the export export mode to iTunes . All the files with the setting.
  • Page 52: Transferring The Files To Pc

    Using with a Portable Media Player (Continued) Transferring the Files to PC Preparation: • Install iTunes on a PC. ® Connect the camcorder to the PC with the USB cable. Select [EXPORT TO LIBRARY]. USB MENU CREATE DVD UPLOAD EXPORT TO LIBRARY BACK UP EASY VIDEO REGISTRATION...
  • Page 53: Uploading Files To Websites

    Uploading Files to Websites Turning on the Upload Mode Upload Trimming You can upload the file to video sharing You can select the necessary part of the websites (YouTube™) quickly after recording. video and save it as a new video file ready for For more information on YouTube™, visit uploading.
  • Page 54: Uploading Files

    Uploading Files to Websites (Continued) Select [CAPTURE TRIMMED FILE]. Uploading Files For details on uploading files, refer to the operation guide of MediaBrowser in the CAPTURE TRIMMED FILE REDEFINE AREA CD-ROM. Connect the camcorder to the PC 0 : 12 : 05 0 : 08 : 05 QUIT with the USB cable.
  • Page 55: Changing The Menu Settings

    MENU SETTINGS Changing the Menu Settings Touch MENU. To return to the previous screen Select Select the desired menu. To quit the screen Select [QUIT]. VIDEO REGISTER EVENT VIDEO QUALITY ZOOM IMAGE BLURRED NEED TO QUIT Select the desired setting. VIDEO REGISTER EVENT REGISTER EVENT...
  • Page 56 Changing the Menu Settings (Continued) Mode Menus Settings: [ ] = Factory-preset VIDEO QUALITY [ULTRA FINE] / FINE / NORMAL / ECONOMY Sets the video quality. IMAGE QUALITY [FINE] / STANDARD Sets the image quality. 35X/OPTICAL / [70X/DIGITAL] / 800X/DIGITAL NOTE ZOOM ZOOM...
  • Page 57 Settings: [ ] = Factory-preset Menus Select [ON-SCREEN DISPLAY] on Video Playback or Image ON-SCREEN DISPLAY ON-SCREEN DISPLAY Playback Mode. Displays indication modes on OFF / [DISPLAY ALL] / DISPLAY DATE ONLY / DISPLAY LCD monitor. DATE 5 SEC. DISPLAY SETTINGS Select [DISPLAY SETTINGS], then select sub-menus.
  • Page 58 UPDATE Updates and improves the NOTE system software. Information about obtaining system update will be made available on the JVC’s website. FACTORY PRESET YES: Performs this function. Returns all the camcorder [NO]: Returns to the menu screen without executing reset.
  • Page 59: Troubleshooting

    If the solutions indicated in the malfunctions. chart do not solve the problem, consult your • The camcorder heats up when it is used nearest JVC dealer or JVC service center for for a long time. instructions. • The battery heats up during charging.
  • Page 60 Troubleshooting (Continued) Trouble Action • Recording cannot be SD card is full. Delete unnecessary files or replace the SD card. performed. • Insert a commercially available SD card, and set each of the [VIDEO SLOT SELECTION] and [IMAGE SLOT SELECTION] to [SLOT A] or [SLOT B].
  • Page 61 Trouble Action • Sound or video are Sometimes playback is interrupted at the connecting section between two scenes. This is not a malfunction. interrupted. • Select [PLAYBACK MPG FILE] then search the video on the index screen. (Video files that have damaged management information can be played back.) Cannot find a recorded •...
  • Page 62 Troubleshooting (Continued) Trouble Action • The camcorder If there are many files (such as video) in the camcorder, it takes time for the camcorder to respond. It is recommended that you operates slowly when copy all files from the camcorder onto your computer, and erase switching between the files from the camcorder.
  • Page 63: Warning Indications

    Set the clock. If the message still appears after setting the clock, the battery for the clock has been depleted. Consult your nearest SET DATE/TIME! JVC dealer. • Be sure to use JVC battery packs. COMMUNICATING ERROR • Select [OK] and select [YES] to perform formatting. NOT FORMATTED •...
  • Page 64 Warning Indications (Continued) Indication Action • Select [OK] to restore. VIDEO MANAGEMENT FILE IS DAMAGED, RECOVERY IS REQUIRED TO RECORD/ PLAYBACK, RECOVER? • Use files recorded with the camcorder. (Files recorded with other UNSUPPORTED FILE! device may not be played back.) •...
  • Page 65: Cleaning

    Indication Action • DVD-RW DISC HAS BEEN Replace the disc of the DVD burner with another disc. ALREADY USED (A DVD-RW disc can be initialized.) • FINALIZATION FAILED Replace the disc of the DVD burner with another disc. • Slide the mode switch to select the desired mode (! or #). NO FILES Cleaning Before cleaning, turn off the camcorder and remove the battery pack and AC adapter.
  • Page 66: Specifications

    Specifications General Power supply DC 11 V (Using AC adapter) Mini USB type B, DC 7.2 V (Using battery pack) USB 2.0 compliant Power consumption Mini USB type A and type B, Approx. 1.8 W* USB 2.0 compliant * When the LED light is off and the monitor backlight is set to [STANDARD] mode.
  • Page 67 hr: hour/min: minute Approximate recording time (for video) Recording SD or SDHC Card medium 256 MB 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB Quality 1 hr. 3 hr. 7 hr. ULTRA FINE 3 min. 6 min.
  • Page 68: Cautions

    Cautions Battery Pack Recording Medium (SD Card) • Be sure to follow the guidelines below The supplied battery pack is Terminals to prevent corruption or damage to your a lithium-ion battery. Before recorded data. using the supplied battery • Do not bend or drop the recording medium, or pack or an optional battery subject it to strong pressure, jolts or vibrations.
  • Page 69 Main Unit • For safety, DO NOT ... open the camcorder’s chassis..disassemble or modify the unit..allow inflammables, water or metallic objects to enter the unit..remove the battery pack or disconnect the power supply while the power is on..
  • Page 70 BY THE PROGRAM, YOU SHOULD SETTLE owned by JVC and its licensor, and remain ALL SUCH PROBLEM AT YOUR OWN COST vested in JVC and such licensor. The Program is AND EXPENSE. protected under the copyright law of Japan and other countries, and related Conventions.
  • Page 71 Agreement. Agreement, JVC may terminate this Agreement without giving any notice to You. In this event, CAUTIONS: JVC may claim against You for any damages • Operate this equipment according to the caused by Your breach. Should this Agreement operating procedures described in this manual.
  • Page 72: Terms

    Terms AC Adapter ..........16, 68 Manual Recording ..........28 Adjust Brightness ..........29 Menu Settings ........... 55 Auto Power Off ..........57 Monitor Backlight ..........57 AV Connection ..........31, 50 Monitor Bright ............ 57 Backlight Compensation ........28 Number of Images ..........

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