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JVC DV-SP506 Catalog

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XV-N370B • XV-N680B
DVD Players
XV-N370B (Black)
DVD/VCR Recorder
DVD/CD/MP3 Player
DVD Audio/Video and SACD
In Black
In Silver
DVD Recorder/VCR Combo with Digital Tuner
Call or Log-on
Call or Log-on
DVD Player
DVD Player
Multi-Format DVD Player
DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner
www bhphotovideo com
DVD Player
1080p Upscaling DVD Player
DVD Player
1080p Upscaling DVD Player



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  Summary of Contents for JVC DV-SP506

  • Page 1 48.95 XV-N680B 69.95 JVXVN680B) DR-MV150B DVD/VCR Recorder DR-MV150B JVDRMV150B) 239.95 DV-SP406 DVD/CD/MP3 Player DV-SP406 124.00 ONDVSP406B) DV-SP506 DVD Audio/Video and SACD ™ Player In Black ONDVSP506B) Call or Log-on In Silver ONDVSP506S) Call or Log-on DV-220V-K DVD Player PIDV220VK) 69.00...
  • Page 2 DVD Recorder/VCR Combos DVR620 TODVR620) 159.95 DVR670 229.95 TODVR670) HOME ENTERTAINMENT DVD-C500 DVD Player SADVDC500 Call or Log-on DVD-H1080 Stylish DVD Player SADVDH1080 89.00 DVD-V9800 DVD-R Player/VHS Recorder Combo 99.00 SADVDV9800 DVD-VR375A DVD Recorder/VCR Recorder Combo 179.00 SADVDVR375A BDP-1 Blu-ray Disc Player...
  • Page 3 HOME ENTERTAINMENT BD-HP24U AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Player 129.95 SHBDHP24U BD-HP70U AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Player SHBDHP70) 249.95 BD-HP80U 3D Network Blu-ray Disc Player with WiFi SHBDHP80U Call or Log-on DMP-BDT100 • DMP-BDT300 DMP-BT100 PADMPBDT100) 249.95 DMP-BD45, DMP-BD65 • DMP-BD85 DMP-BD45 PADMPBD45) 139.95 DMP-BD65 BDP-330...
  • Page 4 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 Blu-ray Disc Players BD-C5500 Call or Log-on (SABDC5500) BD-C6500 Call or Log-on (SABDC6500) BD-C6900 (SABDC6900) Call or Log-on BD-C7900 (SABDC7900) Call or Log-on BDP-S370 • BDP-S470 • BDP-S570 • BDP-S770 BDP-S370 (SOBDPS370) 149.95 BDP-S470 (SOBDPS470) 169.95 BDP-CX960...
  • Page 5 HOME ENTERTAINMENT RX Series RX-V367 RX-V467 Step-up Features: RX-V567 Step-up Features: RX-V667 Step-up Features: RX-V367 YARXV367BL) 229.95 RX-V467 YARXV467BL) 299.95 RX-V567 429.95 YARXV567BL) RX-V667 549.95 YARXV667BL) RX-V1065BL 539.95 YARXV1065BL) HK 3390 • HK 3490 HK 3390 Call or Log-on HAHK3390) AVR 1600 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver with HDMI AVR 2600 •...
  • Page 6 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 VSX-520-K • VSX-820-K VSX-920-K • VSX-1020-K • VSX-1120-K STR-DH510 • STR-DH710 • STR-DH810 • STR-DN1010 Home Theater Receivers SOSTRDN1010 HOME ENTERTAINMENT 5.1-Channel AV Home Theater Receivers 7.1-Channel AV Home Theater Receivers PIVSX520K) PIVSX820K) PIVSX920K) PIVSX1020K) PIVSX1120K) SOSTRDH510)
  • Page 7 HOME ENTERTAINMENT TX-SR308 5.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver #ONTXSR308 TX-SR508 7.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver # ONTXSR508 TX-SR608 7.2-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver TX-SR608 (#ONTXSR508) HT-RC260 ((#ONHTRC260) TX-SR707 (# ONTXSR707) TX-NR708 (# ONTXNR708) TX-NR808 (#ONTXNR808) TX-NR1008 (#OONTXNR1008) TX-NR3008 (#ONTXNR3008) TX-NR5008...
