Toshiba 32DT2U Owner's Manual

Integrated high definition lcd television.
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Owner's Manual
Integrated High Definition
LCD Television
For an overview of steps for setting up your new TV, see page 10.
Note: To display a High Definition picture, the TV must be receiving
a High Definition signal (such as an over-the-air High Definition
TV broadcast, a High Definition digital cable program, or a High
Definition digital satellite program). For details, please contact
your TV antenna installer, cable provider, or satellite provider.
All Rights Reserved
Owner's Record
The model number and serial number are on the back
of your TV. Record these numbers in the spaces below.
Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate
with your Toshiba dealer about this TV.
Model number:
Serial number:


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  • Page 1

    Owner’s Record The model number and serial number are on the back of your TV. Record these numbers in the spaces below. Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate with your Toshiba dealer about this TV. Model number: Serial number:...

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Toshiba LCD TV. This manual will help you use the many exciting features of your new LCD TV. Before operating your LCD TV, please read this manual completely, and keep it nearby for future reference.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions, Installation, Care, And Service

    Important Safety Instructions 1) Read these instructions. 2) Keep these instructions. 3) Heed all warnings. 4) Follow all instructions. 5) Do not use this apparatus near water. 6) Clean only with dry cloth. 7) Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Page 4

    Care For better performance and safer operation of your TOSHIBA TV, follow these recommendations and precautions: 34) If you use the TV in a room whose temperature is 32 °F (0 °C) or below, the picture brightness may vary until the LCD warms up.

  • Page 5: Choosing A Location For Your Lcd Tv

    This is normal, especially when the unit is being turned on or off. If these sounds become frequent or continuous, unplug the power cord and contact a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider. DANGER: RISK OF SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH!

  • Page 6

    TV Size Hole Pattern(HxV) 32” 200x200 40” 200x200 Removing the Pedestal Stand 1) Carefully lay the front of the unit face down on a flat, cushioned surface such as a quilt or blanket. Leave the stand protruding over the edge of the surface.

  • Page 7: Trademark Information

    FCC Declaration of Conformity Compliance Statement (Part 15): Toshiba 32DT2U, 32DT2UL and 40FT2U Television models comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ... 53 Acceptable signal formats for PC IN and HDMI terminals ... 54 Limited United States Warranty for LCD Televisions ... 55 Limited Canadian Warranty for Toshiba Brand Flat Panel Televisions ... 56 Digital Dynamic Range ® ® ... 41 ...

  • Page 9: Chapter 1: Introduction, Features Of Your New Tv

    Features of your new TV The following are just a few of the many exciting features of your new Toshiba widescreen, integrated HD, LCD TV: Integrated digital tuning (8VSB ATSC and • QAM) eliminates the need for a separate digital converter set-top box (in most cases).

  • Page 10: Overview Of Steps For Installing, Setting Up And Using Your New Tv

    Inadequate ventilation may cause overheating, which will damage the TV. THIS TYPE OF DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE TOSHIBA WARRANTY. Do not plug in any power cords until AFTER you have connected all cables and devices to your TV.

  • Page 11: Tv Front And Side Panel Controls And Connections

    TV front and side panel controls and connections Models 32DT2U, 32DT2UL, and 40FT2U are used in this manual for illustration purposes. Left side panel 1無 Green LED Power LED (Green) = Power indicator 2無 Remote sensor (embedded) — Point the remote control toward this remote sensor ( ...

  • Page 12: Tv Back Panel Connections

    TV back panel connections For an explanation of cable types and connections, see pages 13–19. TV back Power Cord 1無 PC IN — For use when connecting a personal computer. 2無 HDMI IN — High-Definition Multimedia ® Interface input receives digital audio and uncompressed digital video from an HDMI device or uncompressed digital video from a DVI device.

