Gravely CONVERTIBLE 7.6 Owner's Manual

Gravely convertible 7.6 owner's manual.
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  • Page 2

    THANK YOU for your investment in Gravely equipment. It is an investment, for the Gravely will save you work and worry for many years. You will gain still greater satisfaction from your Gravely if you add the tools you need for your other jobs. From time to time we suggest you consult your dealer for the many Gravely attachments that will eliminate grounds upkeep and garden drudgery.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Instructions Introductions Operation Starting Operating the Tractor Maintenance Specifications Attachments 30" Rotary Mower 30" Rotary Mower Attachments 40" Rotary Mower Sickle Mower Lawn Care Twin Tool Gardening Cultivator Toolholder Snowblower 48" Snowdozer Steering Sulky Riding Sulky...

  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS TRAINING 1. Read the Instruction Manual carefully. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and proper use of the equipment. 2. Never allow children to operate tractor. 3. Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly small children and pets. PREPARATION 1.

  • Page 5: Introductions

    INTRODUCTION The Gravely Convertible 7.6 Tractor is available in two models - the Custom and the Super. The Super has the added feature of electric starter and governor. The Convertible 7.6 Tractor is powered by a Gravely engine producing 7.6 horsepower.

  • Page 6: Operation, Starting

    OPERATION Throttle - Depress the throttle to accelerate engine, raise to decelerate engine. Choke - Pull to choke; push forward fully for normal operation. Operating Levers - The operating levers, one for high an ow speeds and one for forward and reverse are located on the right tractor handle.

  • Page 7: Operating The Tractor

    Figure 3 When starting the tractor, have high-low and forward-reverse control levers in neutral and the attachment clutch control pushed forward fully in the disengaged position. If the tractor is the eight speed transmission model the Range Selection Lever should be in the position for the range in which the tractor will be operated initially.

  • Page 8: Maintenance

    LUBRICATION Filling the chassis to its 5 pint (2.36L.) capacity with motor oil lubricates both the engine and transmission. Do not use transmission oil or grease. The following is recommended: Summer - SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30. API Classification - SC or SD Winter - (32 degrees F or below) SAE 10W or SAE 10W-30 API Classification - SC or SD...

  • Page 9

    Handle new element carefully - do not use if the gasket surfaces are bent, twisted, or damaged in any way. Use only genuine Gravely elements. Use of other elements will void warranty. Not only must the proper element be used but it must be properly installed to prevent unfiltered air from entering the engine.

  • Page 10: Specifications

    To adjust; loosen the large thin nut between the fan belt pulley and fan housing. Tighten after proper tension is reached. Model Custom Engine Gravely Type 4-cycle air cooled Horsepower Bore & Stroke 3.25 x 3.50 (82.55mm x 88.80mm) Displacement 29.0 cu.

  • Page 11: Attachments, Rotary Mower

    ATTACHMENT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 30" ROTARY MOWER Figure 10 Figure 11 LUBRICATION Use SAE 140 or 90W EP gear lubricant in the Gear Housing. Use General Purpose Grease occasionally in the Gear Fitting of the Swivel Casting. Check the Gear Housing oil level every eight hours of operation by removing the Oil Level Plug (Figure 11).

  • Page 12: Rotary Mower Attachments

    Fender Adjustment When mowing short weeds and lawns, the Front Fender (the small fender) should be on the front of the Mower Hood, and the Rear Fender (The Larger Fender) on the rear. 30" ROTARY MOWER ATTACHMENTS Chain Guard Figure 13 When the Front Fender is removed, it must always be replaced with the optional Chain Guard.

  • Page 13: Rotary Mower

    40" MOWER Figure 16 Figure 17 LUBRICATION Check the Gear Housing oil level every eight hours of operation by removing the Oil Level Plug shown at A in Figure 17. If oil runs out, the oil level is all right, if not, oil must be added until the proper oil level is obtained.

  • Page 14: Sickle Mower

    (3 in Figure 19), and fill about half-full with general purpose grease. ATTACHING The Sickle Mower attaches to the convertible 7.6 tractor using two Nuts and two Bolts. See Figure 18. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Never attempt to clear the Mower, or make any adjustment whatsoever, unless the attachment is out of gear and stopped, and the Tractor Engine is stopped.

  • Page 15: Lawn Care

    LAWN CARE Lawn Roller Figure 20 Roll out lawn problems with Gravely's Lawn Roller attachment. Water filled Lawn Roller follows ground contour to level your lawn, take out unsightly humps. Compacting the soil gives you a more close knit, firmly rooted lawn, more resistant to weeds, disease, and drought.

  • Page 16: Twin Tool Gardening

    plate attached to the Hopper. Simply set the Port Lever to the indicate opening to distribute seed or fertilizer properly. Care of Hopper Assembly: Many materials used in the Seeder-Spreader, especially certain fertilizers, are corrosive. Abrasives also are present. This means the protective paint soon will wear off the Port Assembly and Agitator.

  • Page 17

    8. Use the Adjusting Bracket to lock the Cultivator in place with the long axis of the Cultivator parallel to the Tractor Axles. NOTE: The Gravely Triple-Purpose Wrench, available from your Gravely dealer, fits the Cultivator Tine Shaft Nut. Figure 27 LUBRICATION...

  • Page 18: Cultivator Toolholder

    The Rotary Cultivator is designed for cultivating soil which has been broken previously. It is not recommended for use as a Plow. Use the Gravely Rotary Plow to prepare a seedbed in one operation and the Rotary Cultivator for cultivation throughout the season.

  • Page 19: Snowblower

    Figure 31 SNOWBLOWER LUBRICATION All major bearings of the Snowblower that require lubricant are permanently lubricated, or are lubricated from the Tractor Transmission. However, the operator should check the oil level in the Gear Box by removing the upper plug,. Oil should never be low, add SAE 140 lubricant.

  • Page 20: Snowdozer

    Figure 32 The Nut should be tightened to 85 to 95 lb. feet of torque. Over tightening can cause damage to the Snowblower. Control Shaft Clutch. The Fan Housing is prevented from rotating by a small Friction Clutch on the Top Sprocket Housing Shaft, except when the Control Crank is turned by the Operator.

  • Page 21: Steering Sulky, Riding Sulky

    STEERING SULKY Figure 35 Figure 36 MOUNTING: The sulky chassis weldment attaches to each side of the rear hitch of the tractor. It is secured in place by installing the hitch bolt through the sulky chassis weldment and the hitch of the tractor. Place a flatwasher on the hitch bolt, and secure in place using a lockwasher and nut.

  • Page 22

    Gravely dealer. Service costs for the transporting of a unit to and from the dealer are the responsibilities of the customer, and when such service is performed by the dealer, the dealer will charge the customer the usual rate for such service.

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