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LG INCITE MCD0009405 Getting Started Manual

Lg cell phone user manual.
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LG Incite Applications
Take some time to explore the applications that are available on your LG Incite.
Here are a few applications to get you started.
Internet Sharing Use your device as a internet
Apps Use pre-installed applications.
sharing device.
AT&T GPS Helps you get around town by providing
MEdia Net Browses to access your favorite content
voice guided turn-by-turn GPS driving directions
(weather, news, etc.) and download ringtones or
with real time traffic based navigation.
other personalization items.
AT&T Music Shop for music, songs, music videos,
Modem Link Use your mobile device as a modem.
streaming media, and access AT&T's 1 music player.
Notes Creates handwritten or typed notes,
Games Play pre-installed games: Blockbreaker,
drawings, and recordings
Bubble Breaker, MsPac-Man, Solitaire and Sudoku.
Pictures & Videos Collects, organizes, and sorts
MEdia Mall Shop for games, musics, graphics,
picture and video files in the My Pictures folder of
multimedia, tones, videos and other applications.
your device or on a storage card.
Messaging Sends and receives email and text
Stopwatch Allows you to record the elapsed time
of an event. The duration of an individual lap
Access the entire array of tools and utilities on your
time (up to 20 times) and the total time can be
mobile device.
Calculator, Camera, File Explorer, GPS, Java, etc.
Task Manager Check activating task information.
Browser Browses Web and WAP sites, and
downloads new programs and files from the Internet.
Tasks Keeps track of your tasks.
Active Sync Synchronises information between
Windows Media Enables the multimedia function
your device and a PC.
on your device.
CV Watch news, sports, weather, and entertainment
clips via AT&T's
Video Share You can change the Video share
high-speed data network while on the go.
default settings.
Find More Information
On The Web
– Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, FAQs and additional support are available at Select Manufacturer: LG and Model: Incite from the drop
down menus.
– Detailed support information including device specifications, user manual,
troubleshooting, user forums and knowledgebase articles are available at
– For information about your wireless account, service plan or network, visit
On the phone
– Call AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 from any AT&T mobile phone
for assistance with your service or device.
On your computer – To view the user manual for your device, insert the Getting Started CD into your
computer and open the guide file.
Find Accessories
Accessories for your smartphone are available at or visit your local AT&T store.
Getting Started Guide


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   Summary of Contents for LG INCITE MCD0009405

  • Page 1

    LG Incite Applications Take some time to explore the applications that are available on your LG Incite. Here are a few applications to get you started. Internet Sharing Use your device as a internet Apps Use pre-installed applications. sharing device.

  • Page 2

    Please keep this page open as you read this guide. © 2008 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, AT&T logo and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. LG Incite Hands free Connector Stylus Connector...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Insert a microSD™ Memory Card ... 8 Power On the Device ... 8 Attach your Stylus ...9 Learn to Use the Basic Functions of LG Incite ..10 Check your Wireless Network Connection ... 10 Status Indicators ... 10 Entering Text on your device in portrait mode 11 Entering Text on your device in Landscape mode ...13...

  • Page 4

    Table of Contents AT&T Navigator ...28 AT&T Navigator for LG Incite ... 28 Download and Installation Instructions ... 29 Login Instructions ... 29 Generate a Route ... 30 Exiting AT&T Navigator ... 30 Music and Video ...31 Access AT&T Music ... 31 Access CV ...

  • Page 5: Welcome To At&t

    Welcome to AT&T What’s in the Box? Remove the following items from the box to help you set up your LG Incite. Travel Adapter Data cable Getting Started Guide Standard Battery Getting Started Guide Includes User Manual, Stylus Microsoft ActiveSync,...

  • Page 6: Set Up Your Lg Incite

    Note: If you have an available USB port on your computer and you have installed the LG Incite Desktop Software, you can use the USB cable that came with your smartphone to connect your smartphone to your computer for charging.

  • Page 7: Charge The Battery

    1. Before connecting the charger to the phone you must first check that the battery is installed. 2. Connect the small end of the travel charger cable to the USB port on the upper left side of your LG Incite.

  • Page 8: Insert A Microsd™ Memory Card

    Set Up Your LG Incite Insert a microSD™ Memory Card Use a memory card to extend the memory available on your LG Incite for storing media files such as ring tones, videos, pictures, or songs. 1. Lift the top edge of the cover to expose the memory card slot.

  • Page 9: Attach Your Stylus

    Attach your Stylus 1. Open the Stylus. 2. Loop the string of the Stylus cap through the Stylus Connector Slot. 3. Pull the Stylus cap through the string to secure Stylus. 4. Insert Stylus pointer back into cap.

  • Page 10: Learn To Use The Basic Functions Of Lg Incite

    Learn to Use the Basic Functions of LG Incite Check your Wireless Network Connection Verify if your device is connected to a wireless network by checking the signal strength icon and the data connection icon on the title bar of the Standby screen. Before you make a call, check that your device has a wireless connection and the status of the other icons in the title bar.