  • Page 13: Chapter 2: Connecting Your Tv, Overview Of Cable Types, About The Connection Illustrations

    Component video cables come in sets of three and are for use with video devices with component video output. (ColorStream is Toshiba’s brand of component video.) ® These cables are typically color-coded red, green, and blue. Separate audio cables are required for a complete connection.

  • Page 14: Connecting A Vcr, Antenna, Cable Tv, Or Camcorder

    Connecting a VCR, Antenna, Cable TV, or Camcorder Camcorder AUDIO VIDEO Standard audio cable You will need: • Coaxial cables • Standard A/V cables − If you have a mono VCR, connect L/MONO on the TV to your VCR’s audio out terminal using the white audio cable only.

  • Page 15: Connecting A Dvd Player With Colorstream

    Connecting a DVD player with ColorStream and a satellite receiver From satellite dish Standard audio cable AUDIO VIDEO COMPONENT VIDEO Satellite S-VIDEO Component video cable Satellite receiver with component video or DVD player with component video You will need: • Coaxial cables •...

  • Page 16: Connecting An Hdmi Or Dvi Device To The Hdmi Input

    Connecting an HDMI ® device to the HDMI input The HDMI input on your TV receives digital audio and uncompressed digital video from an HDMI source device, or uncompressed digital video from a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) source device. This input is designed to accept HDCP (High- Bandwidth Digital-Content Protection) program material in digital form from EIA/CEA-861-D- compliant...

  • Page 17: Regza-link ® Connection

    Refer to the individual instruction manuals for compatibility information. Note: This feature may not work properly depending on the devices that are connected. Playback device (REGZA-LINK DVD player, etc.) ® ® feature uses the CEC ® . However, Toshiba is not...

  • Page 18: Connecting A Digital Audio System, Connecting A Personal Computer (pc)

    Connecting a digital audio system The TV’s DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal outputs a Dolby Digital or 2-channel down-mixed ® * PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) signal for use with an external Dolby ® Digital decoder or other external audio system with digital audio input. You will need: •...

  • Page 19

    HDMI terminal on the TV, use an HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable and analog audio cables. Such as a Toshiba PC with an HDMI terminal, use an HDMI cable (type A connector). Separate analog audio cables may not be necessary, depending on PC hardware and setup (...

  • Page 20: Chapter 3: Using The Remote Control, Installing The Remote Control Batteries, Remote Control Effective Range

    Chapter 3: Using the remote control Installing the remote control batteries 1無 Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote control. Squeeze tab and lift cover. 2無 Install two “AAA” size batteries, making sure to match the + and – signs on the batteries to the signs on the battery compartment.

  • Page 21: Learning About The Remote Control

    20無 MENU accesses the main TV menu system (  pages 22-23). The following key functions allow you to control Toshiba REGZA-LINK compatible devices via HDMI connection. (  Page 46, REGZA-LINK playback device control) 21無 STOP Stops the tape or DVD.

  • Page 22: Chapter 4: Menu Layout And Navigation, Main Menu Layout

    Chapter 4: Menu layout and navigation Main menu layout The tables below and on the next page provide a quick overview of your TV’s menu system. To open the main menus (illustrated below), press Icon Item Mode Picture Picture Settings Noise Reduction Game Mode Theater Settings...

  • Page 23: Setup/installation Menu Layout, Navigating The Menu System

    Chapter 4: Menu layout and navigation Setup/Installation menu layout The Installation menu contains the Terrestrial and System Status menus. To open the Installation menu (illustrated below), press Setup menu, select Installation, and press Icon Item Input Configuration Terrestrial Channel Program Channel Options Channel Tuning Mode Time Zone...

  • Page 24: Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Tv, Initial Setup, Selecting The Menu Language

    Chapter 5: Setting up your TV Initial Setup When you first turn on or reset the TV, the Initial Setup window will appear. 1無 In the Menu Language field, press t or u to select your preferred language. 2無 Press t or u to select Time Zone Setup and set your desired time zone with t or u and press 3無...

