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Summary of Contents for Beko CSG3571

  • Page 1 Fridge - Freezer Instruction of use CSG3571W...
  • Page 3 Please read these instructions first before using your appliance Thank you for choosing a Beko appliance. Please take some time to read this user manual before using your appliance, to ensure you know how to safely operate the controls and functions.
  • Page 4 • This fridge/freezer must only be used for its intended purpose i.e. the storing of edible foodstuff. • Do not dispose of the appliance on a fire. At Beko, the care and protection of our environment is an ongoing commitment. This appliance which is among the latest range introduced is particularly environment friendly.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

  • Page 6: Safety First / Electrical Requirements

    Should the mains lead of the appliance become damaged or should it need replacing at any time, it must be replaced by a special purpose made mains lead which can only be obtained from a Beko Authorised Service Agent.
  • Page 7: Installation Instructions

    • Make sure that the mains cable is not caught under the appliance during and after moving, as this could damage the cable. • Do not allow children to play with the appliance or tamper with the controls. Beko plc declines to accept any liability should the instructions not be followed.
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Combi Beko Fridge / Freezer

    GETTING TO KNOW YOUR FRIDGE FREEZER 1 - Thermostat control and interior light 2 - Cabinet shelves 3 - Defrost water collection channel 4 - Salad crisper cover 5 - Salad crisper 6 - Fast freeze compartment 7 - Frozen foods storage drawers 8 - Adjustable feet 9 - Door shelves 10 - Bottle shelf...
  • Page 9: Reversing The Door

    REVERSING THE DOORS (You may need somebody to help you.) 1- Switch off the appliance at the socket outlet and pull out the mains plug. 2- Remove all loose items and fittings and food, if any, from inside the appliance and door racks. 3- Remove the plastic cover of the top hinge.
  • Page 10: Suggested Arrangement Of Food In The Fridge/Freezer

    SUGGESTED ARRANGEMENT OF FOOD IN THE FRIDGE FREEZER Arrangement Examples (see diagram) 1. Baked, chilled cooked food, dairy products, cans. 2. Meat, sausages, cold cuts. 3. Fruit, vegetables, salads. 4. Frozen food and freezing of fresh food. 5. Making, storing ice cubes. 6.
  • Page 11: Temperature Adjustment

    TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT Operating temperatures are controlled by the thermostat Knob and may be set at any position between 1 and 5 (the coldest position). The average temperature inside the fridge should be around +5°C (+41°F). Therefore, adjust the thermostat to obtain the desired temperature. Some sections of the fridge may be cooler or warmer (such as salad crisper and top part of the cabinet) which is quite normal.
  • Page 12: Making Ice Cubes

    MAKING ICE CUBES Fill the ice - cube tray 3/4 full with water and place it in the Ice Bank. Loosen frozen trays with the handle of a spoon, never use sharp edged objects such as knives, forks. Store ice- cubes in the Ice Bank.
  • Page 13: Replacing The Interior Light Bulb

    REPLACING THE INTERIOR LIGHT BULB To change the Bulb/LED used for illumination of your refrigerator, call your Authorised Service. The lamp(s) used in this appliance is not suitable for household room illumination. The intended purpose of this lamp is to assist the user to place foodstuffs in the refrigerator/freezer in a safe and comfortable way.
  • Page 14: Do's And Don'ts

    DO’S AND DON’TS Do- Clean and defrost your appliance regularly (See "Cleaning and Care"). Do- Keep raw meat and poultry below cooked food and dairy products. Do- Take off any unusable leaves on vegetables and wipe off any soil. Do- Leave lettuce, cabbage, parsley and cauliflower on the stem. Do- Wrap cheese firstly in greaseproof paper and then in a polythene bag, excluding as much air as possible.
  • Page 15: Energy Saving Tips

    ENERGY SAVING TIPS 1- Ensure your appliance is installed in a well ventilated area. If the ambient temperature is low (but in no case lower than 10 degrees C), then the energy saving will be more. In this case, check temperatures of fridge and freezer compartments with an accurate thermometer and lower the thermostat setting (towards 1) if necessary.
  • Page 16: Manufacturer Guarantee Terms And Conditions

    • Repairs necessary as a direct or indirect result of: - Accidental damage, misuse or abuse of a product. - An attempted repair of a product by anyone other than a Beko Approved Engineer (the “Engineer”). - Installation or use of a product where such installation or use fails to meet the requirements contained in this guarantee or the User Instructions Booklet.
  • Page 17: Built-In Appliances Guarantee Terms And Conditions

    If you are resident in the Republic of Ireland, this guarantee will be governed by Irish law and the Irish courts will have jurisdiction. This guarantee is provided by Beko plc. Beko House, 1 Greenhill Crescent, Watford, Hertfordshire. WD18 8QU. Beko plc is registered in England and Wales with company registration number 02415578.
  • Page 18: How To Obtain Service For Your Appliance

    Complete the required details and click send message. Product registrations For UK registrations please visit and for the Republic of Ireland visit Recycling This product bears the selective sorting symbol for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • Page 20 Beko plc Beko House 1 Greenhill Crescent Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 8QU Tel: 0845 6004911 Fax: 0845 6004922 e-mail: 4578336497_AA website:

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