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Charge The Handset; Check The Battery Level; What Is Standby Mode; Check The Signal Strength - Philips CD2851W/TR User Manual

Philips benear cordless phone with answering machine 2000-series
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Charge the handset

Place the handset on the base station to charge
the handset. When the handset is placed
correctly on the base station, your hear a
docking sound.
The handset starts charging.
Charge the batteries for 8 hours before first
If the handset becomes warm when the
batteries are being charged, it is normal.
Your phone is now ready to use.

Check the battery level

The battery icon displays the current battery
When the handset is off the base
station/charger, the bars indicate
the battery level (full, medium and
When the handset is on the base
station/charger, the bars flash until
charging completes.
The empty battery icon flashes. The
battery is low and needs recharging.
The handset turns off if the batteries are empty.
If you are on the phone, you hear warning
tones when the batteries are almost empty. The
call gets disconnected after the warning.

What is standby mode?

Your phone is in standby mode when it is idle.
The standby screen displays the handset name
and number/date and time, signal icon, and
battery icon.

Check the signal strength

It displays the link status between
the handset and base station. The
more bars are shown, the better
the connection is.
Ensure the handset is linked to the base
station before you make or receive calls
and carry out the phone functions and
If you hear warning tones when you are
on the phone, the handset is almost out
of battery or the handset is out of range.
Charge the battery or move the handset
nearer to the base station.

Switch your handset On/Off

Press and hold
handset. The screen of handset turns off.
When the handset is switched off, no call can
be received.
Press and hold
handset. It takes a few seconds for the
handset to power up.
to switch off the
to switch on the


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