  • Page 25: Programming Channels Into The Tv's Channel Memory, Programming Channels Automatically, Setting Channel Skip

    Programming channels into the TV’s channel memory When you press on the remote control or TV control panel, your TV will stop only on the channels you programmed into the TV’s channel memory. Follow the steps below to program channels into the TV’s channel memory.

  • Page 26: Setting Av Input Mode

    3無 Press p or q to select a channel position to be skipped and press will appear in the box. To remove the , press To add a channel to the channel memory: Highlight the checked box next to the channel number you want to add, and then press to remove the tick.

  • Page 27: Viewing The Digital Signal Meter, Setting The Time Zone, Viewing The System Status

    the menu. (Also see item 2 on page 12 and “Setting the PC Audio” on page 43.) Viewing the digital signal meter You can view the digital signal meter in the ANT/ CABLE digital TV input source only. To view the digital signal meter: 1無...

  • Page 28: Chapter 6: Using The Tv's Features, Selecting The Video Input Source To View

    Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Selecting the video input source to view To select the video input source to view: 1無 Press on the remote control or TV control panel. 2無 And then either: a) Press 0–4, or b) Repeatedly press  on the remote control and then press to change the input;...

  • Page 29: Tuning Channels, Tuning Channels Using The Channel Browser

    4無 Press  or  to select the desired label for that input source. If a particular input is not used, you can select Hide as the label, which will cause that input to be “grayed out” in the Input Selection screen and skipped over when you press the remote control.

  • Page 30: Elements Of The Channel Browser, Adding And Clearing Channels And Inputs In The History List

    8無 To save your entries, highlight Done and press . To return to factory defaults, highlight Reset and press To open the Channel Browser Press t or u on the remote control. • Press t to surf backward through the previously •...

  • Page 31: Setting The Channel Tuning Mode, Tuning To The Next Programmed Channel

    Note: See page 24 for details on configuring the antenna input. Turning off the TV will clear the History List. • Setting the Channel Tuning Mode This feature allows you to choose how tuning will be handled for analog and digital channels when the TV is in Antenna mode.

  • Page 32: Switching Between Two Channels Using Surflock, Selecting The Picture Size

    Switching between two channels using SurfLock ™ The SurfLock feature temporarily “memorizes” one ™ channel to the button, so you can return to that channel quickly from any other channel by pressing To memorize a channel to the 1無 Tune the TV to the channel you want to program into button.

  • Page 33

    Picture Size TheaterWide 2 (for letter box programs) A B C D E F G - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The top and bottom edges of the picture may be hidden*.

  • Page 34: Using The Auto Aspect Ratio Feature, Using The Freeze Feature, Adjusting The Picture

    Scrolling the TheaterWide (TheaterWide 2 and 3 only) You can set separate scroll settings for the TheaterWide 2 and TheaterWide 3 modes for each input. To set the scroll settings: 1無 and open the Picture menu. Press 2無 Highlight Theater Settings and press 3無...

  • Page 35: Adjusting The Picture Quality, Using The Closed Caption Mode, Base Closed Captions

    To select the picture mode using the menu system: 1無 and open the Picture menu. Press 2無 Highlight Mode and press 3無 Press to select the picture mode you prefer and press Adjusting the picture quality You can adjust the picture quality (Contrast, Backlight, DynaLight , Brightness, Color, Tint, and ™...

  • Page 36: Digital Cc Settings, Cc Selector

    • To view text: Highlight T1, T2, T3, or T4. Note: If text is not available in your area, a black rectangle may appear on screen. If this happens, set the Base CC Mode to Off. • To turn off the closed caption mode: Select Off in step 2 above.

  • Page 37: Adjusting The Audio, Muting The Sound, Using The Digital Audio Selector, Selecting Stereo/sap Broadcasts

    Adjusting the audio Muting the sound Press on the remote control to partially reduce (1/2 MUTE) or turn off (MUTE) the sound. Each time you press , the mute mode will change in the following order: 1/2 Mute Mute Volume If the closed caption mode is set to Off when you select “MUTE”...