  • Page 11: Entering Text On Your Device In Portrait Mode

    Entering Text on your device in portrait mode The LG Incite has a touchscreen keyboard that allows you to enter information by tapping the keys that appear on screen. The keyboard supports a XT9 (predictive text) and regular (abc or multi-tap) mode.

  • Page 12

    Learn to Use the Basic Functions of LG Incite XT9 Mode (predictive text) In portrait mode, the XT9 (predictive text) mode lets you enter characters by tapping the key labeled with the required letter a single time. The device will determine what word you are entering by the sequence of keys that you have tapped.

  • Page 13: Entering Text On Your Device In Landscape Mode

    Entering Text on your device in Landscape mode Arrow key Arrow key The Keyboard icon key provides a visual indication of which keyboard is in use. To change the keyboard, use the Up Arrow key next to the Keyboard icon. Pressing the arrow in either portrait or landscape mode will provide several different keyboards to choose from for text entry.

  • Page 14: How To Use The Lg Tab Menu

    Menu and Delete, the menu that you select is removed from the Favorite application. Slide the menu to a location where you want to move if you want to change the priority. LG Menu organizes the frequently used menus by category. Select between the following categories.

  • Page 15

    Communications Multimedia Menus containing Call, Messaging, Menus containing Camera, Video, Contacts, IM etc. FM Radio and AT&T Music etc. Applications: Settings Application menus containing AT&T GPS, Settings menus containing Phone, Calculator, StopWatch etc. Wireless Manager, Sensor etc. Home screen : Go to Today screen.

  • Page 16: Make Calls And Set Up Voicemail

    If you want to adjust the backlight timeout, tap Start > Settings > System tab > Backlight, and select your preffered time from your dropdown list. (Time required: 1 minute) or tap or tap End button call on the screen. Speaker Off. (LG Menu) > (Settings) > appears in (Sensor) >...

  • Page 17: Set Up Voicemail

    Set Up Voicemail (Time required: 1 minute) 1. To connect to the AT&T voicemail system, tap and hold the 1 key 2. Create your password. 3. Record your name. 4. Record a greeting. Check Your Voicemail Messages 1. Press and hold the 1 key 2.

  • Page 18: Contacts

    2. On the Call History screen, tap Menu > Save to Contacts. Copy Contacts from the SIM Card to the Device (Time required: 1 minute) 1. Tap (LG Menu) > (Communication) > (Contacts) 2. Tap Menu > Select Contacts > Select Several or All.

  • Page 19: Send/receive Text Messages (sms)

    Send/Receive Text Messages (SMS) Send a Text Message 1. On the Standby screen tap 2. Perform one of the following actions: - Enter the text message address of one or more recipients, separating them with a semicolon. - To access addresses and phone numbers from Contacts, tap 3.

  • Page 20: Pictures

    - To delete the picture, tap the - To forward the picture, tap the Send a Multimedia Message 1. Tap (LG Menu) > (Multimedia) > 2. Select a picture or a video file that you want to send. 3. Tap Send > MMS (Multimedia Messages).

  • Page 21: Use Instant Messaging (im)

    Use Instant Messaging (IM) If you subscribe to an instant messaging (IM) service such as Yahoo!, AOL or Windows Live, you can take the convenience and fun of IM on the go with your LG Incite. Sign In (Time required: 2 minutes) 1.

  • Page 22: Access The Web

    Access the Web About The MEdia Net Browser (Favorites tab) is the quickest method to access the internet. On the Favorites tab, you can open the Browser with a tap access the internet using the MEdia Net shortcut AT&T's branded web portal, MEdia Net, allows you to access your favorite content (weather, news, etc.) and the ability to download ringtones and other personalization content.

  • Page 23: Shop With At&t Media Mall

    Shop with AT&T MEdia Mall Personalize your phone with downloadable games, graphics and ringtones from the hottest artists. (LG Menu) > (Multimedia) > • Browse thousands of ringtones from the classics to today’s top performers at Tones. • Get free trials of mobile applications and games at •...

  • Page 24: Email

    • Personal email accounts from internet service providers (ISP) like Yahoo!, AOL or Hotmail. Personal email accounts can be wirelessly synchronized with your LG Incite. To set up a personal wireless email with your LG Incite, you can use self service set up with Xpress Mail.

  • Page 25

    5. Then tap Yes, then OK to restart. 6. Tap OK to accept the license agreement. 7. Confirm your 10 digit phone number and tap Next. 8. Select Portal or ISP and tap Next. 9. Choose your provider and tap Next. If your email provider is not listed, tap More to view an additional list of personal email providers.

  • Page 26: Corporate Wireless Email

    Email Corporate Wireless Email To set up corporate wireless email on your LG Incite, you can use self service set up or IT managed set up. • Self Service Corporate Wireless Email Set Up Xpress Mail can provide wireless access to your corporate email from your device without support from IT.

