Philips GoGear ViBE SA1VBE04K/ User Manual

Philips mp3 player user manual.
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  • Page 1

    Register your product and get support at EN User manual SA1VBE02 SA1VBE04 SA1VBE08 SA1VBE16...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Supported video file formats Supported picture file formats 16 Glossary Need help? Please visit where you can access a full set of supporting materials such as the user manual, the latest software updates, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Information, General Maintenance

    • Back up your files. Ensure that you retain the original files you have downloaded to your device. Philips is not responsible for any loss of data if the product becomes damaged or not readable / legible. • Manage (transfer, delete, etc.) your music files only with the supplied music software to avoid problems.

  • Page 4: Recycling The Product

    Data logging Philips is committed to improving the quality of your product and enhancing the Philips user experience. To understand the usage profile of this device, this device logs some info / data to the non-volatile memory region of the device.

  • Page 5

    Notice for the USA Philips SA1VBE02 SA1VBE04 SA1VBE08 SA1VBE16 This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 6: Your New Gogear Vibe, What's In The Box

    What’s in the box Check that you have received the following items: Player Earphones USB cable Quick start guide Philips GoGear audio player Quick start guide Note • The images serve as reference only. Philips reserves the right to change color/design without notice.

  • Page 7: Getting Started, Overview Of The Controls And Connections, Overview Of The Main Menu

    3 Getting started Overview of the controls and connections RESET press: reset GoGear Vibe press: scroll up/down press and hold: scroll up/ down at high speed slide and hold: turn GoGear Vibe on/off slide: lock/unlock all buttons except display press: increase/decrease the volume press and hold: increase/ decrease fast...

  • Page 8: Install Software, Connect And Charge, Computer, Battery Level Indication

    Install software GoGear Vibe comes with the following software: • Philips Device Manager (helps you get firmware updates for GoGear Vibe) • Media Converter for Philips (helps you convert and transfer video files for GoGear Vibe) • Rhapsody® Media Player (helps you convert and transfer Rhapsody®...

  • Page 9: Disconnect Gogear Vibe Safely, Turn Gogear Vibe On And Off, Automatic Standby And Shut-down

    • You can conserve battery power and increase the play time of the GoGear Vibe if you go to > [Display settings] > [Screen off timer] and ensure that the shortest timer setting is selected. Disconnect GoGear Vibe safely To avoid data loss, disconnect GoGear Vibe from your computer as follows: On your computer, exit all applications that are working with GoGear Vibe.

  • Page 10: Use Gogear Vibe To Carry Files

    4 Use GoGear Vibe to carry files GoGear Vibe allows you to carry files in Windows Explorer. With GoGear Vibe connected to the USB port of the computer, open Windows Explorer. Create folders in GoGear Vibe. Use drag and drop actions to sort your files into the folders.

  • Page 11: Rhapsody, Add Rhapsody┬« Music Channels To Gogear Vibe

    5 Rhapsody® Depending on the type of Rhapsody® account you hold, you can add Rhapsody® Music to GoGear Vibe using Rhapsody® Media Player. For more information visit You need to install the Rhapsody® Media Player before you continue: Ensure the computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Page 12: Add Pictures To Gogear Vibe

    Add pictures to GoGear Vibe You can transfer picture files from a computer to GoGear Vibe using Rhapsody® Media Player. You need to install the Rhapsody® Media Player before you continue: Connect GoGear Vibe to the computer. Launch Rhapsody® Media Player. »...

  • Page 13: Music, Listen To Music, Find Your Music, Delete Music Tracks

    6 Music Listen to music From the main menu, select music mode. Navigate the sub-menus to select your music. Press to play. • Press to toggle between pause and play. Find your music From the main menu, select mode. GoGear Vibe offers the following menu options: [All songs] •...

  • Page 14: Audiobooks, Add Audiobooks To Gogear Vibe, Audiobook Controls, Select Audiobook By Book Title

    7 Audiobooks GoGear Vibe supports books in audio format. The use of this feature requires that you download the AudibleManager from audible. com. With the AudibleManager you can manage the digital contents of your audiobooks. Visit and register. The onscreen instructions guide you through the AudibleManager software download process.