  • Page 38: Selecting The Digital Audio Output Format, Using The Dolby ® Digital Dynamic Range Control Feature

    Selecting the digital audio output format You can use this feature to select the digital audio output format when you connect a Dolby Digital decoder or other digital audio system to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal on the TV (see “Connecting a digital audio system”...

  • Page 39: Changing Your Pin Code, Blocking Tv Programs And Movies By Rating (v-chip)

    • The additional rating system is not designed, transmitted, or controlled by the TV or Toshiba, nor is the availability of an additional rating system determined or controlled by Toshiba. Similarly, the rating of programs in an additional rating system is not determined, transmitted, or controlled by the TV or Toshiba.

  • Page 40: Blocking Tv Programs By Canada Rating

    Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Independent rating system for broadcasters Ratings Description and Content themes Mature Audience Only (This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children TV-MA under 17.) L) Crude or indecent language S) Explicit sexual activity V) Graphic violence Parents Strongly Cautioned (This...

  • Page 41: Unlocking Programs Temporarily, Using The Input Lock Feature, Locking Channels, Using The Gametimer

    Unlocking programs temporarily If you try to tune the TV to a program that exceeds the rating limits you set, the TV will enter program lock mode and the following message will appear on- screen: This program exceeds the rating limit you set. Push 'MUTE' to enter PIN.

  • Page 42: Using The Panel Lock Feature, Using The Pc Settings Feature

    Using the panel lock feature You can lock the control panel to prevent your settings from being changed accidentally (by children, for example). When the panel lock is On, none of the controls on the TV control panel will operate except POWER. To lock the panel: 1無...

  • Page 43: Setting The Pc Audio, Using The Media Player, Using The Media Player With Usb

    File format: JPEG Maximum photo size: 6 MB Maximum number of files: 500 / folder Maximum photo resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels (32DT2U / 32DT2UL) 1920 x 1080 pixels (40FT2U) Supported file system: FAT16 and FAT32 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Note: •...

  • Page 44: To Open The Media Player, Viewing Photo Files, Single View, Slideshow

    To open the Media Player There are two methods for starting the Media Player. Automatically: 1無 Gently insert a supported USB storage device to the USB port on the rear side of the TV. A prompt will appear. Note: If you repeatedly insert and remove the USB device, the prompt may not appear.

  • Page 45: Setting The Sleep Timer

    Contents Description Photo list (Multi view) Photo Sorting To sort the folders and files 1無 to open the Quick Menu from Press Multi View mode. 2無 Press p or q to select Sort. 3無 Press t or u to select Title, New or Old to set the sorting rule.

  • Page 46: Automatic Power Down, No Signal Power Down, Using Regza-link, Dvd Player, Etc.) Control

    Chapter 6: Using the TV’s features Using REGZA-LINK This is a new feature that uses CEC technology and allows you to control Toshiba REGZA-LINK compatible devices from the TV remote via HDMI connection ( page 17). When the Enable REGZA-LINK setup menu (...

  • Page 47: Regza-link ® Input Source Selection, Volume And Mute Controls Of Audio Receiver

    ® REGZA-LINK Player Control menu functions: 1無 and open the Preferences menu. Press 2無 Highlight REGZA-LINK Player Control and press 3無 Press p or q to select the item you want to control and press Item Description Power Turns the selected device on and off. Root Accesses the top menu of the selected Menu...

  • Page 48: Displaying Tv Status Information, Understanding The Last Mode Memory Feature

    Note: When you turn on the Audio Receiver, change its input source, or adjust the sound volume, the sound will be output from the audio receiver’s speakers even if TV Speakers has been selected. Turn the TV off and on again to output the sound from the TV speakers.

