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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu F2MC-8L MB89051 Series

  • Page 3: Electric Shock

    *1: The FPT-64P-M09 is the package for the probe header. *2: F MC is the abbreviation of FUJITSU Flexible Microcontroller. I Caution of the products described in this document Cautions in the following correspond to the products described in this document.
  • Page 4 • Any information in this document, including descriptions of function and schematic diagrams, shall not be construed as license of the use or exercise of any intellectual property right, such as patent right or copyright, or any other right of Fujitsu or any third party or does Fujitsu warrant non-infringement of any third-party' s intellectual property right or other right by using such information.
  • Page 5: Handling Precautions

    1. Checking the Delivered Product Before using the MB2144-227-01, confirm that the following components are included in the product package: • • • • MB2144-227-01 (probe header) • • • • NQPACK064SB • • • • *1 *2 HQPACK064SB140 • • • • Screws for securing probe header •...
  • Page 6 3. Notes on Designing I Restrictions of PC board design for the user system Once the probe header is connected to the user system, the heights of parts mounted in the space around the probe header are restricted. The PC board of the user system must be designed with due consideration given to this restriction (Figure 1).
  • Page 7 4. Procedure for set I Setting the jumper plug to switch the C terminal The jumper plug for switching the C terminal on the probe header is used to switch the C terminal capacitive-termination. A 0.1 µF capacitor is mounted on the probe header to perform C terminal capacitive-termination. Depending on the operating environment, change the setting of the jumper plug to select whether C terminal capacitive-termination is performed on a user system or on the probe header.
  • Page 8 Procedure for connection I Connecting the universal cable assembly To connect the universal cable assembly and the probe header, connect the two 34-pin connectors of the universal cable assembly and the two 34-pin connectors on the probe header. • The connectors on the universal cable assembly, and the mounting section of the connectors on the probe header are marked "A"...
  • Page 9 I Connecting the probe header to a user system To connect the probe header and the user system, connect the probe header to NQPACK064SB* mounted on the user system using YQPACK064SB. 1) An index mark (one corner of the YQPACK064SB or NQPACK064SB is clipped) indicates the first pin on the YQPACK064SB and on the NQPACK064SB.
  • Page 10 6. Mounting Mass-production MCUs I Mounting In order to mount a mass production MCU on the user system, use the HQPACK064SB140 which is supplied with the product. 1) To mount a mass production MCU on the user system, match the index mark (L) on the NQPACK064SB mounted on the user system with the index mark (G) on the mass production MCU.
  • Page 11 SS01-25009-1E FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR • SUPPORT SYSTEM MC-8L LQFP-64P PROBE HEADER for MB89051 Series MB2144-227-01 OPERATION MANUAL May 2003 the first edition FUJITSU LIMITED Electronic Devices Published Edited Business Promotion Dept.

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