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Sanyo Aspire 7552G Test Report page 12

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UN Test Data
1.Test Item: Drop Test
2.Test Purpose: This test simulates the drop of the packaging during transport.
3.Test Procedure:
Number of Test Samples (Per design type, Manufacturer ) and Drop Orientation For other than flat drops
the centre of gravity must be vertically over the point of impact. Where more than one orientation is
possible for a given drops, the orientation most likely to result in failure of the packaging must be used.
Boxes of natural wood
Plywood boxes
Reconstituted wood boxes
Fibreboard boxes
Plastic boxes
Steel or aluminum boxes
which are in the shape of a box.
SANYO Internal Procedure:
Packaging: Fiberboard boxes. Number of test samples: Five(one for each drop). It may do the drop
of five orientations with one sample if the packing does not have the big damage.
Drop orientation: As above.
4.Test Requirements:
A Package passes the test if it meets the following criteria:
Each package is capable of withstanding a 1.2 meter drop test in any orientation without damage to cells
or batteries contained therein, without shifting of the contents so as to allow battery to battery (or cell
cell) contact and without release of contents.
5.Test Date:
6.Test Data:
PASS(Drop height 1.2m)
6-1. No any package crack
6-2. No any cell damege and battery damage.
6-3. No any out side release of contents from shipping box
6-4. No any contact between battery and battery, cell and cell.
SANYO confidential
Number of test
Five (one for each drop)
Packaging size:
Packaging weight (before):
Packaging weight (after):
Drop orientation
First drop: flat on the bottom
Second drop: flat on the top
Third drop: flat on the long side
Fourth drop: flat on the short side
Fifth drop: on a corner
Copyright (c) 2008, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.


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