  • Page 15: Video, Download, Convert And Transfer Videos, Play Videos, Delete Videos

    8 Video Download, convert and transfer videos MediaConverter™ for Philips enables you to • download videos from the Internet to your PC at the click of a button. • convert video files on your PC to the correct screen size of GoGear Vibe.

  • Page 16: Pictures, View Pictures, View Slideshow, Add Pictures To Gogear Vibe, Delete Pictures

    9 Pictures View pictures GoGear Vibe supports a range of picture formats (see section Supported formats in this user manual). From the main menu, select picture mode. Press to move to next / previous picture. View slideshow While in mode, you can view your pictures as a slideshow: Press to start the slideshow.

  • Page 17: Radio, Listen To Fm Radio, Manually Tune A Radio Station, Auto-tune Preset Radio Station

    10 Radio Listen to FM radio From the main menu, select radio mode. • The earphones cable acts as FM antenna. Manually tune a radio station While in mode, you can manually tune to a radio station: To search for the next stronger signal, press and hold To fine tune the frequency, briefly press Auto-tune preset radio...

  • Page 18: Recordings, Record Audio/voices, Listen To Voice/audio Recordings, Upload Your Recordings To A Computer, Delete Recordings

    11 Recordings Record audio/voices This is how you can record audio/voices with the built-in microphone (see section Overview for location of built-in microphone): From the main menu, select recordings mode. Select [Start voice recording]. • Press to toggle between pause and record.

  • Page 19: Settings

    12 Settings This is how you customize GoGear Vibe: From the main menu, select mode. In the menu, navigate as follows: Press to select an option. Press to confirm a selection and go to the next level (when available). Press to return to the previous level.

  • Page 20

    [Display settings] [Brightness] [Theme] [Backlight timer] [Screen off timer] [Screensaver] [Date and time] [Time settings] [Date settings] [Slideshow settings] [Time per slide] [Repeat] [Shuffle] [Language] • [English] (default) • Czech • Greek • German • Spanish • French • Italian •...

  • Page 21: Update Gogear Vibe, Manually Verify / Update Firmware

    (see section Connect and charge for instructions). On your computer, click Start > Programs > Philips Digital Audio Player > Vibe Device Manager to launch Philips Device Manager. Click Update » Philips GoGear Vibe Device Manager checks for updates and installs new firmware from the Internet, if available.

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    GoGear Vibe with the Philips Device Manager: On your computer, select Start > Programs > Philips Digital Audio Player > Vibe Device Manager > Philips Device Manager to launch the Philips Device Manager. Turn off GoGear Vibe before you continue.

  • Page 23: Technical Data, System Requirements, Supported Music File Formats, Supported Video File Formats

    Power supply: 290 mAh Li-ion polymer internal rechargeable battery Play time¹ (music): 25 hours Software on CD-ROM Philips Device Manager: to restore and upgrade Media Converter for Philips: to convert and transfer media files Rhapsody® Media Player Connectivity Headphone 3.5 mm USB 2.0 High speed...

  • Page 24: Supported Picture File Formats

    Supported picture file formats GoGear Vibe supports the following picture formats: • JPEG...

  • Page 25: Glossary

    16 Glossary Album art Album art is a feature that displays the artwork (cover picture) of a music album. This display enables the user to quickly identify a music album. The artwork files for music albums can be downloaded from the Internet. Compression In audio terms, this is a process of temporarily or permanently reducing audio data for more...

  • Page 26

    Windows Media Player 10 and Windows XP. The PlaysForSure* logo assures the consumer that the music purchased at an online shop with this logo is compatible with the Philips GoGear player. Rhapsody® Rhapsody® is an on-line music service that offers streaming on-demand access to its library of digital music.

  • Page 27

    © 2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. SA1VBE_17_UM_V2.0 All rights reserved. wk9344...

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