  • Page 8 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 TA-RW255 Double Cassette Deck TA-RW255 (B&H# ONTARW255B) Call or Log-on CDP-CE375 5-Disc CD Changer CDP-CE375 (B&H# SOCDPCE375) 109.95 CDP-CX355 300-Disc MegaStorage CD Changer CDP-CX355 (B&H# SOCDPCX355) 167.95 TC-WE475 Dual Cassette Player/Recorder TC-WE475 116.95 (B&H# SOTCWE475) HOME ENTERTAINMENT HTX-22HDX Ultra-Compact HD Home Theater System...
  • Page 9 HOME ENTERTAINMENT IN-WALL & IN-CEILING SPEAKERS Contractor Series In-Ceiling Speakers AC5C: (AUAC5C) AC6C: (AUAC6C) AC6CD: ACLCR6C: AC8C: (AUAC8C) AC8CD: AS5S / AS6S / AS8S In-Wall Speakers AC5W: (AUAC5W) AC6W: (AUAC6W) AC8W: (AUAC8W) AC515: SOUNDPOINT SERIES SP5 II: (JBSP52) ...Call or Log-on SP6 II: (JBSP62) ...Call or Log-on SP6C II:...
  • Page 10 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 TSS 3-in-1 Three Channel, Single-Enclosure Loudspeaker TSS 3-in-1 (B&H# INTSS3IN1CH) TSS-SUB4000 Powered Subwoofer TSS-SUB4000 (B&H# INTSSSB4000C) PS210 • PS212 Powered Subwoofers PS210 (B&H# INPS210BK) PS212 (B&H# INPS212BK) Total Solutions TSS-500 • TS-800 • TSS-1200 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Systems TSS-500 (B&H# INTSS500CHR)
  • Page 11 HOME ENTERTAINMENT Lifestyle ® Home Theater System Black (B&H# BOLST20B) ® Lifestyle 48 Series IV DVD Home Entertainment System (B&H# BOLS48B) (B&H# BOLS48W) 3•2•1 ® S Series III DVD Home Entertainment Systems (B&H# BO321GSIIIG) FREE SHIPPING on BOSE roducts Lifestyle ®...
  • Page 12 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 Virtually Invisible 791 Speakers (B&H# BOVI791) Virtually Invisible 191 (B&H# BOVI191) 201 /301 Series V ® Direct/Reflecting Speaker Systems ® Series V: (B&H# BO201B) (B&H# BO201C) ® Series V: (B&H# BO301B) (B&H# BO301C) VCS-30 Series II Center/Surround Speaker Package ®...
  • Page 13 87.95 (B&H# SOSAW2500) SA-W3000 (180-Watts) (B&H# SOSAW3000) 139.95 SA-W3800 (200-Watts) (B&H# SOSAW3800) DAV-DZ170 BRAVIA Theater System with DVD Player HT-SS370 # SOHTSS370 BDV-E570 • BDV-E770W • BDV-HZ970W 5.1-Channel Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Systems Call www bhphotovideo com # SODAVDZ170 ™...
  • Page 14 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 HT-CT150 • HT-CT350 Sound Bar Home Theater System (SOHTCT150)... (SOHTCT350)... TH-BA1 4.1-Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System JVTHBA1 TH-BA3 5.1-Channel Dual Wireless Sound Bar Home Theater System TH-BS7 World’s Slimmest 4.1-Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System JVTHBS7 HOME ENTERTAINMENT Call or Log-on...
  • Page 15 HOME ENTERTAINMENT YSP-4100 • YSP-5100 Digital Sound Projectors YSP-4100 (B&H# YAYSP3050SL) (B&H# YAYSP3050BL) YSP-5100 (B&H# YAYSP4000SL) (B&H# YAYSP4000BL) YST-FSW150 Slim Line Subwoofer for the Digital Sound Projectors YST-FSW150 (B&H# YAYSTFSW150B) YHT-391BL Home Theater in a Box System YHT-391BL (B&H# YAYHT391BL) HT-C5500 •...
