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JVC TN2007-1001 Service Manual page 3

Cd mechanism


Preventing static electricity
Electrostatic discharge (ESD), which occurs when static electricity stored in the body, fabric, etc. is discharged, can destroy the laser
diode in the traverse unit (optical pickup). Take care to prevent this when performing repairs.
Grounding to prevent damage by static electricity
Static electricity in the work area can destroy the optical pickup (laser diode) in devices such as CD players.
Be careful to use proper grounding in the area where repairs are being performed.
(1) Ground the workbench
Ground the workbench by laying conductive material (such as a conductive sheet) or an iron plate over it before placing the
traverse unit (optical pickup) on it.
(2) Ground yourself
Use an anti-static wrist strap to release any static electricity built up in your body.
Anti-static wrist strap
(3) Handling the optical pickup
• In order to maintain quality during transport and before installation, both sides of the laser diode on the replacement optical
pickup are shorted. After replacement, return the shorted parts to their original condition.
(Refer to the text.)
• Do not use a tester to check the condition of the laser diode in the optical pickup. The tester's internal power source can easily
destroy the laser diode.
Handling the traverse unit (optical pickup)
(1) Do not subject the traverse unit (optical pickup) to strong shocks, as it is a sensitive, complex unit.
(2) Cut off the shorted part of the flexible cable using nippers, etc. after replacing the optical pickup. For specific details, refer to the
replacement procedure in the text. Remove the anti-static pin when replacing the traverse unit. Be careful not to take too long a
time when attaching it to the connector.
(3) Handle the flexible cable carefully as it may break when subjected to strong force.
(4) It is not possible to adjust the semi-fixed resistor that adjusts the laser power. Do not turn it.
Attention when traverse unit is decomposed
*Please refer to "Disassembly method" in the text for the CD pickup unit.
• Apply solder to the short land before the flexible wire is disconnected from the connector on the CD pickup unit.
(If the flexible wire is disconnected without applying solder, the CD pickup may be destroyed by static electricity.)
• In the assembly, be sure to remove solder from the short land after connecting the flexible wire.
Base board
Flexible wire
Conductive material
(conductive sheet) or iron plate
Push switch
CD mechanism