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Samsung GT-P3110 Quick Start Manual

Portable bluetooth/wi-fi device.
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You can access the full user manual for more
information. To learn to access the user manual, see
"View the user manual" in this quick start guide.

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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    GT-P3110 quick start guide You can access the full user manual for more information. To learn to access the user manual, see “View the user manual” in this quick start guide.

  • Page 2

    Thank you for choosing this Samsung mobile device. This device will provide you with high-quality mobile communication and entertainment based on Samsung’s exceptional technology and high standards. • The contents of this manual may differ from the product, or from software provided by service providers or carriers, and are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Page 3

    Samsung Electronics. Trademarks • SAMSUNG and the SAMSUNG logo are registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics. • The Android logo, Google ™ Mail , YouTube ™...

  • Page 4

    ® • Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wi-Fi CERTIFIED trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Your device uses a non-harmonised frequency and is intended for use in all European countries. Wi-Fi can be operated in the EU without restriction indoors, but cannot be operated outdoors in France.

  • Page 5: Device Layout

    Device layout Front view Number Function Light sensor Memory card slot Touch screen...

  • Page 6

    Number Function Speaker Multifunction jack Front camera lens Rear view Number Function Microphone GPS antenna 1. Do not touch or cover the area around the antenna with your hands or other objects while using the GPS functions.

  • Page 7: Key Function

    Number Function Power/Reset/Lock key Rear camera lens Volume key Headset jack Keys Power/ Reset Lock Volume 1. If your device experiences fatal errors, hanging, or freezing, you may need to reset the device to regain functionality. Function Turn on the device (press and hold); Access the device options (press and hold);...

  • Page 8: Charge The Battery

    Charge the battery Before using the device for the first time, you must charge the battery. Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Unapproved chargers or cables may cause batteries to explode or damage your device. • If the battery is completely discharged, you cannot turn on the device, even while it is charging.

  • Page 9

    Plug the USB power adapter into a power outlet. If the device receives an unstable power supply while charging, the touch screen may not function. If this happens, unplug the USB cable from the device. When the battery is fully charged, first unplug the USB cable from the device, and then unplug the USB power adapter from the electrical socket.

  • Page 10: Getting Started, Turn On Or Off Your Device

    Getting started Turn on or off your device To turn on your device, press and hold the Power key. If you are turning on your device for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device. You must sign in to Google or create a Google account to use applications that interact with the Google server.

  • Page 11

    On the Home screen, select application list. Scroll left or right to another screen. You can also select one of the dots at the bottom of the screen to move directly to the corresponding screen. Select an application. Select to return to the previous screen. Select to return to the Home screen.

  • Page 12: Connect To The Internet

    Open the notifications panel To open the notifications panel, tap the right bottom of the screen. To hide the panel, select Connect to the Internet You can connect to the Internet by using the Wi-Fi feature. Open the web application and browse webpages.

  • Page 13

    View the user manual The user manual provides complete information about operating your device. To view the user manual, access and then search for the user manual by the model name of your device.

  • Page 14

    Your device may malfunction and your risk of electric shock is increased. Handle and dispose of the device and chargers with care • Use only Samsung-approved chargers specifically designed for your device. Incompatible chargers can cause serious injuries or damage to your device. •...

  • Page 15

    Protect the device and chargers from damage • Avoid exposing your device to very cold or very hot temperatures. • Extreme temperatures can damage the device and reduce the charging capacity and life of your device and batteries. • Never use a damaged charger. Caution: Follow all safety warnings and regulations when using your device in restricted areas Do not use your device near other electronic devices...

  • Page 16

    Turn off your device when on an aircraft Your device may interfere with the aircraft’s electronic navigation instruments. Your device may interfere with automotive equipment Electronic devices in your car may malfunction, due to radio interference from your device. Contact the manufacturer for more information. Comply with all safety warnings and regulations regarding mobile device usage while operating a vehicle...

  • Page 17

    Proper care and use of your mobile device Keep your device dry • Humidity and liquids may damage the parts or electronic circuits in your device. • Do not turn on your device if it is wet. If your device is already on, turn it off and remove the battery immediately (if the device will not turn off or you cannot remove the battery, leave it as-is).

  • Page 18

    Do not store your device near or in heaters, microwaves, hot cooking equipment, or high pressure containers • The battery may leak. • Your device may overheat and cause a fire. Do not drop your device or cause impacts to your device •...

  • Page 19

    Using generic chargers may shorten the life of your device or cause the device to malfunction. • Samsung cannot be responsible for the user’s safety when using accessories or supplies that are not approved by Samsung. Do not bite or suck the device •...

  • Page 20

    Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device Any changes or modifications to your device can void your manufacturer’s warranty. If your device needs servicing, take your device to a Samsung Service Centre. Do not paint or put stickers on your device Paint and stickers can clog moving parts and prevent proper operation.

  • Page 21: Keep Your Personal And Important Data Safe

    If dirty, wipe the card with a soft cloth. Keep your personal and important data safe • While using your device, be sure to back up important data. Samsung is not responsible for the loss of any data. •...

  • Page 22

    (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems) This marking on the product, accessories or literature indicates that the product and its electronic accessories (e.g. charger, headset, USB cable) should not be disposed of with other household waste.

  • Page 23

    ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. ” Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time. Content and services are transmitted by third parties by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Samsung has no control.

  • Page 24

    2012.02.24 (place and date of issue) ※ It is not the address of Samsung Service Centre. For the address or the phone number of Samsung Service Centre, see the warranty card or contact the retailer where you purchased your product.

  • Page 25

    Some contents in this manual may differ from your device depending on the software of the device or your service provider. To install Samsung Kies (PC Sync) Download the latest version of Samsung Kies from the Samsung website ( and install it on your computer.

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