  • Page 16 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 LC-SB28UT • LC-DV28UT Widescreen LCD TVs LC-19SB28UT Call/Log-on (SHLC19SB28UT) LC-22SB28UT (SHLC22SB28UT) Call/Log-on LC-26SB28UT Call/Log-on (SHLC26SB28UT) LC-19DV28UT Call/Log-on (SHLC19DV28UT) LC-22DV28UT (SHLC22DV28UT) Call/Log-on LC-26DV28UT Call/Log-on (SHLC26DV28UT) LC-32DV28UT (SHLC32DV28U) Call/Log-on D68 • D78 AQUOS 32- and 40-inch 1080p LCD HDTVs LC-40D68UT (SHLC40D68UT) Call/Log-on...
  • Page 17 HOME ENTERTAINMENT N1630w 15.6-inch 720p HD LCD TV N1630w 189.99 VIN1630W) N2201w 22” 720p HD TV with Side Loading DVD Player VIN2201W 324.95 VT1900LED • VT2300LED 19- and 23” Widescreen LCD HDTVs VT1900LED VIVT1900LED) 209.00 VT2300LED 259.00 VIVT2300LED) Viera C2 • U2...
  • Page 18 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 Viera C22 • X2 • U22 720p and 1080p LCD HDTVs TC-L32C22 (B&H# PATCL32C22) TC-L37C22 (B&H# PATCL37C22) TC-L22X2 (B&H# PATCL22X2) TC-L32X2 (B&H# PATCL32X2) TC-L37X2 (B&H# PATCL37X2) TC-L32U22 (B&H# PATCL32U22) TC-L37U22 (B&H# PATCL37U22) TC-L42U22 (B&H# PATCL42U22) 1080p LED-LCD HDTV TC-L37D2 (B&H# PATCL37D2)
  • Page 19 HOME ENTERTAINMENT LN19C350 • LN22C350 • LN26C350 • LN32C350 Series 3 720p LCD HDTVs LN19C350 (SALN19C350) Call/Log-On LN26C350 LN22C350 Call/Log-On LN32C350 (SALN22C350) LN19C450 • LN22C450 • LN26C450 • LN32C450 Series 4 720p LCD HDTVs LN19C450 Call/Log-On LN26C450 (SALN19C450) LN22C450 (SALN22C450) Call/Log-On LN32C450 LN32C530 •...
  • Page 20 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 LED HDTV LED 6500 Series UN32C6500 (B&H# SAUN32C6500) UN40C6500 (B&H# SAUN40C6500) UN46C6500 (B&H# SAUN46C6500) UN55C6500 (B&H# SAUN55C6500) LED C6800 Series UN46C6800 (B&H# SAUN46C6800) UN55C6800 (B&H# SAUN55C6800) LED C7000 • LED C8000 • LED C9000 Series UN40C7000 (B&H# SAUN40C7000) UN46C7000...
  • Page 21 HOME ENTERTAINMENT BRAVIA KDL-BX300 Series KDL-22BX300 Call or Log-on (SOKDL22BX300) KDL-32BX300 (SOKDL32BX300) Call or Log-on BRAVIA KDL-EX308 Series KDL-22EX308 Call or Log-on (# SOKDL22EX308) KDL-32EX308 (#SOKDL32EX308) Call or Log-on BRAVIA EX400 • EX500 KDL-32EX400 (SOKDL32EX400) KDL-40EX400 (SOKDL40EX400) KDL-46EX400 (SOKDL46EX400) KDL-32EX500 (SOKDL32EX500) KDL-40EX500 (SOKDL40EX500)
  • Page 22 Call or Log-on LEDTV2235 Call or Log-on Call or Log-on Call or Log-on LEDTV2435 Call or Log-on TFTVD Series Widescreen LCD HDTVs with DVD Player (B&H# COTFDVD1595) 159.95 (B&H# COTFDVD1995) 197.95 (B&H# COTFDVD2295) 239.95 LED TV LED Widescreen LED HDTVs (B&H# COLEDTV1935)
  • Page 23 HOME ENTERTAINMENT C100 Series 720p LCD HDTVd 19C100U 229.00 (TO19C100U)... 22C100U (TO22C100U)... 279.00 26C100U (TO26C100U)... 349.00 32C100U 399.00 (TO32C100U)... CV100 Series 720p LCD/DVD Combos 19CV100U (TO19CV100U)... 279.00 22CV100U 329.00 (TO22CV100U)... 26CV100U 399.00 (TO26CV100U)... 32CV100U (TO32CV100U)... 469.00 E200 Series 1080p LCD HDTV 32E200U (B&H# TO32E200U) 37E200U...