  • Page 49: Chapter 7: Using The Tv's Advanced Features, Using The Advanced Picture Settings Features

    Chapter 7: Using the TV’s advanced features Using the advanced picture settings features Using Dynamic Contrast Dynamic Contrast detects changes in picture quality that affect the appearance of your contrast settings and then automatically adjusts the video. To select Dynamic Contrast preference: 1無...

  • Page 50: Using Mpeg Noise Reduction, Using The Game Mode Feature

    Chapter 7: Using the TV’s advanced features Selecting the cinema mode When you view a DVD (3:2 pulldown processed) from a DVD player connected to the VIDEO, ColorStream HD (component video), or HDMI inputs on the TV, smoother motion can be obtained by setting the Cinema Mode to Film.

  • Page 51: Chapter 8: Troubleshooting, General Troubleshooting

    Chapter 8: Troubleshooting General troubleshooting Before calling a service technician, please check this chapter for a possible solution to the problem experienced. Black box on-screen The closed caption feature is set to one of the Text • modes (T1, T2, T3, or T4). Set the closed caption feature to Off (...

  • Page 52: Sound Problems, Remote Control Problems, Hdmi Problems, Channel Tuning Problems, Media Player Problems

    5 seconds. The PIN code you previously stored will be cleared ( page 38). No REGZA-LINK The REGZA-LINK • Toshiba REGZA-LINK Make sure the HDMI cables with the HDMI • Logo ( When the connected REGZA-LINK •...

  • Page 53: Chapter 9: Appendix, Specifications

    Width: 3’3-1/8 inches (993.7mm) Height: 2’3-3/8 inches (694.8mm) Depth: 11-5/8 inches (295mm) Mass (Weight) 32DT2U / 32DT2UL: 22.0 lbs (10.0 kg) 40FT2U: 35.3 lbs (16.0 kg) Operating conditions Temperature: 32ºF - 95ºF (0ºC - 35ºC) Humidity: 20 - 80% (no moisture condensation) Supplied Accessories Remote control with two size “AAA”...

  • Page 54: Acceptable Signal Formats For Pc In And Hdmi Terminals

    Acceptable signal formats for PC IN and HDMI terminals PC IN signal formats Note: Depending on the connected PC, the following problems may occur; incorrect display, false format detection, picture position failure, blur, or judder. This is not a malfunction of your TV. Format Resolution V.

  • Page 55: Limited United States Warranty For Lcd Televisions

    Limited United States Warranty for LCD Televisions Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (“TAIS”) makes the following limited warranties to original consumers in the United States. THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER OR ANY PERSON RECEIVING THIS LCD TELEVISION...

  • Page 56

    APPLY TO YOU UNDER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES. Limited Canadian Warranty Toshiba Brand Flat Panel Televisions Toshiba of Canada Limited (“TCL”) makes the following limited warranties to original consumers in Canada. THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER OR ANY PERSON RECEIVING THIS TOSHIBA BRAND FLAT PANEL TELEVISION (the “TELEVISION(S)”...

  • Page 57

    TCL, and service made necessary by the use or installation of non-Toshiba modifications to the Television; Service of a Television on which the TOSHIBA label or logo, rating label or serial number have been defaced or removed; Damage to the Television caused by failure to follow the specifications, User manuals or guides as to usage and/or storage.

  • Page 58

    For USA, For Canada, You may obtain the complete Corresponding GPL and LGPL Source code from Toshiba for a period of three (3) years after our last shipment of this product by contacting Toshiba Consumer Solutions at (800) 631-3811.

  • Page 59

    TOSHIBA AMERICA INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. Corporate Headquarters: 9740 IRVINE BLVD.; IRVINE, CA 92618 U.S.A. Visual Products Service and Support : 1420-B TOSHIBA DRIVE, LEBANON, TN 37087, U.S.A. TOSHIBA OF CANADA LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 191 McNABB STREET, MARKHAM, ONTARIO, L3R 8H2, CANADA CableClear, ColorStream, GameTimer, and TheaterWide are registered trademarks of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

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