  • Page 27: Ringtones

    Ringtones Select a Ringtone 1. Tap (LG Menu) > (Settings) > 2. Adjust one of the following options: - Ring type: Determines the incoming call notification mode. You can select from [Ring], [Increasing ring], [Ring once], [Vibrate], [Vibrate and ring], [Vibrate then ring], [None].

  • Page 28: At&t Navigator

    AT&T Navigator AT&T Navigator for LG Incite AT&T Navigator helps you get around town by providing voice guided turn-by- turn GPS driving directions with real time traffic based navigation. As you drive, AT&T Navigator monitors traffic ahead of you. If the service detects an incident, it alerts you and gives you the option to route around traffic using one click.

  • Page 29: Download And Installation Instructions

    2. Select the Get AT&T Nevigator icon. 3. Once the Browser has launched, you will be presented with a release waiver from LG. Read the terms and conditions carefully. If you agree with the terms, scroll to the bottom and press the I Agree option.

  • Page 30: Generate A Route

    AT&T Navigator Generate a Route 1. Select the Drive To option. 2. Select the Address option and choose the Type In Address Option. 3. Enter the address for your desired destination. 4. AT&T Navigator will attempt to validate the address and prompt you to confirm the address.

  • Page 31: Music And Video

    • Listen to your music with the integrated Album, Genre, or Playlist. • Personalize LG Incite with music ringtones and Answer Tones™ at • Instantly find out the artist’s name and the title of a song with MusicID. • Visit one or more hot user communities by going to Community. Interact with friends and the community as well as review artist fan sites.

  • Page 32: Transfer Music From A Pc

    Music and Video Transfer Music from a PC 1. Connect your LG Incite smartphone to your computer. 2. On your computer, open the Mobile Device. 3. Double-click the My Music folder. 4. Drag a file or folder from one location to another.

  • Page 33: Video Share

    Video Share About Video Share Share events the moment they happen. Video Share lets you stream live video directly to your contacts. Note: Video Share is a one way video, two way audio connection. Make a Video Share call 1. Dial, or accept a call from, another Video Share capable device. 2.

  • Page 34: Accept A Video Share Call

    Video Share Accept a Video Share call 1. When receiving a Video Share request, the name or number of the person initiating the call will appear on the screen with the prompt …wants to share video with you. Accept the connection?. 2.

  • Page 35: Sync Your Device With Your Pc

    Sync Your Device with Your PC Set up and Sync Using ActiveSync If you are using Windows XP the Getting Started CD that comes with your device contains Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or later. Follow the steps below to install and set up ActiveSync on Windows XP. 1.

  • Page 36: Calendar

    When you finish the wizard, Windows Mobile Device Center synchronizes your device automatically. Calendar Schedule an Appointment (Time required: 3 minutes) 1. Tap (LG Menu) > (Communication) > (Calendar). 2. Tap Menu. 3. Select New Appointment. 4. Type the appointment information.

  • Page 37: Wi-fi

    - Wi-Fi networks allows the device to connect to local wireless networks, or access the Internet wirelessly. - Wi-Fi is faster and has a greater range than Bluetooth wireless technology. Turn Wi-Fi On/Off (Time required: 1 minute) (LG Menu) > (Settings) > (Wireless Manager). 2. To turn on Wi-Fi, tap Wi-Fi button.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    • Verify that you have turned on the connection to the wireless network. • If you were traveling and you selected a network manually, your LG Incite should remain connected to that network until you select your home network again.

  • Page 39: My Touchscreen Appears Blank

    3. Follow the onscreen alignment instructions, and then press OK. 4. If your LG Incite still doesn’t respond, do a soft (or normal) reset. Find the Soft reset key which is small hole on the left side of your device shown in the picture.

  • Page 40: When Should I Perform A Hard Reset

    Troubleshooting When should I perform a Hard Reset? A Hard Reset should only be performed after all other troubleshooting options have been tried. After a hard reset, the device is restored to its default settings - the way it was when you first purchased it and turned it on.

  • Page 41: Tips And Tricks

    Tips and Tricks General Tips Find out Soft reset key which is small hole at the left side of your device. Use Reset the stylus to press the reset key and hold it for a while. Your device may shut down.

  • Page 42: General Tips

    Tips and Tricks Screen Lock the screen Unlock the screen Voicemail Check voicemail You might need to reactivate the backlight to enter information or change the setting, such as entering a passcode for a conference call or changing to speakerphone mode. When the backlight turns off after the time you set, you can press any button or tap the screen to turn the backlight back on.

  • Page 43: Indicators

    Indicators Home unopened message count missed calendar reminder Bluetooth technology is turned on missed call count Message List Status Indicators New email or text messages. New voice mail There are more notifications. Tap the icon to view all. Battery Power Level Indicators Indicates the remained battery power .

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