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Panasonic AJ-HDC27HE Brochure & Specs

Variable frame-rate hd camera-recorder.
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Variable Frame-Rate HD Camera-Recorder


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    AJ-HDC27H Variable Frame-Rate HD Camera-Recorder...

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    Panasonic Keeps Evolving Digital Video with the Sensitivity of Film Panasonic continues to expand the boundaries of video production with breakthrough digital image technologies that put more expressive power in the hands of movie, TV commercial, and episodic TV programme cinematographers.

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    Offers Advanced Speed Effects and Produces All Types of Content – Only the Panasonic Variable Frame Rate The Panasonic AJ-HDC27H is the video camera able to emulate the "undercranking" and "overcranking" technique of film cameras to slow down or speed up images. By varying the frame rate from 4 to 60 fps and adjusting the shutter speed from 3.0º...

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    Lower-speed Shooting at 4 to 23* fps For example, shooting at 12 fps lets you attain a 2x fast- motion effect with playback at the cinema speed of 24 fps. Normal Shooting at 24 fps (for Film) or 25 fps This technique can be combined with zooming to create a (for TV programme) warp-speed effect, such as for giving special emphasis to...

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    Video with the Same Latitude as Film – Only Panasonic Film Gamma Selection The extremely wide reproductive range of film is the key to its lush expression. Panasonic's new gamma curves — developed specifically to allow a CCD camera to produce the tonal qualities of film —...

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    Video Ganmma Image 100% Video Film Ganmma Image Three Gamma Curves • Video gamma: The conventional gamma curve used for broadcast video cameras. Includes a low setting for clipping. • Cine gamma (V.REC): Designed for creating film-like TV programmes or videos, with virtually the same recording style that you currently use.

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    A Total HD Production System – For Producing All Types of Image Content The optional HD gamma corrector and frame rate converter give you total operating ease with the AJ-HDC27H two key features – the cine gamma curves and variable frame rate. Add a DVCPRO HD VTR with the HD/SD multi-format function and IEEE 1394 and HD-SDI digital interfaces, and a nonlinear editing system that supports DVCPRO HD, and...

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    AJ-FRC27 Frame rate Converter AJ-HDC27H HD Camera-Recorder AJ-GBX27 HD Gamma Corrector HD Production System AJ-GBX27 BT-LH1700W HD Gamma Corrector BT-LH900 HD/SD LCD Video Monitor AJ-HD1200AE DVCPRO HD VTR Speed Effects Achieved with Frame Rate Conversion You can create a variety of speed effects by running sources recorded with the variable frame rate function through the frame rate converter.

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    Combining Advanced Digital Recording and Cinema Know-How — Only Panasonic Camera section: Captures a wide range of images for use in cinematic or broadcast productions. • Newly developed 3CCD system provide F12 (2,000-lux) sensitivity, minimum illumination of 0.7 lux • 12-bit A/D converter improves gradation •...

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    • Variable frame rate from 4 to 60 fps, including the traditional "film look" rate of 24 fps • Up to 8 setup data files can be stored on an SD Memory Card (Panasonic) • Up to 64 lens files can be written to an SD Memory Card (Panasonic) •...

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    AJ-FRC27 Frame Rate Converter Check Variable Frame Rate Effects On-Site, Line-Convert from 720p to 1080p, and Down-Convert to SD The AJ-FRC27 converts the frame rates of images recorded using the AJ-HDC27H. It extracts the frames you designate, records them to an internal HDD, and plays them back.

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    AJ-GBX27 HD Gamma Corrector Use Monitor and Movie Content for TV Production by Giving F.REC Mode Images a Telecine Look The AJ-GBX27 corrects images recorded in cine gamma (F.REC mode) for converting monitor and content data, and for a variety of other uses. The AJ-GBX27 is extremely easy to use -- simply choose the desired correction mode.

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    AJ-HD1700 Full-Featured Studio VTR AJ-HD1200A Full-Featured Studio VTR AJ-HD3700B Multi-Format/Multi-Standard Mastering VTR The AJ-HD1700 is a DVCPRO HD high-end studio master VTR that answers today’s most advanced needs in high-definition production and broadcasting. Featuring the new DVCPRO HD-LP format, the AJ-HD1700 records and plays up to 126 minutes with an XL cassette.

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    Each of these projectors features a 3-chip DLP™ (Digital Light Processing) system for superior brightness, image quality and reliability. An original Panasonic optical system with dual-lamp technology combines with Dynamic Iris to deliver brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens (6,000 for the PT-DW7000) and outstanding 4,000:1 contrast.

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    24P System Flow 1. Shooting and On-Site Previewing 5. 24 fps Non-linear Editing Variable Frame Rate Materials Frame-Rate Conversion Active Frame DVCPRO HD VTR 25P System Flow 6.25 fps Non-linear Editing AJ-HDC27H 2. Variable Frema Rate-Compatible Non-Linear Editing AJ-FRC27 BT-LH1700W BT-LH900 HD-SD LCD Monitor 720/60p...

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    1.On-site Previewing Use the AJ-FRC27 Frame Rate Converter to check the results of fast-motion or slow-motion effects right after recording. Combine it with the BT-LH900 HD LCD Monitor (which features gamma correction) or the AJ-GBX27 HD Gamma Corrector, and you can view images with gradation that closely approximates that of the finished 2.Variable Frame Rate Compatible images.

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    AJ-HVF27BP 2.0" HD EVF AJ-B95/AJ-B75 AC Adapter DVC-822 (Miranda Technologies Inc.) Full Quality Downconverter and DV Encoder for HD Cameras For more information, please vist at <> AJ-MC700P AJ-MH800G Microphone Kit Microphone Holder AJ-EC3E Anton Bauer Battery Extension Control Unit Microphone AJ-MH800G Microphone...

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    Systems Business Group Bahrain 2-15 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8503 Belgium Japan Bulgaria Phone +81 6 6905 4650 Fax +81 6 6908 5969 China (Hong Kong Czech Republic +420 236 032 552/511 Denmark Egypt Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia France Germany...

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