  • Page 24 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 TV55 Indoor/Outdoor Amplified TV Antenna (TETV55) 56.95 HDTVo Directional HDTV Antenna (TEHDTVO) 69.95 HDTVa Directional Indoor HDTV Antenna TEHDTVA 40.99 HDTVi Directional Indoor UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna TEHDTVI 32.99 HDRO Outdoor HD Radio Antenna Call/Log-on (TEHDRO) L-30S 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System...
  • Page 25 HOME ENTERTAINMENT Harmony H510 Advanced Universal Remote Harmony H510 (B&H# HAH510) Call or Log-on Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with One-Click Control Harmony H700 (B&H# HAH700) Call or Log-on Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Harmony One (B&H# HAHARMONY1) Call or Log-on Harmony H1100 Harmony 1100 (B&H# HAH1100)
  • Page 26 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 Multi-System TVs (HIL22N03A) (SOKLV22BX300) (SHLC32A37M) (HIL32N03A) (SOKLV22BX300) (SOKLV32BX300) (SOKLV32EX400) (TO32AV700) (SALA32C350) (PATHL32C20) (SAUA32C4000) (SAUA32C5000) (SALA40C530) (SHLC40L50M) (SOKLV40BX400) (SAUA40C5000) (SALCD42E30F) (HIL42N03A) (SAUA46C5000) (HIL47X03A) (HIP50X01A) Modular Wireless Speaker Conversion Systems (ACARW20) (SHLC19A35M) (TO19SLDT3R) (TO22SLDT3R) (TO26SLDT3R) Sharp LC-19A35M Hitachi L22N03A (SAPS42C430) Sony KLV-40BX400...
  • Page 27 Home entertainment Cables & Accessories Video CableS HDMI 500hd Standard Speed HDMI Cable 1 m. #MOMC500HD1M ���������������������� 49.95 2 m. #MOMC500HD2M ���������������������� 69.95 4 m. #MOMC500HD4M ���������������������� 99.95 6 m. #MOMC500HD6M �������������������� 124.95 HDMI 700hd High Speed HDMI Cable 69.95 1 m.
  • Page 28 800-947-9913  |  212-444-6784  Quick Dial: 811 AV Power-Saving Surge Protector • 8 outlets with phone, network and coax protection. • 2690 Joules • Protects from damaging power transients. • Status indicator LED's • Attenuates EMI/RFI line noise that can cause data errors and keyboard lockups, ensuring better performance of protected equipment •...
  • Page 29 Home entertainment A/V Accessories tV Wall mounts CMW-610FB Low Profile Wall Mount for LCD TV’s 20 – 37" 49.95 (Black) #BECMW610FB �������������������������������������������������� CMW610F Low Profile Wall Mount for LCD TV 20 - 37" (Silver) #BECMW610F ������������������������������������������������������������������ 49.95 PLAW-6000F 32"-60" Flat Panel Wall Mount #BEPLAW6000F ���������������������������������������������������������������...
  • Page 30 800-947-9913 | 212-444-6784 Quick Dial: 811 FLAT PAneL AV FounDATIonS Flat TV and A/V Stands The Flat Panel AV Foundation family was designed to give a striking look that complements modern AV gear. The perfect alternative when wall mounting is not possible.
  • Page 31 40" widescreen TV. Offers HDMI input, 1.35x digital zoom and keystone correction. More than a projector, the MovieMate 62 is a portable entertainment center incorporating a DVD player and two built-in, 10-watt Dolby Digital speakers with Digital DTS Surround which handles movies, audio and gaming consoles.
  • Page 32 800-947-9913  |  212-444-6784  Quick Dial: 811 CoSMoPoLITAn eLeCTroL Projection Screen - 45x80" - Glass Beaded • Motorized 92" diagonal - HDTV Format (16:9 aspect ratio) • Ideal for applications where a recessed installation is not desired or feasible • Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation •...

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