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Zanussi Clothes Dryer Brochure & Specs

Laundry equipment.
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    laundry laundry equipment equipment...

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    Hotels, Restaurants...

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    Every expert in the field acknowledges this system as the real driving force behind an evolution which has improved life in the kitchen and broadened the possibilities for the professionals who work there. In fact, the Zanussi Professional System is a universal system, used throughout the world by millions of users.

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    the laundry appliances W a s h - & - D r y C o m p a c t w a s h e r a n d W a s h e r d r y e r e x t r a c t o r s...

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    The new laundry appliances representing a complete and effective solution to all laundry requirements arise from the result of the most sophisticated manufacturing technology and the tried and tested experience of Zanussi Professional. Sturdy construction for long term reliability, high quality components easily accessible to...

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    Compact washer dryer he Zanussi Professional Compact washer and dryer range has been especially designed for professionals with medium size washing needs. It operates with up to 9 kilos of laundry at a time and the life span is of 15,000 cycles. Low noise level assures more pleasant working environment and low energy consumption.

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    The range for Washer Extractors consists on 2 main categories: H (high spin) and N (normal spin). The Washer Extractors by Zanussi Professional combine the dual function of washing and spinning in a really sturdy machine which is extremely easy to use thanks to the functional control panels.

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    Professional finds a solution for the crucial part of any washing machine: the Controls. The extremely easy to use controls of the Zanussi Professional machines ensure that washing operations are simplified and perfectly smooth. The range consists on two different controls: Compass control ®...

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    Clarus control he Clarus Control is the most versatile microprocessor on ® the market that perfectly combines timing, optimal water levels and temperature to ensure superior performance with minimum consumption. Clarus Control monitors all machine functions: ® 9 standard and 192 customisable programs. Models Compass Control •...

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    Wash-&-Dry he Zanussi Professional Wash-&-Dry, the most efficient use of space and the ultimate convenience, all in one machine. The ‘‘3-in-1’’machine that respects the environment: Wash and Dry: use it as a washer-dryer to save time • and make the process easier (no loading and unloading is needed) •...

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    Washing Drying Filter. Long lasting and easy to clean thanks to the double lint filter to increase the Wash-&-Dry machine life. The large filter area allows up to 15 drying cycles before cleaning is needed! Smart Extraction patent: a specific water extraction sequences that re-open the line to reducing the drying time.

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    Tumble Dryers he Zanussi Professional Tumble Dryers guarantee a fast uniform drying result with low energy consumption. Our adjustable drum speed assure excellent results, even with the most delicate loads. The Tumble Dryers are designed for quick and simple installation with only one external connection for electricity, gas and exhaust required.

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    T4300LE - Low energy he Zanussi Professional T4300LE can be installed with no exhaust duct at all, usefull in all those places where it is not possible to perforate walls or in buildings with many floors where it would be difficult to create a discharge duct for the flues.

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    Controls omplete control over the drying process is possible thanks to the advanced microprocessor technology. With the Compass and Selecta controls it is simple to choose alternative settings for maximum drying flexibility. Compass control Quick start allows Larger Display to preset 2 of makes most frequently used identification easy...

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    Ironers he Zanussi Professional ironers (Bed Ironers and Cylinder ironers) are the answer to all the ironing requirements of laundries with minimum energy consumption. The Bed Ironers are designed to process small to medium- size pre-conditioned flatwork; thanks to their compact dimensions, they are the ideal solution for small restaurants and apartment house laundries.

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    DIAMMS he Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System brings the first true moisture management system to the market. With this unique feature, you can enjoy the automatic control of your ironer’s speed based on the linen’s humidity level. Your ironer is never too slow nor too fast - guaranteeing you the optimum productivity.

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    Solutions solution for every kind of need. The wide range of laundry machines gives the possibility to satisfy every kind of request in Restaurant, Hotel and Nursing home environments, just selecting between the different combinations available. Categories Number of Seats beds Restaurant Hotel...

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    Hotel WASHER EXTRACTOR TUMBLE DRYER W4130H T4250 WASHER EXTRACTOR WASHER EXTRACTOR W4300H W4180H Nursing homes WASHER EXTRACTOR WASHER EXTRACTOR W4180H W475H The solutions are only indicative. For a precise analysis please contact the local distributor. 40 Beds 80-100 kg/day BED IRONER WASHER EXTRACTOR IC43316 W4240H...

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    The Range Preparation Static Static HD Cooking N900 - N700 Snack 600 Industrial machines Ovens easyLine Refrigeration Refrigerated appliances We are part of the Electrolux family. Share more of our thinking at Dishwashing Dishwashers Washing system Laundry equipment Distribution Self-Service ActiveSelf Fit-System...

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