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Adjustment Instructions; Software Download - LG 29FS2AMB/ANX Service Manual

Lg color tv service manual
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Table of Contents
1. Application Object
These instructions are applied to all of the color TV, MC-05HA
2. Notes
(1) Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use
an isolation transformer. However, the use of isolation
transformer will help protect test instrument.
(2) Adjustment must be done in the correct order.But the
adjustment can be changed by consideration of mass
(3) The adjustment must be performed in the circumstance of
25±5°C of temperature and 65±10% of relative humidity if
there is no specific designation.
(4) The input AC voltage of the receiver must keep rating
voltage in adjusting.
(5) The receiver must be operated for about 15 minutes prior to
the adjustment.
3. Soft ware download
1) Connect JIG to P004 of Digital Board.
2) Connect SCL line of JIG Switch to Ground.
3) Turn on JIG and supply 6V to Digital Board. Terminate the
SCL of clause 2) by using Switch.
4) After termination of SCL line, wait for 3 second.
5) Execute 'vct69xyp_main_graphic.vi2c' program.
6) Click the TVT button.
7) Double click right check box of 'Boot loader Version' line, and
then check to change to 40 from 0.


8) After checking '40', Click the Erase Flash button.
9) Double click 'Edit Window'.
10) Click the file select button of Name to select file.
11) Select necessary file.
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Table of Contents

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